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I appear to have run out of things to read on the internet. Yes, it's true - the internet is finite! Now how am I going to distract myself while waiting for my searches to finish running?

I hear a rumour that it's very warm out there. It's freezing inside, so I'm having a hard time believing it, but The Weather Network would never lie, right? [ETA: The Weather Network was not lying: I went out at lunch, and it was very warm! Also warm? My table under the skylights at lunch. It was like concentrated sunlight.]

Exciting news: the first episode of Glee is waiting at home for me. Yay! Also, So You Think You Can Dance starts again tonight, although it's the auditions rounds, which I don't find as interesting. Still, dancing! I can't wait for the return of the Canadian version - it's so much better without Nigel Lythgoe's lechery.

And now, I must spend much time comparison shopping for CDs on the internet. Oh, job.
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Now is the time when I get really tense while watching SYTYCD, because I start having Opinions, and I do not trust other people to agree with me. More blathering )


On a completely different note, I'm trying once again to not spend hours and hours every night on the computer. Tonight I didn't turn it on until 7:30! Go me. Because seriously, it's not like I *do* anything for all those hours on the computer. And I think it's diminishing my ability to focus on anything. (Of course, I'm *still* on the computer, as you can see. Turning it off again is the next challenge.) Also, I randomly decided to walk partway home in the 33 degree heat. I don't *think* I've lost my mind. But maybe it'll tire me out enough that I'll actually sleep tonight.

Right! I have to get dressed and go buy cereal, otherwise I will have no breakfast and be very, very sad. (Pretend you can see me mock pouting.)
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Sometimes I google myself (as we all do). The interesting thing is that normally I don't find any record of me, just lots of track and field results, pages relating to a child actor with my name, and (far down the list) a porn star with my name.

But this time when I googled myself I got completely different results. Lots of myspace and personal websites (for various different people with my name), many occurences of AustinMe, and, oddly enough, one email that I posted to a listserv while I was working as a law librarian the summer between my first and second years in grad school (I've never come across that email before, which is bizarre). It feels representitive of the changing face of the internet -- before all the listings for my name were references to a person, and now it's the person themselves posting things.

You still can't successfully stalk me through google, though.
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Not having internet access at home is interesting. I have to write myself little notes about things I need to do on the computer at work the next day (instead of doing it right then or emailing myself reminders), which I invariably forget about until I'm leaving work again. And I have so much work that I don't really have time for regular internet abuse. So it's like jumping back 5 years. Yesterday I took the Yellow Pages off the top of the bookshelf! I don't think I've used them since I moved in. And now, when I'm home alone, I don't automatically know what everyone else is doing. Eerie.

I have learned the important lesson, though, that no internet means I will go to bed earlier. That's one to remember. Heh. Oh, and also that I will go stir crazy after a couple of days of not talking to anyone, even virtually, and will actually make plans. Shocking, I know.
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Has anyone found a session saver-type add-on for Firefox 2.0? I'm hoping I'm just blind in not being able to find one.
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My cable disappeared for good at some point last night. I only discovered it when I went to watch Entourage at 10, and discovered that CityTV was all static, unlike Global and CBC, which I had been watching earlier. And it took me a few minutes to remember that I'd actually asked for this, since that was in July.

So, with the cable line still in, I have perfectly clear TVO, Global, OMNI, CBC, and Sun. Everything else is a whiteout. Not what I was expecting. I kind of thought it'd be fuzzy CBC, Global, CTV and City. Maybe with the cable out?

The round-up of what is still watchable from all the TV I've gotten myself sucked into:

Doctor Who, CBC, yes
Prison Break, Global, yes
Heroes, Global, yes
Entourage, City, no (but not a big loss because it's on DVD already)

Rick Mercer, CBC, yes
Intelligence, CBC, yes (and let me just take a moment to say how much I'm loving this -- I read a review that said it was for people who love The Wire and MI-5, which, HI. It's set in Vancouver, about a guy who runs an enormous drug operation and the police department who is trying to stop him. But he becomes sort of an informant for them instead, because the director is highly ambitious and is using him to get herself into a position of power in CSIS. It's all very dark and low-key and about the power of knowledge.)

America's Next Top Model, City, no (SADNESS)
Lost, CTV, no (which would be EVIL, except that I've been watching it with [ profile] sarcasma and [ profile] sanity_clause every week anyway, so I'm good as long as they keep letting me in the house)

Ugly Betty, City, no (it's fun, but I'll live)
CSI, CTV, no (wow - I've been watching this since the beginning. No more Warrick and Greg!)

The Hour, CBC, yes

And the most evil of all: Studio 60, CTV, NO. My Sorkin! Gone forever!

I'll definitely have to see what happens when I unplug the cable.

Other pieces of randomness from the last couple of weeks )

Those of you who live far away from your parents - do you find that you get information in an oddly out-of-proportion way? In the weekly phone calls with the parents, I get lots of detail about what plays and operas they've seen, who came into the store, who said hi, what's being made for dinner, but major things often get left out or brought up really casually. And I don't think it's deliberate - in fact, I think I do the same thing. I guess we all just forget that we haven't mentioned things before. It's odd.
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At my "real" email address (aka the one with my real name) I've been getting a lot of mail that is clearly intended for people other than me -- people with my same name. I am so not unique *sob*. The first few I responded back to the person, letting them know that I was not the Rachel they were looking for, and they were all very thankful, but it's getting kind of boring. Especially because of the family in Texas, who originally included me in a group email, and now I'm getting random other emails from all the other people included in that email, included an evite to a barbeque, which I politely declined.

It's just-- I'd like to ignore them, but I know what a pain it is when someone doesn't answer an email and you don't know whether they're ignoring you or whether the email got lost in the ether somewhere.

Or maybe I could just start to steal their lives! This latest email had flight information for a trip to Bulgaria and Austria. I could totally take that. Of course, I'd have to get to Dublin first, but still. Ski trip! Nevermind that I don't know how to ski.
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There was a very interesting article in the Guardian on Monday about whether you can trust the information in Wikipedia. They contacted experts in various fields and asked them to review the entries in those fields for accuracy and completeness.

Can You Trust Wikipedia?

I'm unsure how I feel about Wikipedia and the idea that anyone can add or edit information. On the one hand, it has the potential to be entirely current and constantly updating itself, which is excellent. But there's no controls, no guarantee that the information is accurate, or has even been researched at all. The potential for misuse is incredible - someone could deliberately plant false information.
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1. The Rogers phone system is not helpful, since they apparently don't have my phone number on file, but won't let me pass the first level without a phone number.

2. The Rogers email help is not useful, since they require a Rogers email address, which is what I'm trying to find RIGHT NOW.

3. The Rogers Yahoo login page doesn't do anything, because it just keeps telling me I'm already logged in, which clearly I'm not, since I can't do what I want to do.

4. The Rogers faqs are lame, since they tell me that I can attach my Rogers email to my existing Yahoo account but not how I can do this wonderful thing.

5. *sob*
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I downloaded Firefox (because I am a sheep!). Can someone tell me what's so exciting about tabbed browsing? I can't see how it's any different from having multiple windows open, but they seem so very excited about it.
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The Intarweb has stolen my pictures!!

I feel very retro, wandering around with just text. My favourite moments are the ones where all the links are images, and now I have no idea how to get anywhere! Hooray for usability!

::curses lack of alt tags::
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Does anyone know if there's something vaguely Mapquest-like, but with the ability to map multiple locations on one map?

I could have sworn Mapquest did this, but I can't seem to find that option anymore.
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Overnight I was given another 46 Gmail invitations. I suddenly feel like I'm being buried under an avalanche. Help me, please.
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Those of you who use Gmail for your comment notification, is it threading properly yet? Do you like it?

My fastmail account, which I use for all online stuff, is running out of space, even though I have barely anything saved there. It's irritating. So I thought I might change to my Gmail account, but I remember hearing there were problems related to LJ.
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I just hit my first restricted web page under the new "No Adult Content" filters here at work, as I was following a link from [ profile] jacito's journal (I've made it as far as July 6th - at this rate, it's going to take me until Thursday to catch up).

So now I'm curious what else will be blocked. And of course I'm going to have to check from home - I'm like a kid: tell me something is forbidden, and I want it even more.


Mar. 30th, 2004 04:03 pm
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Does anyone know how I can save an image from a website if the image has a rollover version? Meaning, I need the image that you see on the site, but when I put the mouse on it to rightclicksave, it switches to a different image, so that's the only one that I can save. I can't seem to view source, either.
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I'm on a number of listservs, including a couple work related and one for bellydancers, and I'm always amazed when people post something obliquely complaining about things to do with people who also post there.

For instance, someone recently posted a big long nebulous rant about Grove Online (a huge online music resource). Now, a representative for Grove posts to that list frequently, and, in fact, had posted just 2 days ago. Does the original poster not ever read the posts, and therefore didn't know that someone from Grove was reading them? If they had an actual complaint, why not email the person directly, instead of going about it in this passive aggressive way? And if they really just wanted to rant, maybe ranting somewhere that the person from Grove isn't involved would be a better idea.

Same thing on the dance listserv - I just got a message that said "Does anyone know why [certain dance company] edited out performances from the most recent student gala?". The head of that company and the admin person both post regularly to the list, so why ask if "anyone" knows? Why not just ask them? I don't know, it feels really futile to me.

(Oh, hee, someone just posted back about this - "Why don't you email them directly to find out?". I feel much better now.)
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According to this little computer program, I am actually male. It parses samples of writing and gives you a score based on the use of certain words. I took it four times, and came out male three of those times (including the one where I declared Adam Brody is my secret pretend boyfriend).

This article gives examples of the words that were used for gender identification. "Female writers use more pronouns (I, you, she, their, myself), say the program's developers, Moshe Koppel of Bar-Ilan University in Ramat Gan, Israel, and colleagues. Males prefer words that identify or determine nouns (a, the, that) and words that quantify them (one, two, more)." The program is apparently about 80% accurate for both fiction and non-fiction.

I think I can see where the program misread me - for the most part it's been a deliberate stylistic decision on my part to not be quite so personal in my writing. This piece would probably identify me as female, though, due to the number of times I've used "I", "me" and "my".

(Hmm, I was wrong - still male!)

Link from Pop Culture Junk Mail
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Online billing and pre-authorized payments are killing me. Rogers gives me an error every time I try to view my bills, Hydro seems to have lost my pre-authorized application, so my last 2 bills haven't even been paid (they better not cut me off...grr), and Bell just keeps telling me that I've given the wrong password 3 times, so my account has been locked for 24 hours. Sure, I gave the wrong password...4 days ago. I want my paper bills back!

Monday update: I finally got an email back from Toronto Hydro (2 weeks later) and did have me set up for automatic withdrawal, but for some reason hadn't bothered to take the money out yet. Freaks. I still can't get into my Bell account, although today that's because there's a bug on the log in page, and I can't submit.
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I mentioned a while back that [ profile] vestra and I had decided to read books off of various lists (Booker, Giller, Pulitzer). She printed off a bunch of lists and they're attached to the fridge, waiting for us to tick things off once they've been read, after which we can feel extremely erudite and well-rounded.

Today I found this site: Lists of Bests which is basically our fridge in convenient computer format - he has all sorts of lists set up so that you can tick off the books you've read, movies you've seen or albums you own. In fact, the guy who set it up did so because he, too, was reading books off of a list and kept losing the list. Hours of entertainment, I tell you.


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