May. 11th, 2010

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Jocelyne Allen You and the Pirates

There's an explosion. You see people climbing down the side of a building. You're told you don't see them. There's another explosion. And another. A girl with pink hair appears in your house. And you're Up? An offbeat and entertaining novel that managed to hook me in completely, despite being in 2nd person singular present tense. I'm not totally sure why I picked this book up - some sort of Canada Reads alternate list, maybe? But I'm happy I did.

Alan Bradley The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie

Meh. I know this has been getting great press, but I just wasn't that interested. Maybe it was just one too many genius children, coming so soon after The Elegance of the Hedgehog.

Will Ferguson Beyond Belfast: A 560-Mile Walk Across Northern Ireland on Sore Feet

A comic travelogue of a man discovering the land of his grandfather. Entertaining read. The sore feet part was very accurate.

Stacey May Fowles Fear of Fighting

A sardonic look at post-break-up depression, with a serious undercurrent of how terrible it is to be single. Kind of a miserable read.

Julie Klausner I Don't Care About Your Band

Julie Klausner has lots to say about her bad relationships, and she's awfully funny while she does so.

Lori Lansens The Wife's Tale

A great book about a very overweight small-town Ontario woman who travels to California to find her husband after he disappears. Enjoyed it.

Connie Willis Blackout

So fabulous. Didn't want this to end! The publisher had it wrong: I would happily have had the giant book all as one (although it would have been hard to hold onto, true). A return to to future Oxford, historians, and Willis' favourite - missed connections.


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