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My roasted veggies and tofu were very disappointing tonight. :( The tofu (a different brand than normal) tasted sour, the carrots didn't fully cook, the cauliflower got mushy, and I still can't cook with eggplant. Lame. Also, I have piles left because this was going to be lunches for the next couple of days. I'll have to pick out the good stuff and supplement.

On the plus side, I have almost filed my taxes. My return is complete, but I can't netfile because my address is wrong, and I had to create an account to change it, and they're mailing my account verification etc etc etc. Still, almost done! Whew.
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Happy birthday [ profile] farpotshket! Have a wonderful one.

I have new glasses, yay! Well, technically I have a receipt for the $100 deposit that I paid, and a promise that they will eventually (read: 3 weeks) arrive in the store for me to pick up. Oh, the perils of terrible eyesight. Not only are classes ridiculously expensive*, but they take forever to get made. Still, glasses! Glasses that are not completely scratched and have arms that actually stay on!

Next up on my list of major purchases: a couch. Don't laugh. I'm determined this time. I went back to the futon store, measurements in hand, but damn those things are expensive. So it's back to IKEA. There are two 2-seaters there which seem like they would fit in the apartment and are within my (greatly expanded from when I first started looking, but still not enough for a futon, unless I give up on the arms, but what is the point of a couch without arms, I ask you?) price range. So I think this weekend I will head out there and sit on them. Sadly, while I was in the futon store I fell in love with a dark purple cover, so now I really want a purple couch. That's not going to happen. Whatever.

And finally (for the moment, at least, because I am running out of credit), I'm going to go look for a humidifier tonight. It's SO DRY in my apartment. It's not really helped by the fact that it's really hot, too, which means that I sleep with the fan on. Ugh. You'd think having the window wide open and the rain practically hitting me would help, but no. So, humidifier it is.

I...don't think I'm going to read over that. I can already feel the money running away from me. I don't need to face the proof.

*You know the price is beyond crazy when the $80 difference between two types of lenses seems completely negligible. What's $80 when you're already spending $300 just for the prescription?
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Helloooooo! What's going on? How were your weekends? Don't you just love life right now?

I don't, particularly. But that's neither here nor there.

I had a pretty good weekend, though. Thursday night featured spontaneous sushi with [ profile] sarcasma, [ profile] mystery_diva and [ profile] sanity_clause. Tasty and fun!

Friday night featured spontaneous Mexican with [ profile] starfishchick, [ profile] sarcasma and [ profile] sanity_clause. Also tasty and fun, with bonus NaNo talk. However, after careful research it would appear that all Mexican restaurants in Toronto are veeeeery slow.

Dinner was followed by a spontaneous viewing of Mirrormask, which was visually stunning. And thus I used up all my alloted spontaneity for the year.

Bellydance excursion to Kitchener )

Money Money Money )

Wait! You've made it this far, don't run away yet!

Two things:

1. We're not allowed to wear perfume or any kind of scent at work anymore. My BPAL collection is weeping.

2. If you're taking part in the tea exchange, remember to send your tea! I'm sure your recipient will be very grateful, what with fall giving way to winter here in the northern hemisphere.

Oh, wait, one more:

3. It is less than 10 hours until November, and my summer's accumulation of sunburns (the ones I received DESPITE my careful application of sunscreen every day) have not gone away. WTF?

Next up for me: NaNo! It's going to be awfulawesome.
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The ducklings are no longer wee and tiny - in fact, if you see them without the mother duck around they look normal-sized - but they still sleep in an enormous pile. So adorable.

Not quite as adorable: money issues )

Of course, that hasn't stopped me from suddenly wanting more icons. I think once I've managed to make it through a few weeks without conspicuous consumption, I will buy myself some more. Yes, indeed.

My body has found new and exciting ways to torture me. And my apartment is a mess, because I was too hot and tired (read: lazy) to unpack fully when I got home on Sunday night, and everytime I bend down to pick something it's all about the headrush, so there is stuff scattered everywhere. However, the side benefit to being incapacitated due to heat and pain is that I watched the first three discs of The Wire season 2, and I am once again completely enthralled (although it took a bit longer than it did with season 1. But that's the benefit of watching 7 episodes in 2 days: by the time you realize that you're not completely on board with episodes 1 & 2, you're already halfway through episode 3).

And finally, in this random stroll through my brain, it's time for me to start taking bellydance classes again. I stopped because I was having all sorts of issues related to how fast I was progressing and comparing myself to others (I know), but I'm missing it. Plus I picked up a new jangly coin belt in Seattle that I want to wear. And I'm not going to go back to that same class, because it's really turned into an advanced class, which, let's be real here, I don't practice nearly enough to be in an advanced class. What I am going to do, though, is see if I can find somewhere that has air conditioning, because dancing during the summer heat is not fun.

No, wait, finally FINALLY, it's Friday, and I fully intend to get better enough that I can enjoy the weekend. Weekend!
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Happy birthday [ profile] dorrie6! I hope you have a wonderful day.


The week of the constant *thwack*, *thwack* of squash balls is almost over. I don't know whose idea it was to put a freaking SQUASH COURT in the middle of a place where people are actually working, but I'm guessing it was someone whose office doesn't front onto the atrium holding said squash court. Idiots.

I also don't know why anyone would want to watch people playing squash. Granted, I don't understand why people want to watch most sports, but squash seems particularly silly. It's like watching someone run on the treadmill - there's no strategy, just lots of power. Feel free to contradict me if you know better. :)

(Ha! We've decided that the next event in the atrium should be strip poker. Or possibly jello wrestling. Much more entertaining.)


Yesterday I discovered that what I thought was free extended cable was actually cable that I was paying for, even though I hadn't asked for it. Nice. And of course the reason it took me three months to figure this out is that at some point I stopped receiving bills, even though I hadn't asked for that either. Too bad they didn't decide to stop taking the money from my bank account, even though I didn't ask for that either.


I am impatiently waiting for blueberry season. Strawberries just don't cut it (I know, blasphemy), although I've been eating them anyway. Yesterday I found some not-ridiculously-expensive blackberries, which made me happy this morning, but they're still not blueberries.

Blueberries and ice cream -- the two best foods in the world.

Mmmm, now I want some ice cream.
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Last night I was *this* close to buying $70 worth of Gordon Korman books. They were in the shopping basket and everything.

Luckily I came to my senses and remembered that I have a library card.

But, geez, why am I so spendy lately? I've mostly managed to stop myself actually making the purchases, but it's not easy, and even the knowledge that I just put $700 on my credit card for my ticket out west isn't much of a deterrent.


Current mood: materialistic
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I now have new cheques for the third time in as many months. And I don't write very many cheques, so the environmental guilt is getting to me every time I toss the 98 unused cheques in the recycling bin (torn into tiny pieces, of course). It's not my fault, though, I swear! And these new cheques are a cause for excitement, because they signify a new phase in my life in which I have no bank fees whatsoever. That's right, none. Not for cheques, not for debit, not for ATMs, not for money orders, not even a monthly fee. I (heart) my credit union.

Songs that should be about drugs, even though they're really about sex: Please Don't Touch My Bowl.

Speaking of sex, I heard on the news yesterday that New Brunswick is putting together a new "abstinence-based" sex ed program for schools. The jist of the article )

This just drives me crazy. What teens (and pre-teens) need is information, factual information so that they aren't out there hurting themselves out of ignorance, and to be allowed to ask questions. They don't need everything to be hidden behind an atmosphere of "sex is bad".

(Now that I think about it, I don't remember having any formal sex-ed in school - just the girls-only videos on menstruation in grades 5 & 6. Oh, and the copy of Where Did I Come From that was in my kindergarten class, but I'm pretty sure that wasn't part of some sort of formal curriculum. Heh.)
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I'm sorry, Debt Free by 30, but there's a new book in town: The Money Book: A Survival Guide for Canadians Under 35 by Kevin Cork is my new true love. Finally, an author who acknowledges that the boomers are going to suck all the money out of the Canada Pension Plan - as he says, if you believe that there will be money there for you when you retire, "how...quaint".

Plus, because it's Canadian it talks about RRSPs, and Canada Savings Bonds, and all those other things that I should know more about than I really do.

I was talking with my dad last night - my parents are trying to buy a condo right now as part of their future retirement plans - and he kept bringing stuff up that mirrored exactly what this book said (things like always get mortgage payments taken off every two weeks instead of every month). My dad's not a money person by any means, but it was nice to hear the same information repeated. It's really got me determined; I need to talk to someone and find out what I can reasonably afford, and how much I'll need for a downpayment. Apparently interest rates right now are the lowest they've been in 25 years, so *now* is probably a good time to start thinking, and thinking fast.

Meanwhile, however, I somehow managed to spend my week's worth of cash in just one weekend. Huh? Maybe I bought particularly expensive groceries or something. So much for my miraculous new budget. :P
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[ profile] vestra and I were actually in the same room last night! For a whole 2 hours! I'd almost forgotten that I had a roommate. Aaaand now she's off again, although I think just for the weekend this time. It's good that she's coming back - it's wrong when my friends aren't here to entertain me.

So, it would seem that I have magic powers to make money appear just by thinking about it: first the bank gives me money back, after having overcharged my service fees, and now I'm getting a big chunk of money from work because they somehow forgot to actually put the pay increase into effect when I was promoted. Of course, it's money I was supposed to already have, but I didn't notice it wasn't there (which is a whole other issue of me not being enough of a grown-up to pay attention to my pay stubs), so it's free! bonus! money!

I wonder if I can get this power to work in other areas? ::concentrates on hot geek boys carrying cake::

Also, my dentist totally complimented my bones and gums today. You know your life is in a rut when you're happy that someone is saying nice things about the inside of your mouth.
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Quick update on the Quest To Be Rich, Or At Least Be Able To Contribute To The House Of Cats When I Am Old:

I talked to my lovely credit union lady about my service charges, and it turns out I was being charged for writing cheques when I shouldn't be. So they gave me back $50! I love my credit union.

(Also, new icon, and part of the reason why I got absolutely nothing done last night. From pretty pieces of paper.)
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Well, I've finished reading Debt Free by 30, and I'm ready to start becoming rich! Yup.

I did the first step, making a complete list of all my expenses, including keeping track of everything I spent for a month. Wow, I spend a lot on food and eating out. And then I added it all up, and compared it to how much money I made...and there's the reason why I don't have any savings. Living proof that people always spend exactly what they have, without even realizing it. And to think, I used to live on $10,000 a year. How things change.

So now I'm supposed to look at ways I can save - how necessary is my rent? My transportation? My cable/internet/phones? My entertainment? My buying of DVDs/CDs/books/magazines? Those last ones, probably not very. Heh. To start with, I'm going to go talk to my credit union and see if I can reduce my bank fees, which will probably basically mean not using ATMs as much. And then I'm going to look at transferring my credit card stuff to a lower interest card, even if it means not getting any points toward anything. I don't know that I'm ever going to use those points anyway. Oh, and I'm going to try to get a better deal for my cell, since I don't really use it much.

After that, I'm not sure yet - I guess just try to spend less on non-essentials. The grand plan is that I want to have 3 months salary in my savings account in case of emergency, like losing my job. At the rate I'm going now, this'll take about, oh, 4 years. I think I may need to speed that up. I did my taxes this weekend, too, though, and it looks like I'm going to be getting some money back, so I can start with that. And then try to save a bit each month. And once I have that bit in savings, I guess I can start saving for a down payment.

Oh, *lord*, this is going to take forever. But if it actually works, I'll feel like such a responsible grown-up!
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I started reading my new bible, Debt Free by 30, last night. (That only gives me 3 months, but I'm not that far into debt, so it might all work out). I've only read the first chapter, but to start I'm supposed to write down all my expenses - regular monthly *and* incidental - and see how they compare to my salary.

So I've started keeping track of everything I spend, in order to see how much money is really going out. Today, so far, I have spent 8.04 on mascara (because the kind I have right now is very flaky) and 2.25 on salad to supplement my lunch of veg chili. I was going to make coleslaw last night from the neverending head of cabbage, but instead we watched a taped Oprah featuring the ladies of the Brit What Not To Wear. How much would I love to be accosted in a mall by someone telling me my butt looks enormous in these pants and let me make you over? Honestly, I think that nothing would make me happier than to be given a makeover, especially if I didn't have to have any opinions.

Where was I? Oh, right, money. I think tonight I'll try to write down all my regular expenses (rent, transit, hydro, phones, cable, internet, gym) and read some more of the book. And when I'm finished this book, I can read about how to become Financially Fearless by 40!

Btw, if anyone is interested, I'll be happy to pass the book along once [ profile] vestra and I have worked miracles on our bank balances.
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I just bought my first RRSP. I feel very old responsible. I'm not quite ready for retirement yet, though, seeing as I still don't have any cats.
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It is just so expensive to fly home for Christmas. Why can't my parents live in Guelph or something like that?

Stoopid airlines.

On second thought, no, it's really better that they don't. I'd like to get *away* from the snow.


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