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Two of you started new jobs yesterday, and both of you are still alive and not miserable. Hooray! This is good.

Also good:

-The weather. Anyone want to take bets on how long it'll be before I start whining about it being too hot? But for the moment it's just perfect, and I walked home last night, and it was wonderful.

-14 more days until Kitchen Confidential on DVD!

-No major disasters while I've been in charge at work.

-The Dresden Dolls album I got for my birthday.

-Heroes, which fills me with eeeeeee! spoilers )
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I've only been at work for an hour and a half and already my ass is numb and my right arm is aching. Ow.

BUT, Studio 60 was wonderful and filled me with glee*, I defrosted my freezer**, [ profile] sarcasma is back, and the advent calendar my parents sent me fell apart during shipping, so I can eat the chocolates any time I want***.

However, when I am Ultimate Ruler of the Universe, I plan to ban karaoke machines from apartment buildings. Especially my apartment building. Especially my floor. Especially after midnight on a Sunday.

*Spoilers! )
**Although I forgot that I was in the middle of defrosting my freezer as soon as I left the house to get my hair cut, so I didn't rush back, and when I finally did get back there were huge chunks of ice and big puddles of melty water all over the floor.
***I was never allowed to have the chocolate advent calendars as a kid. I only got one for the first time after I moved to Toronto. Much like I got Valentine's chocolate from my parents for the first time when I was in Montreal. Absence makes the heart...send chocolate?
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Despite having an overflowing shelf of to-be-read books, I couldn't resist the lure of books for travelling, and I went to the bookstore at lunch. Oh books, I love you so. They unfortunately didn't have the book I really wanted, and the other book I really wanted was still only in hardcover (, but I did buy a few things, including another Neal Stephenson in trade (the first of the Baroque Cycle), because we all know what happened last time I tried to get a Stephenson out from the library.

*massages wrists*

I feel like all I've been reading lately is non-fiction, which is patently not true, but I am reading more non-fiction than I ever have. It's a different kind of reading. But right now, being in the middle of two non-fiction books, I'm craving a good novel.

(Speaking of fiction vs. non-fiction, James Frey. Heh. And this, What I plan to embellish for obvious dramatic reasons in my own forthcoming memoir. Hee hee hee.)

Other things I love today:

Rolling chairs
Green Day
The word 'twitterpated'
Orange post-its in the shape of daisies
Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie
Stuart Alan Jones
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Things that are making me happy, part the second. Because apparently I'm still happy. Who knew?

- [ profile] dramaqueen_23 got me an awesome t-shirt that says "Talk Nerdy To Me". For no reason at all. *love*

- I'm going for late dinner tonight with friends I haven't seen in months. There will be hot and sour soup (which was the subject of rhapsodizing waaay back in, like, my 5th entry ever).

- I actually made food last night that I could bring for lunch today.

- Pants!


- I got much accomplished this morning, even while I was covering the front desk.

- I am ignoring the printer and it feels so good.

- Ben Folds, "Rockin' the Suburbs".

- An email from someone I hadn't heard from since last year.
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I walked the line this morning in the heavy rain, which must have been what was left of the terrible hurricane as it made its way up here. Therefore I was especially excited to get home and find tea (tea!) from [ profile] bureinato. Thank you!

You know what? You, too, can make someone happy with tea! Which is my attempt at not being a complete nag when I remind you to send out your August/September tea packages (if you haven't done so already, of course).

Also happy things:

--free opera at the Harbourfront
--West Wing Season 2
--only having to do 16 hours of strike duty next week because it's Labour Day

In conclusion, I have decided to steal my friend C's condo. Maybe I could just swap apartments. She wouldn't notice, would she?
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Album of the Day: Fighting and Onions, by the Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir. I make no promises on the actual music, but I love the title.

1) Dinner with [ profile] jeejeen and [ profile] starfishchick last Thursday was fabulous. Jeejeen is awesome and funny (as if she could be anything else). She was also wearing a snazzy belt.

2) I finally got my Launchcast Plus to work, after a long phone conversation with Rogers, and now I am one of the cool kids. Not that I'm really doing anything with it, but I can skip to my heart's delight now.

3) I defrosted my freezer on Sunday and even washed the fridge while I was at it. It was an entirely painless process, except for the moment, while I was on the phone with [ profile] vestra when the majority of the ice came off at once and flew across the kitchen floor, crashing loudly enough that I jumped and knocked my knee on the computer. That was painful.

4) Of course now I have a clean kitchen floor with very little work.

5) I bought MI-5 series 1 on dvd. It was used and cheap, I swear!

6) I am wearing an ugly brown dress with pineapples all over it. Yes, this is a good thing.

7) Oh, the year was 1778 (How I wish I was in Sherbrooke now). [Translation: I watched "Mountie on the Bounty" last night, which always makes me happy.]

1) Our attempt at going for Persian food was thwarted once again, this time by the restaurant being closed for summer holidays.

2) I had other things here, but they've all ended or been fixed since I started writing this, so never mind.

I win! This is also a point in the good column. I'm not these days (although I don't know where I am instead). There's a long weekend coming up, which is fabulous. I think I will hibernate (a decision made easier by the fact that pretty much everyone I know is escaping for the weekend) and pamper myself in ways that don't require spending money or eating junk food, and hopefully wake myself up a little.
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In order to stop myself from whining about the snow YET AGAIN, I present a list of things which are of the good:

1. Four day weekend!

2. Which means this is technically Friday. Woo.

3. Craft fair with [ profile] idella and [ profile] starfishchick on Saturday.

4. Lunch with [ profile] sarcasma today.

5. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead on DVD.

6. I broke down and bought Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell because it's too damn big and I had to keep returning it to the library, so I can start that this weekend.

7. hamstrings that no longer hurt.

8. One Man Lord of the Rings is coming back to town! (Sadly, not at Fringe prices, but still.)

9. I cleared one of the many piles off my desk.

10. I bought shelving for the bathroom, which is slowly getting put together, and once it's finished, I can get everything off the bathroom floor.

11. Which means I won't have to lean at a 45 degree angle to get at the mirror.

12. Which means I will stop poking myself with the mascara brush.

13.The broccoli, bok choy, red pepper and tofu stir-fry I made for dinner last night.

What's good with you all?
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You know what goes perfectly with pub lunch? After work girly martinis!

I did not manage giant and blue, but I did consume red and watermelon-y, and orange and coconut-like. YUM.

I think this means I broke my sugar fast, though, since it seems unlikely that flavoured liqueurs wouldn't have sugar in them. Also [ profile] mystery_diva offered me a free work cookie, and I was helpless to resist.

Also in my favour:

I got up on time, even though I was up too late last night. Point!
I found a pair of pants that still fit on the first try this morning. Point!
I remembered to charge my phone and to bring it with me today. Point!
I threw my yogurt under the desk, and yet it did not break. Point!
It's almost lunch time. Point!

I think this means I win.
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I've been in a weird headspace for the last couple of weeks. If only this could all be solved with a nap. )


On to happy things!

It's [ profile] biascut's birthday today! Have a fabulous birthday! Er, ::checks clock:: I hope you had a fabulous birthday? Time differences are not my friend.

Also, I stayed home sick yesterday. Go stomach flu. Which wouldn't normally be a happy thing, but I was pretty much better by noon, and I spent the afternoon watching Popular and not feeling guilty about not being at work. Although I do feel slightly guilty about not feeling guilty.

And it's craft fair season. Whee! I went (as in, took the elevator downstairs at lunch) to the Moose Show last week, which only barely counts as a craft fair - it's mostly an artisan show, meaning everything is gorgeous and far too expensive for me. But it was a nice warm-up. This weekend is the fabulous Signatures fair, next weekend is the exclusive Out of Hand fair, and there are many others besides. Jams of the world, watch your back. I'm coming for you.
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I am full of bad news on a very minor scale today: the Chicago roadtrip is off (no Audra and no Min, boo), I haven't seen or talked to some friends in weeks (thus killing my August resolution), I don't have the money to take German in the fall like I thought I would, which renders the September resolution of improving my German slightly more difficult, and my hamstrings are wicked tight. I have two things on my to-do list that I cannot bring myself to do because they involve the phone (evil!), we missed The Amazing Race last night because of the RNC, and we haven't had cake at work in months.

On the plus side, it's a long weekend coming up, I'm plotting my next BPAL order, and [ profile] vestra is back! Technically. She's away again tonight, and for the weekend, but I almost have a roommate again. I missed you, hon, even though I kind of also loved having the place to myself. Heh.

I think this weekend will be a good time for another Alias marathon.
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[ profile] minervacat is making herself a hockey mix. I've exhausted my (surprisingly not as minuscule as I might have thought) store of songs - I even dredged the Hanson Brothers from the back of my brain - but maybe you all have something to add.


I became very suddenly obsessed with ayurveda yesterday, after having tea with my friend Shelley, who had just visited an ayurvedic practitioner. She was given a list of foods not to eat for 15 days (no soy! no broccoli! no lettuce or cucumber! there goes my entire diet), foods which are apparently blocking her energy systems and throwing her out of balance. The thing with me is that I don't really believe anything - I view pretty much everything with skepticism - but I'm endlessly fascinated with things that put people into categories, and ayurveda, with its description of people as Vata, Pitta and Kapha is very intriguing. Plus I'm always willing to try anything, even if I can't see how it would make a difference to me. Anyway, Shelley is going to let me know how she feels after her 15 days are up. I'm very curious! And of course I just put a bunch of books on hold at the library, because that's what I do.

After tea (and not cake, because everything in it, besides the flour, was something that she now needed to avoid) we wandered through my neighbourhood and ate wicked good spicy corn on the cob. I wish someone had told me how much better the street corn is than regular corn. Two years wasted! We walked past my favourite Indian buffet, and the host was standing outside in his usual position. I think I might go there too often - he recognized me and asked why I wasn't coming in to eat. Hee.

Other good things:

  • Sports Night. Still. I watched "Dear Louise", "The Quality of Mercy at 29K", "Thespis", "Shoe Money Tonight", and "The Six Southern Gentlemen of Tennessee" last night - it's the best five episode run ever.
  • Tropical Source chocolate bars. Unbelievable dark chocolate.
  • Pigeon-Hole, a great band out of Montreal. You should listen. Yes, you.
  • Pie.
  • Cute boys in plaid tuxedos. Even better, cute boys in plaid tuxedos who can sing!
  • The wonderful weather. I know I'm in the minority here, but I love the fact that I can breathe in my apartment at night, unlike last summer.
  • Clean underwear.

Bad things:

Listening to my co-workers harass the IT guy who came here to do something for me (three days after I called the fucking hotline, but still). I realize IT people are an infrequently sighted breed around here, but you do not need one to tell you how to resize your windows. Honestly. And now I can't decide if I'm annoyed at him for taking so long to show up, or feeling sorry that he got trapped. Or possibly I just think he's extraordinarily hot. ::fans self::
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To counteract all the whining about computers and lack of sleep, I bring you the return of Things Which Make Me Happy.

  • I got gold stars at work today! Figurative gold stars, but still, I rocked, courtesy of my imaginative research skills (read: typing words into Google). Even though most of the time I bemoan the fact that the people I work with have such limited computer skills, sometimes that works very much in my favour.
  • My Read t-shirt arrived last Friday, and it is very wonderful. I wore it out and about, and got many compliments. Okay, one compliment. Oh, fine, one person commented that hers had arrived too, but still, I was happy.
  • The rest of the world agrees with me that Johnny Depp is the sexiest man EVAH.
  • I have a very good start on the Christmas gift scene, so I can relax a bit. I even started on the homemade gifties for the people that I don't really exchange presents with, which puts me about 17 thousand times farther ahead than I was last year.
  • My favourite craft fair is next week, and I can buy all the jam in the world to add to stockings. (Although, dang, I just noticed that there's an entry fee this year, and there wasn't last year. It's right across the street from work, and last year and friend and I went every day at lunch so that we could do our shopping in little bits, and take lots of time to decide what to get. So much for that plan.)
  • I made very good polenta with cheese and mushrooms on the weekend, and I plan to take the recipe home at Christmas and dazzle my father the cook with it.
  • I had a girly shopping moment and bought blush, and think I've almost figured out how to put it on without looking like a refugee from the eighties.
  • It has warmed up again slightly, which means that I can continue ignoring the winter coat in my closet for just a little longer. Winter? Bah.


Apr. 1st, 2003 09:29 am
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Good things all round:

1. We had cake at work yesterday. There is no day which cannot be made more bearable with cake.

2. I saw a very enjoyable movie last weekend -- Bend It Like Beckham. Much fun. Highly recommended, especially on a Saturday matinee. It's a perfect matinee movie.

3. I almost sort-of kept my March resolution, which was to be more social and initiate more social events (because if I wait for other people to initiate, it often ends up being things I don't want to do, like big-ass parties). Part 1 actually went fine -- there was a game night (sidebar: what is more fun than playing games? We played Deadwood (from Cheapass Games) and Personal Preference and it was brilliant), and brunch, and the birthday party, and a girly makeover night/goodbye gathering. Okay, there were also at least 2 things that I bailed on, but still, it's a start. Part 2 didn't really happen. At all. I did attempt to sign people up for a post-dance class dinner, but the right night hasn't happened yet. Hopefully this month, because I'm craving the green beans in black bean sauce. Still, I get half a point for this month, which makes me happy.

4. Speaking of girly makeover nights, it was so wonderful to see my friends last night. I will miss SJ; I really wish we'd had a chance to become better friends, but that's my fault, because I never know how to take a casual friendship to the next level. But she gave good makeover, even if my eyelashes turned into defenders of the fort every time she tried to get near them with an eyelash curler. [Sliding off topic here, it was fun looking all glam with the makeup, and I realized it's not that I don't want to wear makeup, it's that I don't want to have to go to all the effort of putting it on. Yes, that's right, once again the answer is that I'm just lazy.]

5. I missed the snow. Yes, it snowed yesterday, after fooling us with weeks of beautiful spring-like weather. Luckily (or is that "luckily"?), I have no windows at work, so I didn't have to witness the travesty, although I hear it was quite the snowstorm. By the time I went outside it was completely washed away, though, so I'm going to pretend it's still spring. [Ed. note: I wrote this yesterday before I left work, and at the time it was all true, but this morning I woke up to massive amounts of flaky white stuff, which was still falling when I got in to work. It's all wrong.]

6. Elaine Stritch!!! Yes, the woman "who puts the broad in Broadway" is coming to town in June. I realize that's 2 months away, but happiness at seeing Elaine Stritch deserves a decent amount of lead time.
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Things that are making me happy today:

1. New Bitch! Whee! Not that I've bought it yet, but the anticipation is delicious.

2. I made it all the way to work without having a coughing attack, and I only sneezed once. I'm sure my fellow streetcar passengers were delighted.

3. Speaking of making it to work, I was actually early today. I felt seriously virtuous, especially after my inability to even be on time for the last couple of weeks. I do wonder, though, why leaving the house 7 minutes earlier than usual translates to arriving at work 25 minutes earlier than usual. Maybe there's some sort of magic commuting bubble which I just caught.

4. I got to open late Christmas/early birthday presents last night, and the high from that is still lingering. I love getting presents, but I think sometimes I get more enjoyment out of the fact that someone wants to give me something, and the physical unwrapping of the gift than I do from the gift itself. But only sometimes.

5. I'm having a very productive day at work so far -- I've actually managed to finish some things and get them off my desk. I love that.

6. I'm having lunch today with group of friends that I haven't seen in a while. The purpose is sad - one of them is moving out of town - but the event should be fun.

7. A friend from Vancouver will be here for a few days for a conference, and I'm hoping she'll have time to hang with me. We were in grad school together, saw each other every day for two years, and now we really only hook up when I go home for Christmas. So any chance to get together is wonderful.

Gosh, I'm even happier than I thought. I feel like a complete Pollyanna. I'm going to have to make the next entry about things that are making me miserable, just to keep the universe in balance.


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