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I only shampoo my hair twice a week or so, and I don't use very much shampoo, so I've had the same bottle of shampoo for years now. I guess it's not that surprising, then, that it has turned into a creepy gelatinous mass of no known origin (see title). Eep!

In other news, my grand plan to do all my Christmas shopping at craft fairs (because I have NO ideas for ANYONE. I fail.) is being thwarted by all the craft fairs I've gone to so far being truly unexciting. Although the one I went to yesterday was in someone's house, and I left desperately wanting the house. It was so cute! Presents, though, have not happened (and it's double for pretty much everyone, due to a mass of December/January birthdays). Where is my present-buying brain?
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The internets (a.k.a. [ profile] lsugaralmond) told me to stay inside today and eat cake. Sadly, I have no cake.

O World, why dost thou forsake me so?
listersgirl: (cowardice and sandwiches) recommended a bunch of stuff to me in an email. This is normal. What's a little surprising, though, is that the recommendations are entirely spot on, even though I almost never buy from .com (it's almost always .ca). Are they sharing information or reading my mind?
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Not to be annoyingly overpost-y, but have you seen the new beta Google maps for walking? I've been wishing for something like this for ages! Their average speed is a little slower than me (as I would expect), but it's useful for a vague idea of timing. Hurrah!
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Dear Cranberry Classic packagers,

If the first ingredient on the list is peanuts, I think it's a safe assumption that, yes, this product does in fact contain traces of peanuts.

Dear Hugh Fraser,

Bonehenge? Really? You're telling me that not one person, after hearing your great idea for a CD title, mentioned that it sounds just a little like a porno starring druids and their virgin sacrifice?
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Jennifer Crusie had something on her blog, I think asking readers to send in words for specific kinds of love. Mildly entertaining! But this one cracked me up:

Vinfatuation: Love you think you feel after three glasses of wine.

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Also, no matter what Google search I make for work stuff, at least one of the results is always for fanfic of some sort. Invariably.
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I am craving pancakes like a mad crave-y thing! Where in Toronto has really excellent pancakes?

* * *

So, what will you all be up to this weekend? Assuming this is your weekend. It used to drive me crazy when people assumed I had Saturday and Sunday off (especially when they assumed that as we were closing the CD store at 9 on Friday and I wasn't off until Tuesday), and now here I'm doing it. ANYWAY. It's a gorgeous fall weekend, and I hope everyone has exciting plans. Me, I think I'm hunting down pancakes.
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Melon is definitely the food most attractive to fruit flies. I almost never have them, but I bought a melon at the farmer's market on Thursday, and *boom* there were a few in the kitchen. And just now I noticed there were a few flying around me, which seemed weird, until I remembered that I hadn't quite finished the melon, and there was a piece or two left in the bowl on the floor -- a piece or two that have become a snack for even more fruit flies. I'll have to take the garbage out tomorrow.

And thus is my exciting Saturday night. I'd meant to find people to do things with, but evening kind of snuck up without me noticing. So here I sit, watching fruit fly antics.
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What does it mean if the sole of your foot is itchy? Is it a sign of awesomeness? Because I CAN'T STOP SCRATCHING.


*scratch, scratch*

ps. Yes, now my hands are stinky, if you must know.
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Tonight I went to my very first drive-in. It was pretty awesome. Now if I ever need to pretend I'm from small-town Ontario, I have the first-hand experience. And [ profile] mystery_diva, you do get the sound through the radio, at least at the one we were at.

And then after we went for a drink, and I saw this bizarre phenomenon -- the restaurant was on street level, to get to the bathrooms you go up a flight of stairs, and at the top of the stairs was a door that was directly open onto an alleyway, which ran the full block. So between the front of the restaurant and the back of the restaurant (and it wasn't a big resto) street level became a full floor higher? Weird.

Also, this afternoon I caught sight of myself in a mirror as I passed and I totally didn't recognize myself, my hair has gotten so blond. It was a surreal moment.

And now, I should go to bed, if I have any hopes of waking up at some time that can still be called "morning". Sweet dreams.
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I have a new theory that my daily vocabulary is 31% made up of words that start with A. My theory is supported by the following three facts:

1. I use "awesome" in at least every second sentence, when I'm in a good mood. Maybe every third when I'm in a pissy mood. I've been doing this for years. People used to laugh at me and think I was trying for a return of Valley girl speak - little did they know I was just preparing for the awesome future.

2. All those analyze-your-writing things tell me that my #1 most favourite word is "actually".

3. Yesterday, two of my co-workers* were having a conversation**, and one of them said, as I walked by, "Absolutely. [beat] You know, I say "absolutely" all the time now, and it's all [turning to point accusingly at me] YOUR fault." Heeeee.

Clearly, I am actually absolutely awesome.

*the ones I actually like.
**the part I heard went something like "You need a good polka. How about Walter Ostanek, Canada's Polka King? Or a little Lawrence Welk?" "Absolutely." You can never go wrong with a polka.
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Today I learned (by accident) that I can move my Firefox tabs around. That's me: right on top of the new technology.

I also learned that Cannonball Adderley's real name is Julian, that fresh cherries are incredible, and that an actor I kind of love just a little is going to be on Heroes next year.

Is that enough? Can I go home now please?
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I could have sworn I posted yesterday with the computer update (which I know you are all DYING to hear...heh). But, nothing. Ooo, phantom LJ posts! Creeeepy!

...sorry, wrong season.

This morning I had an email from someone saying (among other things) she missed my LJ posts (and my tea reminders, amazingly enough). I FEEL TOTALLY LOVED. Therefore I am going to attempt to update more regularly. Which means I will have to leave the house more often in order to have something to say. Oh the pain.

Anyway, computer update! It's all good. Isn't that exciting? There was a second disk I needed to install, with drivers and settings and the like, which fixed any number of problems including the display, and then thanks to the amazing magical wizardry of [ profile] sanity_clause, I have all my files back. Seriously. I am still amazed - I had totally found a place of zen about losing everything since June and then! He somehow dragged them all off the dead hard drive! s_c, there is a prize for you coming at some point when I have enough time to actually get it.

Here are my ruminations about safety for the day. Car alarms and fire alarms have both kind of hit that point where people don't pay all that much attention to them, except to be annoyed about the noise. I personally think car alarms are ridiculous, unless the owner of the car is within hearing range and is willing to go sprinting out to the car to deal with whatever is happening. Otherwise? People assume that either a) someone walked too close to the car (and oh, this is why car alarms should not be allowed in cities, because if your car is parked beside the sidewalk, someone is going to walk too close to it!), or b) someone (aka the driver) accidentally set the alarm off and can't figure out how to shut it up. Which is what I assumed on Friday when I passed a car with the alarm going off and someone sitting inside. It didn't even OCCUR to me until three blocks later that there might be some other reason, because car alarms go off all the damn time, for no good point.

Fire alarms are kind of the same way. At work, we assume it's a fire drill. And it always has been. At home, only once out of all the times the fire alarm has gone off in any of my apartment buildings has it been an actual fire. Last night the fire alarm went off, and half the people I saw just looked out their doors, and then went back to what they were doing. Of course, we couldn't smell any smoke. Personally, I went for coffee. I figure if it is a real fire, it's going to burn down whether I'm there or not. But no-one ever rushes anymore. No-one ever panics (which is probably a good thing). Everyone takes the time to put on shoes and coats and scarves (which is also a good thing, because it was crazy cold last night).

I was going to end this with a carefully thought-out and detailed moral, but then realized that it's really just the boy who cried wolf as applied to inanimate objects. All the good morals are taken, yo.

Question: if I have a funky t-shirt that I totally love but it's too small now (like all my funky t-shirts), how lame is it of me to buy the exact same one again in a larger size?

Finally, [ profile] mystery_diva's birthday brunch this weekend reminded me of how awesome brunch is and how it's really one of my all-favourite socializing venues. Something about the combination of breakfast foods, being early in the day so no-one is cranky or exhausted from work, a recognition of the weekend, good venues for talking, no clean-up after. Whatever it is, it totally works.
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Song Titles: A Cautionary Tale: "Please Call Me, Baby" or "Please Call Me Baby"? For want of a comma, a phone call was lost.

Oh, The Shame: I admit it, I kind of love watching Beauty and the Geek. I'm sorry! Half the time I watch it on mute, though, because I can't deal with the stupid and/or awkward things that they all say. They should do a season in opposite, though, with hot airhead boys and geeky girls. And then I should be on it.

Noises Off: I told you that the beep is gone, right? The banging pipes made a comeback this week, though, banging all night long on Monday. YARGH. But someone else must have complained (I wasn't quite ready to call back AGAIN, complaining about something ELSE), because I came home on Tuesday to a note saying that there were problems with the heat and so people might be coming into our apartments. And it's been pretty quiet since. Yahoo.

Home Swee(t) Home: I have finally made the leap. I now, after 5 1/2 years, pronounce Toronto, "Tronna". The proper enunciation comes back if I'm talking to strangers or in professional situations, but most of the time, it's bye bye, little T. You'd think I lived here or something.

Mmmm Pie: Staff meetings are made infinitely better by pie.
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Dear [ profile] morag_gunn,

Please don't listen to the radio at 7:27 this morning (your time).

Yours lovingly,


I have learned that the trick to my getting any kitty attention at all from certain cats is that [ profile] sarcasma has to leave town and [ profile] sanity_clause has to be very busy. THEN they appreciate my value. When I went over on Wednesday for Lost, the kitties were all over me. Both of them. I have the cat hair to prove it.
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All I really want is to stay home for a week and re-read all my favourite books. And maybe to have someone bring me snacks and tell me I'm adorable. Just for the week.
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I'm listening to an old album by The Dears (No Cities Left). When it started, I thought, eh, it's fine, but there's really nothing special about, nothing that's grabbing me. Because usually I have instant reactions to music. But now I'm almost at the end and I think I'm in love.

And how is YOUR day?
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I just heard some co-workers talking about me behind my back (although technically it was just on the other side of a divider where they didn't realize I was standing). They were saying completely not the things I would have expected - it wasn't worse or better, just not what I thought. I've been deluding myself all these years!

So now I'm totally curious, which makes it anonymous commenting time! Tell me what you really think of me - the good, the bad, the ugly. Think of this as your chance to say those things that we're all too polite to say to each other's (virtual) faces. Tell me something, whether you've known me for years or just started reading yesterday (although if you just started reading yesterday, I promise, I'm generally much wittier. Or so I think). Think I'm smart? Think I'm cheerful? Think I'm lazy and passive aggressive? Wow, I totally agree with you.

Just, please, keep it anonymous so I don't have to think of polite responses. :D

Now isn't this much better than doing work?


Aug. 22nd, 2006 01:29 pm
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I was in the bathroom just now, brushing my teeth, and the woman at the sink beside me turned to me and said, "Now, I don't want you to be alarmed, but I put my lipstick down my shirt because I didn't have any pockets, and I'm going to pull it out now."

To which I replied, "That's fine - I put my ID tag down my shirt so that it wouldn't fall in the sink as I was brushing my teeth." And then we both reached down our shirts.


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