Jun. 15th, 2010


Jun. 15th, 2010 10:13 pm
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I'm pretty sure this post (from Sunday) didn't actually show up on anyone's friends list. If it did and I'm repeating myself, my apologies!

Elisa Albert The Book of Dahlia

A caustic and funny book from the point of view of someone diagnosed with cancer.

Bonnie Burnard A Good House

A perfectly decent book with pretty much nothing going on. 50 years in the life of a small-town Canadian family.

Chris Cleave The Other Hand

Meh. I probably would have said this was a good book, but it did not remotely live up to the "life-changing! never tell anyone what it is about so they can discover the magic for themselves!" hype on the book jacket.

Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer Wild Ride

Fluffily entertaining book about escaping demons who had previously been trapped in an amusement park.

Neil Gaiman Coraline
Neil Gaiman The Graveyard Book

These were excellent, and extremely short. I especially liked The Graveyard Book - very atmospheric.

Terry Griggs Thought You Were Dead

This was good, but not great. An off-beat pseudo-mystery, it just spent a little too much time in the protagonist's head, so it didn't have a lot of forward momentum.

Xiaolu Guo The Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers

I remember this getting a lot of press when it was first released, and I think it deserved it. A lovely story of a relationship, told from the point of view of a woman just learning English.

Christopher Moore Bite Me

Entertaining sequel to You Suck. The Abby Normal voice was a bit hard to take after a while, though.

Neal Shusterman Unwind

A fascinating concept: In an attempt to please both sides of the abortion issue, abortion is made illegal, but parents are allow to "unwind" their children between 13 and 17 if they wish. In the book, some kids who are scheduled to be unwound try to escape. I really enjoyed it, but I wished it were longer and more in depth - it felt a little surface-skimming, with some very convenient resolutions.


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