Jan. 21st, 2015

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Entertaining* Work Things

*to me, at least

1. We were give possession of an incredibly, righteously angry letter from a pianist who couldn't, COULD NOT, understand why his CD hadn't been played on air. I mean, dude was having a meltdown. And this is not some wacko with a home recording studio and a keyboard - he's a professional pianist, lots of experience, has had previous recordings played on our station, clearly should know better, and he felt it was his RIGHT to have this CD played and WHY wasn't anyone paying him the attention he DESERVES. He sent the letter to Audience Relations, and they, seeing the word "music", hastily passed it on to us. He was very lucky - the librarian who got it wrote a nice letter back with the names of a few appropriate producers to contact. I would have been "Man-child, throwing a tantrum isn't going to get your album played on air. No-one is required to play your album. That's the enviable thing about being a programmer - you get to pick and choose what gets played on your show." The whole thing was, frankly, hilarious.

2. My new(ish) manager and I each wrote a draft of an email to go out to our users about an upcoming location change (neither of us realized the other was taking care of it). Our emails were so far apart in tone that if I hadn't known, I wouldn't have realized that they were about the same thing. Mine was all "Dude, where's my librarians?!" and hers was all "Operational changes to the service point". (If you're sitting here judging my casualness in work communications, that's how my former manager always communicated with our users - very casual, lots of puns and silly pictures. I was just trying to carry on the legacy. Also, it didn't actually include the word "dude".) After reading her version, I wrote back with, "I also have a draft. It's...a bit different." Heh.

The rest of work is not so entertaining. It's a bit dour, actually. Things are progressing with the reno that will bring another 25 staff into our library space. One of the minor but weird consequences is that here are less and less places to put a random thing - I've been trying to find somewhere to keep the dolly, now that the kitchenette and supplies area has been dismantled. Half my staff is going to be rotated into the reference desk of another archives department (the hardest hit by the upcoming cuts), so I've been trying to think if there's anything that we can drop, anything that's not critical for operations. And I'm looking fondly on the days when no-one would talk to me for a couple of hours. But I'm hoping that we just muddle through and things might sort themselves out a bit by the end of April, after all the moving is done and (sadly) the schedule is reorganized to take care of the people who are being let go.


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