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Last night I made the stupid mistake of having some wine with dinner, after a frantic day at work, and then I basically fell into a coma and did nothing for the rest of the night. THIS IS NOT HELPING ME PACK.

Also, no-one wants my TV. I'm kind of at a loss about what to do with it at this point. I guess Goodwill will accept it, but it's really too heavy for me to carry any length of time, so I would definitely have to cab it to Goodwill, but I'm not entirely sure I could even get it down the stairs without falling over myself. I will try, though! And I suppose if I'm taking the TV in a cab to Goodwill, I can take all the rest of the stuff as well, so I can stop with the daily lugging of two bags of books. Still, this was not on my schedule.

I can't believe no-one wants a free TV! That still even mostly works! Suckers.

ETA: Never mind, someone wants my TV after all, assuming everything works out with pick-up. Phew.
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You guys, I just packed my tea.

IT TOOK UP AN ENTIRE BOX. And that's with squishing and squeezing.

I took a photo of the ridiculousness, but of course I've already packed the camera cable. :D
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The deployment of boxes and moved furniture around my apartment is becoming dangerous - I got up to pee around 2 last night, and in the 7 steps from my bed to the bathroom, managed to run into 4 things. OUCH.

I've been sort of trying to watch So You Think You Can Dance (because, dancing! good dancing, usually!), but it's like something is conspiring against me: over various days, I've had to be out of the apartment while it was being shown, the reception has been terrible because of thunderstorms, I've been out for dinner, and then last night, I would have sworn on Captain Jack that it was Tuesday. I even questioned myself as I was looking for a break from packing - "Is there something I mindlessly enjoy and can get on a non-fuzzy channel? No, it's Tuesday."

Tuesday? Really?
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I got my hair cut on Friday, and it's awfully...fluffy. I don't know. I'm sure part of this is the omg humidity, but it seems to have many layers all over the place, so it doesn't do that flippy thing that I liked so much, and bits of it stick out and curl up all over the place. Plus she cut the bangs at a different angle, so now they go sort of sideways instead of down, and it's just not quite right. Oh well!

Meanwhile, let me add my voice to the chorus of "Holy fuck what was that weather out of nowhere?". I was quite determined that I wouldn't let the heat get me down this summer, but now I'm not sure - I was pretty miserable, except for those moments where I was right in front of the window box AC (which I tried not to run very much, because the environment is my friend). I really hope our new place isn't too hot - we don't really have all that many options for window air conditioners (I think one might work in my bedroom, but I'm not super thrilled about not being able to have the window open. I guess if we take it out as soon as it starts getting cooler.), plus there are the skylights, which I'd forgotten about until one co-worker this morning started talking about how incredibly hot it was under the skylights in his place. However, again I saw oh well! No point in thinking about it now, when I can't do anything. Besides, I've made it through terribly hot summers before - I'm well practiced in avoiding home and wrapping myself in towels from the freezer in order to sleep.

Saturday I invited local people over to help themselves to the books that I'm not taking, and all my videos (the VCR isn't coming with me - I haven't used it in over a year). Only [ profile] starfishchick, starfishdude, and my new work friend C. showed up, but they took things away. Hooray! And then [ profile] sarcasma and I took some of the remainders to sell, which was also very useful. I still have about 4 shelves worth of stuff to go to Goodwill, but that's better than it was. Goodbye stuff! What a wonderful feeling. And then I ran out of packing tape and make a futile attempt to buy more.
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Today I did the most tedious of all packing jobs: removing the magnetic poetry from the fridge.
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This not sleeping thing is getting a bit ridiculous. I would like some sleep please! LAME.

As a follow-up to my freecycle post, I've now had the original two takers back out, and the next two that I picked (based on grammar - oh, like you wouldn't do the same thing) be EXTRAORDINARILY complicated. Next time (and there will be a next time; I'm just collecting all the remaining stuff) I'm giving so many qualifications that it'll take a determined person just to get to the end of the email.

I've just started watching The Wire season 4. Love! My favourite moment so far was totally awesome. )

I took a brief look through the Fringe play listings yesterday (Fringe! So excited! Also: TJ). So far the themes seem to be opera and hockey. But not together. It's right after I move, so I think I won't be seeing as many things this year, but I'm sure there'll be room for a few things. I WILL MAKE ROOM.

I'm sure I would have many more exciting things to say, but [see first point].
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I just sent out my first Freecycle post (for the camera and discman that I've been trying to get rid of for ages). It was a frightening experience! The FAQ is all, go ahead, wait 24 hours, pick whomever you like - except that I got so many emails in the first 10 minutes that it was stressing me out. And then people were emailing again, asking if I'd gotten their first email! Eep!

So I panicked and picked a couple of people. Except now of course I wish I'd waited, because there were people who wrote really cute stories, and that sort of effort should be rewarded. Oh well. I have more stuff to get rid of, so we'll see what happens next time.

This post brought to you by the fact that clearly I'm not fully competent on Sunday night.
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I got 15 minutes extra sleep this morning. It was bliss.

So, yes, I'm all moved. It was painless, other than the realization at midnight on Saturday, with the kitchen still unpacked, that I was out of boxes. I ended up unpacking some of the softer stuff and moving it in garbage bags instead.

But the movers were fabulous - I highly recommend El Cheapo movers, folks - quick, friendly, and not too whiny about all the stairs. The whole thing was done in 3 hours, and without any hassle. My friend C. came to the old place and helped me with last minute stuff, then we cabbed it over to the new place after the movers headed off with the truck, and she very nicely went out to buy me a broom and mop (and replacement battery for the smoke detector, which was beeping and obnoxious).

And then after the movers left we cleaned and unpacked (starting with the spices and tea, because they have their very own special shelves), and then [ profile] starfishchick, [ profile] sanity_clause and [ profile] sarcasma came over, and by the time we headed out for dinner at 8 that night the place was entirely habitable, and very nearly fully unpacked.

The important stuff was at least - all the books, cds and dvds were on their shelves, the kitchen cupboards were full, the clothes were hung up, the bed was made, and the electronics were wired. What else could I want? I have the rocking-est friends.

And then yesterday I had a paid moving day, so I unpacked some more, went to the library, bought groceries, got the internet hooked up, cooked in my new kitchen, and generally felt like I'd always lived there. Life is good. (Pictures to come!)


Jan. 17th, 2005 02:35 pm
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I have an actual apartment, for real! Not that anyone bothered to call and tell me that the application had gone through fine. *grumble*

Still! Apartment!

Sadly, now I have no excuse not to call the movers.
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I didn't do any packing this weekend. I'm such a slacker. Or possibly I've just decided that things that happen in the confines of my mind also happen in reality, because I thought about packing, figured out how everything would fit into boxes, and sat back, satisfied, as if I'd actually done the work.

Instead, I watched hours of 21 Jump Street. And mourned the lack of LJ. And didn't buy groceries. And wore my pajamas all day Sunday until I had to take a shower and get dressed at 7, because I was going out, which was so hard.

I mean, leaving the house when it's already dark out? Painful. Leaving the house when it's already dark out and -10? Very painful. Leaving the house when it's already dark, -10, and you've been in your pajamas all day? Exceedingly painful. I would never have made it if I weren't meeting someone who doesn't have a cell phone, and therefore I couldn't call and cancel. I'm glad I went, though - it was an Arabic cabaret night, which is apparently happening weekly, with a live band and a different dancer each week, and in between the dancer's sets everyone else can get up and dance. The dancer, Maya, is one of my favourite local dancers (and a former teacher of mine), and she was wonderful. Plus now I'm excited to start classes again tomorrow.

And this afternoon I'm making my semi-annual exchange of blood for cookies. They better have good cookies left by the time my appointment comes around.


Jan. 13th, 2005 02:21 pm
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Man, one day away from LJ and my brain gets stuffed full with things I want to say.

1. I wasn't around at all yesterday! Did you miss me terribly? I'm pretty sure that I noticed it far more than anyone else did. :D

I stayed away from LJ, IM and personal emails while at work yesterday, to see how much of a difference that made in my ability to get work done. Answer: not as much as I might have thought. I just found plenty of other things to distract myself with, although I was able to focus a little better without the multiple conversations in my brain. And then this morning I started working on a project and...forgot to check my flist. Crazy.

2. Happy birthday to [ profile] idella, who is sweet and wonderful and deserves all sorts of exciting things this year.

Oh! And happy birthday [ profile] pauliatchy, too. January babies everywhere.

3. I still don't know for sure about the apartment. I had a form that my landlord needed to fill out, but he never returned my calls, so I just slid it under his door. I hope he got it. I guess if it's not back under my door tonight I'll have to call him again. Sigh.

I just want to know for sure I have the apartment, so I can try to finagle getting to move in on the Saturday before, so I can find a moving company. I don't like leaving things so up in the air.

Which reminds me, has anyone (mostly Toronto people, but maybe all of Canada) had good or bad experiences with particular moving companies? I've never had to hire one before, so I don't really know who to go with.

4. I realized that the reason I can't get myself back to the gym is that I'm afraid of running into my trainer and having to defend my absence. I am a big baby.

5. LOST in the cut )

6. [ profile] insidian made the brilliant icon. Isn't she clever?

7. I am going ice skating tomorrow. I predict massive bruising.

8. So, what's going on with you lot?
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I'm sure you'll all be heartily thrilled to know that you won't have to put up with any more apartment hunting whining from me, as I have a new place to live.

I hope.

I mean, they still have to do the credit check and talk to my current landlord, but there should be no problems, and in the meantime I've filled out all the forms and given them vast quantities of my money*, so all should be well.

I'm excited - it's not one of the neighbourhoods that I'd always wanted to live in, but it's on three lines of transit, there's a library, grocery store, Shoppers, liquor store and health food store nearby, and it's much closer to people who I visit regularly, especially [ profile] sarcasma and [ profile] sanity_clause. So yay. I hope it goes through!

[ profile] emiline, I'm your neighbour now. :)

*Technically, my and [ profile] starfishchick's money, since they wanted first and last right then in order to process the application, and they wouldn't take a personal cheque. It's the weekend, so I couldn't go to my bank, so [ profile] starfishchick and I ganged up on a bank machine and each took out as much as our cards would allow us and I promised to bring the rest as soon as I could get to my bank. I felt very fly-by-night having to give them cash.
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Happiest of happy birthdays to [ profile] goblinshark and [ profile] wonderlanded! I hope they are/were fabulous.

I would like to say that the very first clue I answered in the crossword puzzle I was doing last night was "MLB Garciaparra". I blame the fact that I know this at all on [ profile] insidian and [ profile] starfishchick. But look! Baseball can be used for good! Who knew?

Great Apartment Hunt update - now with cut tags to prevent boredom! )

So, who wants to come distract me from my work? I have a bottle of wine at my desk. *tempts*
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Evil Apartment Hunt update!

Places called: 5 15
No answer: 15
Already taken and therefore now I really want them: 3
Would require a second job: 2
Would merely require a raise and are ideally situated and I'm contemplating selling my hair: 1
Have no living room and are therefore useless: 1
Appointments made to look yesterday: 2
Apartments that were much, much farther off the subway line than originally thought: 1
Appointments that I kept: 1
Appointments other people involved (namely supers) did not keep: 1
Actually looked at: 0
New appointments for tonight: 1 1/2

The rental market is definitely winning so far.


Despite having read 133 books last year, only two of those were while I was home for Christmas, and one of those was very small. I also didn't watch any TV (other than the bad New VI countdown on New Year's) or any DVDs, and I only went to one movie.

This begs the question, what the hell did I do with my time?

Oh, that's right, I played games.

Namely, Apples to Apples, Outrage, Ex Libris, Trivial Pursuit 90s Edition, Puerto Rico, Captain Park's Imaginary Polar Expedition, Careers, darts and ping-pong (the last two at which I was soundly smacked down by [ profile] sanity_clause).

*geek bliss*
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Ok, so I didn't need to put aside my entire lunch hour to call around for apartments - it only takes about 30 seconds to discover that something is right out of my price range.

Places called: 5
No answer: 1
Would require a second job: 2
Appointments made to look tonight: 2
Apartments that are much, much farther off the subway line than originally thought: 1
Appointments that I'm going to actually keep: 1

Damn. I guess this means that I need to go make a few more phone calls. God, I hate this.
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I hate making phone calls SO MUCH.


I really need to start looking for somewhere to live, especially since I'm going out west for Christmas, but I can't do it. I can't bring myself to pick up the phone, and I keep putting it off, and it's going to be February before I know it and I and all my books are going to be on the street.

The sad thing is I've done it before. I mean, we made nearly a hundred phone calls to find the place we're living in now, and then there was the place before that. God, in Montreal I phoned people with my extremely crap-ass French (at least I think I did - the whole thing is somewhat of a blur, which is I guess what happens when you arrive somewhere at midnight and have to find a place to live the very next day). I'm such a pathetic excuse for a self-sufficient person.

Augh. My stomach hurts.
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It's been decided -- we didn't find anyone to sublet, so [ profile] vestra is packing up all her stuff and putting it into storage, before heading back to her cruise gig, and we're giving notice at the end of the month.

Which means I have to move. Blech. I mean, I'm not exactly sad to be leaving this place -- it's cute, and it's been very good to us, but the new management sucks and doesn't do anything around the building, so it's getting a little nasty. Plus there's the whole 'takes forever to get anywhere' thing, aka 'Why the hell aren't we on a subway line? Waiting for the bus sucks the very life out of me.'

But moving is a pain. Literally, in many cases. This time, though, I'm not making anyone help me move (not that they would, after the disaster that was last time -- I still feel guilty about that). I'm going to suck it up and hire movers, even though the thought freaks me out. I'm not nearly grown-up enough to deal with this. If only my parents didn't live on the other side of the country.

First, though, I have to find a new place to live. And I don't know - by myself, or try to find a roommate? I think I'd like to live by myself, but rents are so high here that I'm not sure I can afford it, especially not in the areas that I want to live (meaning, closer to downtown and on a subway line). But the thought of moving in with someone I don't know is kind of frightening. What if we hate each other? I know one person who's looking for a flatmate, but he really needs someone right now, plus his place is even farther away than mine, although on the other side of the city. And there's one other person who may be needing a roommate for February, but she lives in a very scary neighbourhood. Yes, I'm picky. So?


I guess I need to figure out how much I can really afford, and then start looking around, seeing what's out there. I'm pretty sure that if I can bring myself to live with strangers I could find a place fairly easily, so I'll look around for a one bedroom first. Preferably somewhere that's not hours away from [ profile] sarcasma's or [ profile] starfishchick's, and then maybe people will come over more. :) Also, people who have been to my apartment, I am getting rid of the Free Couch of Suckitude. That bitch is not making the move with me, no way. So you might actually be comfortable when you come over (once I buy a new couch, that is, because until then we're all sitting on the floor).

Dude, between Christmas, going home, all the theatre that's happening right now that I want to see, buying a new couch and moving, I'm going to be enjoying quite the credit card debt. Whee?

(Meanwhile, I went for a walk at lunch, and now I'm eating orzo lentil soup that I made last night from [ profile] genarti's recipe. It's very tasty, although the orzo sucked up most of the liquid, so I should probably just call it stew at this point. And one of my co-workers has a CD I need on her desk, but she absolutely insists it's not there. I'm waiting for her to go for lunch so I can steal it.)


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