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Heroes...or at least I would be, if it would hurry and and get back on the air. *sob*

Prison Break, although I got bored and was on the verge of dropping it, except then I realized there were only three episodes left in the season, so I have them, sitting waiting to be watched. Maybe one day.

Hustle. I think we're just finishing up the third series here? Or maybe it's finished. Still, British con artists with a Robin Hood complex - how can you not love them?

America's Next Top Model. I don't have a favourite yet this season, except for maybe that guy Benny who showed up in the crossing guard uniform to teach posing. He was awesome. Still, I am fully on board with my love for this show.

Lost, except that I still haven't found a workable download from last week! Hopefully the one I got last night will work. Because I love my show, and exciting things are happening, dammit.

Ugly Betty. Because of Marc, and Amanda, and Henry (the perfect nerd potential boyfriend), and Justin, and the CAMP and the DRAMA. Frothy and bitchy and just a little sweet.

Veronica Mars. I think I finally got caught up on the season. I'm so sad it hasn't been renewed. I've been hearing that a lot of people don't like Veronica (the character), and I have to admit that when you watch 3 or 4 episodes in a row, the on-again, off-again relationships are a little crazy, but it's still fabulous.

The Riches. This is very fun! Even if Eddie Izzard's accent keeps slipping (and speaking of, why did he have to be American? He could have easily been a travelling Traveller!). Minnie Driver, though, is fabulous. And I've only had to skip through one potentially-too-embarrassing-for-people-on-screen-and-therefore-too-embarrassing-for-me scene. So entertaining.

The Tudors is so very pretty. Also, I love how they're assuming that everyone knows the history - witness the very pointed mention of Anne Boleyn's name when she first shows up, even though it's totally not important at that point.

Doctor Who. You know, I loved the Ninth Doctor so much that I never really got comfortable with the Tenth Doctor. But the first episode of the new series was excellent, and I loved it, and I'm excited. Whee!

What are you watching?
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I actually brought a packed my lunch today1 -- marinated tempeh, which I cooked last night while watching So You Think You Can Dance,2 edible pea pods,3 and a red cabbage and carrot salad that I also made while attempting to watch TV.4 The dressing I made up randomly, with lime juice, soya sauce, honey, sesame oil and Thai green chili paste. It's, um, a little spicy. It was not this spicy last night, although maybe I was distracted by the mambo, but I think it gained power in the fridge overnight. It's very tasty, but my mouth is on fire.

In conclusion, runway training at Mayfair Bowling Lanes?5 AHAHAHAHAHA. Oh, Canada's Next Top Model, you are so low-rent, it's brilliant.

1Again! That's three times this week. I am awesome.
2I missed the first hour because I didn't know it was on, but the couple doing the Broadway style was definitely my favourite. And not just because it was Broadway style. And I liked that they teamed people up deliberately, and assigned them a style -- yes, this could lead to accusations of favouritism, but it seemed like they purposely put people together who work in different styles normally, and then gave them something completely foreign to either of them, which really puts people on a more level playing field, unlike last year, when, through the magic of random draw, some people worked together all the time, and some people kept always getting the same styles. So I think it's good.
3Snow peas? Snap peas? I can never remember which term goes with which vegetable. The ones where there are actual peas inside, but you eat the whole thing.
4I can't see the TV from the kitchen, but I can hear it, what with my apartment being the size of a VP's office,6 so every time the actual dancing started I would run back across the room, spoon in hand.
5I have bowled there7. And given my complete lack of bowling skill, I probably would have been better off just sashaying down the lane.
6And not even a well-liked one.
7I have, in fact, bowled there while dressed as a Pink Lady and singing the bowling song from Grease 2.
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Canada's Next Top Model is in Victoria.


(Also, I'm not entirely sure I would have recognized Tricia Helfer, host, as Tricia Helfer from Battlestar Galactica if I hadn't known it was her. She looks totally different.)


May. 11th, 2006 12:36 pm
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Lost )

I haven't watched last night's Alias yet, but I'm definitely enjoying the end, despite the fact that it is occasionally stupid and often incomprehensible. And definitely doesn't stand up to analysis. But I love that they are actually wrapping things up, bringing people back, and STILL talking about plot points that started in the first season.

Speaking of not standing up to analysis, my love for Prison Break knows no bounds these days. Especially C-Note. And Michael's tattoos, of course. Yes, the show is the cause of much eyerolling, but there's some excellent acting (and some terrible, VERONICA), and it's just so highly entertaining.

This TV talk brought to you by the fact that I am intending to cancel my cable as soon as these shows (plus CSI, the only other weekly show I watch) are over for the season, so I am enjoying them to the full extent of my ability. More than likely, I'll be able to pick up CTV, CBC and Global with rabbit ears, but just in case, I need my enjoyment to carry me over until next season's stuff comes out on DVD!


Mar. 8th, 2006 01:18 pm
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I watched the first episode of Ken Finkleman's new short series At the Hotel last night. It's been getting some mediocre reviews, but I quite enjoyed it, especially after two of the characters broke into "Sue Me" from Guys and Dolls. Ha! It was a serious rendition, too, fitting right in with their storyline. And they could both sing. Probably Stratford alumni or something.

I love Canadian tv, because a) it's usually low-key and odd, and b) it features a veritable cast of HITGs, Canadian edition. Here we had Carlo Rota and Alberta Watson (from Nikita), and Nigel Bennett (who I recognized but couldn't figure out why, and I'm very sad to tell you that it's because he was in Lexx, which has obviously infiltrated my brain despite only having ever watched that one episode). Plus I hear Don McKellar will be on it some point. Of course.

I'm pretty excited about America's Next Top Model starting up again tonight, too. Other than my daily dose of The Hour, I don't watch much real-time TV anymore, but I miss the anticipation factor that comes from watching something when it broadcasts. Plus, the cheese! It's a terrible show, I know, but I love it.
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Lost! )

Gilmore Girls! )

America's Next Top Model! )

Oh, hey, did anything important happen on the last episode of Desperate Housewives? I was defeated by a combination of Paul Gross as Prime Minister, spontaneous dinner outing and lack of TV Guide, and I missed it.
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I want chocolate right now plsthnx.

I had my second running class last night. It's been decided that it's too dark to run along the boardwalk now, which meant we ran along Queen St. I think the class should be renamed "Learn To Run And Dodge Pedestrians, or, How Not To Smack Someone Silly When They Mock You At A Traffic Light". Also a dog attempted to attach itself to my leg as we ran by, and I nearly knocked [ profile] vestra over in my flailing to get away. I may have squealed, too.

After class we went home and had a little CBC lovefest, which [ profile] vestra has already talked about, but I'm going to talk about, too, because it's my journal, and I can do that if I want. So there. Monday Report started up again last night, and let me just reiterate that I love Rick Mercer and want him to be beamed into my living room every night. I missed hearing someone make fun of Stephen Harper! Plus Pierre Burton (who is so very, very old - when did that happen?) showed us all the proper way to roll a joint. Hee.

Before that we had randomly turned on The Greatest Canadian, and quickly got sucked in to the piece on Tommy Douglas, father of Medicare, leader of the NDP for many years, and grandfather of Keifer Sutherland. I would like to marry him and have his socialist babies, if it weren't for the small fact that he's dead. There may be nine other choices, but how can any of them possibly be a greater Canadian than Tommy? I've already voted for him seven times, after registering with every email address I have. Democracy in action.

Let's see, what else? Oh, right, we watched a National piece on the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints, who have a freaky isolationist enclosed community in BC called Bountiful (and a few in the States), where they practice polygamy, and the girls are married off at 15 to men twice or three times their age, and people are moved around and remarried and separated from their children at the whim of the church leader. It's definitely crossed the line from religion into cult, and I think it could have a very scary ending.

Also, I watched last week's ANTM, which was not on CBC. I love it so very much, although it was pretty obvious who was getting sent home, because she got about twice as much screen time as anyone else.
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You people are extraordinarily quiet today.

...not that I really have anything to say either. I'm not letting that stop me, though!

I'm in mourning today because America's Next Top Model is over (here. For most of you it's been over for months). It's totally my guilty pleasure TV show, except that I don't feel any guilt for watching it. I think it's related to my love of makeover shows - I like seeing how they get transformed for each shoot.

Amazing Race ramblings ) Warning: if you don't want to know who's gone, don't read the comments!

And on that note, I'm still hungry, even though I just had lunch. Sleepy, too. I think I'll raid the snack drawer, and crawl under the desk for a nap. Who's with me?
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I realize I'm a little behind the times here, but they just started airing America's Next Top Model on the Life Network, and damn, is it amusing. Those people are way over the top. Crazy freaky Bible-pushing Robyn! Elyse, who hates everyone! Katie, future Playboy bunny! The girl whose mouth never opens when she talks!

The best part is that even though I remember reading about it when it was on, I never paid any attention to who won, so I can pretend that I'm watching it along with the rest of the world.

In other pop culture news, I saw School of Rock on the weekend. Funny! Very funny. I laughed like a lunatic - it was one of those times where once you start laughing everything seems funny. There were times where there was too much Jack Black - he's a very overpowering presence, and sometimes I want to slap him and tell him to calm down - but he had some brilliant moments. And then after it was over I scared myself by imagining what a bad movie it would have been in lesser writer/director hands.


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