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Having "run" all of twice recently, I am now determined to do it a few more times. Other people seem to be able to eventually run more than 4 minutes in a row without feeling like their lungs are attempting to secede from their body (by way of revolution, not referendum), so surely I can too, one day. Perhaps the third time of trying a learn-to-run program is the charm.

Thus were the thoughts in my head when I decided to get up at 5:45 this morning and run before work. Just this once, I thought. It's hothothothothot here, so there's no way I'm running after work, but next week it'll be fine, I don't have to make this a habit.

Did you know it's still dark at 5:45 in the morning? Somehow I wasn't expecting that. My brain was still thinking it was July with the super early sunrises. In fact, it was still dark when I left the house.

Also surprising when I left the house was just how HOT it already was. In the dark. I thought it was going to be slightly early morning chilly and refreshing! HAHAHAHAHA. Plus it was garbage day (although, the smell while I was running was nothing compared to the smell as I left the house for work, just after the garbage was picked up and the truck was leaving, and there was this miasma in the air that was this close to deadly). So not exactly a lovely experience.

On the plus side, I got to see the sunrise. It was very purple and watercolour-like, as it attempted to break through the early morning haze of heat.
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I went running yesterday for the first time in...well, since last fall, as is pretty normal with me, the spring and fall wannabe runner. And now I am sore! In strange places! Like under my armpits, and around my ribcage. Not exactly where I was expecting it. However, there it is, and right now I really wish I knew someone with a hot tub.
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I feel -- weirdly -- like I have a hangover, even though I didn't drink anything last night. Fuzzy mouth, fuzzy head, queasy stomach, moving in slow motion, it's all there. Thankfully it's all also going away as the day goes on, but still, unfair!

I also have to buy groceries tonight, because I am out of food again, but I have no idea what I want to do for lunches and dinners this week. Food is hard.

Also hard? Rock climbing. OUCH. I went with [ profile] tinkerer and [ profile] gingerale_kitty and a friend of theirs last night, and it was totally fun, but I have weak out-of-shape arms, and inflexible legs that don't want to bend, and hence climbing up a wall with tiny toeholds is difficult. And today I am a little sore, in some very odd places. I think I got a little enthusiastic when tightening my harness. :)
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Last night after work I went running*. can pick yourself up off the floor now.

I have no idea how this happened. I mean, for the past few months I've been so lazy as to become welded to the couch. But yesterday, on the way home, I decided to go running, and then when I got home, I actually found all my running gear and WENT. It was shocking. Although not as shocking as the fact that I kind of enjoyed it, although that was partially because it was so weirdly foggy outside - I couldn't see more than half a block in front of me, and it felt like I was in my own little world.

I've decided to blame it on the weather changing. I get really antsy when there are signs of spring (and yes, I realize that it's 0 degrees out there right now, which isn't exactly spring-like, but it *was* warm all weekend), as [ profile] canirl can attest, since the words uttered most often by me this weekend were "Oh my god it's so warm out!". I'm not an outdoor person -- meaning, I don't like outdoor sports, or hiking, or, god forbid, camping -- but in the spring and the autumn, during those few days when it's not too hot and not too cold, all I want to do is walk around outside for hours.

I'm sure the novelty will wear off soon, but it's fun while it lasts.

*And by "running", I mean starting all the way back at the beginning of the training program where there is more walking than running. But there is a little bit of actual running, and I did it in running shoes -- does that count?
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An hour and a half of intense, non-stop ab work is a VERY LONG TIME.

Ouch. Fuck.

I'm going to be having belly roll nightmares all night, I can tell.
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Gym culture is very different in the mornings than it is in the afternoons. People seem somehow more hardcore -- or possibly just more grimly determined, which makes sense, because, hi! It's 6:30 in the morning. I can think of a good 20 things I'd rather be doing at that point, and most of them have some variation on the word 'sleep' in them. It's obviously the lack of sleep that makes everyone look so dour.

The hardcore thing means you get more of the scary Gym Men, the ones who look like they would beat you down if you dared to take their barbell. The ones who wear the padded shirts. And what is up with those padded shirts, anyway? What is the point? Do they need to fool themselves in the mirror in order to motivate themselves? Maybe underneath it all they're really just stick figures.

You also get the freaky Gym Women, who are sweating buckets on the stair climber when you get there, and are still going when you leave, 90 minutes later. I understand, weight loss blahblahblah, but can't you find anything else to do with your time?

[There was more that I had to say, something about always running into people because our patterns are so set, but that was this morning, and now it's after lunch and I don't remember anything. So I'm going to post this bit and pretend that was the sum total of everything in my brain.]
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Weekend! Joy! Bliss!

There are times when I bemoan and whine about my single status, but beautiful weekends in spring are not among them. I love being able to wander about and do whatever I like on a whim.

Run for your life )

Walk...for your life? )

Sit as if your life depended on it )

And then, excitement of excitement, I didn't have to walk to work this morning, because the transit strike was cancelled after all. Craziness. I suppose there's a chance it might reappear if they don't ratify on Thursday, but that's then and this is now.

Also, there is joy is listersland, because the Chicklit t-shirts have arrived! They are wonderful! In protest of not being able to just walk down the street and pick them up (Glarkware being in Toronto is such a tease), we are forming a Toronto ordering cabal to save on shipping. And then I will be proudly sickly looking in my fabulous lavender shirt. Whee!

*"Ran", meaning alternated very short amounts of running and walking, because I am lame and have lost any ability to run that I once had. Not that I had much, but I seem to remember being able to run for more than a minute at a time. Lame!

**If totally unwarrented. I mean, I can get lost trying to leave a subway station.

***Meanwhile, people around me were still wearing winter coats, scarves and gloves. I know I was being slightly overenthusiastic about the onset of warm, but it was hot out there! Freaks.

****I thought my last neighbourhood was heavy on the discount stores; this neighbourhood definitely wins, though. Or not, because they're all extremely random and somewhat scary-looking. Dollar Joint, I miss you!
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Happy late birthday [ profile] meganberrieh! I hope it was a wonderful day. :)

So, due to the crazy conversation [ profile] sarcasma and I had a while back, I decided to attempt going to the gym before work. Therefore, when my alarm went off (earlier than normal, boo) this morning, I threw myself out of bed, made some bad fashion choices, grabbed my stuff, ran out the door, and got to the subway station...where I sat for 10 minutes, because the first train doesn't come until 6 am. Evil! (Also, as [ profile] sarcasma said, No one should be up before the subway!)

Anyway, I went, I lifted, I yawned, I showered, and now I am wobbly and sleepy, but at least I get to go home right after work without feeling guilty.

It did bring up a few issues, though, namely food (I will now have to bring breakfast and lunch, and everything is going to be unrefrigerated for a couple of hours). I feel like I now need my own personal fridge at work. This is why I want to live across the street from work.

Speaking of food, this weekend only confirmed what I have long believed: every day is made better by brunch. Even the snowstorms and thunder (!!) could not keep me from having not one, but two brunches this weekend. Yum.

In Which I Out Myself As Holding an Unpopular Opinion on Sin City )

(PS. Was Gilmore Girls new this week? I thought it was, but what I taped turned out to be a repeat.)
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Yesterday I made my triumphant return to the gym. As in, this time I actually did more than go on the reclining bike for 40 minutes and pretend the weights didn't exist. The triumphant return was almost denied by the fact that I couldn't find my lock - which I then discovered in my shoe, while putting said shoe on. Ow.

I was shocked (shocked!) when I looked at my scorecard and realized that the last time I lifted weights was November 29. After that I was too embarrassed to look at anyone - I felt like I had a great big 'S' for slacker tattooed on my forehead. And I spent a lot of time wandering around, searching for 5 lb weights, in my own little world, courtesy of the wee MP3 player I got for Christmas. It's great - it's like I'm living in my very own musical montage.

Today, however...well, let's just say that all is normal when I'm sitting at the computer, but every time I stand up it's an epic battle between gravity and my sore, aching muscles. WHO WILL WIN?
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I forgot to put my watch on this morning. I feel naked.

For Christmas, I got a wee tiny mp3 player that straps onto my arm, for use at the gym (I also got a doumbek, did I mention that? When it's warmer, and also less full of snow on the ground, I plan to take it to the park down the street and pretend I'm in Victoria. Very exciting.) - that is, assuming I ever get back to the gym. I loaded it up last night and brought it with me, though, in hopes that that would be the encouragement I needed.

What's your favourite workout/energizing/distract-me-from-the-pain-that-is-the-elliptical music?

Mine is Slippery When Wet-era Bon Jovi.

Shut up.

In other news, I'm extremely bored of everything I cook. I need to branch out, try new things. Hmm, maybe this weekend I'll try another of the fabulous soup recipes you guys gave me. Because honestly, I really need a break from stir-frys.


Jan. 13th, 2005 02:21 pm
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Man, one day away from LJ and my brain gets stuffed full with things I want to say.

1. I wasn't around at all yesterday! Did you miss me terribly? I'm pretty sure that I noticed it far more than anyone else did. :D

I stayed away from LJ, IM and personal emails while at work yesterday, to see how much of a difference that made in my ability to get work done. Answer: not as much as I might have thought. I just found plenty of other things to distract myself with, although I was able to focus a little better without the multiple conversations in my brain. And then this morning I started working on a project and...forgot to check my flist. Crazy.

2. Happy birthday to [ profile] idella, who is sweet and wonderful and deserves all sorts of exciting things this year.

Oh! And happy birthday [ profile] pauliatchy, too. January babies everywhere.

3. I still don't know for sure about the apartment. I had a form that my landlord needed to fill out, but he never returned my calls, so I just slid it under his door. I hope he got it. I guess if it's not back under my door tonight I'll have to call him again. Sigh.

I just want to know for sure I have the apartment, so I can try to finagle getting to move in on the Saturday before, so I can find a moving company. I don't like leaving things so up in the air.

Which reminds me, has anyone (mostly Toronto people, but maybe all of Canada) had good or bad experiences with particular moving companies? I've never had to hire one before, so I don't really know who to go with.

4. I realized that the reason I can't get myself back to the gym is that I'm afraid of running into my trainer and having to defend my absence. I am a big baby.

5. LOST in the cut )

6. [ profile] insidian made the brilliant icon. Isn't she clever?

7. I am going ice skating tomorrow. I predict massive bruising.

8. So, what's going on with you lot?
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OMG I love being on vacation. The benefit to being single and having parents who are still together and don't like their relatives is that Christmas tends to be very relaxing, once the flying across the country part is over. And even that went ridiculously smoothly this year, especially since I had company, in the form of [ profile] sarcasma. Plus I hear I left Toronto just in time. Eeep!

We had a wonderful Christmas. [ profile] canirl was here, which made me so happy (and now she's gone and it's very sad, boo), and [ profile] vestra called on Christmas Day to talk to us. We had fun decorating the tree on the 23rd, and saw The Incredibles as our traditional Christmas Eve movie, which was cute if nothing special (sorry!), and once again, the stockings were completely obnoxious - each stocking (a leg of a nylon) was surrounded by even more presents that I couldn't quite fit in. I guess this is what happens when you have 5 adults filling the stockings. The rest of the day was wonderful, too, although I got cranky right at the end of the night when the last of the Christmas dinner guests just would not leave, and I didn't want to talk to them, but it felt rude to go to bed.

Actually, the whole week has been brilliant and full of good friends and piles of food. Today was the first day that hasn't been completely stuffed with activities, and I'm attempting to catch up with all of you, but it's a little scary. I think I've made it as far as G. :D

Then tomorrow we're playing games all day, and hopefully I can get ahold of a few people that I want to see while I'm here. Also I plan to read. And sleep. And then read some more, because that's what vacation is for. Plus I have a couple of restaurants that I need to visit while I'm here, even if it means taking myself out for lunch.

Have a wonderful day, you lovely people (what's left of it, at least)! I'm going to claim the cat and curl up in a chair with my book and a butter tart. Then maybe later I can get as far in my flist as M.

ps. I actually went running this morning! I know! What was I thinking?
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Happy birthday [ profile] angiv!


Things I learned from Monday Report:

1. For Better or For Worse is ending sometime in the next five years.
2. Olympic gold medalist Kyle Shewfelt is very adorable.


I'm a little sad that I won't be able to watch the second half of the terrible disaster movie that I accidentally sort-of watched on Sunday, but Wednesdays are too full of TV as it is. However, my disappointment is nothing compared to my excitement that The Amazing Race starts again tonight! Yay! Another season of pretending that I could totally climb that ladder faster than anyone else.


It was really crowded at the gym last night; far more than usual. I had to wait for every machine, even when I shuffled my program and did some substitutions. I don't like it when it's that busy, partly because I'm a selfish whiner, but also because with that many people around I feel like I'm in a cult or something. And what is it about personal trainers that inspires people to tell them such private stuff? The woman on the bike beside me was definitely taking the 'personal' part too far.


If Tomato Nation disappeared, I would be very sad.


Running total of days in which I have managed to not spill yogurt on myself: Zero.
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I love Mountain Equipment Co-op, I really do. But I always feel like such a poser when I'm in there, like the outdoor sporty police are going to come flying by in their fleece and hiking boots, and holler "You! You've never been on the side of a mountain in your life! You've only ever been camping once and you brought your pillow! Your idea of outdoor sports is drinking games on the patio!"

Luckily I made it in and out without anyone taking away my membership card, and I am now the proud owner of non-cotton things to wear while running. So now I can live in fear of someone sprinting after me, shouting "You! You're not a real runner! Hand over the PolarTec and no-one gets hurt!"
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I want chocolate right now plsthnx.

I had my second running class last night. It's been decided that it's too dark to run along the boardwalk now, which meant we ran along Queen St. I think the class should be renamed "Learn To Run And Dodge Pedestrians, or, How Not To Smack Someone Silly When They Mock You At A Traffic Light". Also a dog attempted to attach itself to my leg as we ran by, and I nearly knocked [ profile] vestra over in my flailing to get away. I may have squealed, too.

After class we went home and had a little CBC lovefest, which [ profile] vestra has already talked about, but I'm going to talk about, too, because it's my journal, and I can do that if I want. So there. Monday Report started up again last night, and let me just reiterate that I love Rick Mercer and want him to be beamed into my living room every night. I missed hearing someone make fun of Stephen Harper! Plus Pierre Burton (who is so very, very old - when did that happen?) showed us all the proper way to roll a joint. Hee.

Before that we had randomly turned on The Greatest Canadian, and quickly got sucked in to the piece on Tommy Douglas, father of Medicare, leader of the NDP for many years, and grandfather of Keifer Sutherland. I would like to marry him and have his socialist babies, if it weren't for the small fact that he's dead. There may be nine other choices, but how can any of them possibly be a greater Canadian than Tommy? I've already voted for him seven times, after registering with every email address I have. Democracy in action.

Let's see, what else? Oh, right, we watched a National piece on the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints, who have a freaky isolationist enclosed community in BC called Bountiful (and a few in the States), where they practice polygamy, and the girls are married off at 15 to men twice or three times their age, and people are moved around and remarried and separated from their children at the whim of the church leader. It's definitely crossed the line from religion into cult, and I think it could have a very scary ending.

Also, I watched last week's ANTM, which was not on CBC. I love it so very much, although it was pretty obvious who was getting sent home, because she got about twice as much screen time as anyone else.
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Hello! I can read again! Everybody do a little dance!


Excellent. So let me tell you what I did during my week of not posting:

  • On Saturday (both Saturdays, actually, but it's the first one I'm talking about here) I went to yoga and somehow managed to collapse my thumb during sun salutations. When you suddenly can't use it you realize exactly how useful a thumb really is.
  • Sunday [ profile] vestra and I walked into town to see Bright Young Things. It took us an hour and a half, and saying that we were happy to sit down in the movie theatre is, perhaps, an understatement. Also, the movie was great.
  • We went to IKEA and I bought another bookcase, which we only barely managed to fit into [ profile] mistress_wanda's car. I also managed to pick the communist cart*, which necessitated steering at a very bizarre angle, and in the epic battle between the cart, the bookcase and my hand, my hand was definitely the loser. Ouch.
  • I went to a Blue Jays game (vs. the Yankees) with [ profile] dramaqueen_23, [ profile] starfishchick and S's co-worker, who has "a guy" and got us great tickets. This is not only the only baseball game of any sort (live or televised) I've ever seen, but my first professional sports event, and probably only the fourth live sporting event I've been to, the others being one softball game (that I mostly remember because the boy I had a crush on was playing) and a few cricket games. It was fun! And [ profile] starfishchick didn't smack me for asking too many stupid questions. The announcer amused me because he kept saying "Orlandooooooooooooooo Hudson", and there were some squeeing teenage girls that were extremely loud in their admiration of someone we nicknamed "Junior", because he looked about 14**. Plus, we won. Sweet.
  • I finally watched the second part of Lost. Whose stupid idea was it to split them up like that? Still pretty much hooked, though.
  • I made myself stay up past midnight on Friday so that I could read. It was very exciting. I also tried numerous times to post here over the weekend, but [ profile] vestra's computer hates me and kept shutting down IE every time I tried to access the update page.

*Very left-leaning. Seriously, this cart wouldn't do anything except go left.
**Okay, I feel very old now. There's like three people on that team who aren't younger than me. How does this happen?


In more recent news, [ profile] vestra and I have decided to become Runners. You can stop laughing now. [ profile] vestra has a head start - she did some running this summer with [ profile] mistress_wanda - but we've signed up for one of those "Learn to Run" clinics offered by the Running Room, and we're going to attempt to not fall over wheezing on our first night, which is tonight. I don't usually exercise outside, so I'm not entirely sure what to wear, especially since we've apparently skipped right from humidity index to windchill factor (hello, what happened to fall?!), but I guess if I'm underdressed I'll figure that out when my legs turn blue.

Anyway, if you're in the Beaches, and you see two people running along looking like complete dorks, please do stop and say hello.
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Ok, my abs hurt.

At least I think it's my abs, although I'm starting to question that. I thought it was my abs Friday after a tough gym workout, and there was a little residual soreness. I thought it was my abs Saturday morning, when I tried to go to yoga class, and could barely even climb out of bed. I still thought it was my abs even yesterday, when I would forget about it for long stretches of time, and then go to stand up and experience the pain.

Today, I'm not quite sure. Normal gym soreness should really *not* last this long, and the pain is really centred a lot higher than usual - somewhere right under the breastbone, right around the ribs. I feel bruised, but there are no markings. It hurts to stand, to breathe, and definitely to move. I can't decide between trying to work it out, which is normally what I would do and which would mean going to dance class tonight, or assuming there's something more going on here, and waiting until it goes away, which could be ages, based on how long it's been so far.

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1. Birthday wishes! Happiest of birthdays to [ profile] orionnebula today, and advance happy birthdays to [ profile] stellanova for Sunday. Enjoy your spectacular days.

2. I got music in the mail yesterday - CDs from [ profile] montykins and [ profile] sensational. Thanks! I'd like to be at home listening to them right now, but sadly, I am at work listening to the Tea Party, who I hate with a fiery passion entirely disproportional to their actual impact on my life.

3. The entire cast of The West Wing is my Secret Pretend Boyfriend (or Girlfriend, as the case may be). Also the writers. Also Aaron Sorkin's brain. I love Season 1 so very much.

4. My bellydance classes started up again last night. The moaning pile of aching muscles you hear over in the corner is me, thankyouverymuch. I'd forgotten (or deliberately blocked out of my mind) that this teacher is all about the isolations, so we worked each muscle very slowly and very carefully, and dude, can I feel it today. We were running late, though, so she didn't pull out the 21-minute shimmy. Gosh, what a shame.

5. The reason we were running late? There was a model search going on the room before us. Here we were, a bunch of round and curvy women, 20-40, sitting on the floor outside the studio as the young and skinny and impossibly unblemished boys and girls walked up, looked as us in confusion, and tried to leave, thinking they couldn't possibly be in the right place. We took pity on them, though, and pointed them through the door. Side note: If you take already tall women, put them in 4-inch heels, and then look at them from a vantage point of sitting on the floor as the pass right by you, they appear freakishly tall. I mean, I felt like a 2-year-old looking up at an adult. Other side note: There should be a cautionary note attached to the "skirts" that are just a waistband and a ruffle, warning people that they are not to be worn if said wearer is 5'11" and going to be walking by people sitting on the floor. I'm just saying.

6. Please god, wipe the thong from existence.

7. The Return of the Five Hour Meeting was cancelled! Hurrah!

8. Happy weekend everyone! I think I'm going to make mine include sushi somewhere, somehow. Mmm, sushi.
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Oh, hello, I love long weekends. There should be more! In fact, every weekend should be a three-day weekend. Because, you know, I actually did everything I had to do and everything I wanted to do, and was a big social bunny on top of that. In fact, [ profile] sarcasma and [ profile] shoefiend are probably sick of me, since I saw them Saturday, Sunday and Monday. :)

Quick weekend update )

And then on Monday night great hordes of people came over (aka [ profile] starfishchick, [ profile] circe_tigana, [ profile] sarcasma, [ profile] sanity_clause, [ profile] shoefiend, and [ profile] vestra and [ profile] vestra's friend S. (who does not have an LJ yet, although I think we may have badgered her into it), back from Cobourg for the night), and we sat in the ridiculous heat and tried on all the fabulous samples we ordered from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. Between the 45 samples we ordered, and the 15 freebies they sent, we were definitely running out of tester body parts by the end of the evening. When you've been reduced to yogic contortions in order to smell the back of your left ankle, you know you're done. However, we all smell fabulous now, and I think everyone ended up with a wish list of other things to try. Also, a book, as I made everyone borrow things from my bookshelves.

I'll post a complete review of my BPAL scents, but for now, let me just say that Puck, in the immortal words of Circe, "smells like dog shit hiding in the grass of the park after a rain". If anyone wants to experience this for themselves, we have an imp to offer up. :)
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Huh. Apparently I just won some sort of free trial thingy at a gym right near work. I'm not entirely sure what it is, because I didn't actually read the box - it told me to enter my business card, so I did! I think it's just a walk-through, hard-sell deal, but I forgot to ask if I would need actual gym clothes - Scott said something about evaluation, but then his name was called over the intercom, and I could feel him rushing to get off the phone.

Here's what I hate about gyms: you always have to make such an instant decision. Join now, or we double the price! I'm not good at decision-making at the best of times, and I'm afraid I'll get bullied into joining the gym without really having a chance to decide if it's better than my current gym. I need time to ruminate, yo.

Oh well. It'd be nice to have a gym right by work, but it'll be full of Bay Street financiers, which might be a little scary.


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