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It is so dark out there! It feels like the end of the world or something. This is not helping me get off the couch and do all the cleaning that needs to be done.

Oh hello, thunder and lightning.
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I appear to have run out of things to read on the internet. Yes, it's true - the internet is finite! Now how am I going to distract myself while waiting for my searches to finish running?

I hear a rumour that it's very warm out there. It's freezing inside, so I'm having a hard time believing it, but The Weather Network would never lie, right? [ETA: The Weather Network was not lying: I went out at lunch, and it was very warm! Also warm? My table under the skylights at lunch. It was like concentrated sunlight.]

Exciting news: the first episode of Glee is waiting at home for me. Yay! Also, So You Think You Can Dance starts again tonight, although it's the auditions rounds, which I don't find as interesting. Still, dancing! I can't wait for the return of the Canadian version - it's so much better without Nigel Lythgoe's lechery.

And now, I must spend much time comparison shopping for CDs on the internet. Oh, job.
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Happy birthday Toronto! Maybe tonight I'll have cake in your honour.

It's extraordinarily warm today! I mean, it's 13C (notice the lack of a minus sign!) Wow, this roller coaster weather. In honour of the weather (today is clearly my day for honouring things) I'm wearing a skirt...and no tights. That's right, you heard me: I'm baring my fishy-white knees* to the world.

*What exactly is so white about fish? Seriously.
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My god, I can't take much more of this warming up, cooling down, warming up, cooling down. It's only -10 and yet I am FREEZING, because I apparently convinced myself that spring was on the way. Boo. I got a terrible wind rash on my face on Sunday, all down the sides and across my cheeks, and my face felt like it was on fire for all of Monday (not to mention the very attractive burning look).

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I went out at lunchtime, which was clearly a Bad Idea, because now I am freezing. Residual cold! As all Canadians between Alberta and Quebec well know, we have been hit with a brutal cold spell, and things are very, very cold. Although not as cold as they are in Winnipeg (poor [ profile] blue_lotus - what a terrible time for a work trip!). This morning I realized what had been missing from winter so far - the experience of coughing every time I took a breath outside! Ah winter.

I should really just rename my journal The Weather Network.
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I got my hair cut on Friday, and it's awfully...fluffy. I don't know. I'm sure part of this is the omg humidity, but it seems to have many layers all over the place, so it doesn't do that flippy thing that I liked so much, and bits of it stick out and curl up all over the place. Plus she cut the bangs at a different angle, so now they go sort of sideways instead of down, and it's just not quite right. Oh well!

Meanwhile, let me add my voice to the chorus of "Holy fuck what was that weather out of nowhere?". I was quite determined that I wouldn't let the heat get me down this summer, but now I'm not sure - I was pretty miserable, except for those moments where I was right in front of the window box AC (which I tried not to run very much, because the environment is my friend). I really hope our new place isn't too hot - we don't really have all that many options for window air conditioners (I think one might work in my bedroom, but I'm not super thrilled about not being able to have the window open. I guess if we take it out as soon as it starts getting cooler.), plus there are the skylights, which I'd forgotten about until one co-worker this morning started talking about how incredibly hot it was under the skylights in his place. However, again I saw oh well! No point in thinking about it now, when I can't do anything. Besides, I've made it through terribly hot summers before - I'm well practiced in avoiding home and wrapping myself in towels from the freezer in order to sleep.

Saturday I invited local people over to help themselves to the books that I'm not taking, and all my videos (the VCR isn't coming with me - I haven't used it in over a year). Only [ profile] starfishchick, starfishdude, and my new work friend C. showed up, but they took things away. Hooray! And then [ profile] sarcasma and I took some of the remainders to sell, which was also very useful. I still have about 4 shelves worth of stuff to go to Goodwill, but that's better than it was. Goodbye stuff! What a wonderful feeling. And then I ran out of packing tape and make a futile attempt to buy more.
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At 33 degrees (feels like 42 with the humidity), I am officially afraid to leave the building.

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Today, because I am a woman of many talents, I managed to get a pretty serious sunburn, despite the fact that it was less than 10C outside and there is still snow on the ground. Clearly I should not leave the house unless draped in a sheet like a Hallowe'en ghost.

Other things:

1. Spring is here! Okay, so this is a somewhat anticlimactic statement after my sunburn announcement, but still: SPRING. We walked like crazy this weekend, and it was glorious.

2. Did you guys know about this, that MIT puts all their course materials etc. online for anyone to use? I've been exploring. It's very fun.

3. My internet connection is so slow these days. I have no idea why this is.

4. I went to a belly dance show on Friday, and I think I may have talked myself into starting classes again. If so, hooray for me.

5. I wasn't on the computer at all this weekend, except to quickly check a few things, and I'm sad to say that it's clearly much better for me to stay away - my jaw and neck and elbow hurt less, and I didn't get any headaches. I think I might have to try and stay away more often, lonely as that will be.

6. I went to a pub last night that had 35 types of burgers (or burger topping combinations, technically, since you could have them with any variety of burger), all with fun names. Also, sweet potato fries. I want to go back.

7. I had pretty much decided that I'm ready to move (ideally to somewhere with a balcony, a kitchen-sized kitchen, and a bathtub that drains), and then I wandered through rental listings and now I want to cry because there is nothing.

8. Torchwood made me cry.
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New rule: You may snow, and you may rain, but you MAY NOT DO BOTH AT ONCE.

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I am in a rather frightful mood tonight, a combination of Sunday night blahs, a headache/jawache, forgetting to change my clocks and so screwing up plans that I was looking forward to, and a continuing overwhelming hatred of snow. I just want to be able to go for a stroll, is that so much to ask?

Grump, grump, grump.

On the other hand, Hawksley Workman on Saturday was FABULOUS (despite the struggle to get there), and I have decided to quit my job and follow him around the country, going to every show. But not up close, because as was discussed Friday night, that would be creepy. I mean, the first part of the show was toy piano, toy drumset, bass clarinet, and violin. Plus they were all wearing deelyboppers. (not my photo - that's the man himself on the right, sporting a three-piece suit at the toy drumset). And then at some point they all randomly put on lime green jumpsuits. (also not my photo) It was so much fun.

Argh, I really am feeling grumpy about the snow. And I slept way too late but also badly both days this weekend, and didn't get anything done around the house. I want a do-over!
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Wow, it was almost totally impossible to walk anywhere this morning - the sidewalks were so icy, plus it was raining and windy, which basically meant that I was at the mercy of the wind pushing me along (and over and onto) the slippery wet sidewalks. It took me about twice as long as normal to walk over to [ profile] sarcasma's to feed the kitties, and on the way back, as I was attempting to detour to the grocery store, I kept getting trapped on these completely impassable routes. Yeesh.

Of course, by the time I left the grocery store, it had been raining so much that the concern was less ice, and more puddles. Massive giant puddles of doom, as the water got trapped between the 3-foot snowbanks lining either side of the sidewalks.

OH WINTER. At least it was gorgeously sunny yesterday. But I do wonder what I will encounter when I leave the house tomorrow morning!
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My apartment is very cold. Which is funny, because it was sweltering when I got back on Monday. In any case, the benefit to the very cold apartment is that I sleep so much better - although it was hard to get myself to bed last night (my body is still in a different time zone, although I think I've got it as far east as Saskatchewan at this point), I fell asleep almost instantly and slept right through the night. BLISS.

Of course, the downside to the very cold apartment is frozen feet when I finally have to get out of bed in the morning.

One day, in the mythical time of in my wildest dreams, I'm going to live somewhere where I have control over the heat! And then I will sleep better every night! And happiness and joy will cover the land!

Also, I seem to have a cold. This is unsurprising, given all the travel, but unexciting nonetheless.

So, I've heard a few resolutions, but what's coming up in 2008 that's exciting? What's the first exciting, fun, entertaining thing coming up for you?
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I had lunch outside yesterday! And no, I wasn't magically transported to Mexico. It's not like it was all that warm, but it was sunny, and warm enough to hang outside for an hour, without a coat even. This has been the weirdest two months, weather-wise. I hear it's been the hottest on record, and I totally believe it. Today, I couldn't find my socks again after dance class, and my feet weren't even cold.

I've realized that I approach dance class and French class the same way - I tend to want to stick in the beginning levels, because I'm very strong at the basics. I've been practicing both, but mostly I just do basic grammar exercises or drill the basic moves, without moving onto the stuff that actually challenges me. And while it's true that a strong foundation will make the rest easier, I think I need to find a new way to practice, some way to actually move forward.

You know, in my brain there was a logical progression between those two thoughts, but now I have no idea what it was. Sorry!
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How I Know That Fall Is Here:

1. This morning I wished that I had slippers.

2. The nosebleeds have started again.


Seriously, what is it with pants? I'm sure that back in the spring, when it got too hot for pants, I had pants to wear. But now this pair is too small, and that pair is too big, and the other pair has stretched out in weird places. I hate having no pants, mostly because this means I have to go out and attempt to BUY pants, which is evil and wrong.

Also, I apparently own all the world's long-sleeved dark brown shirts, and...nothing else. Which precipitated a shoe crisis this morning, because although I know, logically, one can wear black and brown together, my heart refuses to believe it.

You've got to love those first days of a new season, when you discover all things that went wrong with your clothes last year that you didn't bother to do anything about, because you weren't going to need them for the next 6 months (see also: brown boots that I eventually decided to wear this morning, forgetting that the sole liners habitually bunch up and drive me crazy).
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So. When did it get so DARK in the mornings? I was showering, and it was still pitch black outside! That totally snuck up on me. Although it might explain why I've been late getting up every morning this week, and why I'm so sleepy. It's so much better when daylight wakes me up.

Between the DARK mornings and the cold, it's like summer ended *bam* on Monday. Luckily I still have a tiny bit of sunburn from Sunday to remind me that it was here. Still, has non-one heard of a slow drift into fall?

ps. Dear LJ spellchecker. "Snuck" is too a word. The Canadian Oxford says so. You cannot convince me that "sneaked" is real English.
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I am extremely full of Indian food. Oof. I can't even move. I was thinking of taking a nap, but that's rather silly, given what time it is, so I'm just going to sit here being full and contemplating the end of the weekend.

You know what I'd like? If I got a phone call saying tomorrow was cancelled. It's not that I don't want to go to work -- it's more that there's other things I'd like to do. I have to find a way to do some of these things during the week so that I'm not trying to squish everything into the weekend.

I don't know if it's that the summer was a little cooler than the last couple of years, or if I just made my peace with being hot and sweaty, but I've been having a wonderful summer, emphasis on summer. I've actually been spending time outside, doing summery things. There hasn't been nearly as much hanging out on patios as I'd like, but that can keep going right through September. In any case, other than the fact that I keep burning my scalp, summer hasn't been nearly as traumatic as other years. It's nice.
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Now is the time when I get really tense while watching SYTYCD, because I start having Opinions, and I do not trust other people to agree with me. More blathering )


On a completely different note, I'm trying once again to not spend hours and hours every night on the computer. Tonight I didn't turn it on until 7:30! Go me. Because seriously, it's not like I *do* anything for all those hours on the computer. And I think it's diminishing my ability to focus on anything. (Of course, I'm *still* on the computer, as you can see. Turning it off again is the next challenge.) Also, I randomly decided to walk partway home in the 33 degree heat. I don't *think* I've lost my mind. But maybe it'll tire me out enough that I'll actually sleep tonight.

Right! I have to get dressed and go buy cereal, otherwise I will have no breakfast and be very, very sad. (Pretend you can see me mock pouting.)
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Hello livejournal!

Today after work I got all the way to the subway platform before realizing that I'd left my keys on my desk (this, after getting all the way to the subway entrance yesterday morning before realizing that I'd left my August metropass on the kitchen table). So I went back to work. And my keys weren't on my desk. Because they were in my bag after all. *is very, very pretty*

Two Things Completely Unrelated to the One Above

1) It is officially too hot for cheese. I thought it was too hot for cheese last week, when the time between taking it out of the fridge and eating it was enough to make it go all weepy and *ew*. But today I took the cheese out of the fridge and could feel it melting in my hand. I don't think so.

2) I am reading Special Topics in Calamity Physics. I have been reading Special Topics in Calamity Physics for eons now. I have taken it out of the library, renewed it, renewed it again, returned it to the library, waited for it to be my turn, taken it out of the library, renewed it, re...I think you get the picture. This last time I got clever and left my bookmark in when I returned it to the library, although I immediately realized that with 99 branches there was bound to be more than one copy, reducing my chances of getting the same copy to 1 in a frog's life. However! When I picked my hold up yesterday, it fell my bookmark.

A Multiple-Choice Quiz

Two people are off sick (or "sick") on the same day. The initial reaction of every person who is told this news is to make a joke about how they are having an affair. This means:

a) They are having an affair.
b) They are the two last people you could ever imagine having an affair.
d) Everyone at work is obsessed with sex and really needs to get laid.
e) Oh my god grow up.

Things What Are Wonderful

-Not feeling like I should be doing anything other than what I'm doing right at this minute
-Getting a fantastically entertaining word in Scrabble, even if it isn't worth that many points
-The upcoming long weekend
-Really good books
-Sabra on So You Think You Can Dance
-Sabra's hair on So You Think You Can Dance
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Today's the longest day of the year! Today's sunset in Toronto is at 9:03. Perhaps I will try to be outside for it. I love the late days -- they make me want to camp out on a patio, people watching until it gets to dark to see, enjoying the warm night. Although these days, what doesn't make me want to do that?

For the past few weeks, I have had a crazy strong desire for a sewing machine. I want to make simple triangle skirts in ugly fabric! Wrap skirts that actually wrap! I mean, it's been forever since I did any sewing, and I was never stunningly skilled, not to mention the fact that perhaps people such as myself with advanced degrees in clumsiness shouldn't be allowed near needle and thread, but I want to make my own clothes.

Of course, I don't really have anywhere to put a sewing machine. So it's just a dream. But it's a nice dream.

What's on your mind these days?
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Right now, I hate cars. Just so you know. Drivers should be hiding their faces in embarrassement every time they pass me. Nine smog days since the beginning of May! It's June, and it's already hard to breathe out there, not to mention HOT and STICKY and GROSS.

I know cars aren't the only cause of the smog, but they're the biggest, and the most visible. I walk out of my apartment at 2pm on a Saturday, and the cars are idling, backed up the street, because it's so busy. People, get out of your cars! Walk! Take transit! Ride bikes! Save us all from a lifetime of asthma and other lung problems, PLEASE.


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