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I don't know why I'm excited, though. It's not like February is the most exciting of months. In fact, around here February is pretty much the least favourite of months, what with the cold and the snow and the lack of holidays. Still, for some reason I'm rather fond of February this year, at least for the moment.

I did really well on my January resolution. Gold star for me! I mean, I actually went to bed earlier, and got more sleep, for the majority of days. I'm still tired all the time, but I think that's more a function of when I have to get up and the fact that my body refuses to accept that 6am is morning. I'll take what I can get, though.

My February resolution is to write more of my silly NaNovel. Because I was doing so not particularly well, and then I just gave up! That's not on. I mean, the giraffes had just shown up. So, yeah.

I tried my humidifier last night (See? I can buy things in less than a year. Sometimes). I don't know if it made any difference, but that was just the first night. It was pretty loud at first, but I think I got used to it -- it's hard to tell, because I wake up so often these days. It could have been the noise, or it could have just been me. I have high hopes, though.

Finally: Hypothetically, if I were to take a trip to, say, London* and environs, what would be the nicest time of year to visit?

And I'm done.

*England, that is, not Ontario.
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It's the end of the month, which means...Tea Exchange Roundup!

So, please tell me:

If you haven't received your tea this month. Or, actually, months - this last batch was for October/November.

If you want out of the exchange. Even if it's just for this one time. You can always come back.

If you want in. Fill out the poll! And pretend that last text box says 'email', because I forgot to include a box for that.

(My email is listersgirl[at]gmail[dot]com, if you don't want to leave a comment.)

I will (hopefully) send emails out over the weekend with your new exchangee. And remember, everything stops for tea!

* * *

On a non-tea related note, my Nano count is 12557. Snerk. I wouldn't mind writing more - it's not that I ran out of things to say, amazingly enough, but that I just lost impetus. Also, that I am VERY SLOW, even when I was writing daily. So maybe I'll make February National Novel Continuing Month.
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My lower back is killing me and it's all the fault of the Santa Claus Parade.

No, I was not walking in it.

I was, however, walking to the futon store to size out and/or buy a futon for the living room, but I got totally trapped by the parade when I hit Bloor, and I couldn't make it to the store, so I took a long detoured route and eventually ended up walking to Yonge & Eg because I thought there was a futon store up there, only I must have missed it because I hit Lawrence before I found the store.

And now I hurt, because that was a lot of walking, followed by a lot of sitting.

Also this weekend, I went to a very inspiring bellydance show, watched more episodes of Manchild, went to many thrift stores in search of a vest for my mom, and did not write anything.

So, yeah, I think I may have fallen down on the NaNo job. Up until Thursday I was still going steadily, if very slowly, but I was writing every day. And then I didn't write anything on Thursday, and I haven't written since. I'm going to try to write more, but I'm seriously nowhere even remotely near the goal, and I think this just proves that I'm a better reader than writer.

secret message for dramaqueen_23 )
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Today after work I wrote for a solid hour without stopping (except to research types of wine - I'm aiming for factual accuracy here, in my novel about nothing). Considering I have the attention span of a 3-year-old child after finding the Hallowe'en candy, I feel pretty happy about that.

Sadly, it didn't bring my total up as high as I'd hoped. I need to use more compound words. More compound words and more adjectives.

PS. There still hasn't been any sex in the library. Of course, it's only the first day for them, so I think I've got time. The cats have been introduced, though, which is of vital importance, right?
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I am wearing low-rise tights today*, and it's awesome, because not only do they not pull up beyond the boundary of my skirt, they don't suction themselves around my waist. In fact, I can't really feel them at all, so I keep thinking they're falling down. It's the eternal trade-off.

And in NaNo news, I have written a stunning total of four sentences. That belong in four different places in the story. However, I have already plotted where to use all the personal names and titles that you gave me. It's going to be a grand and exciting mess.

*AND other clothes. Perv.
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Maybe you heard that last week I wrote this smutty piece of Lost fic. I have no idea where it came from, because I don't write fanfic. I figured it was a random fluke that needed to be put down on paper, and that would be that.

Except I was wrong, because I wrote something else. Last night, after sitting bolt upright in bed (and I honestly thought that was just a turn of phrase and not something that people actually did) at midnight and fumbling for my glasses, because trying to write without them meant that three lines took up the whole page. Yeah, I don't know either.

So, anyway, if you want to continue believing that I'm not someone who writes fic, then this is your cue to move on.

Otherwise, I present to you:

Charlie/Claire, Charlie/Boone

Fate knows what it's doing, he thinks, and gives himself over )
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As part of this "make me a creative person!" program that I'm struggling through right now, I have to write 3 pages (longhand) of whateverness every morning. It doesn't matter what you write about - what you did yesterday, what you have to do today, how you're feeling, what you're going to have for breakfast - the point is just to write.

This week, as part of the weekly exercises, I had to reread my morning pages (a long process, as they're almost completely indecipherable, my writing is so bad). Mostly I seem to have made lists and talked about how sleepy I was, but apparently one day I really had nothing to say, so I randomly wrote this very silly fairy tale.

An unedited story of sloppy grammar, written at 5:30 in the morning )

BWAHAHAHAHA! The things a brain can do on too little sleep.


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