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Man, I wish I was in BC - I really want to watch the election coverage, but it's going to be so late here by the time there are actually any results to see that I'm going to fall asleep on the couch. I do love that Rick Mercer gets a seat at the table with Peter Mansbridge and his team. (Ha! Peter just referenced Rick jumping naked in the lake with Bob Rae. That image will last forever.)
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I came here to say exciting things about the election and my weekend, but first I really have to exclaim over just how windy it is out there. So windy! It's a bit crazy. And I am wearing the entirely wrong choice of skirt for this much wind.

Now that that's over with, ELECTION WOOHOO! Yes, fine, I like having the opportunity to cast my vote and (hopefully! fingers crossed!) cast Harper out of office. Although given the high numbers I expect the NDP to pull in my riding (Jack's riding) and how late I'll be voting, I'm sure it'll all basically be over by the time I get there. But still. And then tonight I'm going to sacrifice some sleep and watch the results come in.
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So. David Miller is back in as mayor, and Joe Mihevc is back in as councillor for my ward. Hooray! Life is good. (I can't believe Rob Ford got back in again, though. Yuck.) I've never understood why people don't take municipal politics seriously -- federal politics might determine the grand paths of life, but municipal politics make such a difference in quality of life.

As I went to vote today I noticed that all the buses had signs that were flashing between their route and "REMEMBER TO VOTE". I love it. It's certainly a nice change from "GO LEAFS GO".

I spent most of today crying. Don't worry, there's nothing wrong, but between the various DVDs and booka and the onions*, there was a salty river running through my apartment. Heroes better not be sad - I'm almost out of kleenex and my nose is very sore. It's a hard life.

*From this week's soup - mushroom barley miso (and I added tofu). Very tasty, and a nice break from tomato based soups. I'm so sick of tomato in soup, at least for the moment.
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Harper won't give press conferences for the national media anymore.

Dude. I, as PRIME MINISTER, do you think talking only to local media is a good idea? What, so only Ottawa gets to know what's going on? I mean, you won't let reporters ask questions, and then when they walk out in protest, you get all pouty and decide not to talk to them at all? This is very dangerous.

I feel like this isn't getting enough emphasis. This is not some prime ministerly quirk. This is our government trying to control entirely what we are allowed to know, and, honestly, playing childish games. I hope the press retaliate by making sure everyone understands exactly what the consequences of Harper being let into office have been.
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I am sitting in the "business centre" reading LJ. This is business, right? But now someone else just came in and I think they're staring over my shoulder. Don't look!

So far, in Halifax, I have:

-drowned my Stephen Harper-related sorrows in wine with [ profile] rhiacat
-emailed Rex Murphy about the really important issues of the election
-looked at far too many houses that I could never afford
-suffered through election day-after blues
-seen [ profile] canirl! twice!
-missed cereal and soy milk
-impressed everyone in the Halifax library with my awesomeness
-underdressed for the weather
-been remembered, by name, at the place I went for breakfast the first day when I went back the next day for lunch (Annie's, if you care)
-become obsessed once again with HGTV
-stayed up way too late watching decorating shows
-been reminded why it is a very good idea that I don't have extended cable anymore
-read as far as last Tuesday
-just about run out of internet connection is about to close, oops

Ta, boys and girls
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Did anyone watch The Hour last night? They were doing the Panel Van in Calgary, asking people about the NDP this time, and a guy who was totally Chad Michael Murray's doppelganger made some sort of comment about Jack Layton's "grooming" that ended in, "Out of all the leaders, I'd fuck Jack Layton." Hee.

Of course, there isn't exactly much competition.

Apparently I was called for jury duty! Except they sent the notice to my parents, which is so weird -- what sort of list are they working off? I haven't lived there since 1996, I've actually filed a number of change of address forms, the government has my correct address. So I don't know. It's rather a moot point anyway, since my parents sent it back "address unknown".

I've only known one person who's been called for jury duty in Canada -- my co-worker Mark, who has actually gone twice in the time I've known him. You'd think, given the number of juries that are formed and the number of people who get rejected each time, that it would be more common. It's odd.

So here's the thing about CSI: when it's not on, I forget about it. It's not one of those shows that I think about over the summer break, or turn over in my mind during the week, waiting for the next episode. But when it's on, I love it. It's one of my favourite shows. And I've been trying to figure out why that is.

CSI: the real crime is the sex appeal )
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I have voted. Go Paul Summerville! Go Jack Layton! Go NDP! Go team democracy!

Yes, I realize the election isn't for a week and a half, but advance voting is so damn quick.

(I always forget that they don't put the parties on the ballots, just the names of the candidates. It always takes me a minute to recognize my candidate, after spending so much time seeing all the different names everywhere.)


Jan. 10th, 2006 11:12 am
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The pols are out in full force again. Yesterday the Conservatives were at my subway station -- I took a moment to point out to them why All Title Caps Throughout The Entire Campaign Flyer Is Maybe Not Such A Good Idea And Really Just Makes You Look Stupid, but I'm not sure they understood what I was talking about -- and today the Liberals were there. I expect the NDP tomorrow.

So, do you think the candidates for a riding get together and discuss who's showing up when? I mean, this is the exact order they were in last time, before Christmas, and there's never been more than one party there at a time. Or maybe it's a first come, first serve type thing, and they all run to the subway station first thing in the morning and then make fun of the candidates who didn't get up early enough. Of course, if they were smart they'd just send their lackeys to stand there overnight and save the spot.

I tried to watch the debates last night, I really did, but I don't like watching people debate -- it's too close to arguing, and my stomach hurts. Plus I really don't need two hours of Stephen Harper on my television screen. Did anyone watch? Did anyone actually say anything interesting?

Rick Mercer's Fantasy Conservative Cabinet is possibly the funniest thing I've read about the election so far, although it's not like he had to stretch very far to find good material.

Oh! And I saw the new Liberal ad last night, the one with all the quotes from American newspapers about how Stephen Harper is like George W. Bush, and how similar their politics are yadda yadda, and then at the end it says something like "If Stephen Harper gets elected, at least someone will be happy,eh?" HAHAHA. You know SOMEONE had to pull out the "we don't want to be like the Americans" card.
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Happy birthday [ profile] yagowe!


So George is back, and I am happy. Also, I love Jack Layton.

I'm definitely watching to see what happens with this potential vote of non-confidence. I really doubt that anyone wants to force a Christmas election*, but George is right: this is the chance that the Conservatives and the NDP have both been talking about forever. If they don't use this chance to vote non-confidence in the Liberals, they're going to look very silly.

The thing is, I can see why the NDP, despite everything they've said, might not want to take down the government. They are actually in the best position they could possibly be, other than leading a majority government themselves (which, despite gains in seats and recognition, I don't think is a possibility yet). Martin needs them, desperately, in order to get anything done. As the swing vote, they're managing to dictate policy. Look at what just happened with the health care bill: Layton basically said, give us what we want on that bill and we'll support you, otherwise we're siding with the bad guys over there.

So now it just remains to be seen what Martin and the others will do. The Conservatives have the first opposition day next week, but I don't think they're likely to call for a confidence vote unless they're sure the NDP aren't backing the Liberals, despite the fact that they (and all the other opposition parties) have been saying that they're ready ever since the last election. I guess we'll see!

*There were people handing out pamphlets by the subway station this morning. I'm pretty sure they were for the Conservative candidate in my riding. I thought they weren't allowed to campaign until an election was called?

(ps. Who wants to go to a taping of the Rick Mercer Report with me? Tickets are available for these shows. We should pick one and get a group of people together.)
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The Only Sane Co-worker and I have come to the decision that Canadians should get to vote in the US presidential election. I mean, whatever happens come November is going to have a huge impact on us here, what with the living next door thing and all, especially since I keep hearing Canada being thrown around during the speechifying.

In fact, TOSC feels that since the US has positioned itself as a global power, the entire world should get to vote. This might be a little difficult logistically, but I think he's determined.


Jun. 29th, 2004 09:26 am
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Hmm. So the NDP didn't end up with as many seats as I thought they might, based on the "leading and elected" standings as they were when I crashed last night. Which means that the Liberals and NDP together don't actually have a majority - they have 154, as do the Conservatives, Bloc and the one independent (who was a Conservative who didn't win his nomination, but chose to run anyway). Wouldn't it make more sense to have an odd number of seats? Of course, this kind of situation doesn't happen that often.

The independent is an interesting situation. I heard on CBC that he had promised to do an official poll of his riding to see what party people would want him to join. I don't know if that means he would actually join the party, or if he would just vote in line with them, but he's a true wild card right now.

If I had to guess, I'd say that the government isn't going to last very long, since no coalition will hold the majority. Unless the Bloc votes with the Liberals, which I can't really picture. It'll be interesting, though. And at least the NDP made a comeback in terms of number of seats, even if Olivia Chow and Peter Tabuns didn't get in like I thought they would.
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Fuck. The most recent predictions have my riding going to the Liberals. I really thought we were going to go NDP. Oh well - nothing's set yet. There are results coming in from Ontario, but I haven't seen anything from my area yet.
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I'd tell you who to vote for, too, but I suppose that's going a little too far. ;) I'm very nervous about what might happen - so much is up in the air this time around. Definitely the TV will be on tonight, though, to watch the results come in.

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Craziness going on in BC politics. Looks like the senior political aides to the finance minister and the transportation minister are involved in drug running and possibly money laundering, in association with organized crime. They are both also apparently linked to Paul Martin.

Well, anything that would get the Liberals under Campbell out will make me happy.

Speaking of politics, the newly elected leader of the BC provincial NDP party is an old friend of my parents, and someone whose family has lived in our neighbourhood for years.
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So. Eves is out, McGuinty is in. The Liberals ended up with a crazy huge majority, and the NDP aren't even an official party anymore!! I am so fucking pissed. All they needed was one more seat. And to think that I had hopes that they could actually capture more seats than last time.

Argh. At least the NDP incumbent got re-elected in my riding, with a fairly healthy majority. And no PC people got elected in Toronto proper, which is something. More than ever, though, I'm firmly in favour of proportional representation, looking at the distortion between seats won and popular vote. I know the Liberals had talked about it pre-election, but I doubt they'll be interested anymore, since they got something like 70% of the seats with only 46% of the popular vote.
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It makes me so happy to read about all you Ontarians getting out there and voting. Democracy is a good thing, yo.

(It makes me even happier when I read that you are voting/did vote NDP! Yay NDP!)


Jun. 18th, 2003 08:31 am
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Toronto Star headline today:

Canada to allow gay marriage

I honestly didn't think this would actually ever get this far. I fully expected there to be an appeal of the recent Ontario court decision. Instead, it looks like good things are happening.


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