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I am encountering a weird craft fair phenomenon this year, whereby all the craft fairs are much smaller than they were last year. By which I mean that a craft fair that was in 2 rooms last year is in one this year. It's odd! Maybe after last year's giant craft explosion there are now more events than artisans? Or maybe the handmade holiday has gone out of vogue. I went to 5 different shows today, 4 of which I'd been to last year, and they were all awfully tiny. And only one was particularly interesting. If this trend continues I'm going to have to make other plans for my remaining gifts.
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Merry Giftmas Eve, everyone! I hope those of you who are celebrating at this time of year have lovely peaceful celebrations, and that everyone keeps warm and does not fall into a snowbank.
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I only shampoo my hair twice a week or so, and I don't use very much shampoo, so I've had the same bottle of shampoo for years now. I guess it's not that surprising, then, that it has turned into a creepy gelatinous mass of no known origin (see title). Eep!

In other news, my grand plan to do all my Christmas shopping at craft fairs (because I have NO ideas for ANYONE. I fail.) is being thwarted by all the craft fairs I've gone to so far being truly unexciting. Although the one I went to yesterday was in someone's house, and I left desperately wanting the house. It was so cute! Presents, though, have not happened (and it's double for pretty much everyone, due to a mass of December/January birthdays). Where is my present-buying brain?
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The problem with buying presents online is that I get very lazy about those things that aren't normally bought online, i.e. stocking stuffers. I am so short on stocking stuffers this year! I seem to have forgotten all the places I normally go. And I'm kind of running out of time.

Also, I forgot to do laundry again tonight. Clearly I have a mental block.

Right, off to take asprin for this pounding headache (the second night in a row), do the dishes, and then to bed. I need to conserve my strength for what is bound to be a crazy day at work tomorrow.
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Number one on my list of things that I should not have jettisoned in an effort to only bring one suitcase this Christmas: a belt. My pants are very much with the falling down.


I'm at my parents'. I finally finished wrapping stocking stuffers, which I've been saying I need to do since I got here on Monday. We are just about to go to [ profile] vestra's parents' for Christmas Eve lunch, and then I have to make soup.

This has been the most coughing, sneezing, snot-filled Christmas ever! Luckily I haven't felt all that sick, and I think it's possible I'm finally getting better, but I have gone through VAST quantities of kleenex. However, I had an awesome weekend (last weekend) in Vancouver, visiting with [ profile] vestra, [ profile] vestra's boyfriend, [ profile] morag_gunn, [ profile] dangerdean, [ profile] blue_lotus, and a few of the goddesses, and I even managed to hold off the worst of the cold until I got to Victoria. And then [ profile] sarcasma and [ profile] sanity_clause were here, and now [ profile] canirl and family are here, and the tree is ridiculously enormous, and much baking has been done, and it's almost Christmas! Whew.

Happy Christmas everyone. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season, no matter what you're doing, what you're celebrating, or who you're with. And think of me this afternoon as we attempt to come to a final decision between 7 people on what movie to see tonight. :)
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And it's December, which apparently came a surprise to me, as I left my December transit pass sitting on the kitchen table. Imagine my irritation when I couldn't get through the turnstile! Imagine my indignation as I squeezed past the people buying tokens and flashed my pass at the man in the box! Imagine my embarrassment when I realized that it was me, and not the TTC, who was the idiot, and that the transit man was probably cursing me for attempting to scam him! Imagine my annoyance when I realized that I would now have to pay actual cash to get home again!

In other news, I had no time for breakfast this morning, due to an extended bout of not-getting-out-of-beditis, so I have succumbed to the lure of toasted bagel and peanut butter. Expect whining about stomach pain and heartburn in approximately 2 hours.

These last two weeks have been full of theatre for me, which makes me all *glee* and *bliss*. Last week I went to Wicked with [ profile] starfishchick, which was great. On their own, I find the songs fun, if nothing special, but the production made them come alive, even if it did leave out a lot of the politics found in the book. Still, great choreography and costumes, excellent singing for the most part, and damn, did they all sound scarily like the people who originated the roles on Broadway. I don't think I've ever seen a touring production before where the intent was so clearly to copy the original, down to speaking inflections.

Then on Tuesday I took myself to Chicago, which I've never seen a professional production of. And yes, there was a Backstreet Boy on stage. He was actually pretty good - his voice was a lot sweeter and somewhat less powerful than I would have picked for Billy Flynn, but it's a good voice and he's got the stage presence. The women beside me were very excited, despite having been all mocking before the show started. And the rest of the cast was great. The woman playing Roxie looked just like Miranda from Sex and the City (from where I was sitting in the gods). It was eerie. Most importantly, the dancing was awesome, and I loved how they used the stage, putting the band on stage on riser-like things, and having the cast use the same setpiece, and interact with the bandleader. It really played up the vaudeville angle.

Last night I went with dancer friends from Kitchener to see Arabesque Dance Company's new bellydance show, Asala. Fantastic. One of the best all around shows that I've seen. The live band was amazing, and there was a drum interlude that nearly killed me, and the dancing was great - group choreographies that mostly ran through various folkloric and contemporary styles. With many, many costumes, including at least 4 for each dancer during one big number. I love that. Seriously, if you like bellydance, or you're curious about bellydance, go see this show. So much better than Bellydance Superstars.

And now that it's December, I promised myself that I would stop getting annoyed every time Christmas music is played, or I see decorations, or people talk about it. Because there's only so long you can carry around that kind of irritation without exploding, and December 1st is when Christmas is allowed to begin (or so says I).
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Christmas decorations are out in full force. There are lights on the streets in some places, I saw lit Christmas trees outside of the grocery store, plus wreaths everywhere. And of course the malls and department stores are all over it. Whatever happened to December 1st?
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I don't think I managed to mention this among all the weather talk and whining, but I had a great trip home and a wonderful Christmas. I saw many friends, which was fantastic, and of course it was great to see my parents. This is the first Christmas that I can remember where it was just the three of us for stockings and breakfast (when I was younger my uncle and grandmother would come over, and various friends of ours have spent Christmas with us over the years), and it was very relaxed. We opened presents slowly, with lots of time for my mom to admire everything, and try everything, and read everything, and there were cherry scones and fruit salad. Piles of people came over in the afternoon for the open house, way more than usual, but there were only 9 for dinner, which is much smaller than average. So things were all backwards.

And we played games. Oh, did we play games. Whenever I go home, that's what we end up doing. I think my parents, who usually read at night, don't want to leave me alone. So we played many, many games, including endless rounds of Mah Jongg, which I got for Christmas. I'm obsessed. It's good though - I'm practicing for when I'm old and living in the House of Cats. Because what goes better than old ladies, cats, and Mah Jongg?

So yeah, that was it. I bothered the cat endlessly, slept lots, ate, played games, gave fabulous gifts, and ended up with a suitcase full of things to find places for. Luckily, some of that is chocolate, which will be quickly taken care of. Yup.
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  1. I am very tired of flying across the country.

  2. However, my apartment did not collapse, flood or disappear entirely
    during my absence, so that's good. It smells a little funky, though.

    1. I'm afraid I might have bedbugs, though, because I woke up
      covered in bites the morning that I left for Victoria. They're still
      here, too.

      1. The bites, that is. The bedbugs might still be here, too, but I
        can't see them.

      2. I feel dirty. Also itchy.

    2. I think I found the source of the funky smell. Oops. I thought I'd cleaned out the entire fridge before I left.

  3. My legs are also covered with bruises from lugging the two very
    large, very heavy suitcases up the stairs.

    1. They were larger than usual, because I had to borrow a suitcase
      from my parents in order to get everything home. This is what happens
      when your parents wish you lived in Vancouver instead of Toronto, and
      buy accordingly.

      1. This also caused some panic in the airport when I realized that
        I really had no idea what the borrowed suitcase looked like, other
        than all black. Which, in point of fact, is not even accurate.

  4. This was the warmest Christmas I have ever experienced. It was 14
    degrees Christmas Day! What's that about? Not that I'm complaining,
    but it is slightly disturbing to see global warming quite so up close
    and personal.

    1. It was obviously warm here, too, because there is no snow. I've
      never come back to no snow. Weerie.

  5. My favourite part of coming home from Christmas holidays is all the mail. CARDS! So many. Awesome.

    1. Although the credit card bills were not quite as awesome.

  6. [ profile] maithias, it was your birthday and I missed it! Happy retroactive birthday! May 2006 be full of wonderful things and lovely secret pretend boyfriend sightings. And [ profile] shoefiend, it was your birthday, too, and I missed that! I hope it was fabulous and glamorous and that many people told you how wonderful you are.
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Last night, while touring the lights (and holy SHIT, are there some highly decorated houses in Victoria. Um, SCARY.), we stopped in at this hotel that was having a carol sing-a-long, just in time to sing "Inca, the red-nosed llama", complete with...llama. Yes, there was an actual llama who came to join the carol festivities, all dressed up to look like the camels you see in nativity cards.

She was having an awesome time -- she really didn't want to leave. Ha!
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Later skaters - I'm off to Victoria for the holidays (with a stop in Vancouver to see some of my favourite west coast people). I should be in bed RIGHT NOW, since I have to get up at 4am (yes, you read that right) in order to get to the airport for my flight, but I just got home from my staff gathering, which turned out to be more fun than I anticipated. Fact: watching co-workers get drunk is very entertaining. I just hope that no-one was thinking that about me!

Oh, god, I'm going to be so dead tomorrow, between the staying up waaaay too late tonight,and the wine, and the super early flight, and the 3 hour time difference.

So, yes, bed. Bur first, since I don't think I'm going to be around much for the next little while, I want to wish a very happy advance birthday (completely removed from Christmas) to [ profile] pipesdreams and [ profile] zarahemla, and to my sweetie [ profile] starfishchick, whose birthday I always miss because I'm on my way to see my parents.

Finally, presents! For everyone. Some entirely random songs.

Twelve Days of Christmas - Bob and Doug MacKenzie (wma)

Hang On Little Tomato - Pink Martini (mp3)

Everything Stops for Tea - Long John Baldry (mp3)

Anything But Love - The Real Tuesday Weld (wma)

Well That Was Easy - Franz Ferdinand (m4a)

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Oh look, I've been reduced to writing about MAIL.


I would like to say that SOME of you (meaning [ profile] art_geek, [ profile] sarrabellum and [ profile] orionnebula) are far too talented for your own good and made beautiful artsy cards. I would also like to say that ALL of you sent far classier cards than I did. I am shamed. :)

Canada Post is clearly working overtime this year. Not only was there the Incident of the Card That Made It to England in Just Two Days, today I got a card from someone who called me yesterday because she couldn't find my address. That's one day, probably not even 24 hours, and some of those hours were on a Sunday. The postal service is clearly mocking me for getting my shit together so early this year.

Completely unrelated to mail (...mostly), today's BPAL scent is Shanghai:

The crisp, clean scent of green tea touched with lemon verbena and honeysuckle.

It's very lemony. I was hoping for more of the green tea to come through, but no. I like it, but it's heading a bit into bathroom cleaner territory. It's nicer, and more consistent, than most of the other lemon scents I've tried, though.
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I just went out...without a book.

People, it was a nightmare! I had to sit on the subway with nothing to read! Worse, I had to wait for the subway with nothing to read and irritating people having an irritating conversation right near me. *shiver*

Other things:

  • My cards are flying across the world. Whee! I've gotten cards, too, from...erm, people. I can remember some, but I'm worried I'll leave someone out and they'll be sad, so let me just say thank you to everyone, and the lovely cards are happily decorating my bookcases.

  • Regular, non-quick oats are a rare commodity, apparently.

  • The Grammy Awards still have a category for polka.

  • We are breaking out the BPAL this weekend. Excitement! (Confidential to you who are coming over: I have spreadsheets. Be very afraid.)

  • I've been watching ER again occasionally (occasionally meaning whenever I don't turn the TV off after CSI, and it's right there, and I'm too lazy to get up). I'm actually kind of enjoying it. I used to love it, waaaaay back at the beginning. I liked the quick pace, the multiple storylines, the people running around frantically, the focus on the hospital rather than the person lives. And then it got dramatic and heavy with the Very Special Episodes, and I got bored. But it seems to have drifted back to the original idea, and there are some fantastic actors on it right now that I've loved in other things (Parminder Nagra and Linda Cardellini, for two. Also, John Leguizamo. There are no words). So, yeah, there you go.

  • Torontonians, have you been outside lately? This is why I hate snow -- it's all slushy and wet, but still deep. Blech.

T minus 25

Dec. 1st, 2005 11:28 am
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The countdown to Christmas has officially begun.

How do I know this? Because yesterday I went to the post office expecting to pick up a gift that I'd ordered, and instead found an advent calendar from my parents. With chocolate! ROGERS' chocolate!

I never got advent calendars that cool when I was a kid. My parents obviously love me more now.
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My work loses at being a Canadian stereotype. Someone sent us a CD that came with a $2 Tim Horton's coupon, and no-one wants it.

...which is not what I really intended to say.

My mom wants a vest for Christmas -- you know, the kind that everyone used to wear in the late 80s and that you don't see anywhere anymore, the kind that come with men's three piece suits. Has anyone seen these lately? I have no idea where to find one.

You'd think after 5 years I'd be able to shop in Toronto. But every Christmas I think of things that I can't figure out where to buy them here. It's not that they're not available, but that I just don't know where or what the store would be. I have about three things that I'm struggling with right now, a vest being one of them.

Speaking of Christmas, there is an Amazon package waiting at the post office, and none of it is for me! Sad.

ps. Happy birthday [ profile] angiv! Have a wonderful day.
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Christmas Mini Eggs!!

Suddenly I have the holiday spirit.
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Things I am thinking about today:

1. Sugar. Or rather, I'm thinking about not thinking about sugar. Once again, I'm attempting to not eat sugar (for some unspecified length of time that should probably be at least a week but will be unlikely to last that long, especially with the weekend coming up). And, of course, it's all I can think about. My boss brought back some candies from her trip to Italy, and there's one left, sitting on the counter beside me, and TAUNTING ME. With its voice inside my head and its mocking. I can see it out of the corner of my eye, and I swear it's doing a little dance. Augh!

2. My pants, which I only bought on Saturday, and which I think are just that tiny bit too short, so that they cross the line from "do not make me look like a 5-year-old dressing in her mother's clothes" to "complete and utter loser". Tragique!

3. My pants, again, because I just found a tag partway down the thigh that says "REMOVE BEFORE WEARING OR WASHING". There is no other information on that tag. There is no need for that tag. Why is the tag even there in the first place?

4. Why I could never get a TiVO. Because, judging by the scary crap that Launchcast is trying to pass off as matching my genre preferences, and the weirdass stuff that Amazon is throwing into my recommendations, my preferences cannot be predicted. My brain is impenetrable! This will be good if ever the brain-sucking aliens land on Earth.

5. What a big joke it will be on sci-fi writers everywhere if we really are the only populated planet in the only populated universe, and we never end up leaving this planet for any length of time.

6. Gilmore Girls, which is totally not keeping my interest this season. I'd stop watching it, but I've been watching from the very first episode, so I feel somewhat proprietary, and can't quite let it continue on when I've invested so much time in it. I am incapable of giving up shows once I've put that much time into them. I think I'm worried that they'll get better and then I'll want to start watching again, but I'll be out of the loop. The only show I've successfully given up after years of watching dedicatedly is The X-Files, which I think I stopped watching the year that Duchovney left. Oh, and I stopped watching Angel after the first two seasons, mostly because it was on at a bad time and none of my roommates were at all interested, but then I repented and went back to it in season 4 and eventually bought all the dvds. So that doesn't really count as successful.

7. But Lost just keeps getting better and better. My love of this episode, though, is, I'm sure, partially to do with the fact that spoilers for this most recent episode )

8. The difference between bad acting and lame characters. I think Evangeline Lilly is not a very good actress (although I'm willing to believe that she has the potential to get better, since she doesn't have much experience yet) -- she doesn't manage to portray the emotion that the character is given, and as a consequence always looks somewhat confused. On the other hand, I don't think the character of Charlie is very interesting, but I think Dominic Monaghan does a great job portraying him.

9. For that matter, the difference between characters I don't like in a personal sense (as in, I wouldn't want to be stuck in a room with them, or they're complete bastards), but they are very fun to watch and/or are excellent as part of the story and often I love them very much, and characters that I find irritating and useless. To wit, Locke, who I often find completely irritating and faux know-it-all, but he's such an awesome character because of that, and, well, sorry, Charlie again (or at least he's the closest anyone on this show comes to that position. A more accurate choice would be Marissa on The O.C. or Taylor on Gilmore Girls, but that would ruin my perfect symmetry. Unless I went with Paris vs. Taylor).

10. This very cool thing I found on the internet, except I'm not going to tell you what it is, because I think I'm going to attempt to buy it for people for Christmas, if I can figure out where the person who was talking about it found it in the first place.

11. Indeed, what the hell I'm going to buy people for Christmas, and why nearly everyone I know has birthdays right around Christmas, which means that I have to come up with two brilliant ideas at once, which hurts my brain.

12. Pirates.
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I realize that it's only, what, the middle of October? And that we've only just passed Thanksgiving?

But I'm already SICK TO DEATH of Christmas music.


After spending the morning with 1) cheesy-ass novelty songs including the Jingle Cats and 'Deck the Halls' sung by Hampton the Hamster, 2) Christmas on Death Row, featuring bad mid-90s rap songs about Christmas in the ghetto and the worst R&B boy bands I've ever heard, and 3) ALL FIVE VOLUMES OF A VERY SPECIAL CHRISTMAS, I would like to hide my head in the sand until January.

I hate them all. Except maybe Bob and Doug's Twelve Days. That still amuses me. However, pretend you're a chipmunk when you sing it and I will hunt you down.
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OMG I love being on vacation. The benefit to being single and having parents who are still together and don't like their relatives is that Christmas tends to be very relaxing, once the flying across the country part is over. And even that went ridiculously smoothly this year, especially since I had company, in the form of [ profile] sarcasma. Plus I hear I left Toronto just in time. Eeep!

We had a wonderful Christmas. [ profile] canirl was here, which made me so happy (and now she's gone and it's very sad, boo), and [ profile] vestra called on Christmas Day to talk to us. We had fun decorating the tree on the 23rd, and saw The Incredibles as our traditional Christmas Eve movie, which was cute if nothing special (sorry!), and once again, the stockings were completely obnoxious - each stocking (a leg of a nylon) was surrounded by even more presents that I couldn't quite fit in. I guess this is what happens when you have 5 adults filling the stockings. The rest of the day was wonderful, too, although I got cranky right at the end of the night when the last of the Christmas dinner guests just would not leave, and I didn't want to talk to them, but it felt rude to go to bed.

Actually, the whole week has been brilliant and full of good friends and piles of food. Today was the first day that hasn't been completely stuffed with activities, and I'm attempting to catch up with all of you, but it's a little scary. I think I've made it as far as G. :D

Then tomorrow we're playing games all day, and hopefully I can get ahold of a few people that I want to see while I'm here. Also I plan to read. And sleep. And then read some more, because that's what vacation is for. Plus I have a couple of restaurants that I need to visit while I'm here, even if it means taking myself out for lunch.

Have a wonderful day, you lovely people (what's left of it, at least)! I'm going to claim the cat and curl up in a chair with my book and a butter tart. Then maybe later I can get as far in my flist as M.

ps. I actually went running this morning! I know! What was I thinking?
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Cannot fit everything in suitcase. Have too many presents. Am going to get scolded again for making stockings too big.


Two suitcases filled. Am never going to get them on bus and subway. Oy.



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