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-Someone sent me a virtual rose! You, mysterious person, are wonderful.

-Iceland keeps sending me e-mails. I think they want me to visit.

-The 4th (3rd?) annual single girls' Anti-Valentine's Day celebrations last night were fabulous. There was cleavage, there were tiaras, and of course many drinks, obnoxious conversation and very loud laughter. And then we all tottered home in the snow in our heels.

-I, apparently, want to be just like [ profile] mystery_diva, because I also have tendinitis. I don't get an exciting support, though, because mine is in my foot. The annoying thing is that I can't wear any shoes that hit the back of my achilles tendon, because it's very painful. This, of course, includes all my boots. And of course last night and today we got much snowfall. The shoe thing is going to be a bitch. The disturbing thing is that my foot creaks when I flex it. SO WEIRD. But I can't stop doing it, and freaking myself out.

-My foot actually hurts even without shoes. Dammit.

-I feel like this has been a wasted work at week. Except that I have actually been working very hard and getting lots done, but totally doesn't feel like it. It's not fair, you know? Where's my satisfaction?

-I am short on food of the edible kind at home (because I was laaaaazy this weekend and didn't go buy groceries), but I can't even think of what I want to buy. Plus there's all that snow. Is it still dinner if it's just veggie pate and dried cranberries? Separately, of course.

-You know what today needs? More tea.
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My mom is going in for eye surgery on Friday (something to do with the muscles in her eyelids being too weak to lift her eyelids, making it very hard for her to see). She said that mostly she forgets that she's going to have this done, and then all of the sudden she'll panic that she'll be blind after. Then she said, if I go blind, you'll come visit me, right? I said, sure, I'll wear a big fluffy sweater so you'll have something to touch. She said, great, and wear flavoured lip balm so I have something to smell.


On Saturday I took time out from my exhausting schedule of moping and weeping to go out to [ profile] starfishchick's with [ profile] sarcasma, [ profile] sanity_clause and [ profile] mystery_diva -- and we got to meet [ profile] iseult_variante, who was in town staying with the Starfishfolk. Yay [ profile] iseult_variante! You are fabulous, and I'm so glad we got to hang out. Also, I swear I'm not normally quite such a lush. But wine is tasty! I think I'll also blame the wine for the fact that I found myself watching boy band videos on YouTube at 3:30 in the morning. I admit it, I hate the music, but I love the boy band choreography. Of course, the downside is that this morning I woke up with the Backstreet Boys' "I Want It That Way" looping through my head. Yikes.

And then today we all met again for brunch and a trip to MAC, where [ profile] mystery_diva made us over and I bought sparkly gold eyeshadow. It's much classier than it sounds, I promise. Seriously girly.

Now I'm going to watch Studio 60 and go to bed and get lots of sleep and go to work and do it all again. And buy some groceries, because all I have in the fridge is soy milk, orange juice, plain yogurt, half an orange pepper, and 3/4 of a red onion. That's not food, yo.
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You'd think that someone who participated in a conversation about the possibility of work action shutting down the TTC today would actually remember that possibility for more than 10 minutes.

You'd also think that someone who knew about this possibility would think to check the news before leaving the house in the morning.

Instead, the world conspired against me knowing anything about it: my alarm didn't go off this morning (at least, the alarm technically went off, but for some reason there was no sound), so I didn't hear the news, and I completely forgot that there was a possibility of no transit. Instead I got to the subway station, and was very confused to see the doors shut.

Hi, doofus here.

So I walked to work. It took about an hour and 10 minutes at breakneck speed, which isn't terrible, but it was so hot out, even at 8 in the morning. Blech. By the time I hit College and St. George (about 2/3 of the way) I was sweaty, had to pee, and had a heat rash on my thighs. And then when I got to work, my boss was all, seriously, you didn't have to hurry, it's a long walk, you could have taken your time. NOW she tells me.

Meanwhile, I had an awesome, highly social weekend, during which I was barely at home, and didn't do any of my regular weekend housekeeping (ie. laundry, groceries, clean, return books to the library). Instead I hung out with [ profile] sallym and [ profile] dangerdean, who were here from Vancouver, and [ profile] starfishchick, starfishdude, [ profile] sarcasma and [ profile] sanity_clause. We hung out at the starfishcondo, drank wine and played games, wandered through U of T and Kensington Market, and down along the waterfront, and ate tasty meals.

And then in the middle of all that, on Sunday, we got to have tea with [ profile] bureinato, who is in town. Which was fabulous (both the highly adorable tea place (The Red Tea Box) and the excellent company). And then we wandered along West Queen West, looking at all the funky local designers.

So it was very much a weekend of being out with awesome people, remembering that I live in an interesting city (and not my living room), and generally having fun. Score.
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BPAL review: The Star (tarot oils)

[ profile] voleuse, thank you so much for this sampler! It's fantastic -- coconut with a hint of lime and mint, and a rich vanilla undertone. Very much a scent for me. I can't stop sniffing myself!

I don't know anything about tarot, but The Star seems to be a card of hope and optimism, which is lovely thought to carry with me as I wear this.

* * *

Went out last night for the 2nd annual Anti-Valentine's Day celebrations with [ profile] shoefiend, [ profile] mystery_diva and MD's co-worker -- silly drinks and chocolate fondue in a snazzy lounge way up in the sky (with an awesome view of downtown Toronto). There were gifts, tiaras, laughter, and, of course, much cleavage. Good times. We've already made extensive plans for next year (which is kind of sad if you think about it - we're assuming that we'll all be single still next year).

I'm really out of it this morning, though. Oh yeah. When did I get too old to function on barely any sleep? Oh, that's right, ALWAYS.

* * *

Someone at Zip is totally mocking me -- last week I got sent Queer as Folk (UK), Kama Sutra, and Kinsey. THANKS. Like I'm not fully aware that I'm not having sex. I will share my thoughts on these movies when I'm awake enough to have thoughts, but let me just re-iterate that I have a SERIOUS crush on Peter Sarsgaard. And also a serious crush on Maggie Gyllenhaal, so they, as a couple, are the hottest thing around. Not that I haven't discussed this with many people before (including last night), but it bears repeating.

* * *

So what's going on with you lot? How's February treating you so far?
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I am sitting in the "business centre" reading LJ. This is business, right? But now someone else just came in and I think they're staring over my shoulder. Don't look!

So far, in Halifax, I have:

-drowned my Stephen Harper-related sorrows in wine with [ profile] rhiacat
-emailed Rex Murphy about the really important issues of the election
-looked at far too many houses that I could never afford
-suffered through election day-after blues
-seen [ profile] canirl! twice!
-missed cereal and soy milk
-impressed everyone in the Halifax library with my awesomeness
-underdressed for the weather
-been remembered, by name, at the place I went for breakfast the first day when I went back the next day for lunch (Annie's, if you care)
-become obsessed once again with HGTV
-stayed up way too late watching decorating shows
-been reminded why it is a very good idea that I don't have extended cable anymore
-read as far as last Tuesday
-just about run out of internet connection is about to close, oops

Ta, boys and girls
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Why half-price martini Wednesdays are good

Half-price martinis.

If you start drinking right after work, you can have many, many martinis and still be home by 9pm.

Suddenly, Wednesday night will feel like Friday night.

Why half-price martini Wednesdays are not good

When your alarm goes off at 6am, you will realize that Wednesday is actually Wednesday and not Friday, which makes this Thursday and not Saturday, which is very sad.

Let's talk about Sondheim, shall we?

The cast recording of the new Sweeney Todd is coming out January 24th!! I didn't shriek at all, not even a little, when I read the release sheet, although there was luckily no-one around to hear me not shrieking, so there's no proof. I also didn't draw happy faces all over the page, or dance in my chair. Nope, not me. I've heard such good things about this production -- I wish I could go see it. It's almost enough to make me apply for the music cataloguer job at NYPL that just came up, although the fact that it doesn't even pay enough for me to live in New York, let alone see Broadway shows, is a bit of a detterent.

And in TV news

I've been watching Sports Night again, for the thousandth time. It really just never gets old. The episode where, at the end, Dan and Casey start naming off all the support staff -- I cry every time, even though it's not actually sad. It really takes almost nothing to get me to cry anymore. There was this brief period of about three years -- the glory days -- where I was a hard-hearted bitch with no sympathy for anything or anyone. I miss that! For one thing, it was much less embarrassing to read in public during that time.

So maybe I have one quirk

I really don't like starting watching TV series from the middle -- which is not unusual, I know. But I realized recently that even once I've already seen a show, I tend to watch it each time from the beginning right through. I don't pick certain episodes. I mean, it's not that I won't watch individual episodes, because I will happily, if I'm at someone else's house, or if I'm watching with someone. But when I'm watching a show by myself, no matter how many times I've seen it, I always start back at the beginning and watch all the way through (although I may skip past boring parts). Maybe this is why I couldn't name a favourite episode for so many of my favourite shows -- I think of the show as one unified season, not a bunch of distinct episodes.
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At [ profile] sarcasma and [ profile] sanity_clause's annual Christmas party on Saturday, there were cookies all the way from Milwaukee, just for ME. Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, the only kind of chocolate chip cookies that are worth my time.

Ok, fine, the cookies themselves weren't all the way from Milwaukee, but the plotting behind them being at this party was. [ profile] zoje_george is AWESOME.

And then on Sunday I went to meet up with [ profile] rhiacat and her hubby as they were passing through Toronto, and I got a bonus [ profile] tinkerer and [ profile] gingerale_kitty, too! And two other friends of rhiacat's whose names I forgot almost immediately even though I really enjoyed talking to them. Sorry, I suck. But it was an excellent time, with a table full of smart and funny people. And many wedding pictures.

There's no hidden thread tying those two stories together. You can stop looking now.

Oh, and tea exchange people, I send off the emails with your new exchangee this afternoon. Sorry it's a little later than I had intended, but I left the spreadsheet on my computer at work. Have fun!

ps. [ profile] tinkerer, you can tell [ profile] gingerale_kitty that it was The Aulde Dubliner. Which she may very well have said. Oops.
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Many people have many different opinions about Lost this week. How interesting.

Mine. )

In other news, I just got back from last-minute pub lunch with [ profile] sarcasma, [ profile] shoefiend and [ profile] lamagnifique, where I got to imagine that I, too, was an opera singer. And now I am sleepy. Luckily it's Thursday pretending to be Friday, and I can sleep in tomorrow. Hurray!
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Helloooooo! What's going on? How were your weekends? Don't you just love life right now?

I don't, particularly. But that's neither here nor there.

I had a pretty good weekend, though. Thursday night featured spontaneous sushi with [ profile] sarcasma, [ profile] mystery_diva and [ profile] sanity_clause. Tasty and fun!

Friday night featured spontaneous Mexican with [ profile] starfishchick, [ profile] sarcasma and [ profile] sanity_clause. Also tasty and fun, with bonus NaNo talk. However, after careful research it would appear that all Mexican restaurants in Toronto are veeeeery slow.

Dinner was followed by a spontaneous viewing of Mirrormask, which was visually stunning. And thus I used up all my alloted spontaneity for the year.

Bellydance excursion to Kitchener )

Money Money Money )

Wait! You've made it this far, don't run away yet!

Two things:

1. We're not allowed to wear perfume or any kind of scent at work anymore. My BPAL collection is weeping.

2. If you're taking part in the tea exchange, remember to send your tea! I'm sure your recipient will be very grateful, what with fall giving way to winter here in the northern hemisphere.

Oh, wait, one more:

3. It is less than 10 hours until November, and my summer's accumulation of sunburns (the ones I received DESPITE my careful application of sunscreen every day) have not gone away. WTF?

Next up for me: NaNo! It's going to be awfulawesome.
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I had a very girly weekend. To wit:

-Friday night was spent with [ profile] sarcasma, [ profile] starfishchick and [ profile] mystery_diva, drinking pink wine (girly!) and getting my ass kicked at Moot, although I mounted a daring comeback during Apples to Apples. Also involved was tasty girly pizza and winey worms.

-Saturday morning, [ profile] sarcasma and I got pedicures (girly!) at her very classy local spa. My toes are very pretty, although the overall look is slightly spoiled by the (spoiler!) lovely blisters I got Saturday night. During this time, I learned that black is the new black. Ooookay.

-For the rest of Saturday I was [ profile] starfishchick's date to a wedding in Guelph (girly!) (the wedding, not Guelph). The wedding, of people I didn't know, was actually fun -- we definitely had the fun table at dinner, and starfishchick and I later earned our dinner by dancing the night away, and attempting to convince other people to get up and dance with us. In this, sadly, the fun table was no fun at all. We danced so much that I actually lost the bottom part of my heel and got the aforementioned blisters. And as another lovely souvenir, I am now covered in mosquito bites. Mmm, itchy.

-Wedding was followed by a pyjama party in our hotel room in Guelph (girly!). Also by dragging ourselves out of bed after far too little sleep in order to go swimming in the morning.

-And then we got to see [ profile] idella, who drove to Guelph just to hang out in a Second Cup for an hour with us! Which was awesome.

-After which we came home, and I took a nap and stressed about the lockout, which is not girly at all.

How were your weekends?
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Wow, it's been a while since I posted (a while for me, at least) -- however did you survive?! Your lives must have been completely without meaning with no random rambling from me.

First, things about you. Happy belated birthdays to [ profile] yiskah and [ profile] brandnewgun! I hope you both had wonderful days filled with friends and laughter. And cake.

And now, things about me. After all, it is my journal.

I think I am better. FINALLY. More health ramblings )

The timing was good, at least, because [ profile] vestra was back in town this weekend, so it was a weekend of socializing and attempting to stay out of the heat. Because, sadly, we are back to clothing-optional weather, although it's not as humid as it was a few weeks ago. It's amazing how different 31 degrees seems when it's "feels like 33" instead of "feels like 42". However, the fact that it was still 29 degrees out there when I went to bed last night is all wrong.

Friday night and my favourite kind of socializing ever )

Saturday, or, The search for air-conditioning )

Sunday. In which there is not nearly as much nudity as anticipated )

And now it is Monday. I'm at my (air-conditioned) job, I have very frizzy hair, my side of the conference call is all in agreement to disagree with the other side, I braved the heat at lunch in a failed attempt to find a Fringe program, and my keyboard just spontaneously combusted in the middle of me typing. In short, everything is normal.
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1. Summer. Also, smog alerts. Blech. I would warn you that now is the time when I start complaining about the weather, only it would appear I never stopped complaining. But now I'm going to start complaining about the heat, rather than the cold! Exciting, I know.

2. [ profile] genarti had a birthday! I hope it was a good one.

3. Chicklit also had a birthday. I'm sure everyone celebrated by reading many, many books.

4. Chicklit t-shirts arrived! Speaking of Chicklit. I haven't seen them yet, but I'm assured they are lovely.

5. My apartment did not burn down, or get burgled, or become flooded. Although it is extraordinarily hot.

6. The library elves did not magically clean off my desk. In fact, it would appear that they added more papers and more CDs. Evil!

7. The Tony Awards. And I was on the plane. *sob*

The trip was a total success - it was excellent to meet/see people, and the wedding* was completely fun - but I'm exhausted (both physically and mentally) from all the socializing. Too much people time! Sadly, my grand plans of hiding out in my apartment** for the rest of the month and pretending I'm not home will not be happening, as other crazy people are out there planning bbqs and housewarmings and trips to the movie theatre, and I'm so in awe of the fact that people actually want me to be around that I can't say no.

*Not mine. In case you were wondering.

**Not that I would have been able to hide in my apartment anyway, because it's SO DAMN HOT. I hope I get used to it soon, or else sleep will become a thing of the past.


May. 31st, 2005 05:23 pm
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Seattle chickliterati are awesome. In case you were wondering.

I realize I'm a little behind the times here, but I'm just so damn popular (*snort*) that right now is the first moment since I arrived home that I haven't had anything to do, and the moment is quickly coming to an end. I'm about halfway through the Social Vacation and I kind of need a nap. Whatever, it's all brilliant, seeing people again has been wonderful, meeting new people has been fabulous, I HAVE MANY PICTURES but I can't upload them yet, and I have now eaten at Re-Bar 3 times. Oh yeah.

We sent [ profile] starfishchick home this morning, and from now on it's all about The Wedding, which is going to be beautiful, assuming we don't get lost on the way to Sooke again. And possibly, if I ever have a free moment again, there might be stories, but for now, you'll have to use your imagination. Dear Penthouse, I never thought I would write to you, but the most amazing thing happened...
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I went and stayed with [ profile] sallym for the weekend, which was absolutely no fun at all, as I'm sure you can imagine. There was no sushi, no babies, no movies, no curry, no Pop Culture Trivial Pursuit, and definitely no vodka and wine.

Also no spamming. At all.

And now I'm home and being serenaded by some guy who is standing in the alleyway singing. Ah, Toronto.
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saluy toldm ot toto touch her hoboob

no ,ayter nopw pfetme I go tere, I'll be an outsidwer!
cab't really particiaptpeo . buy I reallt love Sally m and swe aher anlkeribf90nfg so much fun.; At her house. drinkign wine.
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Last night I got to meet my wonderful neighbour, [ profile] emiline, which was lots of fun. She and I and [ profile] sarcasma (and later [ profile] sanity_clause) hung out at the local Second Cup (which is trying so hard for cute and just not quite making it, although we did manage to score the comfy chairs) for hours, and then at the end we all walked home. In the same direction, even! In my perfect world (the one with extra days to sit around watching DVDs) everyone I like is going to live within a 15 minute walk of me, in a neighbourhood that has cute coffeeshops, funky restaurants and good bookstores.

I'd like to apologize to [ profile] emiline (and other people that I've met recently) for the fact that I get really nervous when I meet new people and as a consequence I talk a lot (loudly), laugh (loudly) and flail my hands about like some sort of bad ham actor. Some of you have seen this and know exactly what I mean. Which is not necessarily to say I'm not like this normally (I don't think of myself as a talkative person, but maybe I'm deluded), but it's hopefully not as obnoxious once you're used to it. I've probably always been like this on first meetings, but with all the LJ people I've met in the past year or so it's become especially apparent.

I wish I could see myself from the outside, or watch myself from across the room, or even listen in on conversations people have about me when I'm not there. Wow, now I sound really self-absorbed. It's not that I'm paranoid, or think people don't like me (although it has been known to be that), it's just that I'm always curious. It's like the voice thing -- we sound different in our own heads than we do to other people, and I, for one, am always thrown when I hear my speaking voice on a recording.

In conclusion, I could not sleep last night (I actually got up twice during the night to read and do logic puzzles because I was so bored of lying there pretending I was falling asleep), and I am blaming it on Ben Mulroney's chin. [ profile] sanity_clause knows whereof I speak.
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Loblaw's is going to kill me. Stupid overpriced groceries. Sadly, it appears to be the only place around here that sells my brand of soy milk. Also capers. Mmmm.

[ profile] sallym, [ profile] dramaqueen_23 and [ profile] starfishchick are excellent hot tub companions.

I don't think it is possible for me to become tired of eating candy.

I was thiiiis close to being truly productive at work today, being defeated only by the distraction of updating my Amazon wishlist for no apparent reason.

Now I have sushi and you don't. Unless you do.
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I'm leaving! MWAHAHAHA!

This is my highly appropriate icon for the weekend - [ profile] starfishchick, [ profile] dramaqueen_23 and I are taking a road trip to hang out with [ profile] sallym. There will be drinking and laughing and candy. And a hot tub. I already have a head start on the sugar high due to the cake AND pie that we just had at work.

Have fun, y'all. If you can't find any mini eggs in Toronto this weekend, it's because I bought them ALL.
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While in Victoria, I have:

-attended a Medieval dinner put on by one of my parents' choirs as a fundraiser. The men of the choir were all dressed in monastic robes, which is so brilliantly inappropriate for my dad, I can't tell you. But lots of people were in costume, not just the choir, which was great, and the music was very fun.

-spent 2 hours with a 11-week old baby. I don't feel any more maternal than I did before the experience, but I didn't break out in hives, so that can only be good. I also held a baby for the first time since I was 16.

-discovered a bizarre obsessive urge to see The Notebook. I don't know what's wrong with me.

-gone to a baby shower, where I was one of only 2 people who were not pregnant and/or did not have children. All the daughters of my mom's friends are procreating like crazy right now.

-eaten much cheese.

-followed the cat around and attempted to get her to pay attention to me for hours on end.

-had lunch with [ profile] bruiseblue, which was SO MUCH FUN, after which she gave me tours of the libraries and introduced me to many librarians, including the music librarian and music cataloguer, both of whom know my mother. Small world. Oy.

-broken my shoelace.

-woken up early every morning even though I didn't have to, all because of the damn jetlag.

-gone to a one-woman play called "The Love of Victoria R.", which took place in a castle and required us to follow the action from room to room. As a reward they gave us tea and cookies afterward.

-talked to nearly everyone my parents know. On the minus side, this meant many conversations about how I like Toronto and my job. On the plus side, there was more hugging in 3 days than I normally experience in a year.

-discussed weddings on four different occasions, with four different people.

-decided that I need to get involved in music again, in some form. I'm just not sure what that will be.

-played games, of course. Well, this hasn't happened yet, but it's the grand plan for tonight.

While in Victoria, I have not:

-watched TV.

-cooked for myself.

-been online, except to check my email. Which means please tell me if anything exciting, amazing, terrible or downright boring has happened to you! I feel very out of the loop.
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So Maybe I Don't Entirely Hate Christmas After All. I'm in a much more festive mood today, possibly because I've been ignoring all the Christmas CDs on my desk in favour of dealing with the raft of Grammy nominations, none of which involve the words "Santa" or "Holly". Plus I have a candy cane, and the possibility of a singalong Messiah. VOLKORNBROT!

Aaaaand there's probably no-one reading at this point who gets the reference. Nevermind.

Candy Is Dessert Too, Right? Today I smell like licorice, courtesy of licorice soap from [ profile] starfishchick and Absinthe from BPAL.

Fall under the spell of our Green Fairy! An intoxicating blend containing wormwood essence, light mints, cardamom, anise, hyssop, and the barest hint of lemon.

Whoa, licorice. Which I like, but I'm sure would cause many other people to run screaming from me. Luckily by the time I left the house the anise had faded, and other things had come through, namely the cardamom and something green, possibly the wormwood and hyssop. I like it, but it's fading quickly.

Wednesdays Are The Best Day Of The Week. LOST )

Where's My Toronto Camouflage? There's some sort of event happening downstairs that involves tables of free food. I was going to go down and see what I could score, but I noticed, as I was leaning over the railing, that everyone was wearing black. I think my brown and jean look would have been highly suspicious. The perils of being a west coast hippie in the big city.

Love Is In The Air, Quite Clearly. Those of you who are posting such wonderful things about the people on your flist, it's really lovely. There isn't nearly enough gratuitous ego-stroking in the world.

Yeah, I Got Nothing. I'd be defriending me right about now, too. :D


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