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So I finally watched the season opener of HIMYM, and, as awesome as the whole thing was, the best part came right at the beginning: )
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Breakfast: Forgot to buy cereal again, so I had oatmeal. I feel gross.

Weekend: Stratford! Oliver! Colm Feore!

Transportation: Car rental places are not so convenient for spontaneous trips. So, bus to Kitchener, hang out with friends, borrow their car (hybrid!) for the trip to Stratford. Which is slightly terrifying.

Work: Slooooooow. But not for me. Still, any day now people should start coming back from holidays and we should start getting some new CDs in.

Crush: Still there. Make it go away, please?

Drum: I replaced the head, which was supposedly why it sounded like ass, but discovered that there's part of a screw missing (the part that it screws into), which is the real problem. It sounds a little better with the new head, though.

Gym: I'm still in awe that I can even put this on the list. I've been three times this week - once for faux-yoga and twice on the cardio machines. Next up: weights. I hate trying to figure out weights in a new gym.

Sugar: Still banished, other than cake last Friday.

Cravings: Swedish berries. Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Coffee toffee ice cream. Lemon squares.

Headaches: Only one, after clenching jaw too much. not bad.

French: I'm listening to French radio. I have no idea what they're talking about, but I recognize words. It's a start, right? Update: Well, I know what they're talking about now. Sports, even in French, are highly recognizable. Sadly.

Today: I hear rumours of beer at the library. (Which have now been bumped to next week. That means I have to work all afternoon! Hmph.)
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No Fringe update for you today - I had French last night (with a quite dreadful substitute, oy), and then I went home and fell into blissful, blissful sleep. Of which there was still not enough.

Instead I am here to spread the word to my neighbours to the south that you, too, can experience the joy that is my secret pretend boyfriend George Stroumboulopoulos -- although, sadly, you'll have to experience another bad singing reality show to do so. He'll be hosting the American version of The One, which starts...sometime. I can't do all the work here, can I?

This is the same show that caused such controversy up here when it got around that The National was being bumped an hour back on Tuesdays so that CBC could air this (in preparation for the Canadian version in the fall, which is *not* being hosted by George). So, really, it's a George vs. Peter smackdown. Which, incidentally, might actually make for a better reality show.
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BPAL review: The Star (tarot oils)

[ profile] voleuse, thank you so much for this sampler! It's fantastic -- coconut with a hint of lime and mint, and a rich vanilla undertone. Very much a scent for me. I can't stop sniffing myself!

I don't know anything about tarot, but The Star seems to be a card of hope and optimism, which is lovely thought to carry with me as I wear this.

* * *

Went out last night for the 2nd annual Anti-Valentine's Day celebrations with [ profile] shoefiend, [ profile] mystery_diva and MD's co-worker -- silly drinks and chocolate fondue in a snazzy lounge way up in the sky (with an awesome view of downtown Toronto). There were gifts, tiaras, laughter, and, of course, much cleavage. Good times. We've already made extensive plans for next year (which is kind of sad if you think about it - we're assuming that we'll all be single still next year).

I'm really out of it this morning, though. Oh yeah. When did I get too old to function on barely any sleep? Oh, that's right, ALWAYS.

* * *

Someone at Zip is totally mocking me -- last week I got sent Queer as Folk (UK), Kama Sutra, and Kinsey. THANKS. Like I'm not fully aware that I'm not having sex. I will share my thoughts on these movies when I'm awake enough to have thoughts, but let me just re-iterate that I have a SERIOUS crush on Peter Sarsgaard. And also a serious crush on Maggie Gyllenhaal, so they, as a couple, are the hottest thing around. Not that I haven't discussed this with many people before (including last night), but it bears repeating.

* * *

So what's going on with you lot? How's February treating you so far?
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I saw the cutest little ducklings this morning. There's a manufactured pond that I pass by on the way from the subway, and in the summer the ducks come by and hang out in their oasis in the middle of downtown. The people who maintain the pond even provide a ramp each year so that the duck families can get up onto the planters which are pockets of dry land.

And this morning, trailing around behind (I presume) a mommy duck, were two little fluffballs, the tiniest ducklings I've ever seen. The looked like the pompoms at the end of hat strings. So adorable.

Lost speculation )
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Despite my best intentions, I did not go home last night and clean the bathroom. Instead I went home and watched another 3 episodes of The Wire. That show is eating my brain. Proof of my obsession can be seen in the hissyfit I threw when the disc stopped working at the VERY EXCITING CLIMAX of one of the episodes: after screaming at the DVD player, I spent the next 20 minutes attempting to trick the DVD into playing, before giving up and finding a recap somewhere.

Although I now love the show, and although people all over the place kept saying it was the best thing ever, I probably never would have gotten around to watching it if it weren't for one thing:

[A (likely inaccurate) transcription of an IM conversation with [ profile] starfishchick yesterday]

SFC: Season 3 of The Wire is coming out on DVD
Me: Stuart Alan Jones!
SFC: What?

Yes, that's right, my love of Stuart Alan Jones (from the UK Queer As Folk) is so great that I started watching Season 1 of The Wire simply because Aidan Gillen joined the cast in Season 3.

Also: OMG Serenity trailer! September, where are you?


Feb. 21st, 2005 12:12 pm
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Alan Cumming is my boyfriend, and [ profile] sarcasma knows it, which is why she linked me to this bit from The Daily Show, which is KILLING ME.
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In case you haven't heard, my boyfriend David Anders will also be appearing on CSI this year. David Anders twice a week! Ok, not really, but a girl can dream.
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Oh, bwa! Fametracker handicaps the Oscar fashions.

My favourite bit: Jude Law will look good on Oscar night because he'd look good in Osh Kosh B'Gosh overalls. He'd look good in an ALF sweatshirt, a Speedo, and flip-flops. He'd look good zipped inside a giant rubber Daniel Baldwin suit.

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In the interest of full disclosure, I feel the need to list those Secret Pretend Boyfriends who have inexplicably not yet been mentioned in this journal, and therefore did not get mentioned in the retrospective. I don't want anyone's feelings to get hurt. :)

Callum Keith Rennie
Alan Cumming
Richard Ouzounian
Kiefer Sutherland
Hugo Weaving

And some Secret Pretend Girlfriends:

Parker Posey
Molly Parker
Shirley Manson
Cate Blanchett

There are more, I'm sure, and I'll probably kick myself when I realize who I've missed, but I feel better now.


Dec. 29th, 2003 04:11 pm
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I think Christmas is actually finally officially over. My friends went back to England yesterday (I miiiiissss you, Kit!), so today has felt very empty of plans and planning. No, wait, I do have a plan: I plan to read. And possibly catch up with my flist, although I'm so far behind that the prospect is a little scary.

It was such a fantastic Christmas, though. Full of time spent with wonderful people, excellent food, many many presents, and games. Hours and hours spent playing games. Is there anything better?

Christmas highlights )

Fun new game! )

There was even one night where the four of us that have been friends since university (Kit, [ profile] vestra, [ profile] sarcasma, and myself) managed to hang out together again, complete with significant others and some parents. It really was a wonderful Christmas.
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I'm really loving Alias this season, although apparently not enough to actually follow the complicated seekret spy plotlines. )

I'm also completely obsessed with MI-5. Everything is better with an accent, y'know? I spent one Christmas with relatives in England, plus my cousin from Australia was up, and we were watching an Australian soap with my other cousin (British and much younger), who was completely enchanted by the fact that my Australian cousin sounded just like the people on the soap. She had had no idea that real people actually sounded like that.

And, because this entry is apparently all about TV, although that was not my intention when I started writing it, The O.C. starts again tonight, and I am excited. Yup, there's nothing like watching a TV show that is so far removed from my existence it might as well be on another planet. But a planet with Adam Brody.
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Is it possible to own too much cord? I looked at my clothes this morning and realized that
I own 2 cord skirts and 3 pairs of cord pants (which may not sound like a lot, but considering I probably only own 7 pairs of pants all together...). I used to hate cord. I wonder what happened.


I saw Underworld last weekend, did I mention that? Dude, Kate Beckinsale is hot. But not hot enough to make up for the hideous atrocity that was the acting of Shane Brolly as Kraven. I sure hope this was nepotism at work, because otherwise the casting director was on crack.


Speaking of hot, when did Harrison from Popular grow up so nice? And for once a pretend TV boyfriend actor is actually my age (rather than way older or way younger), which makes me feel like a bit less of a dork. The show's not that bad either, although soon Gilmore Girls will start (in the same time slot here) so there likely won't be much more watching of Jake 2.0.


And speaking of Gilmore Girls (wow, my random thoughts are oddly not so random today)...I can't believe it's not starting here until next week. Well, okay, I can believe it, because the same thing happened last year (we were a week behind), but it's taking all my strength to not read comments and recaps.


So [ profile] vestra and I made a deal that we would reward ourselves with non-food related things when we reached pre-determined weight loss goals. Also, there will be glitter and coloured felts and a chart to make things more interesting. Anyway, point is, I only get to buy non-essentials when I reach a goal, which of course just makes me want to run out and buy things RIGHT NOW. I'm really not usually this much of a consumer, but take something away and I wantitneedit. I wonder if I can convince myself that DVDs are a necessity?


I'm being inundated with calls from both my union and the Canadian Opera Company, so I can't answer the phone at home anymore. Not that I ever did before - I'm a firm believer in the joy of screening - but now I have an actual reason. Because, see, I know what I'm in for if the COC actually catches me on the phone. Last year, after I bought my first 18to29 ticket, someone called to try to convince me to subscribe for the rest of the season. And he would not give up. I tried to tell him that I really wasn't interested in the crowd pleasers that they had programmed, I lied and said I was away for 3 months in the spring, I flat out said no, but still he kept talking. Never again, I tell you. On the bright side, they're calling because I just got nice cheap tickets to Peter Grimes by Benjamin Britten. Apparently it's full of death, "nieces" and laudanum addicts. Should be excellent. I went to university with the understudy for the lead role, so I'm hoping for some sort of non-fatal illness to attack the lead that night.


The latest Savage Love column is all letters from women who are upset that their boyfriends use porn. Personally, I don't really understand, but it would seem that women who are okay with porn are a rare species, so I'm thinking the easiest way for me to find a boyfriend would be to take out an ad:
Wanted: One boyfriend. Will let you use porn. Will encourage you to use porn. Will use porn with you.
I anticipate many responses to my ad.
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What I want to know is, when am I going to feel like a grown-up?

I was watching Sports Night over the weekend (and by the way, Jeremy is so very much my fictional Secret Pretend Boyfriend. I want a Jeremy of my very own), and Dana, the producer, made some sort of comment about being 33. Leaving aside the fact that the actress was 36 at the time, and looked it, I was shocked to realize that I am only 4 years younger than Dana supposedly was. Dana, who was the producer of a television show, and very definitely a grown-up by anyone's standards. Only four years difference, and yet I felt like it was an entire generation.

So why don't I feel like a grown-up? I know I'm not imagining things, because I have had numerous conversations with friends in which we express awe at knowing people who are actual grown-ups. And I'm not talking about feeling old, because I feel old all the time. I am a card-carrying member of the OLP. I hurt, I can't understand why anyone would start the evening at 10pm, I shake my head in disbelief at the fashions of these crazy kids today, I don't understand the appeal of drinking until you puke. I'm talking about feeling like an adult.

So I present to you the two sides of the story.

Why I am an adult

1. I have two degrees, an actual career, and a full-time permanent job. When someone asks me what I do, I have a title.

2. I own furniture.

3. I do not have any more student loans.

4. I do not live with my parents.

5. I pay all my own bills, am the sole person who reads my credit card statements, and am the only name on my bank account. I have no financial ties to my parents.

Why I am not

1. I have a roommate.

2. Remember that furniture I mentioned? Other than the bed, which was my present to myself when I finished grad school, it's almost entirely from either Ikea or Zellers, or else remnants from my parents.

3. I'm not in a relationship.

4. I don't have to wear dressy clothes to work, I don't own more than one coat and I don't carry a purse.

5. I'm not married, I don't have kids, I don't own a house. And the likelihood of any of these things happening during my lifetime is so small as to be infinitesimal.

Is it possible to feel like a grown-up without all the grown-up trappings of house, car, kids? And I guess the question really is, does it matter?
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WARNING: Absolutely no Buffy spoilers ahead. Unless you have never watched the show before, in which case, LEAVE NOW!

This week on Buffy: Principal Wood is a hot, hot man. He is totally my pretend boyfriend.

As for anything else that happened, I have to save something so that I have scintillating comments whenever the topic comes up in conversation.


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