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Harper won't give press conferences for the national media anymore.

Dude. I, as PRIME MINISTER, do you think talking only to local media is a good idea? What, so only Ottawa gets to know what's going on? I mean, you won't let reporters ask questions, and then when they walk out in protest, you get all pouty and decide not to talk to them at all? This is very dangerous.

I feel like this isn't getting enough emphasis. This is not some prime ministerly quirk. This is our government trying to control entirely what we are allowed to know, and, honestly, playing childish games. I hope the press retaliate by making sure everyone understands exactly what the consequences of Harper being let into office have been.
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The US is changing daylight savings, extending it a month in either direction in order to keep the light in the evenings longer. So naturally Canada is panicking, and trying to decide whether to do the same. The thing is that it's a provincial decision (currently Saskatchewan doesn't follow daylight savings at all), so we could end up with every province being on a slightly different schedule. Ontario, of course, is looking at changing, because they're all worried about business dealings with the US. Quebec and Manitoba are apparently thinking about it as well.

How weird would that be, if we were an hour off (in some direction - I have a hard enough time working out daylight savings in my head; I can't figure out who would be earlier and who would be later for March and November) from the States? Of course, if we did change, then we'd be another hour ahead or behind the other provinces for that month, unless they all changed as well.

Time is such an artificial construct; I tend to forget that until I'm confronted with things like this. Daylight savings, in particular, is just wonky. At this point I really question why we don't just stay on DST all year round, like Saskatchewan. So few people live in a way that follows the daylight anymore. I think it's interesting, though, that the reason behind this change is supposedly an energy saving one, and that there was even one year when the US didn't follow daylight savings at all (during the 74-75 oil crisis).
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Terrible news about the explosions in the London underground. I hope all of you, and your friends and family, are safe. The early moments of any tragedy are always so difficult, when there is so little information, but of course everyone needs to keep talking about it.

And now for something completely frivolous.

The Slip-Knot

Oh, TJ. When he's on, he is entirely brilliant. This show is vintage TJ - not surprising, since it's an older show that hasn't played in Toronto before. Basically just moments from his life and random observations, told through the framework of three joe jobs he's held ("merchandiser" for Shoppers, truck driver, Canada Post trace clerk), what makes it so wonderful is his delivery and facial expressions, and the way he intertwines the three stories. The show was sold out on opening night, with people even being turned away, and it was one of the most appreciative audiences I've ever been in. Other than the fact that I was the only person who laughed at the Tsawwassen joke. Go see TJ Dawe!

The Wet Spots in Sing Your Way to Better Sex

I have seen one very funny Fringe musical about sex, and one extremely bad Fringe musical about sex. This one falls somewhere in the middle. More of a sex-ed class for adults (albeit with very funny songs), the various bits were not entirely consistently funny, and occasionally read just like straight good sex factoids ("Water based lube getting dry? Keep a spritzer handy"). Also, the multimedia production was plagued with slides that weren't timed properly with the voice-over or action on stage (although hopefully that's just first show issues). Despite the problems, though, and a couple of really lame moments, it was generally very enjoyable, and the audience was definitely having a good time. Worth seeing if you don't expect continual total brilliance.

Art Attack

Jun. 29th, 2005 08:52 am
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1. Colm Feore is doing Oliver! at Stratford next season, among other things. Exciting! I love him. I saw him as Henry Higgins at Stratford in 2002 and he was awesome.

2. I have triumphed over the Fringe program, and now I have many. I win. I also win because there are many exciting things this year, including a TJ show that I haven't seen. Anyone else excited about specific shows?

3. I finished watching season 2 of The Wire last night. I can't believe it's over! Season 3 better hurry up and come out on DVD before I spontaneously combust.

4. Bernadette! Bernadette! Bernadette!

5. Same sex marriages have been legalized!* Go Canada! That makes us third, after the Netherlands and Belgium. Of course, Stephen Harper is still pouting, the twit.

*Technically this isn't about art, unless you think politics are art. The art of making alliances, perhaps?
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I now have new cheques for the third time in as many months. And I don't write very many cheques, so the environmental guilt is getting to me every time I toss the 98 unused cheques in the recycling bin (torn into tiny pieces, of course). It's not my fault, though, I swear! And these new cheques are a cause for excitement, because they signify a new phase in my life in which I have no bank fees whatsoever. That's right, none. Not for cheques, not for debit, not for ATMs, not for money orders, not even a monthly fee. I (heart) my credit union.

Songs that should be about drugs, even though they're really about sex: Please Don't Touch My Bowl.

Speaking of sex, I heard on the news yesterday that New Brunswick is putting together a new "abstinence-based" sex ed program for schools. The jist of the article )

This just drives me crazy. What teens (and pre-teens) need is information, factual information so that they aren't out there hurting themselves out of ignorance, and to be allowed to ask questions. They don't need everything to be hidden behind an atmosphere of "sex is bad".

(Now that I think about it, I don't remember having any formal sex-ed in school - just the girls-only videos on menstruation in grades 5 & 6. Oh, and the copy of Where Did I Come From that was in my kindergarten class, but I'm pretty sure that wasn't part of some sort of formal curriculum. Heh.)
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Hello, there are people BEING SHOT just down the street from me. I am a little wigged out. And thankful that I was on time this morning, or else I might very well have gotten caught right in the middle of everything, since I got off at that very subway station this morning.

I wonder if we'll ever know why he shot the woman in the food court. Somehow the thought that it might be random violence is even scarier than the thought that it was precipitated by something specific. At least the hostage is unharmed (physically - I'm sure emotionally she's a wreck).


Jun. 18th, 2003 08:31 am
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Toronto Star headline today:

Canada to allow gay marriage

I honestly didn't think this would actually ever get this far. I fully expected there to be an appeal of the recent Ontario court decision. Instead, it looks like good things are happening.
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No Friday Five this week, because it's bound to make me miserable, and I don't need my co-workers wondering why I'm crying at my desk. They already think I'm strange. Instead I bring you this completely unsubstantiated report (I tried, I swear, but I couldn't find anything) that amused me when I heard it on CBC this morning:

There was a drug raid on a house somewhere in Ontario (notice the attention to detail?). The police found only minimal quantities of marijuana, but they did find an alligator. So buddy houseowner will not be charged with possession, because of the new relaxed drug laws. However, he will be charged with something -- apparently it's illegal to have an alligator in your house in Ontario. Heh.


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