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Last night I took a nap on the couch (I was actually even on my way to bed, but apparently I was so tired that the thought of brushing my teeth made me fall asleep), and my glasses got smooshed into my nose, and now I have a very hurty bruise on the bridge of my nose. It hurts to wear my glasses!

Nothing good ever comes from napping. I have got to get more sleep.
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Oh my GOD, why is everything twice as complicated and three times as difficult as usual today?

On the plus side, at least I finally got to watch last week's Project Runway.
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Dear person who was yelling into a phone outside my bedroom window at 5:45 this morning,

Just. Don't.
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So, my DVD drive hasn't worked in ages, since they had to send me a new thingy that I've forgotten the name of. Which meant that I couldn't use it (the DVD drive) for back-up, like I'd been doing before. Because of that, and because I was running out of room on my hard drive, I bought an external hard drive. Great, fine, I backed everything up, everything was good.

Now I decide that I really need to get the DVD drive fixed, so in preparation for taking the laptop in, I go to back everything up on the external, doesn't register on my computer at all. It's not the USB port, because other thing work there, so maybe it's the cord? I don't know. All I know is that I was berating myself for putting things off (like getting the DVD drive fixed) and now I know why - because something goes wrong every time I try to do anything around electronics. So frustrating!


I'm going to bed.
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ONE DAY. Seriously, that's all I ask, just one day where I don't trip, or fall off a chair, or knock things off my desk, or drop CDs, or accidentally smack someone, or, I don't know, spill a full bowl of miso soup all over the table *and* myself at lunch. Hey, did you know that miso soup is surprisingly quick to turn into a solid when it hits fabric? And that it's painfully difficult to get out the wale of a cord skirt? And that it shows up beautifully on dark brown?

Clearly the only answer is for me to live the rest of my life as a head-in-a-jar.
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Things I will outlaw when I am Queen of the Universe:

1. Band practices in apartment buildings.
2. Karaoke in apartment buildings.

If only they would at least pick the same song, it might not be so annoying...
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My apartment smells like fish. I don't eat fish, so it's clearly not my fault. WHY, I ASK.

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The weekend has been rife with firecrackers right outside my window, and I'm ready to smack someone. I keep drifting off into daydreams about stomping outside, grabbing the firecrackers from their grubby little hands*, and storming back to enjoy my evening in peace.**

Of course I never would, because I can't confront anyone ever due to my overwhelming fear of them hitting me in retaliation, but I'm THIS CLOSE.

*Not that I can see them. They could be 75-year-old grandmothers for all I know. But I have my doubts.
**With just the extra-loud jazz radio from next door, the thumping bass from downstairs, and the "hilarious" conversation from upstairs.


Jan. 22nd, 2007 11:37 am
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This weekend totally had it in for me.

First, my wireless stopped working, so I had to sit on the floor in front of the cable modem in order to use the computer (my cable is very short).

Then I had no loonies for laundry, which meant I had to go buy ice cream in order to get change.

The freezer wasn't working properly, so I had to eat all the ice cream.

Saturday, some sort of magical force clearly invaded my apartment and made me read all day, instead of cleaning.

I had my ass handed to me on a platter at Mah Jongg.

Then I couldn't access the internet even if I skipped the wireless all together.

I underdressed and had seriously frozen legs on Sunday when I went walking.

I missed The Robber Bride due to a combination of not remembering when it was on and not being able to check because: no internet, talking to my parents, the tape running out, and the antenna not working, at which point I'd already missed the first 45 minutes.

And then I forgot to tape Studio 60.

The moral of this story is that I think I need a minder. Anyone want to run my life for me?
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I am reaching the limits of my ability to deal with random noise. There's been this beeping sound (like an alarm) that I can hear in my apartment for the past few days, and it's really getting to me (as [ profile] morag_gunn and [ profile] starfishchick can attest to - I nearly broke down crying last night, although that was combined with the banging pipes, which also keeps happening). It's definitely not coming from this building. My theory is that it's coming from the building across the alley, but I'll have to explore a little more tomorrow, and see if I can narrow it down. And then...I'm not sure what. I'll call building management (they also own the building next door), but I'm not sure what they can do. They didn't seem to particularly care last time I called about a (different) beeping noise, and that one went on for weeks.

Basically, though, I've become very sensitive to noises, especially ones that I don't know what they are. Yesterday at work some sort of alarm went off (elevator alarm was our theory) and didn't shut up for half an hour, and it was deadly. And then there's the banging of pipes that I mentioned above, which is waaaay worse this winter, and all sorts of other random noises, and they are all driving me crazy. CRAZY. About the only thing that doesn't bother me (still and luckily) is traffic noise, which I actually find pretty comforting.

I don't think there's anything I can really do about this sensitivity. Learn to live with, I guess. But how? I'm very on edge.

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I've only been at work for an hour and a half and already my ass is numb and my right arm is aching. Ow.

BUT, Studio 60 was wonderful and filled me with glee*, I defrosted my freezer**, [ profile] sarcasma is back, and the advent calendar my parents sent me fell apart during shipping, so I can eat the chocolates any time I want***.

However, when I am Ultimate Ruler of the Universe, I plan to ban karaoke machines from apartment buildings. Especially my apartment building. Especially my floor. Especially after midnight on a Sunday.

*Spoilers! )
**Although I forgot that I was in the middle of defrosting my freezer as soon as I left the house to get my hair cut, so I didn't rush back, and when I finally did get back there were huge chunks of ice and big puddles of melty water all over the floor.
***I was never allowed to have the chocolate advent calendars as a kid. I only got one for the first time after I moved to Toronto. Much like I got Valentine's chocolate from my parents for the first time when I was in Montreal. Absence makes the heart...send chocolate?
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Based on, I don't know, various things floating around the internets, I watched the series premiere of Smith last night, which I had thought was going to be fun and clever capers. Instead it was boring, and I wandered off about 10 minutes before the end of the episode. I'll stick with Hustle.

The power went off again last night (technically this morning, since it was just after 5am). I've never lived anywhere that had such a tenuous relationship with electricity. And mostly it seems to go off at night, which means that I don't wake up in the morning. I was on the edge of awake when it shut off, oddly enough - or maybe I woke up from the unsound of the fan and the humidifier - but at least that meant I could check that my back-up alarm was set, so I actually got up as normal. Which is good, because I don't think my boss believes me anymore when I say that the power went out. It's turned into the dog ate my homework excuse.

Really, though, I should have just stayed home, because I have been cranky mcbitchpants all morning. Mostly in my head, but it's definitely coming through, because people have started avoiding me. I like to pretend I have one of those black clouds following me around. I tried to tamp down the blues with a pumpkin spice latte at lunch, but that just left me with a sugar headache and a burnt tongue. Yar.

And now, meeting. Huzzah.
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Here's is why it's such a good idea that I've gotten rid of my cable: everything I'm watching this summer (which is not all that much, really) is suddenly on at 8 on Wednesday. When I'm at French class. And honestly, I find it upsetting, because I don't tend to watch TV casually - I get involved in whatever I watch, and I hate missing episodes. WHICH IS STUPID. It's just TV, for fuck's sake.

I will be so much healthier when I'm not actually tied to watching things on a schedule, and waiting for DVDs to come out is the normal way of my life. I almost wish I couldn't get *any* channels without cable (although not really, because at least I'll still be able to get CBC, and George. George!).

And in other news of me, I didn't really have time to eat lunch today, and as a result I was on a short, short thread, and very close to crying at the end of the day. I don't think I've ever cried at work before - and I didn't today, but I was on the edge, and it wasn't even because of work! It was because I hadn't eaten lunch! I WAS CRYING BECAUSE OF FOOD. How lame is that?

Really, if I were going to cry, I should be crying because of this stupid Norton Anti-Virus that I attempted to buy last month - I bought the download, I downloaded it, I attempted to install it, it hung up my computer. I tried again. I e-mailed tech support, they sent me somewhere else. I e-mailed there. They told me to uninstall everything and try again. I tried again. It hung up my computer. I tried the two other things they said to try. Nothing worked. I asked for a refund. They sent me a link to a letter of destruction. It wouldn't let me fill in the fields, and there wasn't an "accept" button. I e-mailed about that. They sent me instructions on how to fix my download. I e-mailed somewhere else. They told me that once I had sent in my refund it would be 7-10 days. I e-mailed back to say that I couldn't PUT the damn REFUND THROUGH.

And there's no phone number on the site, at least not that I can find. Dear sweet pete.
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My fringe show of the day was excellent, again.

Real Time

It's about two people who meet in a gaming room on the internet and turn out to not be quite what they portray themselves as, which is a trite concept, but they made it fresh. Plus the two actors were very physical, throwing themselves around the stage at one point in a fantastic representation of a video game.

Unfortunately I had terrible transit luck on the way there and back (on the way back, two streetcars in a row somehow managed to not see me at my stop, and they weren't out of service or too full. I am invisible! Plus it took me so long to get home that by the time I had lunch and got ready to leave again, there was no point in leaving because I would have been too late for my second show). Also, I could hear people honking outside even during the show, which put me in a terrible mood for the rest of the day. And it just got worse from there on. Bathurst was SO FUCKING LOUD. Why do people have no respect for other people? Is it entirely necessary to hold your horn down for 3 minutes straight while stopped in the middle of the street, AND blow your whistle? I hate sports and sports fans. I suppose this is what I get for living on the edge of Corso Italia, but for fuck's sake, they didn't stop driving around honking until after 3 in the morning.

Yesterday I was so annoyed that apparently I allowed everyone around me to be mellow, because I took all the annoyance on myself. Today, I'm still annoyed, plus I'm running on three hours sleep and I can't see straight. HATRED.

Luckily I avoided some of the evil by going to see Pirates. Pirates! )
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This day can be summed up by the fact that my socks will not stay up.


Last night after a sad dinner (sad because I discovered that the tofu had gone bad, so I had a tofu-less stirfry, which was not satisfying), I had what was intended to be some ice cream, and what ended up being the whole container. And then I couldn't sleep, of course. ARGH. Why do I do this to myself? I need a sign in front of me at all times that says, "Rachel, if you eat that ice cream you'll be so hopped up on sugar that you won't get any sleep, and then you'll be completely cranky when your alarm goes off at 6, and you'll snap at defenseless people all day".

I'd get it tattooed on my forehead, but then I wouldn't be able to see it.

So yes, I am sleep deprived, my socks won't stay up, and I have to buy lunch, because I slept in too late to make it. My life is so HARD.
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I have what could charitably be described as no food whatsoever in the house. Of things that can be eaten on their own (meaning, not condiments) I have just enough cereal and soy milk for breakfast tomorrow, enough yogurts for snacks for the rest of the week, and one bunch (bunch? that's not the right work) of baby bok choy. This does not constitute dinner.

So I should go buy groceries after work. But OH LORD do I not want to. I mean, whatever, buying groceries isn't generally high on my list of enjoyable pastimes, but it's not a terrible chore. Today, though, it's like I told myself I had to have elective surgery without anesthesia. I feel like throwing a temper tantrum at the thought.

Just don't go, you say? You're an adult, you can do whatever you like that doesn't harm other people. Yes, but I have no food! If I don't go buy groceries, there will be no food and I will be cranky! I suppose I could just go buy something somewhere, but that also requires doing something other than going straight home and god, I'm so sick of this whole feeding myself thing. Blech.
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There is a diabolical new plot afoot at work, one obviously intended to make us stay here for hours on end, slaving away without a break.

The elevators never come. Ever.

If the elevators don't come, then we can't go home, right?

There is nothing sadder than standing waiting for an elevator for 5, 6 minutes, and then having it arrive already stuffed full of sweaty employees, and realizing there is no way you are getting on that elevator without bending the laws of physics and gravity. No, wait, worse is the fact that you're only on the 2nd floor. AND that there are approximately 24 elevators throughout the building, but none of them are doing anything.

OMG I just want to get my lunch!

Before you say "Durr, take the stairs you lazy bastard," let me just add that there are no stairs from the second to the main floor. That's right, THERE ARE NO STAIRS. I can take the stairs in between all the other floors, but the stairs from my floor lead right to the alarmed emergency exits. And yes, I do feel stupid taking the elevator down one floor. Whose stupid idea was that?
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I realize that it's only, what, the middle of October? And that we've only just passed Thanksgiving?

But I'm already SICK TO DEATH of Christmas music.


After spending the morning with 1) cheesy-ass novelty songs including the Jingle Cats and 'Deck the Halls' sung by Hampton the Hamster, 2) Christmas on Death Row, featuring bad mid-90s rap songs about Christmas in the ghetto and the worst R&B boy bands I've ever heard, and 3) ALL FIVE VOLUMES OF A VERY SPECIAL CHRISTMAS, I would like to hide my head in the sand until January.

I hate them all. Except maybe Bob and Doug's Twelve Days. That still amuses me. However, pretend you're a chipmunk when you sing it and I will hunt you down.
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Small children.




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