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I bought a cat bed for the kitties. Barra loves it.

IMG_1062 (2)
(Despite my fuzzy photo). Unfortunately, Barra rarely gets left alone.
I'm not convinced this is big enough for the both of them.
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So there was a secret agenda behind those nasty cuts to federal arts funding: the money is going to the Olympics. Sigh.


I can't believe how much more housework/cleaning there is when there are cats in the house! I have to* daily empty the litter box and sweep the floors (the cats are somewhat messy eaters), weekly clean the bathroom (cat prints. cat prints everywhere), and I should daily de-cat hair the couch and chair (but I'm too lazy, so I usually just sit on the cat hair until a few days worth piles up and I can't take it any more).

nd then this weekend I deep cleaned the cat box, cleaned the cat dishes, vacuumed the stairs (the only carpeted place in the apartment, and a haven for rogue kitty litter), cleaned the bathroom, de-haired the couch and chair, vacuumed *and* swiffered in an attempt to get up all the cat hair, moved the couch to get at the cat hair beneath it, and tried to get the cat hair off my quilt cover. Plus I did non-cat related chores: laundry, groceries, handwashing of bras, signing up for dance classes, library, dishes, changing the bed etc, etc, etc. Seriously, it feels like all I did all weekend was clean. How boring!

*Okay, technically no-one is forcing me to. Although the cats might protest if I didn't deal with the litter box. But despite my laziness in housekeeping, the one thing I can't stand is stuff under my feet. I don't particularly want to step on cat crunchies as I leave my bedroom in the morning! So, it's "have to" for the value of me, and what I can deal with and still feel like it's my cosy place.


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