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I have lots of movies coming to me from Zip, but I need some serial TV for in between seasons of The Wire rewatch. What should I watch? What's distracting/engrossing enough to make me forget the heat?

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Discussion at work today: what exactly counts as a cover?

I mean, Danny Michel sings a David Bowie song, that's clearly a cover. One pop artist performing the work of another. But what if he sings a Gershwin song? A Sondheim song? Is it the fact that he's a pop artist, and pop artists generally have a kind of artistic ownership over their music - does that automatically make everything he does that's not his own a cover? Or is it the song itself - does the song have to be specifically associated with a particular singer or group before you can cover it?

And the other way around - I would never consider a jazz artist doing a song by another jazz artist "covering". That's what jazz musicians do. But what about when Herbie Hancock releases his album of Joni Mitchell songs? Is that different somehow than if he released an album of John Coltrane songs?

And what about artists who always sing work by other people, like Broadway singers. I don't consider Audra McDonald doing "Bill" from Showboat a cover, but what about when she sings Rufus Wainwright's "Painted Ladies". Is that a cover? And to flip it over, what if a pop group did a version of a song from a musical? What about the disc of pop groups and artists performing songs from Hedwig and the Angry Inch? Are those covers? Or not, because songs from musicals are traditionally performed by all sorts of different people?

Is there a line that gets crossed? Does someone cover The Christmas Song, because it's so associated with Mel Torme, but just sing "Jingle Bells"? Do you cover traditional tunes? Is covering reserved just for pop artists?

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It's 4 pm, and so far today I have, um, had breakfast, watched lots of Due South, and caught up on a few weeks' worth of blog feeds. I should get moving, I know, but it's very comfortable where I am. I suppose the world won't end if I don't do my laundry today.

We'd been having such beautiful weather, and then this weekend it's gone cold and grey again. Not exciting enough to get me out of the house, that's for sure, although that meant I got a lot done yesterday (including sushi and games, yay).

I'm actually looking forward to going to work tomorrow. I know! But there's a lot that I want to get done, and this past week was a bit of a write-off, between a couple of special projects, covering for people who were off, and the day of first aid training. Next week, though, I should be able to burn through large stacks of my regular work, which will feel great.

Also, I have new enthusiasm for staying away from Mini Eggs and actually getting some exercise. Not that I don't have this enthusiasm every Sunday afternoon, but it's for real this week. Honestly! I swear.

And now, a poll:

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So, my peeps, what're you all up to tonight? Personally, I plan to fortify myself with wine and a download of Torchwood, and then I am going to attempt, ONE MORE TIME, to do laundry. It's Friday night! Surely I am the only loser who does laundry on Friday nights. Please?

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1. I swore I was never going to get into BPAL limited editions -- I mean, seriously, I haven't even finished an imp up yet, I have so many, so a 5 ml is just not worth it -- but I'm highly tempted by Monster Bait. It's not possible to smell *too* much like dessert, is it?

2. I was going to say something about Lost, but really, all I have to say is that the show makes me happy. La.

3. Email is frustrating me lately. I want tracking! How else am I supposed to stop being paranoid that people are deliberately ignoring me?

4. Running last night was horrendously painful. Not in a damaged way, at least. But it was exhausting, right from the beginning. Bah.

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Hola, tea exchangers!

I hope everyone is enjoying their tea (or at least the prospect of their tea - I'm sure this is not the only place where it's too hot to boil water). It's almost August, so I'm going to send out tea exchange round 2 information late this week or early next. A few things:

1. If once was enough, just let me know, and I'll take your name off the list.

2. If you want to join in the fun, go fill out the poll (and put your email address in there somewhere if it's not on your info page, because I was an idiot and forgot to include a spot for that).

3. If you have not received your tea, please say something - I know there are a few people who are worried about whether their tea package has safely traversed the wilds of the postal system(s).

4. Does every two months work for people? It seems like it was enough time for everyone to get organized. Would you prefer more often? Less often? Or maybe you'd just like a poll.

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5. No, that's it.
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In exchange for being woken up at 6 in the morning on my days off by a cat with a very rough tongue and a fondness for my armpits and nose (oh, the torture!), I now have a large bag of real Montreal bagels. YUM. Sadly, I currently have nothing to put on the bagels, because (a) I am at work, and (b) the jam went mouldy, I don't keep butter in the house and I ate all the peanut butter last night. With a spoon.

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*My mom used to make me bagel sandwiches when I was in elementary school (cheese, avocado and tomato, usually), and eating them without losing all the avocado was a skill I never quite mastered.
**If that name is Rebecca or Chantal, welcome to the collective hive brain. And yes, enough people have thought one of those was my name that I will answer to it.
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As of today, I have met, however briefly, 30% of my friends list. Okay, I knew 9 of the 26 people pre-internet life, but still, that feels like quite a lot. And so far, not one of you has turned out to be a serial killer. Score!

Also in the department of random statistics about me: 63% of my friends list are paid users. Considering only 1.6% of LJ users as a whole are paid, that's quite substantial. I'm not sure exactly what that says about us, but I'm sure it says something.

I'm pretty sure, too, that many, many of you are librarians or work in libraries. This is not deliberate on my part -- I don't think I've ever added someone just because they are a librarian -- but I think more a case of librarians automatically gravitating together when they're anywhere near each other.

Poll! Feel the library love! )
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Having decided that I'm not ready to give up cable entirely, I had a brief moment last night of thinking that I would probably survive without the internet at home. I think I'm over that. :D But I'm still trying to find more things I can cut out in order to save money.

Also, musicians need to learn that actually *telling* us the song titles on their albums does not mean they're selling out.

Onward to polls, including, but not exclusive to, moving, sleepwear, and vile vegetables. )

So this is Thursday, eh?
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Inquiring minds want to know: why isn't every weekend a long weekend?


For those of you worried that [ profile] sallym might be a serial killer, I present my safe return home as proof that she is not. Or else [ profile] idella, [ profile] starfishchick and I were left unharmed to confuse the detectives. Either way, I had a fabulous time - we hung out, talked, played games, went in the hot tub, admired the beach, and ate much food and candy. A fantastic trip.

And then on Sunday night [ profile] vestra and I finally got around to putting together the bookcase I bought at IKEA. I'd count it as a rousing success, except that we put on of the shelves on backward, so the unfinished end is facing front. Oops. It's ok, it gives character, right?

It was very exciting, though, because then we got to shuffle and reorganize books, and now you can actually see most of my books. Whee, books!

We also watched Desperate Housewives, which is campy and silly, but much fun, and Real Women Have Curves, which I liked, although it felt a little unfinished somehow. The lead actress was great, though - at least until the featurette, where she was all Aah! Sparkles! And the boy was ridiculously sweet and adorable. I'm sure teenage boys aren't like that in real life.

Monday we went running in the cold and my hands nearly fell off. Let this be a lesson to you.

Then I went to the Starfishfolks' house for Thanksgiving dinner and games, which was much fun, and made me miss my parents. I ate, and enjoyed, brussel sprouts (shh, it's a secret). My dad was distraught when I told him this - he took it as a personal betrayal. Hee.

Now, I am hungry AGAIN, as usual, and already thinking of lunch. So, a poll.

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I have more Fringe reviews (for the two of you that are interested), and an ever-growing list of books, but I also have actual work to do before I go on vacation, so that'll have to wait.

Because, yes, I'm going on a mini-holiday starting Tuesday. All of four days. I'm at work today (after being off yesterday) and coming to work on Monday, much to the disbelief of my co-workers. I only had four days vacation time, ok? Anyway, my parents are coming out from the coast and we're going to the Stratford Festival, and then they're very briefly coming here, to my apartment which I've been diligently cleaning. It should be fun. God knows I haven't been to the theatre in ages. Heh.

But I thought, since I'm going on holiday, I should do the vacation tradition of sending out postcards that arrive home after I do. Or in this case, probably even get sent after I arrive home. But hey, it's tradition! And everyone loves mail.

So who wants a postcard?

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Also, since it's July, it's time for a quick resolution update. June's resolution was to take more initiative at work. I don't know, I was so freakishly busy with my regular work that I didn't have time to move on any of the projects that I wanted to get going on. Although today I took initiative and completely changed the intranet site without running it past anyone. Sadly, it's already July.

As for this month, I so solemnly swear to only watch TV if there's something specific that I want to watch. No random surfing! Which basically means very little TV watching and more time for DVDs. Which is good, because I have a list of TV shows on DVD that I want to see.
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So, I had decided to buy myself a little mp3 player, something I could strap onto my arm while I was at the gym. A present to myself for going to the gym (almost) regularly for a year.

And then last night in class I realized that I really want a dumbek, because I'm loving the drumming, but I'm not going to get any better if I can't practice.

At which point I remembered that I wanted to get contacts. And that Buffy Season 6 is out on DVD. And that I love May's TWoP Now or Never shirt (Annyong, Hermano!).

Decisions are too hard, yo.

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Apr. 5th, 2004 02:08 pm
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Today is Random Poll Day! Or so I've been told. Behold, the power to abuse a paid account:

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