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The number one topic on conversation on the flist today is the joy that is the pumpkin spice latte.

What if?

Jun. 23rd, 2006 08:31 am
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Hi! I am sleepy. But my brain was percolating last night, thinking about things. In the wake of the breastfeeding icon protest (and I still don't understand what LiveJournal/SixApart were thinking there) and people up in arms about the potential My Space-ification of LJ, it seems possible that LJ has a shelf life of sorts, that the people I know here might disappear, not through natural drifting off, but because of LJ itself. So I'm curious.

Can you see yourself leaving LiveJournal within the next year? Within the next 5 years? Can you already tell that at some point you will be tired of the whole thing?

How sad would you be if LiveJournal disappeared?

Would you immediately go to one of the other comparable sites? Would
you search out everyone you know? Or would you take it as a natural
end? Would you keep in touch with people another way, like through
email? Everyone on your friends list? Some people? Just those people
you see on a regular basis?

If your friends list disappeared, would you recreate it as it is now?
Would you refriend everyone you have friended? Most people? Barely

If you started again on another site, would you be the same person?
Divulge the same information? Would you pick the same user name so
that people could find you? Or a different one, so that you'd be
somewhat anonymous again?

(Note: this is not a meme, so please don't think you have to answer each and every one of these questions. It's just a starting point. Mostly, I just want to hear what you think about your LJ experience.)
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Wow, I have *never* seen a meme spread quite so quickly as that johari/tell me about me one. Craziness!

That's all.
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Happy birthday [ profile] fox1013! I hope it's spectacular, and full of friends and presents and birthday cookies.

And now a question for the collective wisdom:

Does anyone know of a cheat that would let you friends-lock all your back entries at once? (It's not for me, in case you were wondering.)

Finally, my socks keep sliding around so that the seam hits me right on the side of my baby toe, and it hurts, and I can't find my favourite pen. Today is just a day for petty irritations. What's bothering you today?
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I am going through my old entries, cleaning up my memories*, and two things have become apparent:

1. I really like reading my old entries. Sometimes I make myself laugh! This is very embarrassing.

2. My life used to be much more exciting.

No, seriously, what happened? Did I use up my lifetime's allotment of adventures? Because in that case, damn, I got a tiny allotment.

I should do something about that. Maybe after I take a nap.

*Yes, I am THAT MUCH of a dork. Like you didn't already know this.
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Point the first

There are too many ways to contact people these days. Between landlines, cell phones, texting, voice mail, pagers, e-mail, IM, blackberries, message boards, personal messages, and probably others that I'm forgetting, there's really no excuse not to make a very good effort to find people. And I think that's wrong. Maybe sometimes I don't want to make that effort -- maybe sometimes I want to send one e-mail and leave it at that, and not have to follow up in 15 different ways.

Also, it makes it very hard to hide from people. At least, it makes it hard to hide without it being obvious.

Not that I'm trying to hide from anyone (obviously, or else I wouldn't be here) or even want to avoid talking to anyone, but there are times when I'd like to institute a return to the days of notes delivered by footmen.

Point the second

The conversation where two people try to figure out if they're both on the same LJ filter and therefore can refer to something said there, without actually revealing what was said in that filter in case one of them isn't on it, is both awkward and amusing. Sometimes I feel like entries should come with a little list of who can see them so as to avoid faux pas.

Point the third

Sugar Ray, Floored, is the perfect example of why you should never buy an album after hearing only one song. The single, "Fly", is nothing like the rest of the album. Not that I bought the album (although, yes, I am that behind the times), but having just now heard it I'm quite surprised.
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So tell me, what are you thinking about right now? What's holding your thought processes hostage (at least the ones that aren't reading LJ)?
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Guys, that was really not a hint - I was just thinking out loud. HOWEVER, thank you to whoever bought me the extra icon space. I discovered it just now when I went in to switch icons around. I would have thought they'd have sent me an email or something - it could have been weeks before I noticed!

Now if I can just stop feeling like I'm about to puke, I will do something with all those empty spaces. Whee!
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It is important to refresh.
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As of today, I have met, however briefly, 30% of my friends list. Okay, I knew 9 of the 26 people pre-internet life, but still, that feels like quite a lot. And so far, not one of you has turned out to be a serial killer. Score!

Also in the department of random statistics about me: 63% of my friends list are paid users. Considering only 1.6% of LJ users as a whole are paid, that's quite substantial. I'm not sure exactly what that says about us, but I'm sure it says something.

I'm pretty sure, too, that many, many of you are librarians or work in libraries. This is not deliberate on my part -- I don't think I've ever added someone just because they are a librarian -- but I think more a case of librarians automatically gravitating together when they're anywhere near each other.

Poll! Feel the library love! )


Jan. 22nd, 2005 12:13 pm
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How happy am I that I'm not moving today?! It's vile out there! And no, I don't feel like a bad Canadian for complaining about winter - my version of Canada allows you to go outside without dying occasionally.

Of course, as much as I whine, it's worse in so many other places - I hear that Ottawa and the Atlantic provinces are having a terrible time this year, and Vancouver is a world of flooding.

Oh, weather, what did we ever do to you?

[I just noticed that this is my 2nd LJ anniversary! I never would have believed it. Also, apparently I don't care anymore, because I didn't do anything fancy like last year. I'm sorry, journal, but the magic is gone.]
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Heads up for paid users -

LJ is offering 14 days extension on paid accounts that were affected by the power outage. Go here to claim it.


Jan. 13th, 2005 02:21 pm
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Man, one day away from LJ and my brain gets stuffed full with things I want to say.

1. I wasn't around at all yesterday! Did you miss me terribly? I'm pretty sure that I noticed it far more than anyone else did. :D

I stayed away from LJ, IM and personal emails while at work yesterday, to see how much of a difference that made in my ability to get work done. Answer: not as much as I might have thought. I just found plenty of other things to distract myself with, although I was able to focus a little better without the multiple conversations in my brain. And then this morning I started working on a project and...forgot to check my flist. Crazy.

2. Happy birthday to [ profile] idella, who is sweet and wonderful and deserves all sorts of exciting things this year.

Oh! And happy birthday [ profile] pauliatchy, too. January babies everywhere.

3. I still don't know for sure about the apartment. I had a form that my landlord needed to fill out, but he never returned my calls, so I just slid it under his door. I hope he got it. I guess if it's not back under my door tonight I'll have to call him again. Sigh.

I just want to know for sure I have the apartment, so I can try to finagle getting to move in on the Saturday before, so I can find a moving company. I don't like leaving things so up in the air.

Which reminds me, has anyone (mostly Toronto people, but maybe all of Canada) had good or bad experiences with particular moving companies? I've never had to hire one before, so I don't really know who to go with.

4. I realized that the reason I can't get myself back to the gym is that I'm afraid of running into my trainer and having to defend my absence. I am a big baby.

5. LOST in the cut )

6. [ profile] insidian made the brilliant icon. Isn't she clever?

7. I am going ice skating tomorrow. I predict massive bruising.

8. So, what's going on with you lot?
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I had to cut down my reading list (aka friends list, but I think that's a misnomer) a bit. It's nothing personal, I just can't keep up. Feel free to keep reading -- if you've been here for a while you'll know that I barely ever lock anything, so you won't be missing out. Or, alternatively, use this opportunity to knock me off your list. I promise I won't cry. :)
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Is it my imagination, or is everyone having a miserable week? Sick, angsty, unhappy, irritated -- it feels like everyone I know is the recipient of bad shit from the universe. Maybe it's the time of year, maybe it's the weather, maybe it's a complete coincidence. I don't know. But whatever is causing this low-level misery, I decree it must stop. Leave my friends alone!

Also: Things that make you go Ewwwww
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Happy belated birthday [ profile] linaerys! It sounds like you had fun (and I'm glad you're starting to feel better).

Speaking of feeling better, many of you are sick or going through medical treatment right now, and I hope you all have speedy recoveries and painless procedures.

I can't believe there are actually 3 other people out there with mmmmpie as an interest )

How is it that I'm the only person with atheist nunnery as an interest? After all, I know some of you took vows. :)


Sep. 22nd, 2004 08:42 am
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Whoa. I'm not blocked anymore! Perhaps my compulsive checking yesterday ("Maybe *this* time it'll let me through!) convinced someone that it was a Very Bad Idea.

Or maybe it's just an illusion, designed to get my hopes up and then dash them cruelly.

Dear LJ: Please stay on my computer screen. Here is a picture of hot David Anders to keep you company.
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The most exciting thing happened this morning! I went to respond to a comment someone made, and LiveJournal has been blocked at work! Yippee!


So, yeah, y'all are 'tasteless' apparently, and I can't read anything on the site, or post replies to comments, although I can read the comments in my email. And I can't post, but I should be able to post through email, once I read the instructions and do that thing that I apparently have to do.

It's not just me, either - [ profile] mellyflori and [ profile] goovie are blocked too, and probably others. And I keep hearing the word "proxy" being thrown around, but I don't really know what that means or how that will help me. All I know is I don't like not being able to keep up. It sucks, yo.

Well, I guess I won't really be around much anymore these days, at least not during the week. Bye! I'll miss you! Don't hate me if it takes me forever to respond to comments!
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For those times when comment notification is on crack, this could be a very useful thing.

Assuming you're like me and need to know everything that everyone is saying to you ever. :)
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Undeniable proof that what we always suspected is true! )

Also happy belated birthday to [ profile] sarrabellum, to [ profile] dmaleus for today, and to [ profile] pinebarrensdeb for tomorrow! July babies are everywhere.


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