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I have reached the critical mass point wherein the number of meetings I have over the next 6 weeks has exceeded the number of places I can stick post-it notes to remind myself of those meetings.


In other news, Alias is over, and I am sad. I know it didn't retain the glory of its younger years, but I was still entertained most of the time, despite the improbabilities. And I loved how over the last few episodes they kept bringing everyone back for one last shot. Also, SARK. Ahem.


May. 11th, 2006 12:36 pm
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Lost )

I haven't watched last night's Alias yet, but I'm definitely enjoying the end, despite the fact that it is occasionally stupid and often incomprehensible. And definitely doesn't stand up to analysis. But I love that they are actually wrapping things up, bringing people back, and STILL talking about plot points that started in the first season.

Speaking of not standing up to analysis, my love for Prison Break knows no bounds these days. Especially C-Note. And Michael's tattoos, of course. Yes, the show is the cause of much eyerolling, but there's some excellent acting (and some terrible, VERONICA), and it's just so highly entertaining.

This TV talk brought to you by the fact that I am intending to cancel my cable as soon as these shows (plus CSI, the only other weekly show I watch) are over for the season, so I am enjoying them to the full extent of my ability. More than likely, I'll be able to pick up CTV, CBC and Global with rabbit ears, but just in case, I need my enjoyment to carry me over until next season's stuff comes out on DVD!
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Yesterday we had a BPAL gathering, with many, many oils, some of which were even good. Not the free samples, though; the majority of them smelled like ass. But I think we all did fairly well with our actual orders. Out of the 12 imps I ordered there was only one that I disliked immediately, and maybe three or four others that I'm undecided about. Some of them are just lovely, though.

And now you know what I'm going to be talking about for the rest of the week.

So, today I am wearing Jester:

Huckleberry and red currant with the incisive bite of neroli.

I like it. I don't get much neroli, just heavy duty berry, but I love berry scents. Of course, I already have many berry scents, but it would appear that you (meaning I) can never have too many.

Since I did all my cleaning and shopping yesterday morning quick quick omg, what with the people coming over and all (and can I just say that damn I'm productive when I have a deadline), today I went out a-wandering in the snow, looking for a last few Christmas gifts. I went in this weird criss-cross pattern across the city, because none of the places I wanted to go were in a nice line, but it was still fun. ([ profile] starfishchick, I found your garlic pickles etc. in this gourmet food store near our haircut place! It's called Mercantile, I think, and it's across the street and a little west of Balfour Books.) And now I am at home, and I intend to be completely lazy for the rest of the night. Right now I am watching this week's Alias and eating ice cream. Why does no-one like Alias this season, by the way? I'm totally enjoying it.

Enjoy your days, however much remain of them. I plan to enjoy mine!
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I am so annoyed with ABC.

Those of you who aren't Canadian might not know of the glory that is simulcasting, but basically what that means is that Canadian TV stations pick up the rights to American shows, and broadcast them with Canadian ads and Canadian promos etc. If they run them at the same time as the American show, then it covers up the signals from NBC, ABC, etc., which means (among other things) that generally whenever a show runs long in the States, it has a few less commercials here and fits right in the hour, and everyone is happy.


CTV has Lost at 8, which ends at 9 like it's supposed to, at which point they switch over to Fox for American Idol. None of the Canadian channels has picked up Alias, so we switch back to ABC, getting the overrun of Lost, because ABC is stupid and runs the shows over the hour. (It also means we get two different "Next week on Lost"s, which is interesting, because sometimes they are completely different.) The problem being that this means that Alias also runs long, except that at 10, the New VR comes in and starts simulcasting with ABC, so we miss the last few minutes of Alias EVERY SINGLE TIME.

If the previous part looked too dry and complicated, here is the important bit: The last few minutes of Alias never get aired and it's driving me batty.

And I can't figure out who to complain to, because I'm sure the American ABC affiliate doesn't care if Canada isn't getting the show properly, but there's no Canadian station to complain to because no-one has picked it up! I think I'm going to have to just blame it all on American Idol for existing in the first place, because otherwise CTV would have stuck with Alias like they used to.

Also I taped the wrong channel and missed Gilmore Girls last night, but I really can't blame that on anyone but myself, try though I might.
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Lost )

Alias )

And I taped Gilmore Girls, but I'm too sleepy. Wednesdays make me happy. :)
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It felt oddly appropriate to be watching Alias in the middle of a huge fucking thunderstorm.

It's raining on the screen, it's raining outside. Hard.

Spoilers )

ETA: Alias spoilers in comments! Read at your own risk. :)
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I'm really loving Alias this season, although apparently not enough to actually follow the complicated seekret spy plotlines. )

I'm also completely obsessed with MI-5. Everything is better with an accent, y'know? I spent one Christmas with relatives in England, plus my cousin from Australia was up, and we were watching an Australian soap with my other cousin (British and much younger), who was completely enchanted by the fact that my Australian cousin sounded just like the people on the soap. She had had no idea that real people actually sounded like that.

And, because this entry is apparently all about TV, although that was not my intention when I started writing it, The O.C. starts again tonight, and I am excited. Yup, there's nothing like watching a TV show that is so far removed from my existence it might as well be on another planet. But a planet with Adam Brody.

Spy time

Jul. 21st, 2003 10:23 am
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I am such a follower. Because apparently all the cool kids are doing it (and because I'm always home on Sunday nights, and because I've already seen all the L&O: Vincent d'Onofrio), I've started watching Alias reruns, trying to get caught up in time for next season. It's pretty fun. I'm not really a fan of Jennifer Garner or the guy who plays Marshall, but I'm enjoying Victor Garber (even if I want him to sing -- sing, Victor, sing!), Lena Olin, Ron Rifkin and hot, hot Michael Vartan. And Will, whose actor's name I don't know.

I was a little confused last night, though. They're obviously not rerunning all the episodes, since they want to get to the end before the new season starts, but why would they skip the Superbowl episode where I hear everything changed? And who in their right mind doesn't show the spy sex episode? Because that really threw me when I was watching the previouslies. And then I was confused because people were in the wrong place and people were acting weird.

I think I have it all figured out, but I tell you, it was for this very reason that I didn't start watching it before. I hate being out of the loop.


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