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Okay, fine, I admit it: Cee Lo Green's "Fuck You" is insanely catchy and makes me dance. I held out for 5 months, but I can't resist any longer.
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My new favourite song title: "In the Battle of Sun vs. Curtains, Sun Loses and We Sleep Until Noon"
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Friends, you just haven't lived until you've heard "Close To You" on two Celtic harps.


So, after spending a lot of time wandering around Etsy, I really have to wonder what goes through some people's minds. Honestly, how many aprons can the world really need? Not even remotely as many as you can buy on Etsy! Am I wrong?

Bonus! My new favourite song title is "My Heart is a Piece of Garbage. Fight, Seagulls! Fight!"
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True confessions time: I don't think I've ever actually knowingly heard an Oasis song until just this very moment. Also, I think I had them confused (or not confused so much as kind of assumed they were the same thing) with Coldplay (who I also haven't ever knowingly heard). Coldplay's the one that is constantly referencing The Beatles, right?

This is what happens when you work around music -- you spend so much time listening to the Icelandic music for bass clarinet that the stuff everyone else knows slides right by.

Last night when I opened Firefox on my laptop I got a page of sports scores, instead of all the tabs I had open before -- tabs with things I needed to read, potential Christmas gifts, reminders to myself. I had to double check that it was even my computer (sports scores!). :D I was very sad that all my tabs had been deleted, though. I can't remember exactly where/what most of them were, unfortunately.

Today my French class was a little less boring (because we were finally learning something new) but infinitely more frustrating. Look, I'm very fast at grammar exercises, and part of that is because I'm excellent at copying the pattern of the example. Whether this is teaching me what I actually need to learn, who knows, but it does mean that I'm going to argue with the teacher if he comes up with random sentences for answers that don't follow the sentence pattern as set out in the book (and that don't even include the thing we're trying to learn, argh). Plus he kept saying the wrong version of lequel/laquelle/lesquels/lesquelles, which was just confusing the people in the class who were having a hard time. This class is just really not working for me.

I am coasting through this day on French class annoyance. Whee.
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I am in a rather frightful mood tonight, a combination of Sunday night blahs, a headache/jawache, forgetting to change my clocks and so screwing up plans that I was looking forward to, and a continuing overwhelming hatred of snow. I just want to be able to go for a stroll, is that so much to ask?

Grump, grump, grump.

On the other hand, Hawksley Workman on Saturday was FABULOUS (despite the struggle to get there), and I have decided to quit my job and follow him around the country, going to every show. But not up close, because as was discussed Friday night, that would be creepy. I mean, the first part of the show was toy piano, toy drumset, bass clarinet, and violin. Plus they were all wearing deelyboppers. (not my photo - that's the man himself on the right, sporting a three-piece suit at the toy drumset). And then at some point they all randomly put on lime green jumpsuits. (also not my photo) It was so much fun.

Argh, I really am feeling grumpy about the snow. And I slept way too late but also badly both days this weekend, and didn't get anything done around the house. I want a do-over!
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So last night was Gogol Bordello, which was...interesting.

We got there quite early, because the person I was going with likes to be near the front. So we stood for a while and defended our position (lord, people are rude! and if someone confronts you for pushing in front, the correct answer is not "It's okay"), and waited through the opening act (not bad, just unexciting music*, and my least favourite thing from a band - hectoring the audience into moving around and making noise. I apparently don't respond well to bullying), and got more and more squished as we waited for Gogol Bordello to start.

And then they did, and immediately we were all pushed forward to the point where I was actually lifted off my feet, basically plastered to the person in front of me. There was all sorts of pushing and shoving, and three people beside me fell down, and we were still only 2 minutes into the first song. So we fled (if the definition of fled is struggled our way out through the scary masses of people), and retired to the adults-only area at the back, where the booze was (it was an all ages show, which was probably our first mistake), where we alternated between watching it close up on a big screen** in the company of people who had some idea of the meaning of personal space, and who actually apologized when they ran into you while dancing, and peering at the tiny live heads on the stage. In the end it was a totally fun time, but crazy, and I'm too old for that shit. I'm fairly certain Hawksley Workman this weekend will be more mellow. :)

And now I am running on only tiny amounts of sleep, because I got home very late. There's leftover cake in the fridge, and I'm trying to decide if that'll make it better or worse. Hmmmm.

*They played fantastic canned music between sets - klezmer and old-time gypsy. I don't know why they went for rap-rock for the opening act.
**Including watching the security guards totally earn their salary attempting to control the crowd. Entertaining, now that we weren't in it. But there must have been some serious injuries.
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Discussion at work today: what exactly counts as a cover?

I mean, Danny Michel sings a David Bowie song, that's clearly a cover. One pop artist performing the work of another. But what if he sings a Gershwin song? A Sondheim song? Is it the fact that he's a pop artist, and pop artists generally have a kind of artistic ownership over their music - does that automatically make everything he does that's not his own a cover? Or is it the song itself - does the song have to be specifically associated with a particular singer or group before you can cover it?

And the other way around - I would never consider a jazz artist doing a song by another jazz artist "covering". That's what jazz musicians do. But what about when Herbie Hancock releases his album of Joni Mitchell songs? Is that different somehow than if he released an album of John Coltrane songs?

And what about artists who always sing work by other people, like Broadway singers. I don't consider Audra McDonald doing "Bill" from Showboat a cover, but what about when she sings Rufus Wainwright's "Painted Ladies". Is that a cover? And to flip it over, what if a pop group did a version of a song from a musical? What about the disc of pop groups and artists performing songs from Hedwig and the Angry Inch? Are those covers? Or not, because songs from musicals are traditionally performed by all sorts of different people?

Is there a line that gets crossed? Does someone cover The Christmas Song, because it's so associated with Mel Torme, but just sing "Jingle Bells"? Do you cover traditional tunes? Is covering reserved just for pop artists?

[Poll #1069398]
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I Nominate My Kitten for the King of the Dead (by the Bonaduces).

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"My Squid Has a Rash" by Sultans of String.

And no, it's not a children's song, a comedy song, or from any kind of nature themed album.
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I have a new theory that Rufus Wainwright is actually Leonard Cohen reincarnated (er, despite the fact that Lennie isn't dead). They're both Canadian, sexy, awesome lyricists, but most importantly, they both started out with a pretty simple sound and got increasingly more florid and multi-instrumental and chorus-ified. In a good way.


(I wanted to make this observation two weeks ago, when we got our advance copies of the album, but I thought I should wait until today when other people could tell me how right I am. Also, Rufus just sang "I remember you well" and I am EVEN MORE convinced that I have solved the secrets of the universe here.)
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I am going through a phase wherein I want to get rid of things. I wonder if these phases are related to anything else, like maybe I get the urge to delist everything I own whenever I'm feeling lonely. I'd know this if I were the sort of person who kept a journal of, like, *emotions* and *feelings*. Or even if weren't the type of person who likes to pretend there's no such thing as emotions and feelings.

In any case, I am fighting a losing battle with myself in regards to my CDs. Not that I want to throw them ALL out -- I love many of them very much -- but I have a lot, and lots of them I never listen to. So why am I keeping them? If I got rid of them, I'd have a lean, clean collection of my favourites. But maybe one day I'd miss the ones I got rid of.

Clearly I have weeding in the blood and on the brain. There's a very good reason I'm not an archivist!

I have no segue: Work is eating my brain, and I need a vacation. That long weekend better hurry up. I'd also like to just be not-at-work every once in a while during the day. And maybe to get to sleep in and have a leisurely breakfast. 8-5 is haaaaard.

(Oops, sorry, that wasn't meant to fall into whining! But I've become rather obsessed with people around me who aren't going into work every day, and I spend a lot of time each day picturing what they might be doing, particularly if it doesn't involve leaving the house.)

What I really meant to say is, I want the weekend to hurry up because it's just so sunny out there, and I have no windows at work, plus it's freezing. Sun! I think I got a little vitamin D deprived over the winter. I wonder if I could rent a balcony, the way people rent apartment parking. Hmmmm.
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After a long in-depth analysis (also known as my mind wandering while I'm supposed to be doing hardcore work), I've decided that one of the main things that attracts me to pop/rock/folk/whatever music is the use of non-standard instruments*. For instance, on the new Tori Amos album there's a track with a really awesome tuba line, and it completely grabbed my attention away from the report I was trying to write.

And now I'm listening to an old Marc Berube CD, which I am loving, and I think it's because of the spectacular use of clarinet and accordion.

So if anyone ever wants to target a song to me, throw in some trombone and we'll be golden.

*Except saxophone. Which I really don't like.
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"Do You Have a Ferret?" by Brian Pickell.

A question for the ages, really.
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Today, first in an all-new series from listersgirl @ work: Song Title of the Day or of the week, or the month, depending on when I run across them and when I remember to post them.

"The Son of the Daughter of Dracula Versus the Incredible Frankenstein Monster (From Outer Space)"

Even better, it's written for two theremins! Plus violin, cello, piano and percussion.
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Last year I appear to have watched (not counting rewatches) 53 movies. Some undetermined number of those were in the theatre, but not many. I also watched (on DVD and for the first time) at least 12 complete seasons on TV shows. Plus of course whatever I actually watched in real time, and not counting however many times I rewatched Firefly.

Slings and Arrows
Little Miss Sunshine
Shaun of the Dead
The half of The Notebook that was Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams

Also, I did two polls about what I should see, all filled with movies that I really wanted to see, and I have still only seen ONE of them. I am lame.

Resolved: Make an effort to see the movies that really excite me, instead of just letting Zip do all the choosing.


Last year I read...not nearly enough! Man. Only 76 books (plus at least 5 random romance novels that I didn't write down, and a few re-reads that I didn't record either)! That's 20 down from the year before! And I was going to blame it all on Neal Stephenson and the Baroque Cycle of doom, and then I read that last year I blamed my 98 on three other enormous books. So I have no excuses. I think it's because I've been eating lunch at my desk, which loses me reading time. Still, no wonder I feel like I'm never going to make it through all the books.

Fiction: 52
Non-fiction: 24

Favourite fiction:
David Mitchell Black Swan Green
Joe Keenan My Lucky Star
Sarah Waters The Night Watch
Neal Stephenson The Baroque Cycle

Favourite non-fiction:
Jill Soloway Tiny Ladies in Tight Pants
Nick Hornby The Polysyllabic Spree
Chuck Klosterman Fargo Rock City
Will Ferguson Beauty Tips from Moose Jaw

Resolved: To read faster! Or maybe just more frequently.


Music is hard, because I don't make any lists, and I can never remember what I loved. Plus I just hear so much music, all the time. But these are things that I love that I'm pretty sure I heard for the first time in 2006:

Fox Confessor Brings the Flood, Neko Case
Let's Get Out of This Country, Camera Obscura
Moon Over the Freeway, The Ditty Bops
The Life Pursuit, Belle and Sebastian
Treeful of Starling, Hawksley Workman
Nick Cave singing "I'm Your Man" and Rufus Wainwright singing "Everybody Knows"

Above all, though, this was definitely the year of Danny Michel, starting with me obsessing over his awesome album Valhalla, and then picking up his entire back catalogue. Danny for the win!

Resolved: To never quit my job, because then I would have to search out music, instead of having it just appear on my desk.
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1. Some very sweet person gifted me with extra paid time. Thank you so much! Revel in my anonymous adoration.

2. Peppermint mocha is LOVE.

3. I have cycled back to being desperate to study linguistics. I just want to sit and talk about languages all day long.

4. My secret obsession is covers of "Baby One More Time".
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In what is possibly the saddest, most depressing moment of my career to date, this morning I had to call HMV to have a copy of Kevin Idiot Federline's CD RUSH EXPRESS COURIERED to the library.

Oh, the shame.
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I am holding off this cold by mere force of will. Well, force of will and liberal applications of vitamin C, echinacea, ColdFX and vast quantities of tea. Still, the fact that I haven't been completely knocked out like everyone else around me (including the entire library, one at a time, since the middle of September) is cause for celebration. This calls for a throat lozenge.

By the way, when you can't swallow pills, especially gelcaps, and you have to break them apart and dump them in water and chug it down, ColdFX is pretty disgusting.

I just heard a John Mayer song that I actually like. Of course, it's not him singing, so that helps.

I tried the cinnamon tea from Adagio last night. It was pretty tasty - nice and strong. I think I prefer a spice mix, though.

And now? I work! I have been working on this project for days (and days, and days), the end result of which is that I would totally run the board in the category of "Spot the Canadian musicians in this 20 page list. And this one.". Also I get a gold star in justifying why something should be considered jazz or classical instead of pop. The downside is that I am seemingly determined that Bruce Hornsby is Canadian, and no amount of looking him up can convince me otherwise.
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I'm listening to an old album by The Dears (No Cities Left). When it started, I thought, eh, it's fine, but there's really nothing special about, nothing that's grabbing me. Because usually I have instant reactions to music. But now I'm almost at the end and I think I'm in love.

And how is YOUR day?
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On the non-cranky side, I am completely in love with Danny Michel's new album, Valhalla. I know this for a fact, because with the iTunes on shuffle, every time I hear a song and think, "I love this! What is this?"1, it turns out to be from that album. AWESOME.

Here is a song for you: Danny Michel - White Lightning

Listen. Love. Buy the CD.

1 I have thrown a whack of new albums into my iTunes lately, and I'm listening to a playlist of things with very few plays, so I barely recognize anything. In case you were wondering.


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