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Holy moley, it's September! I'm a little excited; I love September. And it's an absolutely gorgeous weekend so far. I'm currently sitting around in jeans (that I'm testing to make sure they won't stretch too much and get saggy* - I got them from the Gap for those who care), and I'm not even too hot. Later I think I'll have tea!

[ profile] vestra was here last week, which was fantastic. We had three games nights (three!) and went to two musicals featuring people she knew, one of which was ridiculously silly but pretty entertaining (We Will Rock You), and one of which was excellently performed but a terrible, terrible show (Nunsense -- in Mississauga no less). I'm ridiculously excited for the production of Sweeney Todd this fall; I need some really GOOD theatre to cleanse my palate. Plus, Avenue Q! and 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee!

(Speaking of musical theatre, I went to see Hairspray (the movie) this afternoon. It was totally fun. I love the show, so I was a little worried (plus fat suits are always bad news), but they did a great job. I totally wanted to dance the whole way through.)

And now [ profile] vestra is gone, and that's sad. I need my friends to all move here.

You know, despite the fact that I'm not going back to school or anything, it totally feels like September. I guess it's because things are starting - I signed up for a bellydance class (at a different studio to avoid the guilt - that one moved anyway), and the French classes, and they both start mid-September. I never did get around to finding a choir to sing with, though. Oh well.

And now, dinner and finding recipes to use the half-can of chipotle puree I have in the fridge.

*I think the jeans will be okay - I read in a few places that the trick to buying jeans that fit properly is to buy them a little too tight, because they stretch, which is totally true -- my jean capris are very loose after wearing them for a day. So I was going to do that, but these ones seemed like they fit too well, you know? And they were a little expensive. But I think I have jeans, since they didn't stretch out of shape.
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As promised, Fringe reviews from day 1:

First Heist Club: I have this theory that traditional style plays sometimes don't work at Fringe, simply because they suffer in comparison to the inventiveness of everything around them. Although probably that theory just applies to me. In any case, First Heist Club is about a group of women planning to rob an armoured car company, but not everything is as it seems. It was okay - occasionally funny, and a pretty good script, but the cast seemed to be working way too hard for the size of the space, and the beginning in particular was weak. I don't know, it needed something. The people around me seemed to find it entertaining, though.

Napoleon's Secret Diary: Very funny idea, great presentation and I always enjoy Ryan Gladstone (although he stumbled over his words or mixed up lines in quite a few places, which, this wasn't the first show or anything). Also, there were a couple of places where he was clearly expecting the audience to respond back, but since the whole thing is set up as Napoleon talking to his diary, it was completely unclear what was going on. Entertaining, though. There was a hilarious bit about the history of France enacted through vegetables that cracked me up.

Legoland: My first AWESOME show of the season. A two-hander about the ridiculous adventure of a teenaged brother and sister. So funny, very clever writing, fantastic cast, and my favourite kind of Fringe show - non-linear, lots of sidebars, something you wouldn't see elsewhere. Brilliant! Go see it!

And Stratford:

Oklahoma and My One and Only: These were both fantastic. Stratford always does such a good job with the musicals. Neither of these are musicals that I particularly care about, so my favourite parts ended up being the chorus boys - how can you resist dancing cowboys? And My One and Only was full of amazing tapping, and these three guys that acted as sort of a tapping greek chorus. Funny. My one complaint is that someone needs to tell Cynthia Dale she's far too old for the roles she keeps taking. She wasn't terrible, just much older than her co-star.

Merchant of Venice: This has apparently been getting mixed reviews, and I can see why. I think the director was going for a sort of Julie Taymor's Titus or Baz Lurmann's Romeo and Juliet feel (lots of quick cuts, hyper-realism, contemporary and historical mixed into one), but couldn't quite pull it off. Honestly, though, I think a lot of the fault lies in the play itself (sacrilege, I know!). From everything I've read, Shakespeare wrote it as a true comedy, with Portia and her romantic partner whose name I can't remember as the leads. But over the years it has come to be regarded as one of the dramas, with the Shylock and Antonio story as a the central part. So it felt jumpy in mood and in scenes, and the whole ring scene at the end felt very tacked on. The woman playing Portia was great, though, and all of her stuff, especially the bits with the various suitors, was great.

The Blonde, the Brunette, and the Vengeful Redhead: A one-woman show, with the one actor telling the story (of a woman (the redhead) whose husband leaves her, and then her neighbour (the brunette) sees him with another woman (the blonde)) in seven segments, as seven different characters. Really fantastic. Some of the character transformations were brilliant.

Shakespeare's Will: Another one woman show, this one about Anne Hathaway, reflecting back on her life just after Shakespeare's funeral. This may have been my favourite play of the ones we saw at Stratford. It was really just fantastic.

And now, I am supposed to be at another Fringe show, but I let myself get scared off by the thunderstorm. Oh well. Tonight!
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I am sad, because the Tonys start in 3 minutes, and I don't get that channel with my non-cable, fuzzy-pictured TV, so I will have to wait and find a download later. Which I can do, but I am still sad, because it's just not the same the next day. BOO. I think this is the first time that I've actively missed having cable, though, which is pretty good. Clearly it was the right decision.

I have been having a shite weekend, mostly because I have been so incredibly clumsy oh my god, and it's kind of messing up everything -- for instance, I was going to go to a bellydance show last night, but I dropped my groceries on the way home and got orange juice all over myself and had to take a shower and then slipped in the shower and by then I was angry and crying and it was too late. You know, I joke a lot about being a flailing, clumsy dork, mostly because it's true, and laughing about it makes it not quite as irritating and embarrassing, but I just couldn't deal this weekend.

On the plus side, Doctor Who was unbelievably good. So much love! Plus I'm a little creeped out. *shiver*
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[ profile] mystery_diva pointed out this video on YouTube which I now desperately need to share with you all. It's Avenue Q meets Fiddler on the Roof, and it's AWESOME.
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And it's December, which apparently came a surprise to me, as I left my December transit pass sitting on the kitchen table. Imagine my irritation when I couldn't get through the turnstile! Imagine my indignation as I squeezed past the people buying tokens and flashed my pass at the man in the box! Imagine my embarrassment when I realized that it was me, and not the TTC, who was the idiot, and that the transit man was probably cursing me for attempting to scam him! Imagine my annoyance when I realized that I would now have to pay actual cash to get home again!

In other news, I had no time for breakfast this morning, due to an extended bout of not-getting-out-of-beditis, so I have succumbed to the lure of toasted bagel and peanut butter. Expect whining about stomach pain and heartburn in approximately 2 hours.

These last two weeks have been full of theatre for me, which makes me all *glee* and *bliss*. Last week I went to Wicked with [ profile] starfishchick, which was great. On their own, I find the songs fun, if nothing special, but the production made them come alive, even if it did leave out a lot of the politics found in the book. Still, great choreography and costumes, excellent singing for the most part, and damn, did they all sound scarily like the people who originated the roles on Broadway. I don't think I've ever seen a touring production before where the intent was so clearly to copy the original, down to speaking inflections.

Then on Tuesday I took myself to Chicago, which I've never seen a professional production of. And yes, there was a Backstreet Boy on stage. He was actually pretty good - his voice was a lot sweeter and somewhat less powerful than I would have picked for Billy Flynn, but it's a good voice and he's got the stage presence. The women beside me were very excited, despite having been all mocking before the show started. And the rest of the cast was great. The woman playing Roxie looked just like Miranda from Sex and the City (from where I was sitting in the gods). It was eerie. Most importantly, the dancing was awesome, and I loved how they used the stage, putting the band on stage on riser-like things, and having the cast use the same setpiece, and interact with the bandleader. It really played up the vaudeville angle.

Last night I went with dancer friends from Kitchener to see Arabesque Dance Company's new bellydance show, Asala. Fantastic. One of the best all around shows that I've seen. The live band was amazing, and there was a drum interlude that nearly killed me, and the dancing was great - group choreographies that mostly ran through various folkloric and contemporary styles. With many, many costumes, including at least 4 for each dancer during one big number. I love that. Seriously, if you like bellydance, or you're curious about bellydance, go see this show. So much better than Bellydance Superstars.

And now that it's December, I promised myself that I would stop getting annoyed every time Christmas music is played, or I see decorations, or people talk about it. Because there's only so long you can carry around that kind of irritation without exploding, and December 1st is when Christmas is allowed to begin (or so says I).
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The weather this morning

...wait, come back! If I promise to also have a controversial opinion in here somewhere, will you forgive the weather talk?


The weather this morning was a little freaky, in a good way. When I left the house I could see this patch of dark, bright blue over downtown - seriously, it was shining and tremendously eye-catching, but it was not normal weather. And then when I got downtown, it was like there was a cap on the city. I couldn't even see the top half of the CN tower, and that was while standing practically right underneath. It was this bizarre combination of fog, rainclouds and sunshine. Gorgeous.

Last night I went to see Spamalot. I was a little bored, to be honest. It wasn't bad, but I checked my watch at least 4 times, and it wasn't even that long. Plus the female lead couldn't sing very well - it's always distracting to me when the song actually references belting or being loud, and the singer can't pull it off (see also: Uma Thurman in the Producers movie). Also, I'm so tired of pop culture (especially musicals, because I love them so), where women are completely sidelined to being sexpots and chorus girls in skimpy costumes. Although this was probably more noticeable to me since I just watched The Producers. The two shows are really cut in the same mode.

On the plus side, there were some funny bits, I enjoyed the complete over-the-topness of the production numbers and Broadway references, and the audience was clearly having such a good time - laughing at the tiniest reference to the movie, cheering when their favourite characters appeared. Also, and completely unrelated, teenage boys really all have the same floppy hair. Ha.

Update: in case anyone was losing sleep over my podcast confusion, I've settled on listening to them at work, and it's fine. I'm not totally concentrated, because I'm working, but then when have I ever been able to really concentrate on spoken audio without visuals? Never, that's when. So, yeah.
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Air conditioning!

I got home yesterday to find that it had been installed (which I wasn't expecting, because management said that they would give me warning before the people were going to come into my apartment while I wasn't there, but oh well). I had a moment of panic when I couldn't get it to turn on, but finally I figured out that part of my extension cord/power bar/multiple socket set was dead, which was a relief. Also, I will not be surprised if one day the entire apartment explodes, because there is only one outlet supporting a vast network of cords. Anyway.

It feels entirely decadent having air conditioning, like having a cleaning person or a car and driver. Decadent, and AWESOME.

Then I left my blissfully comfortable apartment, and went to Hello Again. It was good. The show, which I don't really know, other than the pieces that Audra McDonald sings, is totally excellent. The cast was...variable. The soldier, nurse, writer, husband and wife were fantastic ([ profile] vestra, the writer was in In Trousers last year), but I thought the whore, politician and especially actress were weak (which is kind of funny, because the two reviews I read singled out the whore and the politician as being standouts in the cast, but I didn't think either of them were great singers, and he had no stage presence). So of course the opening and closing scenes were sadly ineffective. But the rest was great! Especially the scene with the writer and the young man in the 70s nightclub. Oh man.

Anyway, totally worth seeing. Hurrah.
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Now, I'm sure you ALL are making plans to turn off the phone, shut the blinds, and settle in with your TVs on Sunday night for the Tony Awards. Right? RIGHT?


I'm very excited for The Drowsy Chaperone - I saw it here in one of its early incarnations (post-Fringe, pre-Broadway) and it was so much fun. Whee! Also, hi, this means Don McKellar is up for a Tony. How can you not love that?

I don't think I mentioned this before, but as of last week I've been in Toronto for five years. Five years! I'm having a hard time comprehending that, especially since that means I've been working for this organization for five years, too. When I got the job, I had a 5 year plan -- 5 years and then I was moving on, because I don't want to be someone who works for the same company her whole life, getting more bitter as the years go by -- and there have definitely been times when I was totally ready to leave. Of course, those times never coincided with jobs that I wanted. And right now, things are interesting, things are happening, and I want to see what's going to change next.

Meanwhile, I have decided that this is the summer during which I will do/see/explore all those bits of Toronto that I still haven't made it to after 5 years (like the Toronto Islands). Although in reality it'll probably be like every other summer here, and be the summer during which I hide out in air-conditioned libraries and movie theatres. But I have hope!

[Completely off-topic aside: my co-worker just lent me season 4 of Six Feet Under and our boss season 5, and he kept trying to talk about it, but he couldn't remember what was in what season, and so the entire conversation went something like, "Was that the season where Claire--" "Shhshhshhshhshh". We wouldn't let him get a word out because he was trying to talk about the season that we had in our hands right then. However, apparently we have a quiz on Wednesday.]

And now? Snack. Oh yes indeed. I had a terrible sleep last night, so something that will keep me going is definitely required.

So You Think You Can Dance blather )

ps. I am determined to actually leave the house this weekend, so if anyone is staring at an empty schedule, wondering what they will do to fill it up, e-mail me! Maybe we can do something!
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Why half-price martini Wednesdays are good

Half-price martinis.

If you start drinking right after work, you can have many, many martinis and still be home by 9pm.

Suddenly, Wednesday night will feel like Friday night.

Why half-price martini Wednesdays are not good

When your alarm goes off at 6am, you will realize that Wednesday is actually Wednesday and not Friday, which makes this Thursday and not Saturday, which is very sad.

Let's talk about Sondheim, shall we?

The cast recording of the new Sweeney Todd is coming out January 24th!! I didn't shriek at all, not even a little, when I read the release sheet, although there was luckily no-one around to hear me not shrieking, so there's no proof. I also didn't draw happy faces all over the page, or dance in my chair. Nope, not me. I've heard such good things about this production -- I wish I could go see it. It's almost enough to make me apply for the music cataloguer job at NYPL that just came up, although the fact that it doesn't even pay enough for me to live in New York, let alone see Broadway shows, is a bit of a detterent.

And in TV news

I've been watching Sports Night again, for the thousandth time. It really just never gets old. The episode where, at the end, Dan and Casey start naming off all the support staff -- I cry every time, even though it's not actually sad. It really takes almost nothing to get me to cry anymore. There was this brief period of about three years -- the glory days -- where I was a hard-hearted bitch with no sympathy for anything or anyone. I miss that! For one thing, it was much less embarrassing to read in public during that time.

So maybe I have one quirk

I really don't like starting watching TV series from the middle -- which is not unusual, I know. But I realized recently that even once I've already seen a show, I tend to watch it each time from the beginning right through. I don't pick certain episodes. I mean, it's not that I won't watch individual episodes, because I will happily, if I'm at someone else's house, or if I'm watching with someone. But when I'm watching a show by myself, no matter how many times I've seen it, I always start back at the beginning and watch all the way through (although I may skip past boring parts). Maybe this is why I couldn't name a favourite episode for so many of my favourite shows -- I think of the show as one unified season, not a bunch of distinct episodes.


Nov. 30th, 2005 09:37 am
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Rent is one of my favourite musicals. I'm not obsessed, and I know it's not perfect by any means, but somehow it always manages to sneak onto my Top 10 lists. I'm sure the fact that I saw it in New York in 1995 (?), with the original cast (except for Adam Pascal [Roger], who was replaced by his understudy that day, if I remember correctly) makes a difference in how much I love it, too.

Taken without reference to the stage production, I loved the movie. I really did. Sure, the cast was probably far too old for the characters, but it was just so incredible to see them again. Also, I adore Jesse L. Martin and Anthony Rapp. ADORE.

In which I ramble about the movie compared to the play, and some of my favourite bits )

Art Attack

Jun. 29th, 2005 08:52 am
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1. Colm Feore is doing Oliver! at Stratford next season, among other things. Exciting! I love him. I saw him as Henry Higgins at Stratford in 2002 and he was awesome.

2. I have triumphed over the Fringe program, and now I have many. I win. I also win because there are many exciting things this year, including a TJ show that I haven't seen. Anyone else excited about specific shows?

3. I finished watching season 2 of The Wire last night. I can't believe it's over! Season 3 better hurry up and come out on DVD before I spontaneously combust.

4. Bernadette! Bernadette! Bernadette!

5. Same sex marriages have been legalized!* Go Canada! That makes us third, after the Netherlands and Belgium. Of course, Stephen Harper is still pouting, the twit.

*Technically this isn't about art, unless you think politics are art. The art of making alliances, perhaps?
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Lord of the Rings musical premiering in Toronto. (Globe & Mail article)

This could be very bad. Although it could be very good for Toronto. But how on earth are they going to make a musical of LotR?
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In which our protagonists discover that they could never be on The Amazing Race, except for [ profile] mistress_wanda, who is a dynamo on the road

11:30 am Whee! We're going on a road trip! [ profile] vestra's friend K. got us free tickets to see Floyd Collins at the Shaw Festival in Niagara-on-the-Lake, so five of us are piling into [ profile] mistress_wanda's car and heading down. It should only take us about 1 1/2 hours to get there, which leaves lots of time for K. to see all the people she knows.

12 pm Oh, look, we're stuck on the QEW and nothing is moving. Isn't that fun.

12:30 pm Pass the blue van! Pass the blue van!

1 pm Stopping for gas turns into pee break. The first moments of panic about how long it's taking us to get there set in.

1:30 pm Ok, the QEW sucks entirely, so we take an alternate highway, which in retrospect is probably a bad idea, since we can't find the exit we need, and end up doubling back to take a different exit.

1:45 pm Why is there an airshow happening? Why are we stuck behind this row of cars attempting to turn into the parking lot? And here is where [ profile] mistress_wanda proves that she is the person you really want on your team when you're racing around the world, as she drives onto the (not entirely paved) shoulder of the highway, and speeds past the line of cars. Woo!

1:46 pm Unfortunately the evil green minivan in front of us was not impressed by our ingenuity in cutting the line, and is driving seriously slowly. And we're still not in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

1:50 pm We apparently have Shaw royalty in the car. After numerous phone calls received, checking on our status, we're told that they're going to HOLD THE SHOW for us. We rock.

1:55 pm K's sister is meeting us at the theatre with the tickets, so we don't have to go to the box office. Also, she's going to take the car keys from us and drive the car back to her place so that we don't have to park.

1:59 pm We drive up to the door of the theatre, throwing ourselves out the car even before we come to a complete stop. Somehow we only have 4 tickets for 5 people, but we fake our way through to the theatre, using K. (who used to work here) as a distraction.

2:00 pm (exactly) We are in our seats, on time. Go us!

2:05 pm Um, we're here! You can start the show now. Thanks.

4:45 pm I can't stop crying. That was an amazing theatre experience - a uniformly fabulous cast, with the exception of one person, and brilliant sets and staging. Oh.

5:00 pm I've never been to the Falls, so we decide to go over there, since we're in the neighbourhood - they're only 20 minutes away, supposedly.

5:30 pm Despite directions that said take the first right and then drive straight, at some point we turn off to the left, ending up on a road that is far too small to be leading to a major tourist attraction. After getting more directions, we find our way back to the main road and the security of the blue signs. We then proceed to turn right (notice, once again, not going straight), following a tour bus, which, contrary to popular belief, is not going to the Falls. Instead we end up driving around the town of Niagara Falls, until we give up and retrace our steps.

6:00 pm We made it to the Falls! We can see water! Not very well, mind you, because the entire area is blanketed in mist, but still. We drive the entire length of the Falls looking for parking, which, when found, turns out to be $18. Bitch, please.

6:01 pm We turn around and drive the other way, slowly, so I can stick my head out the window and pretend I'm seeing the Falls.

6:15 pm In a complete shocker, we get lost leaving the Falls, despite carefully following the sign that directs us to the QEW. We eventually go in a circle and end up back where we started.

6:20 pm We try again to leave the Falls. This time we follow the signs that direct us to the US border, which seems to work, and we get back on the highway.

7:00 pm Fooooood. OMG so hungry. Wait, was that the turn-off? Damn.

7:45 pm The Amazing Race narration reaches an all-time high, completely confusing the poor boy travelling with us, who has never seen the show and has no idea what we're talking about. We advise him to tune out of any conversation starting with "Run, Charla, run!"

8:20 pm I am dropped off in Toronto. Home!

Tune in next week for Further Adventures in Driving, when our happy protagonists attempt to drive all the way to Chicago, see a show, and drive all the way back, without ending up in Michigan!

*All times approximate, except for the 2 o'clock arrival at the theatre, which was dead on-time, proving once again that I am incapable of being late for anything except work.
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Urinetown was excellent. So much fun! And the cast was uniformly strong. We got $10 same-day front row tickets, which could have been potentially frustrating, but actually they were great seats, especially considering we only paid $10, instead of regular price $45-$85. It's kind of fun sitting that close - you can see the expressions of the actors, and it just feels truly live. Plus the way this was staged there was some entertaining interaction with the front row. I'm definitely going again - how could I not, with tickets that cheap? I have to wait until I've fully recovered from laughing so hard, though.

Speaking of (Nice segue there.) I don't really keep up with Top 40-type music at all these days, other than what crosses my desk or what I hear at the gym. But there's this song that I keep flipping by on MuchMusic, and it's really stuck in my head: "This Love" by Maroon 5. Should I be embarrassed by this? Are we talking empty calories, "why do people like this" music? Or have some of you been sucked in? I don't even know what the song's about, which is abnormal for me and my love of good lyrics, but the melody is not leaving my brain. Hey, I think I finally understand why people download things! I'm too scared to buy the whole album, in case this is a fluke, but I want that song.
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We hosted a superbly successful Tonys party last night. Can I say that about my own party, or do I have to wait for someone else to say it first? Too late! I had fun, that's good enough for me.

There was much hollering, shrieking and bouncing, and numerous declarations of love for various people. And that was just during the list of presenters at the beginning! Heh. [ profile] vestra and I proved ourselves to be complete theatre geeks and also developed this slightly scary habit of jumping out of our chairs, hands in the air, yelling "yay!" in complete synchronization. Oh, and our favourites won lots of awards, which is very gratifying. There were snacks in abundance, theme martinis, enough room for everyone, and many hot singing, dancing men. [ profile] sarcasma and I learned that we've been pronouncing Peter Krause's name wrong all these years, which is upsetting. Plus there were Hugh Jackman's shiny shiny gold pants, scenes from Avenue Q, Assassins and Wicked (as well as the rest of the shows), and the best/worst moment of the production, LL Cool J and Carol Channing presenting together.

LL Cool J and Carol Channing.

Are you back from that scary place yet? I'm not sure I've entirely recovered.

The evening ended with impromptu demonstrations of the varied dance stylings of our talented friends, including lindy hop, charleston, bellydance and tap. And then I attempted to get some sleep for the small portion of the night that was left before I had to get up and go to work, but that didn't work out at all. I think it was maybe too hot. All I know is, at 3 am exactly I sat up in disgust and tried to knock myself out with crossword puzzles, which, yeah, not so much, and today I am very tired.

I'm sure, though, that you're all still back there thinking, "Theme martinis? I need to know more about these!" Behold the extent of our dorkiness. )
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The Tony Awards are on June 6th! Hosted again by Hugh Jackman (although hopefully with better hair). Advance warning to people in town that since both [ profile] vestra and I are here, in the same city, and not occupied, we will be having a Tony party, so mark your calendars!
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There will be no April Fools happening here. Instead, I direct you to TeeVee. Go. Now.


You're back? Hi! So, last night I ended up with a free ticket to go see The Producers. The reasons for this are fairly convoluted, and involve a pancreas and kidney transplant, but suffice it to say that I was happy to step back into my well-honed role in life as substitute boyfriend. The show was fantastic too. We were sitting in the second row, which I thought was going to be pretty terrible, but it was actually really fun - we could see the actors' expressions beautifully (not to mention their sweat). And sometimes we could even hear individual people through the amplification system, if they were right over at our edge of the stage.

All the actors were great, although my favourite was the guy playing Roger, who was brilliantly funny, and had a wonderful voice. And the show itself was hilarious and over-the-top, as is to be expected. One of my favourite bits was at the end of "Keep It Gay", after all the creative team had been introduced (covering every overworked gay stereotype there is), when for no apparent reason the rest of The Village People showed up and danced around the stage. Maybe you'd have to see it for yourself. Oh, and one of the chorus girls is someone that I was in a musical with back in Victoria. So that was fun.

Man, I love live theatre. Nothing really compares. I was on such a high for the rest of the night (the rest of the night being the subway ride home and the quick cup of tea I had before crashing). And there are so many more good musicals coming up in the next few months: Hairspray, Urinetown, Last 5 Years, plus the (it will happen!) possibility of a trip to New York. Excitement!


Also exciting and worthy of brief mention is the fact that yesterday, we at work broke free of the cake tyranny, and instead had...homemade brownies. With ice cream. And fresh fruit. Dear sweet PETE, was it tasty. I'm surprised I didn't go into a sugar coma, I ate so many brownies. I don't know how we're going to top that the next time someone leaves, though.

(Oh, and icon by [ profile] offscreen. My boyfriend Jeremy is such a dork.)
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Once again I am proving false my constant assertion that I never do anything on the weekend. This past (and far too short) weekend, not only did I manage to fit in housekeeping stuff (groceries, laundry, handwash), but I also saw friends and saw shows. And made soup! Really good soup.
My goings-on )

And now the weekend is over, and I am sleepy. And annoyed at the snow.
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Oh, I love Assassins so much. The minute the music started last night I got butterflies in my stomach with the excitement. I'm going to New York to see the production there - nothing is stopping me. Late April. It will happen! And then I can see Avenue Q too, and all sorts of other things.

Actually, the production last night was pretty good, too, for amateur suburban musical theatre. We went mostly just because it was Assassins, but there were a couple of very good performances. Cute theatre too - seating on three sides, which they played to very well, and small enough that the performers didn't need to be miked. That's always a treat.

Then after we got home we somehow fell into a long depressing discussion about the future. I really feel like I'm treading water - like I'm waiting for something to happen before I can begin my real life, but I have no idea what that might be. I'm not in school anymore, and unlike so many of my friends, I'm not working toward a career in the arts. I'm not working toward goals of any sort. My life as it is now could be my life in 10, 20, 30 years. So why does it feel so temporary?

Also, I'd like to go travelling/vacationing, but I don't want to go by myself. So I need single friends with money and vacation time. Hear that, people? Get out there and make some money so you can go on vacation with me. :)


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