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All right, who let me leave the house this morning??

My skin is a fiery mess, I have a rash on my neck, a huge stain on my shirt, a hole in my cardigan, mismatched socks, and hair that dried funny and is now looks longer on one side than the other.

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My hair has decided to have a flashback to grade 6, and go all layers and feathered. HA. Oh, hair.

Also, I haven't done laundry in two weeks*, so I am down to the last days underwear. The underwear of the last days is really Not Spectacular.

*I could have done it any time in the last couple of days, but logically when I'm this close to the next laundry time, I should just wait. Right? Right.
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I got my hair cut on Friday, and it's awfully...fluffy. I don't know. I'm sure part of this is the omg humidity, but it seems to have many layers all over the place, so it doesn't do that flippy thing that I liked so much, and bits of it stick out and curl up all over the place. Plus she cut the bangs at a different angle, so now they go sort of sideways instead of down, and it's just not quite right. Oh well!

Meanwhile, let me add my voice to the chorus of "Holy fuck what was that weather out of nowhere?". I was quite determined that I wouldn't let the heat get me down this summer, but now I'm not sure - I was pretty miserable, except for those moments where I was right in front of the window box AC (which I tried not to run very much, because the environment is my friend). I really hope our new place isn't too hot - we don't really have all that many options for window air conditioners (I think one might work in my bedroom, but I'm not super thrilled about not being able to have the window open. I guess if we take it out as soon as it starts getting cooler.), plus there are the skylights, which I'd forgotten about until one co-worker this morning started talking about how incredibly hot it was under the skylights in his place. However, again I saw oh well! No point in thinking about it now, when I can't do anything. Besides, I've made it through terribly hot summers before - I'm well practiced in avoiding home and wrapping myself in towels from the freezer in order to sleep.

Saturday I invited local people over to help themselves to the books that I'm not taking, and all my videos (the VCR isn't coming with me - I haven't used it in over a year). Only [ profile] starfishchick, starfishdude, and my new work friend C. showed up, but they took things away. Hooray! And then [ profile] sarcasma and I took some of the remainders to sell, which was also very useful. I still have about 4 shelves worth of stuff to go to Goodwill, but that's better than it was. Goodbye stuff! What a wonderful feeling. And then I ran out of packing tape and make a futile attempt to buy more.
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Hoo boy I hate my skin. It objects to everything! The latest casualty is the awesome-smelling grapefruit body butter I bought at one of the four craft fairs I went to this past weekend. I used it yesterday, and by the time I went to bed, my arms and legs were itchy, red and bumpy. Argh! How can something that smells so good be so evil?

The short list of things that I have managed not to be allergic to or otherwise wronged by:

-SpectroJel (the unscented, un-anythinged version)
-Lubriderm (also the unscented, un-anythinged version)
-Body Shop body butter (amazingly)
-BPAL oils, except if they contain cinnamon (although I pretend not to know that, because most of my favourites have cinnamon)
-Kiss My Face pure olive oil soap (which is on notice, because I think it's making me break out, and even if it's not, I think it's making my skin drier than usual)
-That tinted moisturizer they stopped selling in Canada (but I now have a supply that will last me for at least another couple of years)
-Dove deodorant (which is also on notice, although I'm still not allergic, but it seems to have stopped working. There is no point to non-working deodorant. I'm scared, though, because every other deodorant I've tried has caused me to break out into a rash, from the super-scary chemical anti-persperant to the all-natural Lush baking powder blocks)

Pretty scented shower gels are pretty much always a disaster. Moisturizers are pretty terrible, too - not because of allergies, but because they make me break out. In the winter, even though I'm generating enough oil to support a small country, I'm also horrendously dry and flaky, so I've been experimenting with moisturizers, with no real luck so far. I have faith, though!

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Tonight I went to my very first drive-in. It was pretty awesome. Now if I ever need to pretend I'm from small-town Ontario, I have the first-hand experience. And [ profile] mystery_diva, you do get the sound through the radio, at least at the one we were at.

And then after we went for a drink, and I saw this bizarre phenomenon -- the restaurant was on street level, to get to the bathrooms you go up a flight of stairs, and at the top of the stairs was a door that was directly open onto an alleyway, which ran the full block. So between the front of the restaurant and the back of the restaurant (and it wasn't a big resto) street level became a full floor higher? Weird.

Also, this afternoon I caught sight of myself in a mirror as I passed and I totally didn't recognize myself, my hair has gotten so blond. It was a surreal moment.

And now, I should go to bed, if I have any hopes of waking up at some time that can still be called "morning". Sweet dreams.
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My mom is going in for eye surgery on Friday (something to do with the muscles in her eyelids being too weak to lift her eyelids, making it very hard for her to see). She said that mostly she forgets that she's going to have this done, and then all of the sudden she'll panic that she'll be blind after. Then she said, if I go blind, you'll come visit me, right? I said, sure, I'll wear a big fluffy sweater so you'll have something to touch. She said, great, and wear flavoured lip balm so I have something to smell.


On Saturday I took time out from my exhausting schedule of moping and weeping to go out to [ profile] starfishchick's with [ profile] sarcasma, [ profile] sanity_clause and [ profile] mystery_diva -- and we got to meet [ profile] iseult_variante, who was in town staying with the Starfishfolk. Yay [ profile] iseult_variante! You are fabulous, and I'm so glad we got to hang out. Also, I swear I'm not normally quite such a lush. But wine is tasty! I think I'll also blame the wine for the fact that I found myself watching boy band videos on YouTube at 3:30 in the morning. I admit it, I hate the music, but I love the boy band choreography. Of course, the downside is that this morning I woke up with the Backstreet Boys' "I Want It That Way" looping through my head. Yikes.

And then today we all met again for brunch and a trip to MAC, where [ profile] mystery_diva made us over and I bought sparkly gold eyeshadow. It's much classier than it sounds, I promise. Seriously girly.

Now I'm going to watch Studio 60 and go to bed and get lots of sleep and go to work and do it all again. And buy some groceries, because all I have in the fridge is soy milk, orange juice, plain yogurt, half an orange pepper, and 3/4 of a red onion. That's not food, yo.
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I am going to Winnipeg for real next week. No, seriously. I even have a ticket, although apparently once you're there they don't want to let you leave, because there were no seats* left on any flights out of Winnipeg on either Friday or Thursday. Oy, I say.

I am still computer-free on the weekends, so I will say happy advance birthday to the splendiferous [ profile] minervacat! I hope you have an awesome day, love.

And to all the rest of you, good weekend wishes. I think I'm going for high tea on Sunday, which should be lovely. Hello, tiny sandwiches! I may or may not be around next week -- it depends on whether or not this hotel also has a fancy executive suite where I can pretend to be doing executive things -- but I'll be checking my email if you feel the need to entertain talk to me.

Meanwhile, some BPAL reviews for you:


What a great freakin' word. BPAL LOVES TEH SMUT! Three swarthy, smutty musks sweetened with sugar and woozy with dark booze notes.

I'm not sure how to describe this - it's just sort of warm and sweet, but heavy. And really strong on application. It works once it's dried down, though.


Simply cool, the essence of Lounge: the scent of a crisp pomegranate martini.

It smells the way Knudsen's black current spritzer tastes. No, seriously - fruity and sparkling, but not overly sweet. Not so much a pomegranate martini, as a pomegranate champagne cocktail. I like it.

Torture King

The King of Pain, the Famed Fakir. Frankincense and sweet clove, mandarin and bourbon, lemon peel and leather, grasses and smoke, lime and vetiver, ambergris and deep musk.

This is very changeable on me -- earlier it was like a light floral, and now I get mostly lime and bourbon. Interesting. I think I like it, but I'll probably have to try it a few more times to see if it's ever going to settle down.

*By which I mean, no seats that weren't executive class, which is approximately 7 times as much as the cheap class I normally take. Granted, the manager in Winnipeg is paying for this, but I don't think he wants me out there quite that much.
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BPAL review: The Star (tarot oils)

[ profile] voleuse, thank you so much for this sampler! It's fantastic -- coconut with a hint of lime and mint, and a rich vanilla undertone. Very much a scent for me. I can't stop sniffing myself!

I don't know anything about tarot, but The Star seems to be a card of hope and optimism, which is lovely thought to carry with me as I wear this.

* * *

Went out last night for the 2nd annual Anti-Valentine's Day celebrations with [ profile] shoefiend, [ profile] mystery_diva and MD's co-worker -- silly drinks and chocolate fondue in a snazzy lounge way up in the sky (with an awesome view of downtown Toronto). There were gifts, tiaras, laughter, and, of course, much cleavage. Good times. We've already made extensive plans for next year (which is kind of sad if you think about it - we're assuming that we'll all be single still next year).

I'm really out of it this morning, though. Oh yeah. When did I get too old to function on barely any sleep? Oh, that's right, ALWAYS.

* * *

Someone at Zip is totally mocking me -- last week I got sent Queer as Folk (UK), Kama Sutra, and Kinsey. THANKS. Like I'm not fully aware that I'm not having sex. I will share my thoughts on these movies when I'm awake enough to have thoughts, but let me just re-iterate that I have a SERIOUS crush on Peter Sarsgaard. And also a serious crush on Maggie Gyllenhaal, so they, as a couple, are the hottest thing around. Not that I haven't discussed this with many people before (including last night), but it bears repeating.

* * *

So what's going on with you lot? How's February treating you so far?
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Happy birthday [ profile] farpotshket! Have a wonderful one.

I have new glasses, yay! Well, technically I have a receipt for the $100 deposit that I paid, and a promise that they will eventually (read: 3 weeks) arrive in the store for me to pick up. Oh, the perils of terrible eyesight. Not only are classes ridiculously expensive*, but they take forever to get made. Still, glasses! Glasses that are not completely scratched and have arms that actually stay on!

Next up on my list of major purchases: a couch. Don't laugh. I'm determined this time. I went back to the futon store, measurements in hand, but damn those things are expensive. So it's back to IKEA. There are two 2-seaters there which seem like they would fit in the apartment and are within my (greatly expanded from when I first started looking, but still not enough for a futon, unless I give up on the arms, but what is the point of a couch without arms, I ask you?) price range. So I think this weekend I will head out there and sit on them. Sadly, while I was in the futon store I fell in love with a dark purple cover, so now I really want a purple couch. That's not going to happen. Whatever.

And finally (for the moment, at least, because I am running out of credit), I'm going to go look for a humidifier tonight. It's SO DRY in my apartment. It's not really helped by the fact that it's really hot, too, which means that I sleep with the fan on. Ugh. You'd think having the window wide open and the rain practically hitting me would help, but no. So, humidifier it is.

I...don't think I'm going to read over that. I can already feel the money running away from me. I don't need to face the proof.

*You know the price is beyond crazy when the $80 difference between two types of lenses seems completely negligible. What's $80 when you're already spending $300 just for the prescription?
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Happy birthday to the fabulous [ profile] zosiablue, and to my beloved [ profile] vestra, who is all the way on the other side of the country (yes, you can open your presents now).


Yesterday's BPAL:


The enemy of God, also named Iblis, He Who Despaired of the Mercy of God. Al-Shairan is the leader of the Jinn, a tempter who whispers false suggestions to men enticing them into evil and perfidious acts, and is the sworn enemy of all of Adam's children. His scent is fiery, bright and thick with sweet sinfulness: clove, peach and orange with cinnamon, patchouli and dark incense notes.

This was a score - fruity (the peach was very prevelant), but with that added bite from the cinnamon and patchouli. Like a really good incense. And it stayed very consistent throughout the day.
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Happy birthday [ profile] wonderlanded and [ profile] goblinshark! I hope you each have wonderful days on your sides of the Atlantic.

Today's BPAL: Perversion

The perfect scent to wear to your next bondage ball, dungeon adventure or sojourn to your favorite pleasure dome. Smoky rum and black tobacco with a whisper of steamy leather with a splash of crystalline chardonnay, layered over a sensual, sweet, and deceptively magnetic base of tonka.

Eh. I don't know about this. I like it on application, but dries down sort of strongly sweet and powdery, with an odd undertone. I'll have to try it again before making a decision.

And now, I get up! No, really. I'm going to stop reading Yuletide stories, and instead go clean the bathroom. Or have lunch. Mmm, food.
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Oh, FINE. Maybe I'm a tiny bit jealous that all you had such fun, exciting New Year's Eves, full of drinking, and friends, and games, and staying up too late. Not that it's not my fault for being such a wuss and staying in away from the snow, but my evening of doing dishes and going to bed early just doesn't compare.

Not that going to bed early (-er, than usual) has been all that useful in attempting to get more sleep, which is, incidentally, my January resolution -- I have terrible insomnia these days. Can't get comfortable, itchy all the time, way too hot in my bedroom even with the window wide open and the fan on. Even when I finally fall asleep, hours after I go to bed, I keep waking up. It sucks, you know? But I will triumph! Maybe I'll start taking post-work naps. Or, oooh, lunchtime naps.

In conclusion, I think "In Translation" is my favourite Lost season 1 episode, I had to take my books back to the library before I could read them (so sad!), and the Girls' Bike Club CD is fucking brilliant.

BPAL of the Day:


"And yet a restless,always unsatisfied craving for the nudity of paganism," she interrupted, "but that love, which is the highest joy, which is divine simplicity itself, is not for you moderns, you children of reflection.It works only evil in you. As soon as you wish to be natural, you become common. To you nature seems something hostile; you have made devils out of the smiling gods of Greece, and out of me a demon. You can only exorcise and curse me, or slay yourselves in bacchantic madness before my altar. And if ever one of you has had the courage to kiss my red mouth, he makes a barefoot pilgrimage to Rome in penitential robes and expects flowers to grow from his withered staff,while under my feet roses, violets, and myrtles spring up every hour,but their fragrance does not agree with you. Stay among your northern fogs and Christian incense; let us pagans remain under the debris,beneath the lava; do not disinter us. Pompeii was not built for you,nor our villas, our baths, our temples. You do not require gods. We are chilled in your world."

Along with Loviatar, she has become something of a 21st century Patron Goddess of all Dominatrixes. While Loviatar is the Goddess of Pain, Wanda governs Control. She is the breathtakingly beautiful sable-wrapped marble queen of Sacher-Masoch's fantasies. Her scent is a deep red merlot with a faint hint of leather,sexual musk and body heat over crushed roses, violets and myrtle.

I would never have picked this out -- I mean, roses and violets are usually big warning signs for me -- but I tested it at a smelling party a couple of orders ago, and I loved it. I think it's the wine. So far every scent with wine that I've tried has been wonderful.
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Amber, heliotrope, golden sandalwood, peach blossom and vanilla bean.

Oh, god, this is so nice. Bright peach at first, then the vanilla creeps in. There's a little while, about 5 minutes after application, where the floral comes through, but even then it's tempered with the sweetness. And now, it's sugary fruit up close with a sandalwood aura and I can't stop sniffing my wrist.
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Hahahaha! I'm such a big liar. I'm not wearing Bastet today, I'm wearing Bengal:

A sultry and unruly blend that emulates the ambient scent of the markets in ancient Bengal: skin musk with honey, peppers, clove, cinnamon bark and ginger.

And there's the cinnamon that made me red and welty. This ingredient list makes much more sense -- these are all scents I love, so it's no wonder I'm enjoying it so much.

[ps. [ profile] eanja, I got your package yesterday -- thanks! It turns out that it was one that someone else had ordered, and I tried it on Saturday and liked it, so that worked out well. :)]
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Question: If I'm going to my boss's apartment for a staff Christmas party that I don't really want to go to, do I have to take a hostess gift? And what can I buy (quickly, because I have no time today) that isn't food or wine?

Now on to the interesting* stuff.

Today's BPAL: Bastet

Bast, Ubasti, Ailuros, Ba-en-Aset. Represented as both a domestic cat and a fierce lioness, she truly evidences traits of both. She is the Mother of All Cats, Goddess of Sensuality, Fertility, and a guardian and protector of women. She is also one of the Eyes of Ra, and in that aspect is an Avenging Goddess, seeking retribution and punishing enemies of her people. Luxuriant amber, warm Egyptian musk, fierce saffron and soft myrrh, almond, cardamom and golden lotus.

This is nice. Very nice. It smells almost like a mild cinnamon on first application -- warm and spicy, but not too strong. On drydown, the almond comes through a bit more, while the spices linger. I'm very pleased, other than the fact that I had a bit of an allergic reaction when I put it on my neck (I went bright red on that spot, and it was a bit itchy). I'll just have to be careful where I apply it; I had no problems on my wrists.

Yesterday's BPAL: Sudha Segara

Named after the primordial ocean of milk where Lord Vishnu reclines upon the thousand-headed Naga. Sweet milk and warm, healing ginger with a touch of golden honey and our blend of Ambrosia. (Gender neutral)

Mmm, pretty! It's sweet without being candy-like. Sadly it disappears almost immediately on me. In fact, this was also Tuesday's BPAL, but it faded so quickly that I couldn't write about it. Yesterday I put on much more, and it lasted through the morning, but by lunch it was gone, leaving just a vague sweetness. Too bad.

*To me, at least.
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On The Hour tonight, they showed a website that uses face recognition software to find famous people who match you most in looks - not hair or colouring, but bone structure and things like that. It's called My Heritage.

I think it's some sort of genealogy site, but the face matching is the fun part. [ profile] linaerys, you'll find this amusing -- my top match was Shah Rukh Khan. Hee. Other than that, they were mostly people I'd never heard of, but I could actually see the similarities.

(George's best match was Johnny Depp. I'm just saying.)
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Oh look, I've been reduced to writing about MAIL.


I would like to say that SOME of you (meaning [ profile] art_geek, [ profile] sarrabellum and [ profile] orionnebula) are far too talented for your own good and made beautiful artsy cards. I would also like to say that ALL of you sent far classier cards than I did. I am shamed. :)

Canada Post is clearly working overtime this year. Not only was there the Incident of the Card That Made It to England in Just Two Days, today I got a card from someone who called me yesterday because she couldn't find my address. That's one day, probably not even 24 hours, and some of those hours were on a Sunday. The postal service is clearly mocking me for getting my shit together so early this year.

Completely unrelated to mail (...mostly), today's BPAL scent is Shanghai:

The crisp, clean scent of green tea touched with lemon verbena and honeysuckle.

It's very lemony. I was hoping for more of the green tea to come through, but no. I like it, but it's heading a bit into bathroom cleaner territory. It's nicer, and more consistent, than most of the other lemon scents I've tried, though.
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I got my hair cut on Thursday -- from not my usual stylist -- and she cut all the curl out of it! I'm very sad.

I realize this isn't exactly a national emergency-level disaster, and it's just hair and will grow back. Plus it's not like it looks bad. But I loved having curly hair and I want it back! Also, I don't really know how to deal with my hair when it's not curly because now it just looks messy all the time.

Ah well.
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1. I am testing the BPAL scents that [ profile] chimerakitty sent me. I am fully multi-flavoured. At the moment Cerberus is the winner (mmm, chocolatey), but it seems to be a very changeable scent, so we'll see.

2. I had TWO packages in the mail today - my dvds from Amazon (Lost and Undeclared) and a "strikes suck" care package from [ profile] canirl, with tea, chocolate, jewellery and a book. Awesome. I bet you wish you were locked out right now, too. (Or not.)

3. Of my two current jobs, working with [ profile] mystery_diva definitely wins, even though printers are EVIL and must die. I can say this with authority since I've spent most of my time there printing pamphlets out. My other job is fine, but I'm not a fan of working 12-8. It kind of feels like winter already (other than the fact that it was so hot and gross out all this week) because it's dark when I leave work.

4. This is the first time I've been home alone for any length of time in a while. I should be doing laundry or cleaning the bathroom. As you can see, I'm not.

5. Did I mention that I met [ profile] sarcasma and [ profile] sanity_clause's wee kittens? They are adorable, and almost got distracted enough by the toys to not run in fear of my feet. So sweet.

6. I don't want to go to work tomorrow. I'm far too conditioned to having weekends off. And, in fact, to working only five days a week.

7. Now Cerberus smells like fruit, or candy, or something. Still nice, though.

8. I haven't talked about books in aeons, and I have a huge long list. The one thing I can say about walking the picket line is that it gives me lots of time to read, especially since I have mapped the path and no longer trip over the fire hydrant. I still don't recommend it, though.

9. Two weeks to Serenity! Eeeee!

10. I started looking at flights home for Christmas and then I realized that I don't even know what's going to be happening then. Maybe we'll still be locked out. But I have to wait in any case, because if I am back at work I have to put in for my vacation time. Of course, I can't do that until we go back to work. It's very complicated! I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter much, though - all the airlines are the same price, and think the days of sales for buying early are over. God, why is it so expensive to fly across Canada?

11. I would like an egg salad sandwich for dinner. Sadly, I have no eggs and no bread, so that's not going to happen.

12. I had grand plans to enjoy my evening off, but I'm already falling asleep. Damn. Sweet dreams, y'all.


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