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I have a little wrinkled spot on my skirt - about a square inch - that is three perfect parallel lines from the clothespeg (things I have learned: when using the drying rack outside, use the clothespegs. It gets very windy out there!). I am obsessed with it. I can't stop touching it. It just feels so neat compared to the plain cotton smoothness of the rest of the skirt.

And there you have a snapshot of my brain at 10am on Thursday.
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I had the best sleep last night. It was cool enough that with the fan on low I was able to go right under the covers (sheet and the quilt cover minus the quilt). I fell asleep almost immediately (it couldn't have been more than 15 minutes). I didn't wake up once during the night until the sun came up, at which point I woke up just enough that I wasn't in a super deep sleep when my alarm went off (and enough that I heard it go off even though the actual radio didn't come on), but not enough that I was aware that I was awake. Bliss! Why isn't every night like that?
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I'm so sleepy, I want to go to bed right now. Yes, at 8:20. The problem is, I have things I have to do before I go to bed, but I'm too tired to do them right now, so I'm sitting here trying to wake up enough that I can do the dishes and clean the cat box, just so I can crawl into bed.

Why am I so tired all the time? Why??
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Have you ever noticed how you walk differently in different shoes?

...or maybe it's just me.

The shoes I'm wearing today make me bounce up and down a little as I'm walking. It's very fun. There's a possibility that I took the long way around to the toilets just because the experience was amusing me, but I'm not confirming anything.
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Friends, you just haven't lived until you've heard "Close To You" on two Celtic harps.


So, after spending a lot of time wandering around Etsy, I really have to wonder what goes through some people's minds. Honestly, how many aprons can the world really need? Not even remotely as many as you can buy on Etsy! Am I wrong?

Bonus! My new favourite song title is "My Heart is a Piece of Garbage. Fight, Seagulls! Fight!"
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It has come to my attention that my selective memory is dragging me down. See, every year I manage to be surprised by just how much longer it takes me to get ready in the late fall/winter. And I blame it mostly on one thing: moisturizing. Damn you dry skin! The thing is, I hate getting up in the morning, I work way too early, I need more sleep, and therefore I have streamlined my morning routine down to as tiny as I can get it. There's no room for improvising here! There isn't even room for oatmeal, because that takes 4 minutes more than granola. [sideline: I'm always very jealous of people whose mornings include such things as "drink tea or coffee while sitting down", "check email", "listen to the news", "try on four different outfits". Not to mention anyone who eats a hot breakfast. Oh the envy!] And then winter comes, and I have to prevent my skin from flaking off entirely, and suddenly I'm all out of whack, but I don't realize that's what it is, and I wonder why I'm late for work every day this week, and I fret, and then it's like "Ohhhhhhh". And I realize that there is moisturizing of arms and legs and ass and whatever parts of the back I can struggle to reach even though I can't get anywhere near the part that itches like crazy, and there is actual foundation because I had to switch to a heavier moisturizer for my face and it sadly doesn't come with colour mixed right in, and there are tights and boots and extra layers and cardigans for work and coats and scarves and hats and gloves and.

So, it's time to admit that I need more time if I'm going to make it to work (and french class) when I'm supposed to, and set the alarm a little earlier. 5:45, here I come!

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True confessions time: I don't think I've ever actually knowingly heard an Oasis song until just this very moment. Also, I think I had them confused (or not confused so much as kind of assumed they were the same thing) with Coldplay (who I also haven't ever knowingly heard). Coldplay's the one that is constantly referencing The Beatles, right?

This is what happens when you work around music -- you spend so much time listening to the Icelandic music for bass clarinet that the stuff everyone else knows slides right by.

Last night when I opened Firefox on my laptop I got a page of sports scores, instead of all the tabs I had open before -- tabs with things I needed to read, potential Christmas gifts, reminders to myself. I had to double check that it was even my computer (sports scores!). :D I was very sad that all my tabs had been deleted, though. I can't remember exactly where/what most of them were, unfortunately.

Today my French class was a little less boring (because we were finally learning something new) but infinitely more frustrating. Look, I'm very fast at grammar exercises, and part of that is because I'm excellent at copying the pattern of the example. Whether this is teaching me what I actually need to learn, who knows, but it does mean that I'm going to argue with the teacher if he comes up with random sentences for answers that don't follow the sentence pattern as set out in the book (and that don't even include the thing we're trying to learn, argh). Plus he kept saying the wrong version of lequel/laquelle/lesquels/lesquelles, which was just confusing the people in the class who were having a hard time. This class is just really not working for me.

I am coasting through this day on French class annoyance. Whee.
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Last night at about 9:45 I suddenly felt very tired. So I put the laptop aside in preparation for going to bed, leaned over to pet the cat (who immediately ran away), and promptly fell asleep on the couch. I woke up at 11 with my glasses still on and my legs all cramped up (it's a short couch). Apparently I was not mistaken in believing I was tired.

I lose

Sep. 25th, 2008 01:20 pm
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I had lunch outside today (it's perfect late summer weather) and, of course, got a sunburn. My arms are putting off enough heat to toast bread.
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You guys, I really did attempt to do that photo meme, but seriously, I am so unphotogenic that even after cheating and taking approximately eleventy million pictures of myself I couldn't find one that wasn't scary. And I'm not that picky.

I did, however, discover that I have a weird gap in my teeth on the left hand side, where one tooth is randomly quite short. In the photos it looked like someone had knocked part of my teeth out with a slingshot or something. Classy!

I also, since I had the camera out, attempted to take some stealth photos of the kitties. Oddly enough, I managed to take a photo of the uber-skittish one, but the other cat wouldn't look at me. Silly kitties.
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Good morning! I am craving pizza LIKE MAD.

Yes, I realize that it's only 8:45 in the morning (...or at least was only 8:45 in the morning when I wrote this), and no, I'm not craving leftover cold pizza for breakfast. I want hot fresh pizza with mushrooms and olives and lots of cheese. And maybe a glass of wine.

In my defense I've been up for 3 hours already, so it's not quite as ridiculous as it could be, but still. If this keeps up I may have to do something about it tonight.


So, here it is, the end of summer, and it's 14 degrees outside. Wait, what? Not that I'm complaining, because I love autumn, but now that I finally have a balcony I would have liked a few more evenings of being thankful that I had it and could cool down. :D I really, honestly, believed that I was going to spend vast numbers of summer evenings on the balcony French. Yes, that's right, I thought I was going to practice my French all summer. Ha! I mean, I did spend many evenings on the balcony reading, but mostly I was re-reading all my romance novels. Not quite the same thing.

ps. now it's 11:30 and I'm still craving pizza.
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I am looking for things to do this weekend!

...This is not as needy or pathetic as it sounds, I swear.

Last summer I had a wonderful time doing true summery things - going to lots of the various festivals, going to the islands, hanging out by the pool. I embraced the heat (sort of) and had a wonderful time. This summer? I haven't done anything summery at all. LAME.

But it's the long weekend, it's not too hot (as summer goes), and I'm bound and determined not to fritter away the weekend on chores and lazing about. I'm going out! To have adventures! Not surprisingly for a long weekend, everyone seems pretty busy, but that's fine, I can go out and have adventures by myself (they just won't involve eating in restaurants, because I am now apparently completely invisible when I enter a restaurant by myself. Completely! It's very sad). And then when next weekend returns to chores and setting up the new place and wasting time on the internet, I can claim that at least I've had some sort of summer.

(Now I just need to find fun thing to do this weekend, at which I'm currently failing. Boo.)
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Yes, I am still alive, but work is just kicking my ass. I perhaps somewhat overestimated how much of my regular work I could keep doing on top of this project, so I spent the whole week working at double speed trying to get something, anything, done. Yeah. Not going to happen. I've downgraded my expectations, so hopefully next week will be only just slightly more frantic than normal.

Other than that, what have I been doing? Let's see - I bought some classy summer work clothes last weekend (although then it got cold again, so I haven't been able to been able to wear most of them). I still haven't taken my wine bottles back. Last Sunday I randomly woke up super early (for me on a weekend), and got huge amounts of cleaning done. I've been eating out a lot, because I'm SO TIRED after work. Oh, and last night I pushed through the Friday night "all I really want is a nap" tiredness, and went out for a late dinner and bellydance show with some friends. It was great (even if I still did want a nap, especially when the second set didn't start until midnight) - the dancer was an ex-teacher of mine, one of my favourite dancers on the local scene, and she was awesome. She also (because it's a show in a restaurant, so they always do this) pulled me up on the floor to dance with her at one point. The perils of knowing the dancer!

Also other things that I've clearly forgotten.

And now, this morning, I am being incredibly lazy, despite my best intentions. I blame it on the fact that I couldn't find enough loonies to do laundry. Totally set the tone for the whole day, you know. Whatever - it's a long weekend! Hooray!

So, what are you all up to this weekend?
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I haven't been sleeping well lately, so I'm putting off going to bed, because I can't face the disappointment of another night of lying awake/waking up continually. I'm very tired, though. I don't understand how this works.

I also have a burnt scalp, and it hurts! Ow.
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So I'm sitting here at work with a 1500ml bottle of wine on my desk - opened (and re-corked), but with only a little gone. You may ask why, but the real question is, how on earth am I going to get it home without spilling or breaking it?

Honestly, though, I can't believe no-one has commented on it. I have a bottle of wine in the middle of my desk! I assumed at least one "Hard day?" would be coming my way.
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Today, because I am a woman of many talents, I managed to get a pretty serious sunburn, despite the fact that it was less than 10C outside and there is still snow on the ground. Clearly I should not leave the house unless draped in a sheet like a Hallowe'en ghost.

Other things:

1. Spring is here! Okay, so this is a somewhat anticlimactic statement after my sunburn announcement, but still: SPRING. We walked like crazy this weekend, and it was glorious.

2. Did you guys know about this, that MIT puts all their course materials etc. online for anyone to use? I've been exploring. It's very fun.

3. My internet connection is so slow these days. I have no idea why this is.

4. I went to a belly dance show on Friday, and I think I may have talked myself into starting classes again. If so, hooray for me.

5. I wasn't on the computer at all this weekend, except to quickly check a few things, and I'm sad to say that it's clearly much better for me to stay away - my jaw and neck and elbow hurt less, and I didn't get any headaches. I think I might have to try and stay away more often, lonely as that will be.

6. I went to a pub last night that had 35 types of burgers (or burger topping combinations, technically, since you could have them with any variety of burger), all with fun names. Also, sweet potato fries. I want to go back.

7. I had pretty much decided that I'm ready to move (ideally to somewhere with a balcony, a kitchen-sized kitchen, and a bathtub that drains), and then I wandered through rental listings and now I want to cry because there is nothing.

8. Torchwood made me cry.
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Doesn't it feel like Easter was way too early this year? The grocery store today was full of daffodils and tulips, and I got all excited about the prospect of easter and a long weekend, which...well, that already happened. Oops! But it's only just now starting to look like spring*, which is really what Easter marks for me. Oh well!

So what's going on with you all these days? I'm feeling a little scattered and spacey, especially at work, although I'm hoping that'll resolve itself now that I've mostly worked my way through the vacation catch-up. Also I finally did my laundry so now I have clean socks and underwear again, which will help. I've been thinking a lot lately, trying to decide what I want to do for the next few months - how to entertain myself, that sort of thing. I just don't know.

Ooh, apropos of nothing, I made very tasty burritos for dinner tonight. Yum. I think I'm slowly getting back into the habit of cooking for myself, although I haven't broken out the cookbooks again yet. I'm just working my way through things that I can make from my head (which is a pretty small list - I'm going to run out soon!).

Um, sorry for the disjointed entry. Like I said, scattered. Perhaps I need some brain glue.

*Although if winter comes back, I deeply apologize -- I took my heavy winter coat in to be cleaned today. I could be tempting the fates.
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In case anyone is wondering why I haven't come out to play in any one of the movie quote memes going around (because I know each and every one of you are following my every move and despondent each moment of the day that I am not around), it's because apparently I have the memory retention of a gnat with alzheimer's.

I haven't recognized a single one of those quotes, despite the fact that I've seen probably 70% of the movies being quoted. Sometimes multiple times. In some cases I even own the movie, and yet nothing is even the slightest bit familiar. Am I just so entirely in my own little world that I don't even listen?

In other more exciting news, [ profile] vestra and I are going to book our tickets to New York this weekend, since we are temporarily back in the same city. YAY! Very excited. Less excited by how difficult it's turning out to be to find a place to stay, since most things seem to be full up. I'm sure we'll figure it out, though. And then musicals! And vacation! Hooray!

ps. I bought a sewing machine last weekend. I have not yet taken it out of the box, which is a combination of no time and fear that I won't be able to work it. This weekend, though! This weekend I am going to sew something! (and by something I mean random lines on a scrap of cloth)
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Let's just say you were supposed to buy tickets for something, and you forgot. When you finally remembered (at a time that wasn't during a meeting or while on the subway), would you,

a) rush to the computer and buy the tickets right away, being thankful that you finally remembered, or

b) panic over the fact that the tickets might now all be sold out, and therefore avoid doing anything about it for the next three days, while fretting the whole time?


This is clearly the same part of my cortex that prevents me from opening right away any new technology I buy, because I might not be able to figure out how to use it, and rather than discovering that immediately, I prefer to worry about the possibility for a week.
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I am being driven out of my apartment by a combination of my neighbours across the alley screaming karaoke (seriously, my throat is aching just listening to them) and my next-door neighbour turning her radio on as loud as possible, presumably to mask the screaming somewhat.

Oh, the humanity.


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