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Muriel Barbery The Elegance of the Hedgehog

My French teacher read this and loved it, and decided we should all read it (in English, because the original French would take us too long) and then we'd discuss it in class. And I totally enjoyed it too. It's about a concierge who tries to hide her interests in order to appear the stereotypical concierge, and a genius child who can't find anything worthwhile or beautiful in life. (As a side note, I was the only one who finished it. Does that make me a teacher's pet, or a book lover?)

Douglas Arthur Brown Quintet

Awesome! Triplets (adult men) who haven't really been in touch over the last few years, start passing a journal around for each to write in after the death of their parents. A really excellent book, although I almost didn't read it because I didn't like the narrator's voice in the first couple of pages. Recommended by [ profile] nonethewiser.

Douglas Coupland Generation A

A very fun read - set slightly in the future, when all the bees have disappeared. 5 (I think) people get stung at the same time, all around the world, and are pulled together by various forces.

Jared Diamond Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies

This took me forever to read - I started it in London in the fall, tore through the first half, and then started flagging. There's just lots of information. It was pretty fascinating, though.

Marina Endicott Good to a Fault

Another Canada Reads shortlist book. I found it very stressful to read (moreso than the content really warranted) but compelling enough that I definitely wanted to see what happened next. Not my favourite of them, though.

Elizabeth Hand Generation Loss

I can't totally decide how I feel about this book - on the one hand, it's a compelling read, with truckload of mysteries that kept me engaged. On the other hand, I'm not sure I liked it. Or maybe I was just frustrated by it.

Nick Hornby Slam

I think I have reached the age where I can't tell what a realistic teenager voice is - the teenage narrator here seemed far too adult, but what do I know? I liked the book, though.

Lisa Kleypas Mine Till Midnight

The very funny blog Smart Bitches, Trashy Books asked readers for their favourite romance novels at one point, and lots of people pointed to Lisa Kleypas, who I'd never read. So I've been reading lots of them. I enjoy her writing - it's quippy and quirky, although sometimes her language feels far to contemporary for a historical romance. But I also love that she does the group of friends thing, so you have characters return in other novels. And this one was quite entertaining.

Patricia McKillip Solstice Wood

Good subway reading, although it felt too short, like events had to happen super quickly in order to squish them all in. A quick read story of fairy mythologies.

Christine Walde The Candy Darlings

Meh. I felt like I'd read it all before, and in particular I didn't find it nearly as edgy as all the copy wanted it to be.

...and more Nora Roberts.
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