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Having not left the house all weekend (unless you could taking out the garbage - and since I wore my pjs to do that, I don't) because I was so deathly ill (at least, because I had a coughing fit every time I moved more than a couple of steps and often even when I sat perfectly still), I'm now completely restless at 8:30 on a Sunday night, as is tradition. I'm still sick, and I haven't showered in 3 days, so I'm clearly not going anywhere, but I'm very tired of being alone in the house, just me and the cats.

Oh well. I'm going to go to bed early and see if maybe I feel well enough to go to work tomorrow morning, so I don't leave our intern sitting there with nothing to do. Assuming I can find the earplugs, so I can drown out the rousing strains of "It's Raining Men" coming from the barbeque next door.
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Thank you all for your voices of experience with neck pain - I think a massage is in order, but I have to see my doctor first in order to get it covered, so I'll see how it's doing after the long weekend.

Truthfully, though, I think my body is simply completely breaking down one body part at a time. By the time I hit 35 I'm going to be a crippled old lady. Today my right heel is incredibly painful when I step on it. Nooooooo! Not being able to walk is my worst fear.

I can't wait to see what bit of my body falls apart tomorrow!
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My neck is a little broken right now.

...that usage of "broken", to mean "not working at optimal capacity", sounds much worse when applied to a body part. So let me try again:

My neck is a little fucked right now. I'm having a hard time turning it, and it's hurting up the back into my head. And it's been going on since the weekend, which is a little too long for "slept on it funny", and coming up to the end of "ignore it and it'll go away eventually". Sigh.

I've never had this kind of neck problems before - any advice? Will it really go away eventually? Do I need to rush to the doctor right away? Should I apply heat? Ice? Wine?
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You guys, I *feel* like my cold is totally gone, but I CAN'T STOP SNEEZING. And I also have a ridiculously runny nose. This is putting a serious damper on my ability to do things. I skipped dance class last night (reluctantly, because I missed last week for New York) because, although I don't actually feel like I have a cold anymore, I couldn't see how I could dance while having to blow my nose every 7 minutes (literally). I'm unimpressed. Also, I think my co-workers are tired of hearing me sneeze. They've certainly stopped blessing me. :D
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Wow, my teeth really hurt right now - kind of throbbing pain all over, and right in the teeth, not in the gums or jaw. They've been hurting on and off since August, but I was just at the dentist last week, and there's absolutely nothing wrong - no cavities, no weirdness, excellent gum health, great bones. My dentist says they hurt because I clench my jaw and grind my teeth, but I haven't yet figured out how to get myself to stop doing that, since I mostly do it when I'm on the computer or wearing headphones, which is basically...all day every day. And so, pain.

And therefore, I say "owwwwwwwwwww".
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I didn't really sleep at all last night. I was a JOY to work with, I'm sure. Possibly I should have just stayed home, bu I'm sure I wouldn't have slept then either, so whatever. Tonight, though! Tonight, I will actually fall asleep. I mean, honestly, I'd better, or else I'll have to kill myself.

Also, I hurt everywhere for no good reason. My knees hurt, my shoulders hurt, my neck and jaw hurt, my feet hurt and my hands hurt. My hands hurt! Too much typing all day long. I'd really like to trade this body in for a new one, for serious.
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I am at home, not at work, because this morning I had to bolt from the shower (with conditioner still in my hair) in order to throw up. I haven't actually thrown up in years! Even though I feel like I'm about to all the time.

And then I felt fine, and then I threw up again, and then I thought perhaps I should lie down. So I did. And then around 11 I tried to go to work (after wrestling with my hair, because it was still wet when I lay down, so bits had dried in Very Funny Places), and I got most of the way to the subway station before I had to turn around. Because I still feel like aaaassssss.

I have no idea what is wrong with me. Maybe I'm dying. I think I'll go arrange myself on the bed, just in case.
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You guys, I am SO HUNGRY all the time these days. It's a little ridiculous. My grumbling stomach was louder than the squeaking booktruck this morning, which is really saying something.

I've had the above sentence sitting up there since about 9:30 this morning. I'm actually now starting to think that I'm getting sick, that maybe this is heralding the return of lameass stomach problems, because of other clues. Which is totally my own fault CLEARLY, because I was recently exclaiming that I hadn't had any stomach pain in a couple of years. OH BODY. I really do not want a return of that issue.

Having a body is really complicated, you know? I feel like I spend a ridiculous amount of time worrying about it, and checking in on it, and wondering if things are going wrong.
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And once again, I have a cold. Seriously, people, what is up with this? Is my immune system trying to make a point? I mean, yes, I am finding work stressful and annoying, which could help explain why I have spent two (non-consecutive) weekends in January hiding under blankets with only the vitamin C and kleenex to keep me company. And I'm sure that my depressed state of mind these last few months, coupled with a completely uncaring attitude toward treating myself well, hasn't really helped, but still. Not on. If you're trying to make a point about me not eating well, this is only going to make it worse.


This time around I am taking oil of oregano, which many people have sworn made their colds disappear like magic. So far all it has done is make me burp oregano oil for the rest of the day. I am holding out hope, though.

Yesterday I went to the library, and there was a woman complaining to the circulation clerk about a group of teens who were playing very loud music in the kids section, and she objected to the language. Which, fine, but then she went on this "all hip-hop is terrible" rant AND attempted to bring me in on her side, so I gave her my best "I am too sick for this" glare and rolled my eyes until she stopped ranting and gave up monopolizing the clerk. And then I checked out my book.

Currently I am conserving my strength on the couch, because I'd really like to either buy groceries or do laundry later today, both of which require tackling the stairs. I don't think I'm currently ready for that. Maybe after a nap.
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To distract myself over the past week from my miserable throat and hideous coughing, I have, among other things, read three Georgette Heyer books, and the last Harry Potter (finally). And then I went searching for months-old opinions on HP, because I remembered lots of people saying they didn't like the epilogue, and I was curious about that. It was interesting.

I think I'm still to sick to go to my dance class tonight, which sucks mightily. I hate missing the first class. But it requires a little more energy than I have right now, especially since I first have to go out and buy some groceries, what with being out of food and all.

I've decided that 2008 isn't going to officially start until next Monday. Because the new year always feels like a fresh start, but there's no fresh starting while I'm sick. So I'm putting it off. So there!

All my holds except for two came in at once (my own fault, I put them all back on active when I got back from Victoria, without realizing how close they all were). So what should I read next?

[Poll #1118464]

(Note: In case you're worried that I had so few books on hold, I've been trying to empty the list out and start again. New year, new library hold list!)
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I think I have broken my baby fingers (in the "not working anymore" sense, and not the "bones shattered" sense). The evidence:

1. I woke up yesterday and this morning with my baby finger on my left hand completely numb. I assumed that I'd slept on my hand funny, but the numbness never really went away.

2. In addition to being numb, it also hurts. This seems illogical, but there you have it.

3. Now the right one has started hurting in sympathy.

I worry that I'm becoming somewhat of a hypochondriac - while I've always been of the "wait and see" bent when it comes to random pains, now I'm a "wait and see and fret" person. I always worry that it's something major and that by ignoring it I'm dooming myself to a life of baby fingerlessness. On the other hand, my finger is a little numb. That's it. Hello paranoia!

* * *

Now that I'm not on the computer all the time, I have to squish all my thoughts into one entry, graceless as that may be. So here we go.

* * *

The pharmacy (where I was picking up more ColdFX in order to ward off this cold that is determined to make me sick while I'm away NOT GOING TO HAPPEN) is completely decked out for Christmas. It's seriously disturbing. Whatever happened to December 1st? If this keeps up Christmas season will start in July.

On the plus side I got my first bag of Christmas Mini Eggs. Mmmmmmm.

* * *

I am having a pair of pants shortened. I finally feel like a real grown-up. A short grown-up, but still.

* * *

Listening to a daily arts show by podcast is a little sad, because I keep hearing about things that sound fascinating, only to discover that they were happening the night the show aired, and not five days later when I get around to listening to it.

* * *

And that's the end of lunch. Hopefully the mini eggs will keep me going through the rest of the day. Later, alligators.
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It seems HIGHLY UNFAIR that the picture on my DVD player just..disappears on the very day when I'm home from work with a cold.

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I completely failed to make soup last night, which had been the plan. In fact, I failed to do anything whatsoever of usefulness. I'd like to blame it on lethargy after donating blood, but it was probably just laziness. I did manage to bring lunch again today (that's both days this week, so far!), but it was supposed to be dinner (with lunch being soup), so now I have nothing for dinner, unless I can manage to wait until I've made soup. Haha! Sure.

Had another semi-unpleasant but not terrible blood-donating experience. This time I got terribly nauseated after the needle came out, and ended up surrounded by nurses fanning me and giving me cold cloths. I am such a princess. I felt fine after a few minutes, though, and feel fine today, with none of the lingering dizziness and arm soreness of last time. My blood was faster, too.

And I had my first French class this morning! After almost no notice about when it was going to be -- they called yesterday afternoon to say that the class was starting this morning at 8. Which was not one of the "preferred" times I chose on my form. So much for my hopes to switch to a later shift. Anyway, the class was okay - the teacher seems a little undecided about what she's going to do, but that might have been because she was trying to assess where we all were, level-wise. It's a pretty typical mix -- a couple of people who are pretty good with the speaking but sound just like they're talking English, one who reads and comprehends fluently, but can't speak at all, one who is already struggling, and me (I'm the one who generally sounds lovely when reading, does all the exercises easily, but can't get any kind of complete sentences out of her mouth). This time I'm determined to retain what I learn. Determined!

And now, lunch is over so it's back to work for me. I swear, the CDs are multiplying behind my back.
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I am feeling old these days. Old and boring.


...damn, I was really hoping I'd come up with something exciting to put there.


I've been waking up at 4:30 every morning. I suppose, if one has to wake up in the middle of the night, it's not a terrible time to wake up -- after all, I can still go back to sleep for a while. Better than waking up at 5:30, that's for sure, because waking up at 5:30 means getting depressed over how soon the alarm is going on, working myself into a panic trying to get those last few minutes of sleep, finally falling asleep at 5 minutes to 6, and then being rudely woken up with the alarm 5 minutes later. That's no fun at all.

I do find it odd that I'm so regularly waking at 4:30, though. Maybe I've been programmed! Maybe I'm really a sleeper spy. I should work on my fighting skills, in that case. And my wig collection.


Today I came home from the library with a huge bag full of holds (I have to counteract the dwindling to-be-read shelf, after all) and sat and read the first chapter of each, something I haven't done in years. It was always my way of picking which book to read first -- the one where I didn't notice that I'd moved on to the next chapter. And now I know for sure that I have a passel of delightful books waiting for me.


Speaking of things to read (...sort of), where is the EW Fall TV Preview? I am anxiously awaiting it, here! Never mind that I don't have cable, I still want to read about what I'm not going to be watching. I heard that the Designer Guys have a new show this fall! I kind of love them. I miss extended cable time-waster shows -- I want to take a vacation that involves me staying in Toronto (so I don't feel guilty about not exploring wherever I am) but being somewhere with all the cable so I can lie around all day, watching home decorating shows, and makeover shows, and cooking shows.

And now we all understand why exactly I got rid of the cable.


I made two actual meals for myself this week, and have been living off the leftovers. One, curried chickpeas and tofu, is something I used to make all the time. I don't know why I stopped -- other than chopping onions it's pretty effortless. The other was an attempt to use the chipotle that's been opened. It was a vaguely Caribbean wrap of some sort, involving black bean chipotle hummous, and red peppers and cabbage. It was ok, I guess. The hummous was good, although I couldn't taste the chipotle and my wee food processor wasn't entirely up to the taste of chopping everything up, so it's not super blended. And now I have tortilla shells left, so I am going to think of something else to make with them. Also the rest of the red cabbage. And I'm going to think of it quickly, so that I'm not buying groceries on Sunday. Seriously, never again. That's 3 weeks in a row I've gone to the store on Sunday, only to find them out of the most ridiculous things: this week, it was garlic, cabbage, chick peas, tofu, and my soy milk. CRAZY.
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I feel -- weirdly -- like I have a hangover, even though I didn't drink anything last night. Fuzzy mouth, fuzzy head, queasy stomach, moving in slow motion, it's all there. Thankfully it's all also going away as the day goes on, but still, unfair!

I also have to buy groceries tonight, because I am out of food again, but I have no idea what I want to do for lunches and dinners this week. Food is hard.

Also hard? Rock climbing. OUCH. I went with [ profile] tinkerer and [ profile] gingerale_kitty and a friend of theirs last night, and it was totally fun, but I have weak out-of-shape arms, and inflexible legs that don't want to bend, and hence climbing up a wall with tiny toeholds is difficult. And today I am a little sore, in some very odd places. I think I got a little enthusiastic when tightening my harness. :)


Apr. 2nd, 2007 12:06 pm
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I woke up at 3:30 last night with the cold that I had been trying to hold off all weekend. Mrrrr. So now I am sneezy and dripping and oh so very attractive. ([ profile] tinkerer and [ profile] gingerale_kitty, this means I won't be coming with you tonight. I'm sorry! It sucks, but I don't think clinging to a wall is the best place to be with sneezes of this magnitude. I'd probably propel myself right across the room.)

Maybe I can blame the cold for how tired I was this weekend. I'd like to blame the weird-ass rash on the cold, too, but that might be stretching a little.

Next weekend is Easter! I only just discovered this while looking at my calendar this morning. Woohoo long weekend! I wish I'd realized a little sooner that it was coming up, because I'd really like to do something, go somewhere maybe, take advantage of my long weekend. Although, if I'm going to be sick, maybe not. Still, if I spend 4 days at home doing nothing, I will totally feel like I wasted the time off. So I'm going to have to look around -- I've probably left it too late, but I kind of want to go to a retreat or something like that, somewhere where they'll feed me and I can read and wander through the woods. Although I'm not sure that would be entirely fun by myself. Hmm. I was briefly temped to fly down to New York, but I don't have my renewed passport back yet, sadly, and I only have 4 days, which would mean I'd be spending most of the time in transit. I don't know! It's not the best time of year for vacationing, at least not locally. I may be pretending it's spring, but I think we all know better.

Meanwhile, I'm going to fill myself up with all sorts of things that probably won't do anything to ease the cold up, but at least I'll feel like I'm trying. Also, I'm going to eat my yummy rice pudding that I didn't have time to eat this morning, because it was far too busy.
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My body was in revolt yesterday. NOT FUN. I ended up not buying groceries after work because I didn't think I could be away from a bathroom that long, although I had nothing in the house, so I did stop by the world's best corner store to get some necessities. And also bread and peanut butter, because toast and peanut butter was about the only thing that sounded edible (besides, of course, tinned pineapple, which my brain thinks is the cure for all ills).

This is when it would be very useful to live with someone, so that when I am sick, I could come home and throw myself in bed, and have someone buy me ginger ale. Taking care of yourself when you're sick is lame.

I think I'm mostly better today, although things still feel a little unsettled. It didn't help that my apartment was so hot last night and this morning that I couldn't really breathe properly. I had to moisturize in the living room because I thought I was going to faint if I stayed in the bathroom one more minute. I think there's something wrong if I'm sleeping with no covers and contemplating turning on the air conditioning in MARCH. When there's still SNOW ON THE GROUND.

Hi! I'm apparently grumpy today! Let's blame it on not enough sleep and the prospect of having to cover the front desk because too many people are away.
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-Someone sent me a virtual rose! You, mysterious person, are wonderful.

-Iceland keeps sending me e-mails. I think they want me to visit.

-The 4th (3rd?) annual single girls' Anti-Valentine's Day celebrations last night were fabulous. There was cleavage, there were tiaras, and of course many drinks, obnoxious conversation and very loud laughter. And then we all tottered home in the snow in our heels.

-I, apparently, want to be just like [ profile] mystery_diva, because I also have tendinitis. I don't get an exciting support, though, because mine is in my foot. The annoying thing is that I can't wear any shoes that hit the back of my achilles tendon, because it's very painful. This, of course, includes all my boots. And of course last night and today we got much snowfall. The shoe thing is going to be a bitch. The disturbing thing is that my foot creaks when I flex it. SO WEIRD. But I can't stop doing it, and freaking myself out.

-My foot actually hurts even without shoes. Dammit.

-I feel like this has been a wasted work at week. Except that I have actually been working very hard and getting lots done, but totally doesn't feel like it. It's not fair, you know? Where's my satisfaction?

-I am short on food of the edible kind at home (because I was laaaaazy this weekend and didn't go buy groceries), but I can't even think of what I want to buy. Plus there's all that snow. Is it still dinner if it's just veggie pate and dried cranberries? Separately, of course.

-You know what today needs? More tea.
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I am holding off this cold by mere force of will. Well, force of will and liberal applications of vitamin C, echinacea, ColdFX and vast quantities of tea. Still, the fact that I haven't been completely knocked out like everyone else around me (including the entire library, one at a time, since the middle of September) is cause for celebration. This calls for a throat lozenge.

By the way, when you can't swallow pills, especially gelcaps, and you have to break them apart and dump them in water and chug it down, ColdFX is pretty disgusting.

I just heard a John Mayer song that I actually like. Of course, it's not him singing, so that helps.

I tried the cinnamon tea from Adagio last night. It was pretty tasty - nice and strong. I think I prefer a spice mix, though.

And now? I work! I have been working on this project for days (and days, and days), the end result of which is that I would totally run the board in the category of "Spot the Canadian musicians in this 20 page list. And this one.". Also I get a gold star in justifying why something should be considered jazz or classical instead of pop. The downside is that I am seemingly determined that Bruce Hornsby is Canadian, and no amount of looking him up can convince me otherwise.
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I have a headache.

I don't like taking medication when I get headaches. This is not for any good reason other than stubbornness. Mostly it's that I feel like the headache is winning if I let it annoy me enough that I actually do something about it. But this headache is in a new and exciting place, providing new and exciting pain, and has been here since I got up this morning, so I broke down and took pills.

Which did nothing.

And when I move my head it feels like my brain is sloshing around inside. Also like my neck is tiny and will break like the stem of a flower.

* * *

My parents have far more exciting lives than I do. Isn't that sad? They're out almost every night of the week, at choir, Scrabble, book club, games night, playing bridge or pinochle, going to the opera or plays, having dinner with friends. And they both still work full-time, so I can't even use that excuse.

Every Sunday when I talk to them I am embarrassed by the fact that they have many more social events and activities to relate than I do. You can hear the sympathy coming down the line when my mother asks me what I did on the weekend and I have to admit that I barely even left the house. I have got to get a better social life. Or at least start making shit up.

* * *

I am craving apple crumble. In a big way. So it's probably a good thing that my oven doesn't really heat up properly.


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