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It has come to my attention that I've been writing and stamping "08" on everything I've done in the last 8 days. Someone is going to be very confused when they go to pay my invoices. :P
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New Year's resolutions have a deservedly bad rep - how many of them ever get kept? - but I always find myself making goals and resolutions at this time of year anyway. Not because it's the new year, but because it's post-December work craziness, post-Christmas preparations, post-visit home to family. Basically that's two months of me saying, "okay, when I get back from Victoria, I'm going to start..."

I didn't write anything down this year, but I am attempting to not eat lunch at my desk every day. So far so good! I never used to eat at my desk, but the kitchenettes are pretty small, and then they turned one into a meeting room, so space was precious and my desk seemed like a better option. It makes work long, though, if I'm in front of the computer all day.

I've also, shockingly, brought lunch every day this week (at least, every day that I've been working, which is only three, but still). It's amazing how quickly you can eat lunch when you don't have to stand in line in the food court first.
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Seriously, what happened to this week? I'm quite certain that I've been at work for the last 3 days, unless I'm having very vivid hallucinations, but all I've done is...nothing. Or at least that's what it feels like, and my electronic to-do list (which moves anything I don't finish to the next day, in RED even) is backing me up. I just don't know.

Meanwhile, at home, I'm on a bit of a home-revitalization kick. I've divided my apartment into 6, and each weekend I'm tackling one of those six areas, doing a very thorough cleaning (including the parts I usually ignore, like the BLINDS WHICH ARE FILTHY), plus clutter tossing, pulling out things for Goodwill, and decorating. Last weekend I did the bedroom - I cleaned the filthy blinds (which took forever and is really the reason my tiny apartment got divided into 6, because I am lazy and there are 2 sets of blinds in the living room), took everything off the bedside table, both bookcases, and the metal stand that stands in for a dresser and washed them all down, moved everything away from the walls and under the bed and super-vacuumed, and dusted all the ledges and moldings and corners. Living on a fairly major street and leaving your windows open all the time certainly builds up the dirt, I tell you. Then I trekked to IKEA and bought a new bedspread, new sheets that actually co-ordinate (and what I thought was pillowcases, but turned out to only be one), and curtains.

Sadly, when I went to put the curtain rods up, I discovered that the area around the windows is entirely plaster, so the screws just fell out again. Boo! Today I picked up some of those plastic things that supposedly help with the screws, but apparently I need a drill. So I think it's back to the drawing board. Maybe I can find some sort of curtain rod that just sticks to the wall? The curtains are very light.

This weekend: bathroom. Which means I have to clean the shower tiles. Lame. And then I'm finally going to call my landpeople and complain about the fact that the drain doesn't so much drain. 5 minutes, and I'm in water up to my calves, and then it takes 15 minutes to all disappear. No wonder I can never really get the bathtub clean.
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I am going through a phase wherein I want to get rid of things. I wonder if these phases are related to anything else, like maybe I get the urge to delist everything I own whenever I'm feeling lonely. I'd know this if I were the sort of person who kept a journal of, like, *emotions* and *feelings*. Or even if weren't the type of person who likes to pretend there's no such thing as emotions and feelings.

In any case, I am fighting a losing battle with myself in regards to my CDs. Not that I want to throw them ALL out -- I love many of them very much -- but I have a lot, and lots of them I never listen to. So why am I keeping them? If I got rid of them, I'd have a lean, clean collection of my favourites. But maybe one day I'd miss the ones I got rid of.

Clearly I have weeding in the blood and on the brain. There's a very good reason I'm not an archivist!

I have no segue: Work is eating my brain, and I need a vacation. That long weekend better hurry up. I'd also like to just be not-at-work every once in a while during the day. And maybe to get to sleep in and have a leisurely breakfast. 8-5 is haaaaard.

(Oops, sorry, that wasn't meant to fall into whining! But I've become rather obsessed with people around me who aren't going into work every day, and I spend a lot of time each day picturing what they might be doing, particularly if it doesn't involve leaving the house.)

What I really meant to say is, I want the weekend to hurry up because it's just so sunny out there, and I have no windows at work, plus it's freezing. Sun! I think I got a little vitamin D deprived over the winter. I wonder if I could rent a balcony, the way people rent apartment parking. Hmmmm.
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I have been press-ganged into a book club. Not that I don't want to join (although I am, as always, completely terrified of meeting new people and what will I say and what if they think I'm a loser?), but it was just a little amusing they way it happened - basically "here's the next book for the book club and here's when we're meeting" and I was all "book club? whaaa?". It also felt weirdly secretive. The scary part is that it's one of those grown-up book clubs where everyone takes turns hosting. My apartment is TINY and STUDENT "CHIC" and these people have real adult homes.*

Today I was re-certified for first aid, which was actually fun. Our instructor was a blond gay Newfoundlander who looked like a cross between a younger Brent Carver and a younger Wallace Langham, and he talked just as fast as [ profile] vestra and was hilarious. Also, I have decided to move to Newfoundland because I adore the accent. It's true love.

And then I walked home, because it's just so unbelievably beautiful out there right now. Also, I may have had a milkshake along the way. Hey, it's a long walk, I needed the energy.

The plan for tonight was to watch more Dead Like Me, but the next disc hasn't arrived. Boo, I say! I am very much in a serial television mood these days, although I'm also considering buying a Hot Docs pass -- apparently I can get extra free tickets through work if I buy some, and there are a few movies that look really interesting, including, oh yes, a documentary about Helvetica. Yes, the typeface. Oh, baby. However, none of that is useful to me tonight, when I really just want to watch more funny Grim Reaper tales.

I wish more fresh food was available in smaller quantities. I think this is part of the problem I have with eating healthily.** For instance, I decide I'm going to have a stirfry for dinner. I buy broccoli - that's at least 2 meals worth of food, more like 4 if I buy the organic that comes bundled in twos. Asparagus - 4 meals. Tofu - 3 meals. Celery - an eternity of meals. At least mushrooms provide the opposite problem for a nice change -- I would happily always have them in my fridge, but they don't last very long. I suppose this is all fine, except that I get bored of eating the same food for dinner every night, and after 2 or 3 meals in a row I come home and can't handle stirfry again. But I don't have any other food in the house, because then that's another ridiculous 4 meals worth of food that won't stay fresh, so I eat Mini Eggs, because I can buy them at the corner store. And I guess I could buy each night's dinner on the way home, but that wouldn't solve the problem of food that comes in too large quantities. It's frustrating! And I cannot come up with a solution. I want the tiny senior's portions of vegetables that they sold at Thrifty's, as sad and lonely as that would probably make me feel. :)

*I'm assuming. But one of them has a gorgeous condo, and at least one of them has a house with a pool. A POOL, people. You could fit my entire apartment into a pool.
**This, and the fact that I'm lazy and apparently don't like being upright for long enough to chop things.
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After getting all the way down to the laundry room, I discovered that one of my quarters was actually a nickel. As I turned to leave and collect a real quarter, I saw a lost quarter on the floor in the corner. For the win!

* * *

I finally (how long have I been living here?) worked up the nerve to knock on my neighbour's door in order to get her to turn her radio down. Except she didn't answer, even though I could hear her moving around in there. But she turned the radio off, so I guess she knew why I was knocking? I don't want her to feel like she can't have the radio on at all, just not so loud that I can hear every word of the annoying announcers. I guess we'll see how long this lasts.

* * *

I'm slowly starting to realize that I can literally order anything I want at work, which is awesome for checking out new CDs that I haven't heard yet. I've been shy about ordering certain semi-obscure musicals, because I wasn't sure anyone was using them, and then today one of the managers brought me a big list of stuff by Ricky Ian Gordon and Jason Robert Brown that he'd found after reading an article in Opera News. Which totally says to me, sure, go ahead, order stuff because *you* want to listen to it!

* * *

A clear sign that I am ready to leave work is when I start berating the internet out loud. Usually I manage to keep the "oh please, that's not even remotely the information I need" and "bastard! what's wrong with clearly labelling your contact information?" inside my head, or at least under my breath.

* * *

Part of the reason that I buy things (books, CDs, DVDs, BPAL, tea, etc) is simply that I like to make lists. A lot of the allure of BPAL, for me, was getting to go through their entire catalogue, find everything that looked interesting, narrow it down, try them out, mark down what I liked and what I didn't. The fact that I ended up smelling lovely was a bonus, but the real joy was in the process. My current list is of wine - around the New Year, I spent a lot of time hunting down "best of under $12" lists (particularly local ones, which included LCBO numbers for easy searching) and now I have a massive list. Each time I buy wine, I get a few kinds I haven't tried before and then after I write down my thoughts. I tell myself that it's so I'll never stand in a liquor store flailing and uncertain again, but really I think it comes down to the fact that I'm a completest and I like to cross things off lists. I think this is why I don't really like shopping. I can't possibly look at *everything*, so my brain rebels. I need someone to go first and create a shortlist for me, like my own personalized store.

* * *

The Buffy comic. Is it actually out? Can I subscribe? Am I going to actually have to enter a comic book store? I feel the same way about comic book stores as I do about tattoo parlours -- weirdly intimidated. Also, I'm never as satisfied with graphic novels/comics as I think I'm going to be. Silly as it sounds, the illustrations really just get in the way of my enjoyment of the story. But I keep trying, because some of my favourite people deal in this form, Joss Whedon being no exception.
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We got sent home early today because of the massive snowstorm. Except that because I started far before everyone else who was there today, "early" meant "5 minutes before I get off", and in fact I ended up not leaving for half an hour because the people I like ended up in a really silly conversation. So I was totally denied early leaving!

Not like I needed it anyway; the subways were actually less crowded than usual and totally running fine. I guess everyone left super early?

Yesterday I had a bit of an epiphany that I was living my life in a way that made me feel out of control (letting things (physical and mental) pile up, not getting enough sleep, eating terribly, obsessing), so I got up today (on time! another thing that has been slipping completely) with a renewed sense of being a responsible person (in at least some areas of my life). Every time I thought about chocolate, I recited cheesy motivational slogans to myself ("Today is the first day of the rest of your life!"). So far so good, although I am sitting here on the computer instead of making dinner. But I'm just entertaining myself while drinking motivational tea (Granville Island Cream Earl Grey, yum). And I did put the dishes in to soak first.

And now I have VERY IMPORTANT footwear-related questions. The tendonitis is fine these days -- at least, it doesn't hurt at all as long as I don't wear shoes or boots that press on that specific part of my tendon (up the back of my foot right where it dips in before going on to be the leg*). The problem, of course, is that most of my shoes hit right at that spot, which is why the problem exists in the first place. And the tendonitis is never actually going away -- that will always be a weak spot for me, and if I wear something that rubs there it flares up again. The biggest offenders are my Doc boots, which has thrown me into somewhat of a tizzy.**

Because here's the thing: I've been wearing this same style of Doc boot as my everyday footwear since I was 15.*** They're just so convenient. I can wear them in all sorts of weather, with pants or skirts or dresses, they're good for walking long distances, I can wear them to work, they last longer than any other kind of shoe I've owned****, I like they way they look, and I feel somehow strong and powerful when I wear them.***** They are, for me, all purpose. It's only in the past couple of years that I've really owned shoes other than Docs and sandals. But now it looks like my Doc days are over, and I have no idea what to replace them with. What do people wear? They have to be comfortable, and I have to be able to walk in them, but they need to be versatile style-wise, and I really don't want to become one of those people who change their shoes at work every day. Also, I'd like to avoid having a gazillion pairs of shoes, because I have a small closet (and a not-massive income).

So, share! What kind of footwear do you wear? Do you have go-to footwear, fallback footwear, something that goes with everything? What do you wear with skirts (if you wear skirts as non-fancy wear)? Links or specific brands/styles would be great, too. HELP ME INTERBETS!

*According to my doctor, this is a very bizarre place to have this problem. It's because for years I've worn boots instead of shoes.
**The other problem, of course, is that it's WINTER, and all my boots are uncomfortable to a degree. The only shoes I own that are avoid the sore spot completely are little flats, which I totally can't wear outside. Also, they're not that great for wearing every day, and I think my knees are starting to get annoyed at the lack of support.
***I'm sure you're thinking that it's about time I moved on anyway. I know, I know.
****Although I've gone through a few pairs since I moved out east. I think the salt is not so good for them.
*****Every pair of shoes I own makes me feel like a slightly different person. I walk differently, I stand differently, I act differently. I think that's why it's so hard for me to find shoes I like - they're not just shoes, they're personalities.
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-Someone sent me a virtual rose! You, mysterious person, are wonderful.

-Iceland keeps sending me e-mails. I think they want me to visit.

-The 4th (3rd?) annual single girls' Anti-Valentine's Day celebrations last night were fabulous. There was cleavage, there were tiaras, and of course many drinks, obnoxious conversation and very loud laughter. And then we all tottered home in the snow in our heels.

-I, apparently, want to be just like [ profile] mystery_diva, because I also have tendinitis. I don't get an exciting support, though, because mine is in my foot. The annoying thing is that I can't wear any shoes that hit the back of my achilles tendon, because it's very painful. This, of course, includes all my boots. And of course last night and today we got much snowfall. The shoe thing is going to be a bitch. The disturbing thing is that my foot creaks when I flex it. SO WEIRD. But I can't stop doing it, and freaking myself out.

-My foot actually hurts even without shoes. Dammit.

-I feel like this has been a wasted work at week. Except that I have actually been working very hard and getting lots done, but totally doesn't feel like it. It's not fair, you know? Where's my satisfaction?

-I am short on food of the edible kind at home (because I was laaaaazy this weekend and didn't go buy groceries), but I can't even think of what I want to buy. Plus there's all that snow. Is it still dinner if it's just veggie pate and dried cranberries? Separately, of course.

-You know what today needs? More tea.
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Song Titles: A Cautionary Tale: "Please Call Me, Baby" or "Please Call Me Baby"? For want of a comma, a phone call was lost.

Oh, The Shame: I admit it, I kind of love watching Beauty and the Geek. I'm sorry! Half the time I watch it on mute, though, because I can't deal with the stupid and/or awkward things that they all say. They should do a season in opposite, though, with hot airhead boys and geeky girls. And then I should be on it.

Noises Off: I told you that the beep is gone, right? The banging pipes made a comeback this week, though, banging all night long on Monday. YARGH. But someone else must have complained (I wasn't quite ready to call back AGAIN, complaining about something ELSE), because I came home on Tuesday to a note saying that there were problems with the heat and so people might be coming into our apartments. And it's been pretty quiet since. Yahoo.

Home Swee(t) Home: I have finally made the leap. I now, after 5 1/2 years, pronounce Toronto, "Tronna". The proper enunciation comes back if I'm talking to strangers or in professional situations, but most of the time, it's bye bye, little T. You'd think I lived here or something.

Mmmm Pie: Staff meetings are made infinitely better by pie.
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In what is possibly the saddest, most depressing moment of my career to date, this morning I had to call HMV to have a copy of Kevin Idiot Federline's CD RUSH EXPRESS COURIERED to the library.

Oh, the shame.
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I am holding off this cold by mere force of will. Well, force of will and liberal applications of vitamin C, echinacea, ColdFX and vast quantities of tea. Still, the fact that I haven't been completely knocked out like everyone else around me (including the entire library, one at a time, since the middle of September) is cause for celebration. This calls for a throat lozenge.

By the way, when you can't swallow pills, especially gelcaps, and you have to break them apart and dump them in water and chug it down, ColdFX is pretty disgusting.

I just heard a John Mayer song that I actually like. Of course, it's not him singing, so that helps.

I tried the cinnamon tea from Adagio last night. It was pretty tasty - nice and strong. I think I prefer a spice mix, though.

And now? I work! I have been working on this project for days (and days, and days), the end result of which is that I would totally run the board in the category of "Spot the Canadian musicians in this 20 page list. And this one.". Also I get a gold star in justifying why something should be considered jazz or classical instead of pop. The downside is that I am seemingly determined that Bruce Hornsby is Canadian, and no amount of looking him up can convince me otherwise.
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Apparently attendance at work today is completely optional, at least judging by how many people aren't here. Why did no-one tell me? I'm so out of the loop.
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OH MY GOD I've forgotten how to cutter. If I have two books in the same LC class by the same author, I expand the cutter number for that author and use adjacent numbers, right? Please tell me I'm not just making this up.
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Here's is why it's such a good idea that I've gotten rid of my cable: everything I'm watching this summer (which is not all that much, really) is suddenly on at 8 on Wednesday. When I'm at French class. And honestly, I find it upsetting, because I don't tend to watch TV casually - I get involved in whatever I watch, and I hate missing episodes. WHICH IS STUPID. It's just TV, for fuck's sake.

I will be so much healthier when I'm not actually tied to watching things on a schedule, and waiting for DVDs to come out is the normal way of my life. I almost wish I couldn't get *any* channels without cable (although not really, because at least I'll still be able to get CBC, and George. George!).

And in other news of me, I didn't really have time to eat lunch today, and as a result I was on a short, short thread, and very close to crying at the end of the day. I don't think I've ever cried at work before - and I didn't today, but I was on the edge, and it wasn't even because of work! It was because I hadn't eaten lunch! I WAS CRYING BECAUSE OF FOOD. How lame is that?

Really, if I were going to cry, I should be crying because of this stupid Norton Anti-Virus that I attempted to buy last month - I bought the download, I downloaded it, I attempted to install it, it hung up my computer. I tried again. I e-mailed tech support, they sent me somewhere else. I e-mailed there. They told me to uninstall everything and try again. I tried again. It hung up my computer. I tried the two other things they said to try. Nothing worked. I asked for a refund. They sent me a link to a letter of destruction. It wouldn't let me fill in the fields, and there wasn't an "accept" button. I e-mailed about that. They sent me instructions on how to fix my download. I e-mailed somewhere else. They told me that once I had sent in my refund it would be 7-10 days. I e-mailed back to say that I couldn't PUT the damn REFUND THROUGH.

And there's no phone number on the site, at least not that I can find. Dear sweet pete.
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I think my fan is giving me a headache. Actually, I hope my fan is giving me a headache, since I've had one every day for the past who-knows-how-long, and I'd like something to blame.


Anyway, for the curious, I am back from my one-day trip to Montreal. It was extraordinarily wet there, but I was in a sub-sub-basement, so I didn't see much of it. It was a very nice sub-sub-basement, though. I had a somewhat random conversation with my boss over lunch where I think I managed to indicate my interest in having everyone under my control moving up in the world, if there is somewhere to move. So that's good, I suppose.

Meanwhile, I have been perusing the Fringe program. [ profile] sarcasma, there are zombies! I'm going to post a tentative list soon, in case anyone wants to join me for things, which would be lovely. And I'm going to go to bed, because I got up at 4:30 this morning. Honestly, that seriously doesn't even count as morning. Evil!

Good night, all.
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I have reached the critical mass point wherein the number of meetings I have over the next 6 weeks has exceeded the number of places I can stick post-it notes to remind myself of those meetings.


In other news, Alias is over, and I am sad. I know it didn't retain the glory of its younger years, but I was still entertained most of the time, despite the improbabilities. And I loved how over the last few episodes they kept bringing everyone back for one last shot. Also, SARK. Ahem.
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THE INTERNET HAS SPOKEN: And the internet said, "Watch Battlestar Galactica NOW, bitch." The internet was also in favour of Doctor Who, House, Scrubs and My So-Called Life, with a very convincing argument for Black Books. So I think I know what I'm doing this summer. (Also, to the person who suggested ReGenesis -- was that, um, serious? Not that I'm dissing your TV watching choices, of course!)

WHAT I DID ON MY SUMMER VACATION LAST NIGHT AFTER WORK: Stayed until closing, meaning worked overtime, because half our staff (everyone who works the late shift) was off yesterday. It wasn't exactly a hardship, but I felt very put-upon, being all alone in the library for the last hour. It's definitely a harbinger of things to come in the summer, though -- we are going to be very short on staff.

CONTENT SHAMELESSLY STOLEN FROM SARCASMA FOR THE FOUR PEOPLE ON MY F'LIST WHO MIGHT NOT HAVE SEEN IT: The only version of "Oops, I Did It Again" you'll ever need. People, it's a sousaphone on fire, accompanied by dancers in plaid skirts. With more fire.

WHAT I LEARNED FROM GEORGE LAST NIGHT: I am hopelessly fascinated with this site: World Mapper. Also, I missed the lead-up, but they apparently ran across a website that is all GEORGE + CLAIRE (from the Weather Centre, who comes on after his show every night) 4EVAH!!!! She was so embarrassed (and, I think, somewhat flabbergasted that anyone would come up with a site like that). It was cute.

I AM SO MONOLINGUAL: Today at work so far I have heard staff members speaking Ukranian, Turkish, Greek, French, and Japanese. I can't decide if I am happy about this because it's easier to ignore, or if I object to this because I can't hear if they're passing on good gossip.

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I can't decide if memeage truly always occurs when I'm not at a computer enough to participate, or if it only FEELS like it always occurs when I'm not at a computer enough to participate because the flist suddenly explodes.

Meaning one day when you least expect it I'm breaking out with a list on a random letter. JUST YOU WAIT.

Three conversations monologues I had while I was away that are relevant to today's story:

1. In which I proclaimed that I am anal and fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants in equal parts, as evidenced by my tendency to, when going to a new place, look it up, find careful directions, plot walking routes and/or transit routes, but then have full faith in my ability to remember all that and know where I'm going and not take anything with me, not even the address.

2. In which I declared I am a distance optimist, and constantly make heartfelt proclamations about it's really not that much farther, even if I really have no idea where I really am or where I'm going, but I firmly believe that I am almost there.

3. In which I expounded on my theory of city memory, where I have, in certain cities, the ability to find my way around after only a short time, although I'm very bad at remembering actual store or street names.

So today, I decided to go to Santropol after work, which is a cute café in Montréal that I went to a few times when I lived here. It has an awesome patio out back, so I was trying to wait until the weather was a bit better, but it's been pissing down rain here, so the fact that it was momentarily dry was enough to make me wander off. Now, I haven't been here in five years, but I was completely confident that I knew where it was, although I didn't know any of the street names. But I was sure! It was on the southwest corner! I still remembered what the sign looked like! It didn't even occur to me to look anything up, other than how much bus fare was in case I was too lazy to walk back.

I'm sure you can see where this story is going. I walked up St-Laurent for nearly an hour, always feeling quite certain that it was just across the next intersection, until I finally had to admit that I had passed the mountain and had really, honestly, never been that far before. So I called them, and found out they were on St-Urbain (just two blocks over!), and that it was so much closer to my old apartment than I would have guessed. So I walked back, and lo, there it was.

And then I had a massive sandwich (blue cheese and brie and tomatoes!) and a chai milkshake, and even just typing chai milkshake makes me want another one.

Since I was right there, I also wandered past my old apartment, and through my little mall-ette, which was somewhat scuzzier than I remember (but Cinema du Parc! *adore*), although my opinion may have been influence by the person in the bathroom who didn't shut the stall door while she was peeing. WTF? I seriously don't understand that. And I tried to go to my old work (which is actually not my old work anymore, since it is in a brand-new building), but it's on summer hours already and was closed. Oh well.
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My hotel is rather enormous. And by "rather", I mean "seriously fucking". My hotel room, on the other hand, is pretty much normal-sized, although a bit fancy-pants.

I have been typing all day on a French keyboard. It took me forever to find the slash.


I left the house in such a hurry this morning that I left without my watch and ring. I feel somewhat naked, except that I have a wildly dramatic watch strap tan, thanks to the fact that fact that managed to burn even my hand while I was out west.

There was free lunch. Thank you, unions! Also, there was free beer and wine at lunch. This would never happen in Toronto.

And now I venture out into the wide world in search of dinner. Only food could get me moving again at this point in time.


Apr. 5th, 2006 12:39 pm
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Don't look now, but I think I have time for an actual lunch break today!

Even better, I think I can actually leave the building for that lunch break!!

Even better better, there's a possibility I might get a little help for the next month or so, until I manage to catch-up from all my work travelling (and upcoming work travelling)!!!

*dies from the relief*

But now, LUNCH. Quick, before anyone finds me.

ETA: I was not nearly quick enough. DAMN THEM ALL.


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