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1. Last weekend, when I was walking to get groceries, I kept seeing people with wheelbarrows or garbage cans, and shovels. The first one didn't really register, but by the tenth or so, I was super curious. Turns out it was Community Compost Day, which I discovered when I passed the GIANT pile of compost in a local park (the compost came from the city, created through the green bin (organics recycling) program). The people were gardeners, trundling over there with whatever they had to get some free compost. I was entertained (and happy to see that pretty much everyone walked over, rather than driving).

2. I don't remember the second. I've had this open all day, thinking I'd remember, and I didn't, so one thing will have to do!
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Happy birthday Toronto! Maybe tonight I'll have cake in your honour.

It's extraordinarily warm today! I mean, it's 13C (notice the lack of a minus sign!) Wow, this roller coaster weather. In honour of the weather (today is clearly my day for honouring things) I'm wearing a skirt...and no tights. That's right, you heard me: I'm baring my fishy-white knees* to the world.

*What exactly is so white about fish? Seriously.
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When I went to the baseball game 3 weeks ago, it was a very last minute thing - he was downtown already, someone had just given him tickets, could I be there soon? So I was running out the door when I realized that it was lunchtime and I should grab something to eat. I went to the health food store that's sort of on the way to the subway, and grabbed a wrap. There were 2 people in front of me in line. The first person tried about 3 different credit cards before finally paying with cash. Which took forever, and I was getting panicked about how long it was taking. And then the second person had a huge order to pick up, things in the back, things that needed to be boxed up, large complicated order.

At which point I realized I was totally late, so I put the wrap on the counter, apologized, said I couldn't wait, and ran out the door.

Today I went to the health food store, for possibly the first time since then. While I was paying, the owner informed said, "You know, when you were here for that sandwich, you could have just taken it and paid me later. I know you, you come in here all the time."

Seriously? I mean, a) it's three weeks later, I'm amazed he remembered the incident, and b) it's not exactly a small city I live in. But it's good to know that if I ever lose my job, burn through my savings account, and have nothing to eat, I can get something on credit from the health food store. Of course, then I'd have to move, because I wouldn't have the money to pay him the next time, but still.

Now I just have to overcome my ISSUES with going to food places where people know me. Please don't judge me by my groceries!
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The wee skateboarders have returned to the park! Oh, spring. It's like the migration of the Canada geese, only with less honking.

Many people here get very cranky about the skateboarders -- some of it is that they don't know how to share, and it can get a little dangerous once everyone starts heading out there to eat lunch. But a lot of it is just ingrained "kids these days" grumpiness. Me, I enjoy watching them.
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The power went out while I was in the shower this morning. For just a moment, it was pitch black - no light from outside, no light from the building across the way. I started wondering how well I would do at getting ready for work without even ambient light. Probably not well, considering my skill at running into a table in daylight with the overhead lights on.

The exciting part, though, was that I was actually up when the power went out this time -- usually it goes out around 5:30, resetting my alarm clock, and always on mornings when I forgot to set my backup alarm. But not this morning! Not only was I already awake, but the backup alarm was good to go. Take that, electricity gods.

Of course, then I found out that it was a power blip across all of southern Ontario, and caused all sorts of traffic problems because the lights didn't restart properly, and blah blah blah disastercakes. So it wasn't that I had outsmarted the electricity gods, just that for once they weren't targeting me.
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Song Titles: A Cautionary Tale: "Please Call Me, Baby" or "Please Call Me Baby"? For want of a comma, a phone call was lost.

Oh, The Shame: I admit it, I kind of love watching Beauty and the Geek. I'm sorry! Half the time I watch it on mute, though, because I can't deal with the stupid and/or awkward things that they all say. They should do a season in opposite, though, with hot airhead boys and geeky girls. And then I should be on it.

Noises Off: I told you that the beep is gone, right? The banging pipes made a comeback this week, though, banging all night long on Monday. YARGH. But someone else must have complained (I wasn't quite ready to call back AGAIN, complaining about something ELSE), because I came home on Tuesday to a note saying that there were problems with the heat and so people might be coming into our apartments. And it's been pretty quiet since. Yahoo.

Home Swee(t) Home: I have finally made the leap. I now, after 5 1/2 years, pronounce Toronto, "Tronna". The proper enunciation comes back if I'm talking to strangers or in professional situations, but most of the time, it's bye bye, little T. You'd think I lived here or something.

Mmmm Pie: Staff meetings are made infinitely better by pie.
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So. David Miller is back in as mayor, and Joe Mihevc is back in as councillor for my ward. Hooray! Life is good. (I can't believe Rob Ford got back in again, though. Yuck.) I've never understood why people don't take municipal politics seriously -- federal politics might determine the grand paths of life, but municipal politics make such a difference in quality of life.

As I went to vote today I noticed that all the buses had signs that were flashing between their route and "REMEMBER TO VOTE". I love it. It's certainly a nice change from "GO LEAFS GO".

I spent most of today crying. Don't worry, there's nothing wrong, but between the various DVDs and booka and the onions*, there was a salty river running through my apartment. Heroes better not be sad - I'm almost out of kleenex and my nose is very sore. It's a hard life.

*From this week's soup - mushroom barley miso (and I added tofu). Very tasty, and a nice break from tomato based soups. I'm so sick of tomato in soup, at least for the moment.
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I think Nuit Blanche is a fascinating idea -- a massive arts and culture festival, one night only, 7pm to 7am -- but, sadly, I'm pretty certain I'm too lame to stay up overnight, let alone be active and interested. We'll see. Some friends are going, starting at midnight, so maybe I can convince myself that I'm a night person long enough to join them for some of it.

Still, this is one of the reasons I love living in Toronto. I love that stuff like this goes on, even if I don't personally take part. Big cities are great for that -- no interest is too small.

(Oh, man, there's some truly interesting stuff happening! The secret city tours are calling to me. And artist-run transit! Maybe I'll break through the sleep barrier after all...)
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I am a huge geek*, and therefore I would really like to ride on the old streetcars. Shut up. Streetcars are awesome! Sadly, I will not be spending the money, especially since I am planning to spontaneously** jet off to Stratford some time very soon. When I am rich, though, I will make my secret dream come true and hire an old streetcar to just drive me around one day. Maybe I'll have a streetcar party.

[I can see you all slinking away like you don't know me. It's okay, I understand.]

*Such a huge geek, in fact, that I already had a streetcar icon. I did not make one just for this post. No, in fact, I have written about streetcars before.
**I am aware of the oxymoron here. Sadly, true spontaneity doesn't work very well when there is the possibility of sold-out theatre tickets and no car rentals.
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A while back I had decided that this was going to be the summer of me doing Toronto things that I haven't done in the 5 years that I've lived here -- the somewhat-but-not-completely-touristy things that make people look at you funny when you admit you've never done that, combined with things that I keep telling myself I'm going to do. And I wrote the list and forgot to post it, and have since actually done a couple of things. Go me!

St. Lawrence Market: Since I'm cat-sitting about two blocks away from the market, I thought this was a perfect opportunity. So yesterday my friend C. (another downtown condo dweller) and I made our way through the crowds and bought lovely farm-fresh vegetable. And pie. I also found all sorts of places in the permanent market that will be great for stocking stuffers for my parents, since I've pretty much exhausted the craft fair regulars.

Toronto Islands: We actually went to the islands (instead of just talking about it) when [ profile] ubertrout_77 was visiting. They are such an odd place - both residential and summer getaway, empty and crowded, remote and practically in the middle of downtown. Nice, though. I'd like to go back some day and walk along the boardwalk.

Still to do:
High Park
Toronto Walking Tours

You may notice that the AGO isn't on the list, because, shockingly, I have managed to go there a couple of times. Granted, both times it was on the free entry night, and once it was because we were so hot we wanted to do something with air conditioning, but still. I have seen the art! Also, I'd like to go up the CN tower some day, just because, but it's so expensive. I'm waiting until my parents come to town again. :D
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My fringe show of the day was excellent, again.

Real Time

It's about two people who meet in a gaming room on the internet and turn out to not be quite what they portray themselves as, which is a trite concept, but they made it fresh. Plus the two actors were very physical, throwing themselves around the stage at one point in a fantastic representation of a video game.

Unfortunately I had terrible transit luck on the way there and back (on the way back, two streetcars in a row somehow managed to not see me at my stop, and they weren't out of service or too full. I am invisible! Plus it took me so long to get home that by the time I had lunch and got ready to leave again, there was no point in leaving because I would have been too late for my second show). Also, I could hear people honking outside even during the show, which put me in a terrible mood for the rest of the day. And it just got worse from there on. Bathurst was SO FUCKING LOUD. Why do people have no respect for other people? Is it entirely necessary to hold your horn down for 3 minutes straight while stopped in the middle of the street, AND blow your whistle? I hate sports and sports fans. I suppose this is what I get for living on the edge of Corso Italia, but for fuck's sake, they didn't stop driving around honking until after 3 in the morning.

Yesterday I was so annoyed that apparently I allowed everyone around me to be mellow, because I took all the annoyance on myself. Today, I'm still annoyed, plus I'm running on three hours sleep and I can't see straight. HATRED.

Luckily I avoided some of the evil by going to see Pirates. Pirates! )
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Now, I'm sure you ALL are making plans to turn off the phone, shut the blinds, and settle in with your TVs on Sunday night for the Tony Awards. Right? RIGHT?


I'm very excited for The Drowsy Chaperone - I saw it here in one of its early incarnations (post-Fringe, pre-Broadway) and it was so much fun. Whee! Also, hi, this means Don McKellar is up for a Tony. How can you not love that?

I don't think I mentioned this before, but as of last week I've been in Toronto for five years. Five years! I'm having a hard time comprehending that, especially since that means I've been working for this organization for five years, too. When I got the job, I had a 5 year plan -- 5 years and then I was moving on, because I don't want to be someone who works for the same company her whole life, getting more bitter as the years go by -- and there have definitely been times when I was totally ready to leave. Of course, those times never coincided with jobs that I wanted. And right now, things are interesting, things are happening, and I want to see what's going to change next.

Meanwhile, I have decided that this is the summer during which I will do/see/explore all those bits of Toronto that I still haven't made it to after 5 years (like the Toronto Islands). Although in reality it'll probably be like every other summer here, and be the summer during which I hide out in air-conditioned libraries and movie theatres. But I have hope!

[Completely off-topic aside: my co-worker just lent me season 4 of Six Feet Under and our boss season 5, and he kept trying to talk about it, but he couldn't remember what was in what season, and so the entire conversation went something like, "Was that the season where Claire--" "Shhshhshhshhshh". We wouldn't let him get a word out because he was trying to talk about the season that we had in our hands right then. However, apparently we have a quiz on Wednesday.]

And now? Snack. Oh yes indeed. I had a terrible sleep last night, so something that will keep me going is definitely required.

So You Think You Can Dance blather )

ps. I am determined to actually leave the house this weekend, so if anyone is staring at an empty schedule, wondering what they will do to fill it up, e-mail me! Maybe we can do something!
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You'd think that someone who participated in a conversation about the possibility of work action shutting down the TTC today would actually remember that possibility for more than 10 minutes.

You'd also think that someone who knew about this possibility would think to check the news before leaving the house in the morning.

Instead, the world conspired against me knowing anything about it: my alarm didn't go off this morning (at least, the alarm technically went off, but for some reason there was no sound), so I didn't hear the news, and I completely forgot that there was a possibility of no transit. Instead I got to the subway station, and was very confused to see the doors shut.

Hi, doofus here.

So I walked to work. It took about an hour and 10 minutes at breakneck speed, which isn't terrible, but it was so hot out, even at 8 in the morning. Blech. By the time I hit College and St. George (about 2/3 of the way) I was sweaty, had to pee, and had a heat rash on my thighs. And then when I got to work, my boss was all, seriously, you didn't have to hurry, it's a long walk, you could have taken your time. NOW she tells me.

Meanwhile, I had an awesome, highly social weekend, during which I was barely at home, and didn't do any of my regular weekend housekeeping (ie. laundry, groceries, clean, return books to the library). Instead I hung out with [ profile] sallym and [ profile] dangerdean, who were here from Vancouver, and [ profile] starfishchick, starfishdude, [ profile] sarcasma and [ profile] sanity_clause. We hung out at the starfishcondo, drank wine and played games, wandered through U of T and Kensington Market, and down along the waterfront, and ate tasty meals.

And then in the middle of all that, on Sunday, we got to have tea with [ profile] bureinato, who is in town. Which was fabulous (both the highly adorable tea place (The Red Tea Box) and the excellent company). And then we wandered along West Queen West, looking at all the funky local designers.

So it was very much a weekend of being out with awesome people, remembering that I live in an interesting city (and not my living room), and generally having fun. Score.
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My power has now gone out four times in the last 10 minutes. I'm trying to watch Due South, and each time the power comes back on, I turn on the TV and the DVD player, wait for everything to warm up, switch discs, find my episode, fast forward to my spot, hear approximately 2 lines, and BAM, the power goes out again.


The power goes out so frequently here -- I don't know if it's Toronto, or this neighbourhood, or my crappy-ass building, or what, but I think I need to start running everything off batteries.
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Anthony Bourdain A Cook's Tour: In Search of the Perfect Meal

I think I would read anything this guy wrote, despite the fact that he describes meat and animal products in such gut-wrenching glory I felt vaguely ill through most of the book. Although it was a little strange reading the sections that I had actually seen on TV, like the one in Japan. If you've never seen the show or read the book, it's basically Bourdain eating his way around the world, and enjoying, well, not quite every minute of it. (ps to [ profile] vestra: when he was in Russia, at one place he was offered a shot of vodka, followed by a shot of "cucumber brine" (basically, pickle juice) -- a do-it-yourself pickle martini!)

John Clum Something for the Boys: Musical Theater and Gay Culture

In this combination history and memoir, Clum looks at theatre queens and the impact of musicals on gay culture. A fun read.

Terry Pratchett Guards, Guards
Terry Pratchett Eric
Terry Pratchett Moving Pictures

I'm still working my way through all the Terry Pratchetts, in order, just because. But mostly only when I travel, because they're so conveniently sized. Guards, Guards was a surprise -- I thought I'd read all the Guards books (they're my favourites), but realized I hadn't read this one. Yay! Totally fun, and an excellent introduction to the various cranky and scuzzy "people" who make up the Ankh-Morpork watch. Eric is a tiny, tiny book, and really only funny if you've read other Pratchett (or so I think), because it references so much of what happened before. But it was fun to see Rincewind again. And Moving Pictures, well, I'm not as fond of the books that are such as complete parody of one specific thing (in this case, Hollywood). There were some funny bits, but it felt strained.

uTOpia: Towards a New Toronto

A fascinating book of essays from thinkers, activists, architects and journalists, all working to make Toronto a liveable world-class city. The ones that really grabbed me were about the physical reality and possibilities of Toronto: laneway housing, redeveloped neighbourhoods, and especially transit. It's official: I am a transit geek, especially about streetcars. The essay on an idealized, revitalized transit plan for Toronto took me the the Transit Toronto website, where I spent hours looking at old streetcar routes, and imagining how Toronto would be different if they'd gone with the Queen subway instead of the Bloor line, as had originally been proposed.

David Wallechinsky, Amy Wallace, Ira Basen, Jane Farrow The Book of Lists, Canadian Edition: The Original Compendium of Curious Information

I bought this for my parents for Christmas, and then had to read the whole thing before I came back to Toronto. Except I skipped the chapter on sports. Seriously fun. With lists of randomness (like 14 nations with more sheep than people) and lists by famous people, you will be sure to learn something entertaining, even if you will forget it right away because it's completely trivial.

I also got about 3/4 of the way through the new Amy Tan book, and then had to leave it behind to be taken back to the library. Denied!
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My lower back is killing me and it's all the fault of the Santa Claus Parade.

No, I was not walking in it.

I was, however, walking to the futon store to size out and/or buy a futon for the living room, but I got totally trapped by the parade when I hit Bloor, and I couldn't make it to the store, so I took a long detoured route and eventually ended up walking to Yonge & Eg because I thought there was a futon store up there, only I must have missed it because I hit Lawrence before I found the store.

And now I hurt, because that was a lot of walking, followed by a lot of sitting.

Also this weekend, I went to a very inspiring bellydance show, watched more episodes of Manchild, went to many thrift stores in search of a vest for my mom, and did not write anything.

So, yeah, I think I may have fallen down on the NaNo job. Up until Thursday I was still going steadily, if very slowly, but I was writing every day. And then I didn't write anything on Thursday, and I haven't written since. I'm going to try to write more, but I'm seriously nowhere even remotely near the goal, and I think this just proves that I'm a better reader than writer.

secret message for dramaqueen_23 )
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Okay, FOR REAL, was there some sort of "Give Torontonians a free iPod!" day that I missed out on? Because yesterday a good three-quarters of the people on the subway in the morning, on the streets after work, and on the subway back home had the telltale Steal Me white earbud look going on. Why all of the sudden? Where did they all come from? WHY DON'T I GET ONE TOOOOOOOO?

I mean, really, if someone's handing out iPods, sign me up. Just because I can't afford to buy one for myself doesn't mean that I'm disdaining their very existence.

And in non-iPod related news, it's [ profile] bextera's birthday! Have a wonderful day! I hope you get many presents and tasty, tasty cake.
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Another weekend gone. *sniff*

At least I managed to not get sunburned again, despite all the time I spent walking on both Saturday and Sunday. I also managed to not clean my apartment or do my taxes, which is not so laudable. Oh well.

In my wanderings on Sunday, I:

1) Found the entrance to the ravine system, which was right where it should be. I still feel like there should be another entrance/exit somewhere along the route that I was running. I walked partway along, but it was going in the opposite direction than I wanted to be going so I didn't get all the way to the end. Another time. It's going to be a great place to run, though, assuming it's not too long.

2) Found the secret ravine shortcut to [ profile] sarcasma and [ profile] sanity_clause's new place, which was actually not a shortcut at all, since it took me longer to get there. Also I had to avoid the wee small children as the path went through a playground.

3) Was nearly run over by a guy who was using the St. Clair Reservoir stairs as a sprinting training ground. He was also making some really vile sounds, like he was about to puke, and talking to himself ("Come on! Faster! You know you can do it!").

4) Saw many, many dogs. Having them all suddenly appear when the weather is good makes me wonder if there's some sort of secret winter hiding place for dogs. Or maybe they all fly south for the winter along with the birds.

5) Finally walked by Casa Loma. It really is a castle. Huh.

6) Resisted the temptation to go back to the bakery I bought the tarts at last week, even though I walked right by it.

Then I went home and sat around reading and listening to the CDs that arrived at my post office last week. New CDs! Very exciting. New Rufus Wainwright, more Belle & Sebastian, The Nields, Sarah Slean, Nicks Cave and Drake, more Hawksley Workman, Le Tigre, other stuff that I can't remember right now.

Weekends are good, no?
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Hello, perfect patio weather! Last night (after the sweatiest kick-boxing class EVER) was the first patio outing of the season - we sat outside, people watched, drank cider, ate really tasty (and not expensive) food, and chatted. I got to meet the Phantom Boyfriend, who is great. I'm now totally in love with the pub we were at, and want to go back every night. (Oh, plus our waiter highly amused me by saying at one point, "I'm not an engineer, I'm your snarky gay waiter". He was, too.)

And the fun doesn't end - it is so beautiful out there right now. I'm definitely going to have to find somewhere that has outside tables when I'm grabbing a bite before my class tonight. After all, soon it'll be way too hot for me to be outside, so I really have to take advantage of it while I can. I'd walk to class, but I have very raw feet from the inaugural wearing of the sandals. Ouch.


*basks in sunshine*
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Hey Toronto chickliterati! (All, erm, 2 of you?)

I want to unload my books, so I bumped up the Toronto Book Swap Meet thread to get opinions on dates - go make yourself heard. :)


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