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So, I'm off to Victoria for a week, as a surprise present for my mom (who has been VERY SAD that I'm not going to be at the birthday/retirement/anniversary party on Saturday! except I am!). I expect I won't be around much, now that both my parents are retired and not leaving me alone during the day. Although they sing in approximately 8 different choirs, so I'll probably have at least one night solo.

In any case, have a lovely week, chickadees!
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Hello, we're back from New York!

Okay, we got back on Saturday night, but still. It was an awesome vacation - the shows were incredible, we got to see some sights and eat some great food, and just being on holiday was lovely. Such good times. We're going to attempt to do it more regularly.

I have photos, and I'll do some sort of short travelog, but meanwhile:

1. I am a terrible photographer - all the fuzzy pictures are mine. I think it's because I try to take them with just one hand.

2. The internet has somewhat defeated the point of shopping in other cities - we were at an amazing music store full of sheet music, cds and dvds, mostly broadway related, but we knew we could buy everything on the internet, especially since there's not really any difference in our dollars these days.

3. I love being able to walk everywhere.

3b. Except in the Theatre District, where it's less "walking" and more "shuffling along behind the person in front of you".

4. [ profile] vestra is an awesome person to travel with because she likes the same things I do, and she doesn't laugh at me when I search out the bathroom everywhere we go.

5. I don't know how tall people go to the theatre - all the old theatres had almost no leg room, even for me, and I'm short.

6. Musicals are brilliant and fantastic. I love them so very much.
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I'm sitting around waiting for [ profile] vestra to arrive (and not watching HIMYM because it's too fuzzy even with the rabbit ears, boo), and then tomorrow...New York! Vacation! Musicals! Not getting up at 6am! Erm, it's possible I'm a litle overly excited about that last one.

I'm taking a much smaller than usual carry-on bag (purse-thing rather than backpack), and as a consequence I'm quite certain I've forgotten at least three things that are essential for plane travel. Yes, it's true, I'm a little paranoid about running out of things to do or getting hungry. Let's just ignore that it's a much shorter plane ride than I'm used to.

Broadway yay!
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In case anyone is wondering why I haven't come out to play in any one of the movie quote memes going around (because I know each and every one of you are following my every move and despondent each moment of the day that I am not around), it's because apparently I have the memory retention of a gnat with alzheimer's.

I haven't recognized a single one of those quotes, despite the fact that I've seen probably 70% of the movies being quoted. Sometimes multiple times. In some cases I even own the movie, and yet nothing is even the slightest bit familiar. Am I just so entirely in my own little world that I don't even listen?

In other more exciting news, [ profile] vestra and I are going to book our tickets to New York this weekend, since we are temporarily back in the same city. YAY! Very excited. Less excited by how difficult it's turning out to be to find a place to stay, since most things seem to be full up. I'm sure we'll figure it out, though. And then musicals! And vacation! Hooray!

ps. I bought a sewing machine last weekend. I have not yet taken it out of the box, which is a combination of no time and fear that I won't be able to work it. This weekend, though! This weekend I am going to sew something! (and by something I mean random lines on a scrap of cloth)


Apr. 2nd, 2007 12:06 pm
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I woke up at 3:30 last night with the cold that I had been trying to hold off all weekend. Mrrrr. So now I am sneezy and dripping and oh so very attractive. ([ profile] tinkerer and [ profile] gingerale_kitty, this means I won't be coming with you tonight. I'm sorry! It sucks, but I don't think clinging to a wall is the best place to be with sneezes of this magnitude. I'd probably propel myself right across the room.)

Maybe I can blame the cold for how tired I was this weekend. I'd like to blame the weird-ass rash on the cold, too, but that might be stretching a little.

Next weekend is Easter! I only just discovered this while looking at my calendar this morning. Woohoo long weekend! I wish I'd realized a little sooner that it was coming up, because I'd really like to do something, go somewhere maybe, take advantage of my long weekend. Although, if I'm going to be sick, maybe not. Still, if I spend 4 days at home doing nothing, I will totally feel like I wasted the time off. So I'm going to have to look around -- I've probably left it too late, but I kind of want to go to a retreat or something like that, somewhere where they'll feed me and I can read and wander through the woods. Although I'm not sure that would be entirely fun by myself. Hmm. I was briefly temped to fly down to New York, but I don't have my renewed passport back yet, sadly, and I only have 4 days, which would mean I'd be spending most of the time in transit. I don't know! It's not the best time of year for vacationing, at least not locally. I may be pretending it's spring, but I think we all know better.

Meanwhile, I'm going to fill myself up with all sorts of things that probably won't do anything to ease the cold up, but at least I'll feel like I'm trying. Also, I'm going to eat my yummy rice pudding that I didn't have time to eat this morning, because it was far too busy.
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Hoo boy, did I ever wear/pack the wrong clothes for this weekend. It's cold (or more accurately, "cold", as in cold for August) and rainy, and I have summer skirts and sandals. I'm guessing the wandering around Stratford part of the day might turn into sitting in a coffee shop reading. Luckily, I brought far more books than any sane person needs for an overnight trip spent mostly with friends or watching theatre. :D
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I can't decide if memeage truly always occurs when I'm not at a computer enough to participate, or if it only FEELS like it always occurs when I'm not at a computer enough to participate because the flist suddenly explodes.

Meaning one day when you least expect it I'm breaking out with a list on a random letter. JUST YOU WAIT.

Three conversations monologues I had while I was away that are relevant to today's story:

1. In which I proclaimed that I am anal and fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants in equal parts, as evidenced by my tendency to, when going to a new place, look it up, find careful directions, plot walking routes and/or transit routes, but then have full faith in my ability to remember all that and know where I'm going and not take anything with me, not even the address.

2. In which I declared I am a distance optimist, and constantly make heartfelt proclamations about it's really not that much farther, even if I really have no idea where I really am or where I'm going, but I firmly believe that I am almost there.

3. In which I expounded on my theory of city memory, where I have, in certain cities, the ability to find my way around after only a short time, although I'm very bad at remembering actual store or street names.

So today, I decided to go to Santropol after work, which is a cute café in Montréal that I went to a few times when I lived here. It has an awesome patio out back, so I was trying to wait until the weather was a bit better, but it's been pissing down rain here, so the fact that it was momentarily dry was enough to make me wander off. Now, I haven't been here in five years, but I was completely confident that I knew where it was, although I didn't know any of the street names. But I was sure! It was on the southwest corner! I still remembered what the sign looked like! It didn't even occur to me to look anything up, other than how much bus fare was in case I was too lazy to walk back.

I'm sure you can see where this story is going. I walked up St-Laurent for nearly an hour, always feeling quite certain that it was just across the next intersection, until I finally had to admit that I had passed the mountain and had really, honestly, never been that far before. So I called them, and found out they were on St-Urbain (just two blocks over!), and that it was so much closer to my old apartment than I would have guessed. So I walked back, and lo, there it was.

And then I had a massive sandwich (blue cheese and brie and tomatoes!) and a chai milkshake, and even just typing chai milkshake makes me want another one.

Since I was right there, I also wandered past my old apartment, and through my little mall-ette, which was somewhat scuzzier than I remember (but Cinema du Parc! *adore*), although my opinion may have been influence by the person in the bathroom who didn't shut the stall door while she was peeing. WTF? I seriously don't understand that. And I tried to go to my old work (which is actually not my old work anymore, since it is in a brand-new building), but it's on summer hours already and was closed. Oh well.
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My hotel is rather enormous. And by "rather", I mean "seriously fucking". My hotel room, on the other hand, is pretty much normal-sized, although a bit fancy-pants.

I have been typing all day on a French keyboard. It took me forever to find the slash.


I left the house in such a hurry this morning that I left without my watch and ring. I feel somewhat naked, except that I have a wildly dramatic watch strap tan, thanks to the fact that fact that managed to burn even my hand while I was out west.

There was free lunch. Thank you, unions! Also, there was free beer and wine at lunch. This would never happen in Toronto.

And now I venture out into the wide world in search of dinner. Only food could get me moving again at this point in time.
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It's very windy downtown. Well, it's pretty windy up here, too (my blinds are rattling against the windows), but I was down on College with the hip and trendy people (is the College strip still hot? Hmmm) and the wind was swirling around and causing all sorts of crap to fly around as well. Gritty dirty crap. That's now in my eyes, and in my teeth and visibly on my skin. Blech. I can still feel it.

(You know, it just occurred to me that maybe the reason why I couldn't fall asleep last night until around 3am is because of the really excellent dark chocolate that I ate right before bed, and am eating again RIGHT NOW. I wonder if this knowledge guess will be enough to make me stop eating the chocolate. Probably not. It would be nice if I got some sleep, though, since I already have to get up at 4:30 to get to the airport.)

I've done everything I need to do except pack, and even that is sort of semi-done -- the suitcase is full of random things haphazardly tossed in it, so I have to pack it properly, and pick out some more clothes. But I even managed to get my hair cut tonight. Sadly, now I am sitting on the couch with the aforementioned chocolate and a cup of tea, and I am in full procrastination mode because I can't decide what the weather is going to be like, so I can't pick clothes. I'd be a much happier traveller if I could magically have my entire wardrobe with me, without having to carry any of it.

Oh, look, there's no more tea. *sigh* I think that must be my sign to get up and see how much I can fit in my suitcase without it breaking -- the more clothes I can take, the less decisions I have to make.

Have fun, boys and girls. I'll be around sporadically for the next few weeks. And some of you, I'll see soon! Yay!
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I don't know why I'm excited, though. It's not like February is the most exciting of months. In fact, around here February is pretty much the least favourite of months, what with the cold and the snow and the lack of holidays. Still, for some reason I'm rather fond of February this year, at least for the moment.

I did really well on my January resolution. Gold star for me! I mean, I actually went to bed earlier, and got more sleep, for the majority of days. I'm still tired all the time, but I think that's more a function of when I have to get up and the fact that my body refuses to accept that 6am is morning. I'll take what I can get, though.

My February resolution is to write more of my silly NaNovel. Because I was doing so not particularly well, and then I just gave up! That's not on. I mean, the giraffes had just shown up. So, yeah.

I tried my humidifier last night (See? I can buy things in less than a year. Sometimes). I don't know if it made any difference, but that was just the first night. It was pretty loud at first, but I think I got used to it -- it's hard to tell, because I wake up so often these days. It could have been the noise, or it could have just been me. I have high hopes, though.

Finally: Hypothetically, if I were to take a trip to, say, London* and environs, what would be the nicest time of year to visit?

And I'm done.

*England, that is, not Ontario.
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I am sitting in the "business centre" reading LJ. This is business, right? But now someone else just came in and I think they're staring over my shoulder. Don't look!

So far, in Halifax, I have:

-drowned my Stephen Harper-related sorrows in wine with [ profile] rhiacat
-emailed Rex Murphy about the really important issues of the election
-looked at far too many houses that I could never afford
-suffered through election day-after blues
-seen [ profile] canirl! twice!
-missed cereal and soy milk
-impressed everyone in the Halifax library with my awesomeness
-underdressed for the weather
-been remembered, by name, at the place I went for breakfast the first day when I went back the next day for lunch (Annie's, if you care)
-become obsessed once again with HGTV
-stayed up way too late watching decorating shows
-been reminded why it is a very good idea that I don't have extended cable anymore
-read as far as last Tuesday
-just about run out of internet connection is about to close, oops

Ta, boys and girls
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I don't think I managed to mention this among all the weather talk and whining, but I had a great trip home and a wonderful Christmas. I saw many friends, which was fantastic, and of course it was great to see my parents. This is the first Christmas that I can remember where it was just the three of us for stockings and breakfast (when I was younger my uncle and grandmother would come over, and various friends of ours have spent Christmas with us over the years), and it was very relaxed. We opened presents slowly, with lots of time for my mom to admire everything, and try everything, and read everything, and there were cherry scones and fruit salad. Piles of people came over in the afternoon for the open house, way more than usual, but there were only 9 for dinner, which is much smaller than average. So things were all backwards.

And we played games. Oh, did we play games. Whenever I go home, that's what we end up doing. I think my parents, who usually read at night, don't want to leave me alone. So we played many, many games, including endless rounds of Mah Jongg, which I got for Christmas. I'm obsessed. It's good though - I'm practicing for when I'm old and living in the House of Cats. Because what goes better than old ladies, cats, and Mah Jongg?

So yeah, that was it. I bothered the cat endlessly, slept lots, ate, played games, gave fabulous gifts, and ended up with a suitcase full of things to find places for. Luckily, some of that is chocolate, which will be quickly taken care of. Yup.
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  1. I am very tired of flying across the country.

  2. However, my apartment did not collapse, flood or disappear entirely
    during my absence, so that's good. It smells a little funky, though.

    1. I'm afraid I might have bedbugs, though, because I woke up
      covered in bites the morning that I left for Victoria. They're still
      here, too.

      1. The bites, that is. The bedbugs might still be here, too, but I
        can't see them.

      2. I feel dirty. Also itchy.

    2. I think I found the source of the funky smell. Oops. I thought I'd cleaned out the entire fridge before I left.

  3. My legs are also covered with bruises from lugging the two very
    large, very heavy suitcases up the stairs.

    1. They were larger than usual, because I had to borrow a suitcase
      from my parents in order to get everything home. This is what happens
      when your parents wish you lived in Vancouver instead of Toronto, and
      buy accordingly.

      1. This also caused some panic in the airport when I realized that
        I really had no idea what the borrowed suitcase looked like, other
        than all black. Which, in point of fact, is not even accurate.

  4. This was the warmest Christmas I have ever experienced. It was 14
    degrees Christmas Day! What's that about? Not that I'm complaining,
    but it is slightly disturbing to see global warming quite so up close
    and personal.

    1. It was obviously warm here, too, because there is no snow. I've
      never come back to no snow. Weerie.

  5. My favourite part of coming home from Christmas holidays is all the mail. CARDS! So many. Awesome.

    1. Although the credit card bills were not quite as awesome.

  6. [ profile] maithias, it was your birthday and I missed it! Happy retroactive birthday! May 2006 be full of wonderful things and lovely secret pretend boyfriend sightings. And [ profile] shoefiend, it was your birthday, too, and I missed that! I hope it was fabulous and glamorous and that many people told you how wonderful you are.
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Later skaters - I'm off to Victoria for the holidays (with a stop in Vancouver to see some of my favourite west coast people). I should be in bed RIGHT NOW, since I have to get up at 4am (yes, you read that right) in order to get to the airport for my flight, but I just got home from my staff gathering, which turned out to be more fun than I anticipated. Fact: watching co-workers get drunk is very entertaining. I just hope that no-one was thinking that about me!

Oh, god, I'm going to be so dead tomorrow, between the staying up waaaay too late tonight,and the wine, and the super early flight, and the 3 hour time difference.

So, yes, bed. Bur first, since I don't think I'm going to be around much for the next little while, I want to wish a very happy advance birthday (completely removed from Christmas) to [ profile] pipesdreams and [ profile] zarahemla, and to my sweetie [ profile] starfishchick, whose birthday I always miss because I'm on my way to see my parents.

Finally, presents! For everyone. Some entirely random songs.

Twelve Days of Christmas - Bob and Doug MacKenzie (wma)

Hang On Little Tomato - Pink Martini (mp3)

Everything Stops for Tea - Long John Baldry (mp3)

Anything But Love - The Real Tuesday Weld (wma)

Well That Was Easy - Franz Ferdinand (m4a)

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1. Summer. Also, smog alerts. Blech. I would warn you that now is the time when I start complaining about the weather, only it would appear I never stopped complaining. But now I'm going to start complaining about the heat, rather than the cold! Exciting, I know.

2. [ profile] genarti had a birthday! I hope it was a good one.

3. Chicklit also had a birthday. I'm sure everyone celebrated by reading many, many books.

4. Chicklit t-shirts arrived! Speaking of Chicklit. I haven't seen them yet, but I'm assured they are lovely.

5. My apartment did not burn down, or get burgled, or become flooded. Although it is extraordinarily hot.

6. The library elves did not magically clean off my desk. In fact, it would appear that they added more papers and more CDs. Evil!

7. The Tony Awards. And I was on the plane. *sob*

The trip was a total success - it was excellent to meet/see people, and the wedding* was completely fun - but I'm exhausted (both physically and mentally) from all the socializing. Too much people time! Sadly, my grand plans of hiding out in my apartment** for the rest of the month and pretending I'm not home will not be happening, as other crazy people are out there planning bbqs and housewarmings and trips to the movie theatre, and I'm so in awe of the fact that people actually want me to be around that I can't say no.

*Not mine. In case you were wondering.

**Not that I would have been able to hide in my apartment anyway, because it's SO DAMN HOT. I hope I get used to it soon, or else sleep will become a thing of the past.


May. 31st, 2005 05:23 pm
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Seattle chickliterati are awesome. In case you were wondering.

I realize I'm a little behind the times here, but I'm just so damn popular (*snort*) that right now is the first moment since I arrived home that I haven't had anything to do, and the moment is quickly coming to an end. I'm about halfway through the Social Vacation and I kind of need a nap. Whatever, it's all brilliant, seeing people again has been wonderful, meeting new people has been fabulous, I HAVE MANY PICTURES but I can't upload them yet, and I have now eaten at Re-Bar 3 times. Oh yeah.

We sent [ profile] starfishchick home this morning, and from now on it's all about The Wedding, which is going to be beautiful, assuming we don't get lost on the way to Sooke again. And possibly, if I ever have a free moment again, there might be stories, but for now, you'll have to use your imagination. Dear Penthouse, I never thought I would write to you, but the most amazing thing happened...
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I just bought what is possibly the girliest accessory I have ever bought - a tiny black purse-like thing. I realize that's not all that girly in the grand scheme of things, but remember that I've never owned an actual purse, and my normal mode of carrying things is messenger bag or small hardy travel bag. However, more stylish minds than me brought up the fact that I might need something slightly classier than that for the wedding, even though there is very little that I will have to be carrying (I won't even have keys, because I don't actually live there). I go nowhere without lipbalm, though.

I did, however, manage to not buy anymore books for the trip, relying instead on my enormous stack of unread books. I think this might be my first plane ride that wasn't preceded by a trip to the bookstore. Weird.

In other trip news, I have lost my to-do list, which means I'm totally making it up at this point, and will probably forget something. I hope that something isn't taking the garbage out, because a week in this weather would be smelly. Ew.

But then, I can't bring myself to care all that much, because in exactly 2 hours I will be on vacation. Whee! I think I shall celebrate by buying myself something highly sugary to get me through the afternoon.
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Victoria weather is totally fucking with me by being indecisive, possibly rainy, and not nearly as warm as I was expecting. I now have to rethink my entire packing concept. Unacceptable!

The internet is fucking with me by not showing me images AGAIN, and by not letting me print out my plane and hotel reservations.

Work is conspiring to suddenly give me many things to do that were not there yesterday, and I bought way more fresh vegetables than I will be able to eat before I leave.

Despite all this, I am giddy with vacation thoughts and excitement about Lost tonight. Also, doughnuts.

I leave you with this: The String Quartet Tribute to Clay Aiken. Just, no.
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My brain is completely preoccupied with plotting, planning and organizing; with prices, tickets, places to go, people to see, things to buy.


Luckily all I'm doing right now is attaching labels and stickers to books. Although I should be careful about where I sit so that I don't get brain splooge all over the pages.
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While in Victoria, I have:

-attended a Medieval dinner put on by one of my parents' choirs as a fundraiser. The men of the choir were all dressed in monastic robes, which is so brilliantly inappropriate for my dad, I can't tell you. But lots of people were in costume, not just the choir, which was great, and the music was very fun.

-spent 2 hours with a 11-week old baby. I don't feel any more maternal than I did before the experience, but I didn't break out in hives, so that can only be good. I also held a baby for the first time since I was 16.

-discovered a bizarre obsessive urge to see The Notebook. I don't know what's wrong with me.

-gone to a baby shower, where I was one of only 2 people who were not pregnant and/or did not have children. All the daughters of my mom's friends are procreating like crazy right now.

-eaten much cheese.

-followed the cat around and attempted to get her to pay attention to me for hours on end.

-had lunch with [ profile] bruiseblue, which was SO MUCH FUN, after which she gave me tours of the libraries and introduced me to many librarians, including the music librarian and music cataloguer, both of whom know my mother. Small world. Oy.

-broken my shoelace.

-woken up early every morning even though I didn't have to, all because of the damn jetlag.

-gone to a one-woman play called "The Love of Victoria R.", which took place in a castle and required us to follow the action from room to room. As a reward they gave us tea and cookies afterward.

-talked to nearly everyone my parents know. On the minus side, this meant many conversations about how I like Toronto and my job. On the plus side, there was more hugging in 3 days than I normally experience in a year.

-discussed weddings on four different occasions, with four different people.

-decided that I need to get involved in music again, in some form. I'm just not sure what that will be.

-played games, of course. Well, this hasn't happened yet, but it's the grand plan for tonight.

While in Victoria, I have not:

-watched TV.

-cooked for myself.

-been online, except to check my email. Which means please tell me if anything exciting, amazing, terrible or downright boring has happened to you! I feel very out of the loop.


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