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I'm watching season 2 of Castle. This particular episode is crammed full of Hey! It's That Guy!s (Carlo Rota!)

It's a fun show! Kind of reminds me of Due South, in a way. The only real problem is that I think the actress who plays Beckett is pretty terrible. Mono-expressive. Sort of kills the banter and flirting a little. But I do love Nathan Fillion.
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I have lots of movies coming to me from Zip, but I need some serial TV for in between seasons of The Wire rewatch. What should I watch? What's distracting/engrossing enough to make me forget the heat?

[Poll #1604981]
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I would like to talk about Doctor Who and entertainment fatigue. However, the two are not related. It's just that if I don't talk about them both right now, I'll forget everything that I decided I had to say last night.

Doctor Who )

Entertainment fatigue, or, what if I run out of movies? )
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America's Next Top Model and Project Runway: Which are both over this week, although I haven't watched the PR finale yet. Both had pretty unexciting seasons, although I was very happy with the ANTM winner.

Flash Forward: I'm somewhat on the fence with this. On the one hand, John Cho, some excellent supporting characters, and an overall storyline that intrigues me. On the other, bland bland bland Joseph Fiennes and anything to do with his personal life. Also, why did no-one have boring Flash Forwards? Maybe I'll stick with this until the stated expiry date.

Dollhouse: When, you know, it's actually on.

Glee: I'm still annoyed at the over-processing of the musical numbers, and I wish there'd be more group singing and less solo-with-backup, but come on. So entertaining.

So You Think You Can Dance: But only the clips of the actual dancing, when they get posted on Tapeworthy. I can't take the judges anymore.

Veronica Mars: Again. Because [ profile] vestra hasn't seen it yet.

And I'm waiting eagerly for the return of Chuck, Lost, and Better Off Ted.
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I appear to have run out of things to read on the internet. Yes, it's true - the internet is finite! Now how am I going to distract myself while waiting for my searches to finish running?

I hear a rumour that it's very warm out there. It's freezing inside, so I'm having a hard time believing it, but The Weather Network would never lie, right? [ETA: The Weather Network was not lying: I went out at lunch, and it was very warm! Also warm? My table under the skylights at lunch. It was like concentrated sunlight.]

Exciting news: the first episode of Glee is waiting at home for me. Yay! Also, So You Think You Can Dance starts again tonight, although it's the auditions rounds, which I don't find as interesting. Still, dancing! I can't wait for the return of the Canadian version - it's so much better without Nigel Lythgoe's lechery.

And now, I must spend much time comparison shopping for CDs on the internet. Oh, job.
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Last night was all excited and prepared to watch ANTM, only to discover that it's no longer being simulcast by CityTV, and therefore I don't get it any more. Denied! I think the level of my sadness when I discovered it wasn't on (after getting myself all comfy on the couch) is proof that getting rid of the cable lo those many years ago was a very smart move. I really, really love teevee.

Which also explains why I was so annoyed that this week wasn't the TV preview issue of Entertainment Weekly. I mean, I come home Tuesday, after a hard day at work, and what do I get? Kelly and Brenda. NOT THE SAME. I need to read about all the things I won't be watching! I mean, really. Although there isn't much new that I'm interested in watching. Mostly I'm just excited about Chuck and HIMYM coming back. And Pushing Daisies. And Heroes, which I'm giving a second chance after the dismal season last year.

What about you? Anything new starting in the fall that you're going to try out? What are you most excited to see returning? Do you even remember what you used to watch before the strike?
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You know, I'm really quite loving Swingtown. Plus, Molly Parker is 300 kinds of hot.
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The deployment of boxes and moved furniture around my apartment is becoming dangerous - I got up to pee around 2 last night, and in the 7 steps from my bed to the bathroom, managed to run into 4 things. OUCH.

I've been sort of trying to watch So You Think You Can Dance (because, dancing! good dancing, usually!), but it's like something is conspiring against me: over various days, I've had to be out of the apartment while it was being shown, the reception has been terrible because of thunderstorms, I've been out for dinner, and then last night, I would have sworn on Captain Jack that it was Tuesday. I even questioned myself as I was looking for a break from packing - "Is there something I mindlessly enjoy and can get on a non-fuzzy channel? No, it's Tuesday."

Tuesday? Really?
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My next favourite moment of The Wire season 4 is also awesome. )

Oh, man, that was priceless.

(Why do I not have any icons from this show?)
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This not sleeping thing is getting a bit ridiculous. I would like some sleep please! LAME.

As a follow-up to my freecycle post, I've now had the original two takers back out, and the next two that I picked (based on grammar - oh, like you wouldn't do the same thing) be EXTRAORDINARILY complicated. Next time (and there will be a next time; I'm just collecting all the remaining stuff) I'm giving so many qualifications that it'll take a determined person just to get to the end of the email.

I've just started watching The Wire season 4. Love! My favourite moment so far was totally awesome. )

I took a brief look through the Fringe play listings yesterday (Fringe! So excited! Also: TJ). So far the themes seem to be opera and hockey. But not together. It's right after I move, so I think I won't be seeing as many things this year, but I'm sure there'll be room for a few things. I WILL MAKE ROOM.

I'm sure I would have many more exciting things to say, but [see first point].
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Today, because I am a woman of many talents, I managed to get a pretty serious sunburn, despite the fact that it was less than 10C outside and there is still snow on the ground. Clearly I should not leave the house unless draped in a sheet like a Hallowe'en ghost.

Other things:

1. Spring is here! Okay, so this is a somewhat anticlimactic statement after my sunburn announcement, but still: SPRING. We walked like crazy this weekend, and it was glorious.

2. Did you guys know about this, that MIT puts all their course materials etc. online for anyone to use? I've been exploring. It's very fun.

3. My internet connection is so slow these days. I have no idea why this is.

4. I went to a belly dance show on Friday, and I think I may have talked myself into starting classes again. If so, hooray for me.

5. I wasn't on the computer at all this weekend, except to quickly check a few things, and I'm sad to say that it's clearly much better for me to stay away - my jaw and neck and elbow hurt less, and I didn't get any headaches. I think I might have to try and stay away more often, lonely as that will be.

6. I went to a pub last night that had 35 types of burgers (or burger topping combinations, technically, since you could have them with any variety of burger), all with fun names. Also, sweet potato fries. I want to go back.

7. I had pretty much decided that I'm ready to move (ideally to somewhere with a balcony, a kitchen-sized kitchen, and a bathtub that drains), and then I wandered through rental listings and now I want to cry because there is nothing.

8. Torchwood made me cry.
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I love Torchwood so much that there are no words to express my glee.
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What I want teevee to give me for Christmas:

1. The obvious one: a quick end to the writer's strike that makes everyone happy, or at least feeling not completely shafted.

2. Joss Whedon's new show to both get on the air and be awesome.

3. On Ugly Betty: Wilhelmina should get Slater up and running, because I want to see some serious competition.

4. More Beauty and the Geek. Yes, I realize this makes me a bad person.

5. Intelligence on DVD, because I lost it there for a while, and then couldn't quite figure out what was going on, as you might expect from a show thus titled.

6. On Pushing Daisies: more Emerson Cod. But not enough to make him irritating. Also a little more internal universe consistency.

7. CityTV to go back to being as clear as it used to be sans cable, because I'm tired of Marc's sartorial glory being fuzzy.

8. On Chuck: Chuck himself to take a little more ownership of the fact that he is not as clueless as he was at the beginning. And for the show not to get sucky.

9. On Heroes: probably lots of things, based on the amount of complaining there seems to be, but there's not much point in me going there at this point, because I'm about 5 weeks behind, due to a variety of things, so maybe the things that are irritating me have been fixed, who knows?

10. For Torchwood to come back (which I know is a controversial opinion). And for Lost to come back.

What would you like from teevee this year?
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I think I have too much tea. I know, not possible, right? Except that today, as I was trying to decide what kind of tea to have, I discovered a cardboard box FULL of tea, at least 5 different kinds, none of which I recognized and none of which are in my tea spreadsheet.* So either there's a magic tea portal on top of the fridge behind the microwave, or I have more tea than I know what to do with.

Okay, audience participation time! Two books that I love to pieces are Bellwether by Connie Willis, and Pattern Recognition by William Gibson (which I'm currently re-reading as my subway book, because all my library books are too heavy to carry around. There's something about the trend tracking and "cool" as a concept and how trends get started that absolutely fascinates me. So I'm looking for more (fiction) books that have something to do with these ideas. I know many of you (chickliterati in particular) have read one or both of these books -- any others spring to mind?

On a completely different subject, I think my love for How I Met Your Mother has been well documented here, particularly my love for Barney and Neil Patrick Harris. But a funny thing happens when you mainline an entire season 3 times in a row: you start to notice things. And here's the thing I noticed, the thing I'm totally unimpressed by: the show is way too fond of fat=ugly comments. And it's not even just one character making them. It's not like there are entire episodes built around this idea, but enough throw-away remarks that it's noticeable, especially when you watch so many episodes at once. BOO WRITERS. No gold star for you.

*Yes, you heard me right, I have a tea spreadsheet. So I can keep track of which kinds I like, and which ones I don't want to buy again. See above re: too much tea.
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Last year, after cancelling my cable, I still ended up watching a fair amount of TV - downloading certain things, watching the few channels that I could get. Mostly it just cut back on the channel surfing - there's no joy in flipping channels when you only get 6, and have to get up to adjust the antenna differently for each one.

But this summer, other than SYTYCD, I haven't been watching TV at all. There hasn't even been anything I wanted to download. And although I still have some stuff on my computer, waiting to be watched, I've really lost the habit to a certain extent. And it's pretty amazing to me both how much time this frees up (which I'm just filling with more reading, but the concept is there), and how much easier it is for me to get going again once I've sat down. Both TV and the computer (which, well, I'm probably spending even more time there, sadly) suck me in and drag me into a sort of stupor. But today, because I didn't ever fire up the DVD player, I finished a book and then got up and did my dishes and made lunch for tomorrow, and then later, after reading some more, I actually did some pilates. It's crazy.

Of course, it's September, the new season is starting, and my EW Fall Preview guide arrived today. I don't think TV will completely disappear for me. But it was interesting while it lasted.
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I am feeling old these days. Old and boring.


...damn, I was really hoping I'd come up with something exciting to put there.


I've been waking up at 4:30 every morning. I suppose, if one has to wake up in the middle of the night, it's not a terrible time to wake up -- after all, I can still go back to sleep for a while. Better than waking up at 5:30, that's for sure, because waking up at 5:30 means getting depressed over how soon the alarm is going on, working myself into a panic trying to get those last few minutes of sleep, finally falling asleep at 5 minutes to 6, and then being rudely woken up with the alarm 5 minutes later. That's no fun at all.

I do find it odd that I'm so regularly waking at 4:30, though. Maybe I've been programmed! Maybe I'm really a sleeper spy. I should work on my fighting skills, in that case. And my wig collection.


Today I came home from the library with a huge bag full of holds (I have to counteract the dwindling to-be-read shelf, after all) and sat and read the first chapter of each, something I haven't done in years. It was always my way of picking which book to read first -- the one where I didn't notice that I'd moved on to the next chapter. And now I know for sure that I have a passel of delightful books waiting for me.


Speaking of things to read (...sort of), where is the EW Fall TV Preview? I am anxiously awaiting it, here! Never mind that I don't have cable, I still want to read about what I'm not going to be watching. I heard that the Designer Guys have a new show this fall! I kind of love them. I miss extended cable time-waster shows -- I want to take a vacation that involves me staying in Toronto (so I don't feel guilty about not exploring wherever I am) but being somewhere with all the cable so I can lie around all day, watching home decorating shows, and makeover shows, and cooking shows.

And now we all understand why exactly I got rid of the cable.


I made two actual meals for myself this week, and have been living off the leftovers. One, curried chickpeas and tofu, is something I used to make all the time. I don't know why I stopped -- other than chopping onions it's pretty effortless. The other was an attempt to use the chipotle that's been opened. It was a vaguely Caribbean wrap of some sort, involving black bean chipotle hummous, and red peppers and cabbage. It was ok, I guess. The hummous was good, although I couldn't taste the chipotle and my wee food processor wasn't entirely up to the taste of chopping everything up, so it's not super blended. And now I have tortilla shells left, so I am going to think of something else to make with them. Also the rest of the red cabbage. And I'm going to think of it quickly, so that I'm not buying groceries on Sunday. Seriously, never again. That's 3 weeks in a row I've gone to the store on Sunday, only to find them out of the most ridiculous things: this week, it was garlic, cabbage, chick peas, tofu, and my soy milk. CRAZY.
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Now is the time when I get really tense while watching SYTYCD, because I start having Opinions, and I do not trust other people to agree with me. More blathering )


On a completely different note, I'm trying once again to not spend hours and hours every night on the computer. Tonight I didn't turn it on until 7:30! Go me. Because seriously, it's not like I *do* anything for all those hours on the computer. And I think it's diminishing my ability to focus on anything. (Of course, I'm *still* on the computer, as you can see. Turning it off again is the next challenge.) Also, I randomly decided to walk partway home in the 33 degree heat. I don't *think* I've lost my mind. But maybe it'll tire me out enough that I'll actually sleep tonight.

Right! I have to get dressed and go buy cereal, otherwise I will have no breakfast and be very, very sad. (Pretend you can see me mock pouting.)
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I am sad, because the Tonys start in 3 minutes, and I don't get that channel with my non-cable, fuzzy-pictured TV, so I will have to wait and find a download later. Which I can do, but I am still sad, because it's just not the same the next day. BOO. I think this is the first time that I've actively missed having cable, though, which is pretty good. Clearly it was the right decision.

I have been having a shite weekend, mostly because I have been so incredibly clumsy oh my god, and it's kind of messing up everything -- for instance, I was going to go to a bellydance show last night, but I dropped my groceries on the way home and got orange juice all over myself and had to take a shower and then slipped in the shower and by then I was angry and crying and it was too late. You know, I joke a lot about being a flailing, clumsy dork, mostly because it's true, and laughing about it makes it not quite as irritating and embarrassing, but I just couldn't deal this weekend.

On the plus side, Doctor Who was unbelievably good. So much love! Plus I'm a little creeped out. *shiver*


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