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So, my DVD drive hasn't worked in ages, since they had to send me a new thingy that I've forgotten the name of. Which meant that I couldn't use it (the DVD drive) for back-up, like I'd been doing before. Because of that, and because I was running out of room on my hard drive, I bought an external hard drive. Great, fine, I backed everything up, everything was good.

Now I decide that I really need to get the DVD drive fixed, so in preparation for taking the laptop in, I go to back everything up on the external, doesn't register on my computer at all. It's not the USB port, because other thing work there, so maybe it's the cord? I don't know. All I know is that I was berating myself for putting things off (like getting the DVD drive fixed) and now I know why - because something goes wrong every time I try to do anything around electronics. So frustrating!


I'm going to bed.
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Question for you all: if someone wanted to create a slideshow of photos on a Mac (but not through the internet), preferably with the ability to set the length of time that each photo would stay up, what program would you use? What if it were a PC?

I...feel like this is totally obvious, and I'm just missing it completely.
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I could have sworn I posted yesterday with the computer update (which I know you are all DYING to hear...heh). But, nothing. Ooo, phantom LJ posts! Creeeepy!

...sorry, wrong season.

This morning I had an email from someone saying (among other things) she missed my LJ posts (and my tea reminders, amazingly enough). I FEEL TOTALLY LOVED. Therefore I am going to attempt to update more regularly. Which means I will have to leave the house more often in order to have something to say. Oh the pain.

Anyway, computer update! It's all good. Isn't that exciting? There was a second disk I needed to install, with drivers and settings and the like, which fixed any number of problems including the display, and then thanks to the amazing magical wizardry of [ profile] sanity_clause, I have all my files back. Seriously. I am still amazed - I had totally found a place of zen about losing everything since June and then! He somehow dragged them all off the dead hard drive! s_c, there is a prize for you coming at some point when I have enough time to actually get it.

Here are my ruminations about safety for the day. Car alarms and fire alarms have both kind of hit that point where people don't pay all that much attention to them, except to be annoyed about the noise. I personally think car alarms are ridiculous, unless the owner of the car is within hearing range and is willing to go sprinting out to the car to deal with whatever is happening. Otherwise? People assume that either a) someone walked too close to the car (and oh, this is why car alarms should not be allowed in cities, because if your car is parked beside the sidewalk, someone is going to walk too close to it!), or b) someone (aka the driver) accidentally set the alarm off and can't figure out how to shut it up. Which is what I assumed on Friday when I passed a car with the alarm going off and someone sitting inside. It didn't even OCCUR to me until three blocks later that there might be some other reason, because car alarms go off all the damn time, for no good point.

Fire alarms are kind of the same way. At work, we assume it's a fire drill. And it always has been. At home, only once out of all the times the fire alarm has gone off in any of my apartment buildings has it been an actual fire. Last night the fire alarm went off, and half the people I saw just looked out their doors, and then went back to what they were doing. Of course, we couldn't smell any smoke. Personally, I went for coffee. I figure if it is a real fire, it's going to burn down whether I'm there or not. But no-one ever rushes anymore. No-one ever panics (which is probably a good thing). Everyone takes the time to put on shoes and coats and scarves (which is also a good thing, because it was crazy cold last night).

I was going to end this with a carefully thought-out and detailed moral, but then realized that it's really just the boy who cried wolf as applied to inanimate objects. All the good morals are taken, yo.

Question: if I have a funky t-shirt that I totally love but it's too small now (like all my funky t-shirts), how lame is it of me to buy the exact same one again in a larger size?

Finally, [ profile] mystery_diva's birthday brunch this weekend reminded me of how awesome brunch is and how it's really one of my all-favourite socializing venues. Something about the combination of breakfast foods, being early in the day so no-one is cranky or exhausted from work, a recognition of the weekend, good venues for talking, no clean-up after. Whatever it is, it totally works.
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Oh look, I'm going to rant about computers again! Lucky you.

My new harddrive arrived yesterday, and I managed to install it with no problems. And then I had to install Windows. Which took forever, but finally did install. Except. All sorts of little things are weird. Most importantly, my screen resolution is wack, and I only have two options, neither of which fit a wide screen laptop. If anyone has a widescreen laptop (mine is a Compaq), what is your resolution set to? Because I think it would help if I could say, hey, where's this option. Also, scrolling of any sort is totally jumpy. And I don't have any options for standby or hibernate. It feels like there's piles of stuff missing from the programs menu, too, and I'm not talking about things that I downloaded. Just...stuff. Like the program that allows me to burn DVDs, which was there when I bought the computer.

Basically everything is weird and wrong, which is very irritating. I would be happy, though, if I could at least get the screen resolution fixed, so that everything would stop being oddly stretched.

Don't worry, I'm not asking for advice or help here - I am planning on spending another exciting Friday night on the phone with the support centre, seeing if they can do anything at all for me. But I really just needed to vent. Someone once said to me that they thought no-one should be allowed to own a computer if they couldn't fix it themselves, and I'm really starting to feel like I should just chuck mine and live without it, because it's just so much effort sometimes, especially considering I don't use it for anything complicated. Yargh.
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Okay, for real. What did I do?

My computer is dead. I spent Friday night with a bottle of wine and the Compaq tech support guy on the other end of the phone, attempting to get my computer to load up Windows. But no luck. Luckily I'm still on warranty, so they're sending me a new hard drive. I still don't know why this happened.

The ironic thing is that last weekend I attempted to back up all my files to DVD, but the DVD part of my burner/drive wasn't working. I was going to call them this weekend anyway. Instead, the whole thing is dead and I have potentially lost everything (although I'm going to take it somewhere after work today and see if my information can be magically retrieved).

On the plus side, I read A LOT this weekend.


Jan. 22nd, 2007 11:37 am
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This weekend totally had it in for me.

First, my wireless stopped working, so I had to sit on the floor in front of the cable modem in order to use the computer (my cable is very short).

Then I had no loonies for laundry, which meant I had to go buy ice cream in order to get change.

The freezer wasn't working properly, so I had to eat all the ice cream.

Saturday, some sort of magical force clearly invaded my apartment and made me read all day, instead of cleaning.

I had my ass handed to me on a platter at Mah Jongg.

Then I couldn't access the internet even if I skipped the wireless all together.

I underdressed and had seriously frozen legs on Sunday when I went walking.

I missed The Robber Bride due to a combination of not remembering when it was on and not being able to check because: no internet, talking to my parents, the tape running out, and the antenna not working, at which point I'd already missed the first 45 minutes.

And then I forgot to tape Studio 60.

The moral of this story is that I think I need a minder. Anyone want to run my life for me?
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Aaaaand it's the weekend, so therefore I must be having computer problems. This time my wireless doesn't seem to be working anymore - it's all good if I'm connected directly into the cable modem, but not when I'm connected throught the wireless, despite my wireless connection being all "you're good, you're great!"

I bet I screwed it up when I was trying to protect the connection. That would be so very me.

I'm totally giving up on technology. All y'all will come visit me in my cabin in the woods, right?
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You know what I hate? Computers!

That's not entirely true: what I hate is how everything with computers becomes so entirely complicated around me. I'm trying to secure my wireless network (yes, FINALLY. yes, I'm an idiot), and it's just not working at all. This is why I kept putting it off! I would look at "secure wireless" on my to-do list, and a shiver of dread would go through me, because I just KNEW it was going to be frustrating and complicated and not go right and make me cry. And look, prophecy come true! Right, back to ignoring it.

In the "good things" column, the beeping has gone away for good - it was back on Thursday night, so I called building management on Friday morning, about that and my non-draining bathtub. And I don't know if they did anything, or if they now think I'm crazy, but there is no more beeping. AND my bathtub drains again. Hooray!

Next up: convincing myself to get dressed and go buy groceries. Self, I realize it's snowing, but the groceries aren't just going to magically appear at your door. Don't you want food for breakfast tomorrow?, I'm really unconvincing.

Maybe I'll just convince myself to have a cup of tea and read a book instead. Something tells me I'll have better success at that.
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Ages ago (like, last year), I decided to join the 21st century, so I poked and questioned and finally figured out this whole "downloading" thing that people keep talking about. And through the magic of torrents, I found the missing episode of Kitchen Confidential, the one with Michael Vartan that never aired. Except when I tried to play it, I only got sound and swirly things. No chefs. Sad!

All that keeping up with the times nearly killed me. I had failed, so I gave up. But then a random comment last week led me to realize that I could probably make things better. Woo! So I searched around and found that I needed a codec, and then found the codec that I needed, downloaded that, and la la la, picture!

And then I had to remind myself how to use uTorrent so that I could download Torchwood. Which took all night. But now I have tv on my computer. It's a little exciting.
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Here's is why it's such a good idea that I've gotten rid of my cable: everything I'm watching this summer (which is not all that much, really) is suddenly on at 8 on Wednesday. When I'm at French class. And honestly, I find it upsetting, because I don't tend to watch TV casually - I get involved in whatever I watch, and I hate missing episodes. WHICH IS STUPID. It's just TV, for fuck's sake.

I will be so much healthier when I'm not actually tied to watching things on a schedule, and waiting for DVDs to come out is the normal way of my life. I almost wish I couldn't get *any* channels without cable (although not really, because at least I'll still be able to get CBC, and George. George!).

And in other news of me, I didn't really have time to eat lunch today, and as a result I was on a short, short thread, and very close to crying at the end of the day. I don't think I've ever cried at work before - and I didn't today, but I was on the edge, and it wasn't even because of work! It was because I hadn't eaten lunch! I WAS CRYING BECAUSE OF FOOD. How lame is that?

Really, if I were going to cry, I should be crying because of this stupid Norton Anti-Virus that I attempted to buy last month - I bought the download, I downloaded it, I attempted to install it, it hung up my computer. I tried again. I e-mailed tech support, they sent me somewhere else. I e-mailed there. They told me to uninstall everything and try again. I tried again. It hung up my computer. I tried the two other things they said to try. Nothing worked. I asked for a refund. They sent me a link to a letter of destruction. It wouldn't let me fill in the fields, and there wasn't an "accept" button. I e-mailed about that. They sent me instructions on how to fix my download. I e-mailed somewhere else. They told me that once I had sent in my refund it would be 7-10 days. I e-mailed back to say that I couldn't PUT the damn REFUND THROUGH.

And there's no phone number on the site, at least not that I can find. Dear sweet pete.
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Why do I have so many problems with iTunes?

I opened it up this morning, and everything is suddenly playing with this weird crackle, almost -- like it's jumping around all over the place. I tried re-installing iTunes, and clearing all my files out and re-loading them, but it's still there. And everything plays fine on Media Player, so it's not my files or my sound card. WEIRD.

Meanwhile, I am trying to convince myself that vacuuming and buying groceries are terribly exciting Saturday afternoon plans, and that lunch does not equal cookies. Yeah right.

Oh, also, in another installment of Rachel is a dork, I went running this morning, and managed to rip my mp3 player from my earphones and drop the sludge. I'm amazed it still works.

ETA: and now it works again. I don't know either.
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Hi, can I ask a stupid question?

Can you transfer playlists from one iTunes to another? Meaning one computer to another. Assuming they have the same songs.

I have no reason to actually need to know this at this point, except that I always think obsessively far into the future, and at some point within the next two years I'm probably going to have to get a new computer, and maybe I don't want to bother building complicated (but entertaining) playlists if they're going to disappear.
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I have recently been the target of much mockery because I use Windows Media Player to listen to music. Of course, the person doing the mocking is a certified Apple freak, so it's not surprising that he would prefer iTunes.

But now I'm curious. Is one player better than the other? What about other things that are out there? I use WMP because it was there, but now I have piles of music on my computer at home and I'm thinking about playlists and things like that, and I don't want to build them all on one system only to change my mind.

So, Wise and Wonderous Interbets, pick a system for me! I am at your disposal.
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My laptop (which is running Windows XP, I believe) has been freezing up 2 or 3 times a night for the past couple of weeks. Sometimes even when I'm in the middle of typing a word, which, argh. And then I have to reboot. Sigh.

Does anyone have any idea why it might be doing this?

I realize this is obnoxiously vague, but I'm just looking for a hint of direction here, so I can decide if it's something that is fixable or not.



Dec. 12th, 2004 11:33 am
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Birthday: It's [ profile] notmonochrome's birthday! Have a fabulous end to your month of birthday celebrations!

Cards: Thank you, [ profile] tinkerer and [ profile] globetrotter1, for your very cute cards. I also got a card from building management. Thanks? But really, I'd rather you replace the lights in the foyer.

Perfume: Yesterday I tried the last of my most recent purchase - Siren:

Bewitching, tantalizing and dangerously seductive. A thrilling, exotic blend -- deceptively sweet, but spiked with malice. White ginger, jasmine, and a touch of vanilla and apricot.

How disappointing! It just smelled like incense on me; I didn't get any of those individual scents. Not that it was unpleasant - and at least it didn't smell like pot, like it did for [ profile] sh1mm3r - but it really wasn't for me.

Movie: [ profile] dramaqueen_23 and I watched The Hebrew Hammer last night. So fucking hilarious! And entirely seasonally appropriate, although we didn't know that when we picked it. Definitely my new favourite irreverent holiday movie.

Music: I'm finally really listening to Wicked. I'm so excited it's playing here next year!

Computer Solitaire: God, someone please take it away from me! People who are coming over, if I don't answer the buzzer it's because I'm trying to decide where the King of Spades will do the least damage, ok?
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Whee! I am computerized again!

*My* computer that is, with everything right where it's supposed to be.

Happy now.
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I have two stupid questions about IE that maybe someone can answer:

1) Is there a way to set it so that the default is that links, when clicked, open in a new window?

2) Is there a way to designate it so that any new windows automatically open up maximized?

I suppose I should be thankful that these are my most pressing problems this morning, but it's irritating me that I can't figure them out myself.
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1. UPS. Oh, so very much. They are EEEVIL and I think hold a personal grudge against me. So, my computer, my poor little broken laptop, was sent down to Florida to get a new motherboard. They send it back to me. I hear nothing from UPS. I start to panic. Eventually I get a phone call saying that they tried to deliver it, but there was no-one home. Duh, I have a job. Fuckers. So after many long phone calls in which the person on the other end of the phone enters my tracking code wrong and insists she's never heard of me, I finally manage to determine that they have my computer, and arrange for it to be delivered yesterday, meaning I have to take the day off work and not leave the house...and it never shows up. I even skipped running class! I can't afford to take more time off work in the hope that they might deign to deliver it, and their pick-up location is way the hell north, which would also require taking time off work in order to actually get there. So I don't know what I'm going to do now, other than sit here and be stressed. Update: The UPS people apparently can't read, because they came to deliver it, but couldn't figure out how to use the intercom system, even though it told them RIGHT THERE ON THE WORK ORDER WHAT TO PRESS.

2. [ profile] vestra's computer. Because the one bonus to staying home yesterday was that I was planning on hanging out on LJ all day, except that the wee iBook refused to let me on for more than 2 minutes at a time, and even if I managed to read, I certainly couldn't comment or post. Or even read behind cuts, really. I also couldn't check my email or update my holds at the library. Bah.

3. Winter. Not that this has anything to do with anything, but I hate that it's still night when I leave for work in the morning. I mean, it's not even pretending that it's daytime out there. What's with that?


1. Shostakovich's Fifth Symphony. It's just so incredibly fantastic - listening to the TSO on Saturday night my eyes actually started watering during the second movement. (I'm not entirely sure what that means, but it happens when I listen to Leonard Cohen's "I'm Your Man" and Hawksley Workman's "Striptease", too. Um, yeah.)

2. Rick Mercer. But we all knew that already, right?


1. [ profile] sarcasma, I'm sorry I left you all alone yesterday - I tried to log on to MSN, but... (see point number 2 under Hate).
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So I may have been overreacting slightly with my computer angst. Hey, I was upset! Anyway, the laptop is still dead, but my files are in the process of being retrieved, and I have a loaner laptop from a wonderful friend of [ profile] vestra's. I even managed to get it connected to Sympatico, despite my initial reaction of *blink, blink* when I discovered that it didn't have an Ethernet card.

It's a little weird being on someone else's computer, though. Nothing looks the same (although she did say I could do whatever I wanted, so I could change things around, I suppose).

Now I just need to start saving money so I can get a new laptop. Whee.
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Next time I own a computer, would you please remind me to back up every single fucking thing, no matter how small or seemingly inconsequential?

So, yeah, my poor laptop has gone to join [ profile] jacito's in the dead gay laptop heaven in the sky. Unfortunately, it looks like mine is not coming back, ever. Well, they said they could give me a new motherboard, but that would cost about as much as I paid for the thing in the first place, so I don't think so.

I just want to cry. Maybe that's why I feel so sick right now. Goodbye to my big recipe database project, to my budget (which took me so long to create), to all my half-finished smut. Oh! And my favourites! All these sites that I'd bookmarked to look at later. Thank pete I have my resume and other assorted stuff on disk, although not the most recent version, I don't think.

Oh well, it's my own stupidity for not backing up regularly.

God, now I guess I have to see if I have enough money to buy a new laptop. And then I have to actually buy one, and try not to let myself get completely screwed, or suckered into getting something more than I need. *sob* My brain hurts already.


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