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My parents gave me a magnetic spice jar in my stocking this year, as a tester to see if they'd work for me (instead of the giant useless bag of spices I currently have), and it's great. So I bought some more. I'm having a terrible time getting the stickers off the (magnetic) back, though. I found that when I left the sticker on, the jar stuck to the fridge, but peeling off the stickers hasn't really worked either. Anyone have any great ideas for getting the stick off something? I tried nail polish remover, but it just smeared it around.

If I ever get these to work, they're going to be so awesome. But right now they're just annoying and in the way. :P
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I'm not much of a consumer, and I work hard at being a very conscious consumer. I'm not a shopper, and for the most part I only buy things that I need (I still have bowls that were in the apartment I moved into in Montreal in 1999, despite the fact that they were never mine in the first place, and are from the dollar store).

Where I fall down, though, is shoes. This is not your stereotyped "all women are crazy for shoes" story, though. I don't like shoes. I kind of hate shoes a lot of the time. And shoe shopping drives me crazy. But I'd bet that about half the shoes I buy get worn three times before being sent to Goodwill, not because I'm fickle and easily bored (...although I often am), but because shoes are nasty evil things that hurt my feet and give me blisters and make me cry. Evil! Also sneaky, because I always *think* they're going to be comfortable, as I walk around the store in them. And then, fail.

This post brought to you by the sandals that I'm attempting to break in a work today even though they gave me blisters last time I wore them, but I really don't think it's too much to ask that I have 2 pairs of sandals that I can comfortably wear, especially since I hate wearing the same shoes everyday, and one of these days it's going to be hot enough outside that I can't fake it by wearing sneaks.
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Last night it was almost cold enough to put the quilt back in the quilt cover. Almost! So I did. QUIIILLLLLLTTTTT. And then, of course, I was too hot, because it really wasn't quite cold enough, but the joy of snuggling under the quilt made up for it.

Clearly there's something wrong when this is the most exciting thing going on in my life. :D
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So there was a secret agenda behind those nasty cuts to federal arts funding: the money is going to the Olympics. Sigh.


I can't believe how much more housework/cleaning there is when there are cats in the house! I have to* daily empty the litter box and sweep the floors (the cats are somewhat messy eaters), weekly clean the bathroom (cat prints. cat prints everywhere), and I should daily de-cat hair the couch and chair (but I'm too lazy, so I usually just sit on the cat hair until a few days worth piles up and I can't take it any more).

nd then this weekend I deep cleaned the cat box, cleaned the cat dishes, vacuumed the stairs (the only carpeted place in the apartment, and a haven for rogue kitty litter), cleaned the bathroom, de-haired the couch and chair, vacuumed *and* swiffered in an attempt to get up all the cat hair, moved the couch to get at the cat hair beneath it, and tried to get the cat hair off my quilt cover. Plus I did non-cat related chores: laundry, groceries, handwashing of bras, signing up for dance classes, library, dishes, changing the bed etc, etc, etc. Seriously, it feels like all I did all weekend was clean. How boring!

*Okay, technically no-one is forcing me to. Although the cats might protest if I didn't deal with the litter box. But despite my laziness in housekeeping, the one thing I can't stand is stuff under my feet. I don't particularly want to step on cat crunchies as I leave my bedroom in the morning! So, it's "have to" for the value of me, and what I can deal with and still feel like it's my cosy place.
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I just cooked my first real (non-salad, non-sandwich) meal in the new apartment! It was kind of disastrous!

It's entertaining cooking in a new kitchen - I'm still not totally sure where we put some things, so there was a bit of a shuffle to find the measuring cups. Also, the spices still don't have a place to live, so they were a bit awkward to find. And then, there were bugs in my basmati rice! I somehow completely read the recipe wrong (even though I've made it dozens of times before), so it was a little overly cumin-y. Finally, the (brown) rice totally didn't cook -- "min" on this stove is basically completely lacking in heat. A good thing to know.

So, yes, dinner was not entirely tasty. And I was so looking forward to it! Oh well.
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Help me, internets, help me!

I feel like a complete asshole for complaining about laundry when I no longer have to climb any stairs in order to deal with it, but I have a problem: I did laundry yesterday, and my brown and black t-shirts all came out covered in...white lint? unrinsed-out detergent? basically a layer of something white over the shirt, inside and out. Everything else was fine, weirdly.

Has anyone else experienced this? I've never had any problems with my laundry not coming out clean. Any ideas as to what I can do to prevent it?

I have other stuff to say, but it's crazy at work today, and I hate people (although not you), so I think it's time to take myself off the internet.

ETA: It looks like detergent, but we both use liquid detergent, and I think the person who lived here before us did as well.
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Last night I made the stupid mistake of having some wine with dinner, after a frantic day at work, and then I basically fell into a coma and did nothing for the rest of the night. THIS IS NOT HELPING ME PACK.

Also, no-one wants my TV. I'm kind of at a loss about what to do with it at this point. I guess Goodwill will accept it, but it's really too heavy for me to carry any length of time, so I would definitely have to cab it to Goodwill, but I'm not entirely sure I could even get it down the stairs without falling over myself. I will try, though! And I suppose if I'm taking the TV in a cab to Goodwill, I can take all the rest of the stuff as well, so I can stop with the daily lugging of two bags of books. Still, this was not on my schedule.

I can't believe no-one wants a free TV! That still even mostly works! Suckers.

ETA: Never mind, someone wants my TV after all, assuming everything works out with pick-up. Phew.
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You guys, I just packed my tea.

IT TOOK UP AN ENTIRE BOX. And that's with squishing and squeezing.

I took a photo of the ridiculousness, but of course I've already packed the camera cable. :D
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The deployment of boxes and moved furniture around my apartment is becoming dangerous - I got up to pee around 2 last night, and in the 7 steps from my bed to the bathroom, managed to run into 4 things. OUCH.

I've been sort of trying to watch So You Think You Can Dance (because, dancing! good dancing, usually!), but it's like something is conspiring against me: over various days, I've had to be out of the apartment while it was being shown, the reception has been terrible because of thunderstorms, I've been out for dinner, and then last night, I would have sworn on Captain Jack that it was Tuesday. I even questioned myself as I was looking for a break from packing - "Is there something I mindlessly enjoy and can get on a non-fuzzy channel? No, it's Tuesday."

Tuesday? Really?
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I got my hair cut on Friday, and it's awfully...fluffy. I don't know. I'm sure part of this is the omg humidity, but it seems to have many layers all over the place, so it doesn't do that flippy thing that I liked so much, and bits of it stick out and curl up all over the place. Plus she cut the bangs at a different angle, so now they go sort of sideways instead of down, and it's just not quite right. Oh well!

Meanwhile, let me add my voice to the chorus of "Holy fuck what was that weather out of nowhere?". I was quite determined that I wouldn't let the heat get me down this summer, but now I'm not sure - I was pretty miserable, except for those moments where I was right in front of the window box AC (which I tried not to run very much, because the environment is my friend). I really hope our new place isn't too hot - we don't really have all that many options for window air conditioners (I think one might work in my bedroom, but I'm not super thrilled about not being able to have the window open. I guess if we take it out as soon as it starts getting cooler.), plus there are the skylights, which I'd forgotten about until one co-worker this morning started talking about how incredibly hot it was under the skylights in his place. However, again I saw oh well! No point in thinking about it now, when I can't do anything. Besides, I've made it through terribly hot summers before - I'm well practiced in avoiding home and wrapping myself in towels from the freezer in order to sleep.

Saturday I invited local people over to help themselves to the books that I'm not taking, and all my videos (the VCR isn't coming with me - I haven't used it in over a year). Only [ profile] starfishchick, starfishdude, and my new work friend C. showed up, but they took things away. Hooray! And then [ profile] sarcasma and I took some of the remainders to sell, which was also very useful. I still have about 4 shelves worth of stuff to go to Goodwill, but that's better than it was. Goodbye stuff! What a wonderful feeling. And then I ran out of packing tape and make a futile attempt to buy more.
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Today I did the most tedious of all packing jobs: removing the magnetic poetry from the fridge.
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This not sleeping thing is getting a bit ridiculous. I would like some sleep please! LAME.

As a follow-up to my freecycle post, I've now had the original two takers back out, and the next two that I picked (based on grammar - oh, like you wouldn't do the same thing) be EXTRAORDINARILY complicated. Next time (and there will be a next time; I'm just collecting all the remaining stuff) I'm giving so many qualifications that it'll take a determined person just to get to the end of the email.

I've just started watching The Wire season 4. Love! My favourite moment so far was totally awesome. )

I took a brief look through the Fringe play listings yesterday (Fringe! So excited! Also: TJ). So far the themes seem to be opera and hockey. But not together. It's right after I move, so I think I won't be seeing as many things this year, but I'm sure there'll be room for a few things. I WILL MAKE ROOM.

I'm sure I would have many more exciting things to say, but [see first point].
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I just sent out my first Freecycle post (for the camera and discman that I've been trying to get rid of for ages). It was a frightening experience! The FAQ is all, go ahead, wait 24 hours, pick whomever you like - except that I got so many emails in the first 10 minutes that it was stressing me out. And then people were emailing again, asking if I'd gotten their first email! Eep!

So I panicked and picked a couple of people. Except now of course I wish I'd waited, because there were people who wrote really cute stories, and that sort of effort should be rewarded. Oh well. I have more stuff to get rid of, so we'll see what happens next time.

This post brought to you by the fact that clearly I'm not fully competent on Sunday night.
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I really, really, really, really, really, really need to take my wine bottles back.


They are completely taking over my kitchen. Now, on the one hand, my kitchen is minuscule, so it doesn't take all that many bottles to make me look like a wino. On the other hand, my kitchen is minuscule, so those 14 bottles are taking up a good quarter of the floor space.

The problem is, of course, that I am lazy. No, wait, the problem is that I am lazy and FULL OF RAGE at the LCBO for putting their wine bottle recycling program at the fucking Beer Store. How useless is that? When do I ever go to the Beer Store? (Answer: never. I drink wine, not beer.) There is no Beer Store anywhere near my LCBO, despite all their theories. And now I have too many bottles to carry all by myself. So I am full of rage.

But clearly not enough rage to say "Fuck you!" to both the LCBO and the environment and throw the damn things out. Sigh. Sometimes being a good person sucks.
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I was going to make soup tonight, but I grossly overestimated what I'd be able to carry home from the grocery store, so I jettisoned all the soup ingredients. Carrying stuff home is what I really hate about grocery shopping, I think. After all, I didn't have any objection to it at the last place I lived, but we were right across the street from the store. I'm not super far away here, but it's enough that I have to be careful how much I buy, especially if I'm getting both soy milk and orange juice as part of the groceries.

Actually, I think with most of the chores I hate, it comes down to one specific aspect. Laundry, which I just despise lately, is all about the moment when, after wrestling the basket down all those stairs, I discover the machines are in use. Hate! Other than that I have no objections. With cleaning the bathroom it's trying to reach the opposite wall of the bathtub, with washing the floors it's moving all the stuff out (and then back again), with cleaning the kitchen it's the timing - catching it just after taking out the recycling, but when there are no dirty dishes, so that I can clear off the counter in order to wash it.

Although really, it's just that I'm lazy.
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I drilled! Successfully! More importantly, I figured out how to use the power drill, which was a rather important first step. Too bad I don't have any photographic evidence of my awesomeness.

However, I do have photographic evidence of the results of my drilling:

(Yes, that's the new quilt cover.)

They're a bit more see-through than I was expecting - I think I thought they'd be more bunched up (and therefore more opaque) - but it doesn't really matter, since I don't ever open the blinds in there. The curtains are really just for decoration. I'm very happy.

Also, since I have the camera plugged in, this was my dad's response to my cemetery adventure:

Yes, that's right, instead of sympathy I get sent the appropriate Magic card (with a note to bring it back at Christmas so he can put it back in his deck). I love my dad.
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Seriously, what happened to this week? I'm quite certain that I've been at work for the last 3 days, unless I'm having very vivid hallucinations, but all I've done is...nothing. Or at least that's what it feels like, and my electronic to-do list (which moves anything I don't finish to the next day, in RED even) is backing me up. I just don't know.

Meanwhile, at home, I'm on a bit of a home-revitalization kick. I've divided my apartment into 6, and each weekend I'm tackling one of those six areas, doing a very thorough cleaning (including the parts I usually ignore, like the BLINDS WHICH ARE FILTHY), plus clutter tossing, pulling out things for Goodwill, and decorating. Last weekend I did the bedroom - I cleaned the filthy blinds (which took forever and is really the reason my tiny apartment got divided into 6, because I am lazy and there are 2 sets of blinds in the living room), took everything off the bedside table, both bookcases, and the metal stand that stands in for a dresser and washed them all down, moved everything away from the walls and under the bed and super-vacuumed, and dusted all the ledges and moldings and corners. Living on a fairly major street and leaving your windows open all the time certainly builds up the dirt, I tell you. Then I trekked to IKEA and bought a new bedspread, new sheets that actually co-ordinate (and what I thought was pillowcases, but turned out to only be one), and curtains.

Sadly, when I went to put the curtain rods up, I discovered that the area around the windows is entirely plaster, so the screws just fell out again. Boo! Today I picked up some of those plastic things that supposedly help with the screws, but apparently I need a drill. So I think it's back to the drawing board. Maybe I can find some sort of curtain rod that just sticks to the wall? The curtains are very light.

This weekend: bathroom. Which means I have to clean the shower tiles. Lame. And then I'm finally going to call my landpeople and complain about the fact that the drain doesn't so much drain. 5 minutes, and I'm in water up to my calves, and then it takes 15 minutes to all disappear. No wonder I can never really get the bathtub clean.
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My apartment smells like fish. I don't eat fish, so it's clearly not my fault. WHY, I ASK.

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Two days into the long weekend (or possibly two and a half, because there was that night that just passed, and you can draw your own conclusions about the fact that it's noon and I'm not officially counting any of this day as having happened yet), and I have been very, very productive. Which is to say, very productive for me on a weekend, which is probably equivalent to not particularly productive for most of you.


Friday night I spontaneously did my taxes at 8 o'clock at night! And then I did them again, because the result was exactly what I got last year, originally, before I discovered that extra zero that made my return much, much smaller. So I was a little paranoid. But it's all good, hooray.

I also randomly cleaned out my closet on Friday, and created a small pile of things to go to Goodwill, and a much larger pile of things that are too small but I refuse to believe that I will never be able to wear again. And then yesterday I found clothing storage bags that go under the bed, and they exactly fit the amount of clothing I had to store, *and* perfectly fit under the bed, between the boxes, despite my lack of measuring before I went to the store. HaHA! To recap: project conceived, started and finished within 24 hours. This has possibly never happened before.

In between that there was brunch with lovely people, including DramaPrince (who was in fact the quietest person at the table), and also a trip to Electronics Store of Doom, where I attempted to make sense of the fact that the 8G iPod Nano is basically the same price as the 30G iPod and how am I supposed to know what I want? Poor [ profile] sanity_clause, who attempted to help me through my confusion. I really did think that I'd decided just what I wanted an mp3 player for, but clearly not.

I also, once again, attempted to fix my wireless, but I just cannot connect to the site where (I think) you set everything up. At least, it's the first step in all the fixes, so I assume it's important. Also, my instruction manual seems to have disappeared. And sadly, my router isn't being supported anymore, so the D-Link support people wouldn't help me. FINE THEN. I'm still mulling what to do about this, so we'll just file this one under "attempted to be productive even though didn't actually get to cross anything off the to-do list".

And this morning, I took my laundry downstairs even before I had breakfast. Hardcore. Normally I can barely sit upright before breakfast.

And now I'm going to clean something. Possibly my window ledges. And, of course, listen to my neighbours. Sigh.

(Note: if you're counting things I actually did here, and thinking, "Damn, that's barely productive at all!", I did do a few less exciting things like go to the library and buy groceries. Don't worry.)
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Today is truly the beginning of spring, because I can hear people hanging out in the alley again. Mever mind that the snow hasn't melted.

Actually, I can hear people everywhere -- next door, above me, below me, out the window. I don't know if people have gotten louder or if I'm just descending ever more rapidly into cranky old lady territory. Oh well, it's mostly at a low murmur. I guess this is what I get for living in an old apartment building.

Still, spring! Today I actually wished that I weren't wearing my winter coat, at least while I was in the sunshine. And we're supposed to get a couple more days of this before it returns to winter tempuratures. There will definitely have to be some taking advantage.


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